“Managing our emotions increases intuition and clarity. It helps us self-regulate our brain chemicals and internal hormones. It gives us natural highs, the real fountain of youth we’ve been searching for. It enables us to drink from elixirs locked within our cells, just waiting for us to discover them.”
– Doc Childre

When you’re on the road to Optimal there is no one recipe that everyone needs to follow to gain optimal success.  Stop looking to your left and right and comparing yourself to them.  Become your own doctor or personal self help health IPO and begin to re create you now.  In your health IPO, there are multiple ways to win a gold medal.  You don’t need to be better, stronger, faster or smarter than everyone you know.  You need to live in your present moment and own it 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6}.  Find your intuition for your health, where you are able to properly sense the signal that your life is giving to make better decisions.  Our biology is all about these correct decisions, and not about our genomic blueprint we inherited from our parents as we have all been led to believe.

GEEKS: Living in our Epi-genome is the history of our species.   Mother Nature has provided us a spectacular biologic toolbox to work with. The toolbox exists in our DNA but is expressed in a much more sophisticated patttern.  The genome is the first draft of what we might be, but our life experience is the final draft and is made by the choices we made in our the time we were given. An architect far better and smarter than us has given us that genetic toolbox, and we now have the ability to use it by altering our behaviors to change our lives.  That is the story being written by modern epigenetics.

NON GEEKS:  Your Epi-genome knows much more about your medical history than your doctor or you will ever know about you.  You’d be wise to brush up on that science if you want to avoid guys like me.



TRUTH BOMB ALERT: The more research is published the more clear it becomes that modern life separates modern humans from their intuition and leads to illness.


If you try to be the best at everything, in launching your health IPO, while believing you’re way is better than everyone else’s,  you’ll wind up being the best at nothing and better than no one. Instead, compete locally in your own mind first.  Create the vision of your IPO in your head and then begin to construct it.  Stop wasting your life trying to find yourself, and instead, begin to focus on creating that  brand new IPO of you.  You no longer have to be a physician to understand how to sculpt great health for yourself.


GEEK ALERT: Great health is now a combination of parallel and serially wired new neural circuits that are created by our choices and substrates from food.  Once you assimilate the building blocks (Brain Gut-6), then you can wired them together at the synapse’s using your hormones (cortisol and melatonin) to create new pathways to access parts of your brain that you were unaware of before.  This is how you re-tap the great pharmacy in your head in the hypothalamus to get back to optimal.  The story is not over just yet.  With these newly wired circuits, Hebbian learning says that neural networks that fire together wire together.   This means that the more we use the neural circuits the better they learn to work optimally.  What wires a synapse together?  The glue of these new connections is optimal cortisol and melatonin levels.  The hard wiring of the CNS requires that for these new pathways to work consistently over time, these new neural sidewalks must work in unison and sprout more connections to the rest of the neural network.  Neurons that fire together, wire together.  This implies that neuronal signaling is critical to Optimal health.  This is a foundational principle in my QUILT document.  When we do this consistently over time, a new reality begins to take shape that alters our previously held beliefs, called habits.  This is how change occurs in the brain, if we create it.  Our brain’s instruction manual allows for us to contemplate alternative realities without them actually existing.  It even allows us to get to, and create this reality in our mind first and then in our life.


TRUTH BOMB #2:   Humans evolved the attributes of a large brain and the ability to speak, in order to form intricate social networks that can use many aspects of technology. Our biggest attribute is the ability to think. This allows us to radically change the environment that we are ideally adapted to. It has allowed us to dominate all habitats and create havoc in most of them as well over time. The real human miracle of our minds is not that we can see the world as it is today, but that we can see it as it is not, and then change it to recreate a new reality.  This ability is supported biologically down to quantum mechanics.  Our brain is the ultimate quantum computer.  A child’s brain makes 50-75 thousand neurons every second for the first 2 years of life.  That child’s brain becomes able to process 10 million billion (10 to the 16th for GEEKS)  computations in a one second.  How it accomplishes these feats relies on harnessing the power of subatomic particles that also have the ability to store information themselves!  Yes, you read that right.  Subatomic particles have the intrinsic ability to think.  That is a future blog on quantum computing and evolutionary design.



NON GEEKS ANALOGY PIT STOP:   In other words, don’t try to be the greatest marketing executive in the world like Steve Jobs; try instead,  to be the greatest marketing executive of small-to-midsize companies that compete only in creating wellness in your industry (life). Moreover, don’t just try to be the highest-paid operations person in the world; instead try to become a top-notch engineering operations person in a way that’s aligned with your values so that you can sustain your work over the long run easily.  Optimal health simply requires a sustained effort consistently that allows for an alignment with your goals and your values over time.  This is your health context.  Forget about other peoples context because they are no equal to yours.  



Optimal health requires a competitive advantage that underpins its success.  This is precisely what evolution uses as its recipe for success as well.  She rejects moderation, while modern evidence based medicine craves it.  Whatever choices you decide upon, will ultimate lead to your result.  Biologic justice is swift and totally within our control.


There is a triumvirate that belies this success.  What are they?


They are your health assets, your health aspirations and your health realities.


Your health assets are what you have in your biologic possession now.  This includes your current beliefs.

These are further stratified into hard and soft assets.  Hard assets can be counted on today in the present like a tangible property might be on a balance sheet, and soft assets can not be thought of that way.  A health hard asset is the current amount of good health you really have.  What organs work well and which one do not.  These are the physical possessions you currently own in your health wallet before you embark on your IPO.  It is like health money in your wallet you can spend now in the present if you choose too.  Soft assets are your knowledge, experience, and wisdom that you have acquired along with the skills you have mastered.  The more hard assets you have the more aggressive you can be in re creating your IPO because you have a greater margin of safety for the downside.


In a career transition, someone with a lot of hard assets can afford to go without pay for 6-12 months, or even taking a lower paying job with greater satisfaction because the opportunity is available to them.  Some who has massive health issues, like an autoimmune disease has no such margin of safety.  They live in a chronic pathway of oxidation we laid out earlier in the brain gut series.  These people can not afford to go a month of two without a paycheck or they risk catastrophic failure of their health IPO.


No matter how many hard assets on has one should strive to acquire as many soft assets as one can.  Acquiring them and mastering them has very little correlation with how much health currency you have in your wallet.  What really matters are acquiring the skills, connections, and experiences required to successfully re launch your IPO and re create your new reality for living.  Many times soft assets can be abstract, so people tend of underestimate their real power.  When someone says, “I have been an executive for 15 years” it is impressive but devoid of context and vague.  The better way to spin that experience is to explain to people what you can do because of those 15 years of wisdom you gained even if you did not exploit those soft assets.  You have the ability to do just that.


How do you find out about your health soft assets.  Do what I did 7 years ago.  Go to an event outside of your field and ask people about what are thier professional needs or problems.  You’ll be shocked to learn, how many times you actually share a helpful idea to someone else that is relevant.  More often, these ideas usually come from your “soft asset” bank account.   This is how we create starfish around us and build our own health IPO.  This is how you can change your doctor, friends and family with out them perceiving it.  You will begin to hear many problems, an know you have a solution they are completely unaware of.  Be aware that single assets in isolation don’t carry much value.  When you string your soft assets together with your skill set, experiences and your connections you begin to find your competitive advantage in transformational change.  This is why the Quilt is constructed in the way it is.   The more you know, and the more you connect, the better you become slowly as time elapses.  It is irrespective of your starting point of health.


Health aspirations and your values:


This is the second most important part of launching your new health IPO.  Here we find your deepest wishes, ideas, goals, and your vision of your future.  Here is buried your core values of what is really important to you and your life.  This could be your wisdom, knowledge, power, integrity, autonomy, or health.  Often times we can have it all.  So you need to prune your aspirations to what is most important.  For a health IPO, you need to be as good as you can be, because if you are not good to you you will never be good to anyone else either.  You will also find these aspirations change as you evolve.  I know that was true for me. Health is now my top priority but it was not when I began my IPO.  What you should focus on is orienting yourself in the direction of the aspiration you want most.  Make that your gravitational North Pole.  Even it your north pole changes with life, your method of travel to it will be secure.


When you aspire to be healthy you are increasing the ability of your IPO to get success.  When you are doing work on you that you really care about you become able to do it longer and better even if the work seems impossible.  Any person who is passionate about them selves will never give up on themselves.  This is why so many fail at re creating their health IPO.  When you face a party with processed party foods, it can be easy to forget you and just revert to the person who you were.  In an effort to scrappily improve on who you are today,  you often lose track of who you aspire to be in the future.  Health aspirations and values helps focus on our North Star, in order to improve our former selves.  Despite what many health guru’s tells you about your best health IPO, you wont find it in with introspection alone.


TRUTH BOMB #3:  Aspirations and values shape the behaviors we do, but our aspirations and values are sculpted by our actions and our experiences we have already had.   We can only re launch our IPO when we remake ourself as we grow and the world changes.  Your new health identity is not found…… emerges from within.  It is transformational.


The current health market of you:


The real life realities of where you find your health right now is the final piece to your new launch. No matter how special or fine your assets are, or how good your thoughts are,  nothing will give you the edge to optimal unless they meet your current marketplace.  Today’s modern world is a nightmare for your health IPO.  You need to realize that now, so you can navigate it to success.


TRUTH BOMB #4:   The more research is published in modern healthcare the more clear it becomes that modern life separates modern humans from their intuition and leads to illness.  This can sink your IPO before you get to market.  Use the advantages of modern technology but know when to limit it as well for your own sake.  All too often modern life, has allowed us to become so “smart” as a species that now we can even screw up our own biology for the sake of technology………

The market consists of people or bureaucracies that make decisions for you.  They are something you must filter into your plan.  Your current health market consists of the people who make decisions that affect you and whose needs you must serve: your boss,  your family, your coworkers, your clients, your direct reports, and even your job. You must account for these potholes and not avoid them even if they complicate your journey.  Good entrepreneurs of health are often dreamers.  I know, because 7 years ago I dreamed of repairing my own obesity using brain surgery with out a scalpel.  Also remember that good entrepreneurs are grounded in a sound vision of what is possible to today right now given the circumstance.  All your IPO’s health success is rooted in the choices you make for your biology today,  to get the pay off of health tomorrow.  You must look at your health as a business views a customer.  If you do not serve them well you may run out of customers.


TRUTH BOMB #5: It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve worked at your IPO or how passionate you are about an aspiration you have: If your current life won’t allow you to access and use your services in your health marketplace, it’s going to be a very hard road to optimal. In biology and health, you aren’t entitled to anything.  That is mother nature’s rules, not yours or your doctor!  If your current health market place puts you at risk………do something about it soon, or risk failure of your health IPO.

When you realize this might affect your re launch do not let it limit you or become a negative exercise.  Instead look around your life for place, people, industries with a pent up momentum and seek them out and put your health IPO in position to surf those waves to success.  This will help you overcome your own start up inertia for your IPO.  Being in position to riding the wave is a more important initial maneuver than looking from the beach.  Being in position for success in your current health market instead in being in direct apposition of them is the key to personal health IPO success.  If you are in a bad spot or place, you must alter it or it will alter your health permanently.


TRUTH BOMB #6:  Personal health entrepreneurs are like visionaries in industry.  One of the ways they run forward is by viewing the thing they’re doing as something that’s going to be the whole world.  When you realize that all life and health is wired to evolutionary management, you have tapped the optimal life force.  The more you base your decisions on this life force the better health you will have.  It is that simple.   The most effective personal health IPO re-launches will be those who operate the most effective personal networks.  Those relaunches will be the ones who come out on top.  This means the more bits of knowledge you connect to more starfish, the better we all become.




The internet acts like a “health lever” for your IPO.  It creates tremendous leverage for you now because the knowledge is there for you to put together and create your own action plan to create the new you.  Our online world has become a giant Petri dish for our biological interests in re creating our health. How we use it will determine our success.  Connecting with people on the net who have new ideas will spawn change in healthcare.  These new ideas and ways of behaving,  will help your re-launched health IPO take shape with remarkable alacrity.  You must get out of your own way and assess the health market you are in correctly.  By giving ourself access to new social and biologic networks beyond what is familiar to us today, these contacts open up many new opportunities that otherwise would never be encountered.  They will improve our ability to successfully launch change because they will make us aware constantly of what we do not know.  If you launch your health IPO into unfamiliar networks you will quickly eliminate the dogma present in your life that is subjugating your genome and your epi-genome.  Optimal health is no longer a mystery, it is a choice………




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