CPC #47: Diabetes and Blue Light are Bedfellows

Circadian biology is so fundamental to sleep and metabolism but few people realize just how important it really is.  It is more important than your macro or micronutrients.  Most of you reading this really do not buy this because of the questions I get asked and all the comments I have seen made on FB, twitter, blogs, and internet forums.  The blogosphere is tied to macronutrient ratios.  It is a fact that our neolithic mind has burned into our conscious beliefs.  This post is about showing you why you might want to consider changing your perspective on things related to what you eat.  What we are designed to eat is the answer to where our ultimate health really lies.  When we choose to eat in spite of our biologic directives this is when illness, disease, or bad feelings tend to crop up and cause confusion to the patient.  The best way for you to solve this situation is to think.  I want you to think about the message your neolithic mind is capable of delivering to your paleolithic genome on a daily basis.  The reason we screw it up is that we fail to account for the effect of the mitochondrial genome’s effect on the rapidly changing epigenetic program that really is the master sculptor in biology.  Most of us are completely unaware of this biologic mismatch.  It is my belief that it underlies much of what currently ails most of mankind today.  The reason is quite simple…….melatonin controls the efficiency of autophagy and apoptosis in the human mitochondrial genome.  This gives the mechanism to just about every human chronic disease.

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