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Everyone has been affected by cancer.

In 1900, only 3 out of 100 deaths were attributed to cancer.  Breast cancer was unheard of in the first 50 years of the 20th century.  Across the board, cancer was so rare that it wasn’t listed as a cause of death in the government statistics.

So what’s happened since 1950 to send the incidents of cancer through the roof?  In 2012, for breast cancer alone, 290,000 women were diagnosed and of those diagnosed, 45,000 will die.


Oncologists tout the meme that cancer is a genetic disease … but if it’s genetic disease, why wasn’t anyone getting cancer at the turn of the century a hundred years ago?  Cancer is an epi-genetic disease that is triggered primarily by environment mismatches.  If you use modern technology or eat a standard American diet, you are at risk of getting cancer.  

Cancer is a disease of altered cellular signaling caused by inflammation.

The October Q&A webinar is a monthly forum for members to ask questions of Dr. Kruse.  There are no “rules” for the Q&As, but members typically will ask questions related to the recent monthly webinar or recent blog posts.

Questions asked during the October Q&A:

-If someone has a large tumor in the lymph gland, would CT (Cold Thermogenesis) be appropriate?

-What is the difference between epithelial cancers and other types, and what are the different treatments?

-Does surgery induce metathesis?

-Is the expectation that the doctor will remove it and cure it (the cancer)?

-What types of cancer would you have surgery for?

-If not surgery, should you do chemotherapy or radiation?

-In general if you were educating people on chemotherapy and radiation, what would you say?

-Is there a difference in how you treat cancers based on their stage?

-Since the mid 1900s there has been an increase in cancer diagnosis. Is this a result of not being able to diagnose cancer in the early 1900s?

-Do you believe breast cancer is epigenetic?

-Do you think Dr. Brizinski’s peptides could be part of one of the pathways that keeps us from having cancer, that becomes depleted when we don’t follow a epigenetic path?

-What are your top 3 or 4 things we can do to prevent epithelial cancers?

-What are your thoughts on curing pancreatic cancer with LDN alphalapodic acid and Percumin?

-Why don’t you like decaf coffee?

-Do mammograms cause cancer?

-What is it in coffee that helps keep cancer away

-What are the benefits of coffee for those dealing with adrenal issues

-Are cancers fueled by carbohydrates?

-Is there a way to balance an intake of sugars with vitamin D?

-What about women with BRCA 1 and 2 mutations that chose prophylactic mastectomy?

-For those who are doing Gut Healing, since coffee is off the menu, what should they do?

-Is Leaky Gut caused by coffee?

-I remember a healthy gut flora can also produce vitamin D for us to absorb, if that’s true, couldn’t some of our vitamin D deficiency       be from an unhealthy gut flora?

-Is not tolerating coffee a symptom of something?

-If your omega 3-6 ratio is good, hormone panel is good, and your A1C good, is it okay to use a tanning bed to get Vitamin D?

-How often would you recommend using a tanning bed for a person who would benefit?

-Are T3 & T4 going to struggle during the winter time?

-How do you know that tanning is benefitting your Vit D levels?

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