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Setting Up Your Water System at Home

Filling glass of tap water

Last year (2013), right after Dr. Kruse finished the EMF series, he started teaching us about the importance of the quality of our water. And this year, since Dr. Kruse wrote the Energy and Epigenetics 4 blog post on the three laws of nature (framing out the importance of light, WATER and magnetism), y’all have been chomping at the bit, wanting to know what the best water is and how to get it in your own home. We’ve got the answers for you in this blog!

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Simple Steps to Reduce EMF Exposure in Your Home or Office


Since Dr. Kruse started talking about EMF in the EMF blog series earlier this year, like many of you, I began wondering how my professional life, specifically my workspace, was impacting my health. As a business owner, being in front of my Macbook or staying connected via my iPhone and iPad is part of my job. I constantly have my hands on a keyboard or am on a conference call with my team or clients. Technology and staying connected is a must.

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April Webinar: PPP–The Fat Burning Pathway (The BIG KAHUNA!!!)

April Webinar: PPP–The Fat Burning Pathway  (The BIG KAHUNA!!!) In his webinar, Dr. Kruse is going to explore how hormones, perimenopause, menopause and andropause are all tied to the quantum electrodynamic (QED) theory.   You will be particularly interested in this webinar if: You’ve been on the road to optimal, and you’ve experienced “stalls” You’re a “lab hacker” – meaning, you have your labs done regularly, and you want to better-understand what you’re seeing     in your own labs and how to continue optimizing your health You or someone you love has ever suffered from infertility If you feel like you’re doing “everything right,” but you’re not losing weight or sleeping as well as you think you can Your hormone panel isn’t budging, even with taking bioidentical hormones You’re a woman.  Or a man.  (I think that about covers it.) Dr. Kruse is going to really drill in to help us understand how to get into the PPP, including how to determine your total body water and total body water deficit to see how far out of the pathway you are (if you’ve been following along this year, you know we’ve focused particularly on water and semi-conduction and it’s […]

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February Webinar: The Sleep Rx!

The February Webinar: The Sleep Rx One of the most common disease-promoting conditions we face in western culture is the inability to sleep well.  Many, many people report sleep problems that include: Not being able to fall asleep Excessive daytime tiredness Waking frequently to use the restroom Awakening in the morning, feeling exhausted Bad cognitive function – not thinking well or clearly or deeply; fuzzy brain Personality changes – “You don’t seem your normal self.” By the time we’re having trouble sleeping, the train has already gone off the rails–a sign that our circadian biology is really jacked.  Many people have accepted poor sleep as a reality of life, or don’t realize how their poor sleep is a major contributing to things like: Schizophrenia Type 2 Diabetes Psoriasis Eczema Acne Adrenal Fatigue Restless Leg Syndrome Diabetic Neuropathy Migraine Headaches Perimenopause Anger issues and more There are a few main reasons our sleep begins to deteriorate in the first place, and during this webinar, we are going to explore how artificial light; non-thermal, pulsed EMF; eating carbs in the winter; concussions; traumatic head / brain injury; and surgery or radiation to the head (including things like CT scans) all can create circadian chaos that interferes with […]

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