EMF 6: Quantum Time

Readers Summary

  1. Does how we think form our beliefs?
  2. How did rocks change Darwin’s perspective?
  3. Do you understand how time is related to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology?
  4. Does Newton = Einstein?
  5. How can a TED video give you insight on whether or not you’re right or wrong?

“The miracle of your mind isn’t that you can see the world as it is. It’s that you can see the world as it isn’t.” – Kathryn Schulz

Without risk, life is worthless; without risk, biology does not work.  Evolutionary biology is based upon the random risk of natural selection and the conditions of existence.  Darwin coined both of these terms but only explained the first well.  The second idea was his better one, but he simply could not explain what conditions of existence meant.  The reason was simple. He did not understand quantum field physics.   Of the two, he said he knew, the latter was the most powerful force in biology.  He was dead right, but since his time evolutionary biology and my critics have believed natural selection is the most important.  It is not true.  Today, we know “conditions of existence” meant epigenetics.  Darwin spent the rest of of life looking for ‘epigenetics’ in an idea labeled “Pangenes”.  He believed that Pangenes were responsible for translated environmental influences that have now become known as epigenetics today.  Today we know that small frequency EMF’s called the Schumann resonance imprints water and creates life where their was none by using the power of quantum coherence of water.  Evolution is in large part, about how these electromagnetic epigenetic signals are transferred to the living organism to living organism by bioelectrical cellular communication;  it’s comparing quantum resonance notes and frequency notes and copying and pasting new epigenetic signals on RNA and DNA to make new genetic recipes to create a survival solution from life’s current condition of chaos.  When we understand how that dish was created, we gain deep insight of how  to keep that dish tasting fresh every time a generation is replicated.  Today trans-generational epigenetics tells us something is badly off in our species.

Biology must take on risk because evolution mandates it, and when science and mankind realize this they will begin to comprehend both the artistic essence that makes the rational side of humans truly productive;  hence, why I said earlier, a life without risk is worthless to us.  If we can not move forward in our environment because we won’t take risks, then it follows we have no opportunity for growth;  without growth humans do not live, they just exist like Bacteria and Archaea have on this planet for the last 4 billion years.  They are living,  but they are not consciously alive.

Darwin views where influenced by Charles Lyell’s book, Principles of Geology before went to South America.  Ironically, this book turned out to give Darwin his perspective of real time that allowed him to pen his theory of evolution.  It acted much like our own SCN does  upon our mechanistic biochemical pathways in our cells.  Without this time perspective in place, one loses the real power of observation that Darwin found on his journey to elucidating the theory of evolution.  The real value in Lyell’s book would not allow Darwin to come to “warped” conclusions because it gave him a keen sense of timing for his theory.  Quantum field theory stopped warping my sense of time as well to figure today’s riddle out on modern neolithic disease.

If you look closely at the book, he gave a great example of that here using Ancient Egypt by way of analogy;  he asked his readers to imagine the results if Egyptian archaeologists of the day had “…visited that country with a firm belief that the banks of the Nile were never peopled by the human race before the beginning of the nineteenth century… it is easy to perceive what extravagant systems they would frame, while under the influence of this delusion, to account for the monuments discovered (there). The sight of the pyramids, obelisks, colossal statues, and ruined temples, would will them with such astonishment, that… they might incline at first to refer the construction of such stupendous works to some superhuman powers of a primeval world. (p 27-28**)

We should be warranted in ascribing the erection of the great pyramid to superhuman power, if we were convinced that it was raised in one day; and if we imagine, in the same manner, a mountain chain to have been elevated, during an equally small fraction of the time which was really occupied in up-heaving it, we might then be justified in inferring that the subterranean movements were once far more energetic than in our own times. (p 30**)”

These insights were the ‘meme’ that Darwin needed to formulate his evolutionary ideas.  Darwin lived in a world where the church made everyone believe for 2000 years that the Earth was no older than 6000 years old.  Lyell’s observations in geology had a tremendous impact on Darwin before he got on “The Beagle”.  It made Darwin realize just how important timing was to biology.

Today, it remains note worthy that it is exactly this timing principle, that is foundational to the cumulative power of incremental change over millions and billion of years and thousands of generations.  Darwin realized time was critical to life’s formation.  Both of his ideas, natural selection and conditions of existence,  are subject to a deep understanding of true space time in palindromic fashion.

Darwin knew it, but he could not figure out how both worked and it almost sunk his theory back in his time.  They both lie at the heart of his evolutionary opus, if you read it.  I have, many times. Just like an individual basalt flow, an asteroid strike, or the tiny amount of sedimentary rock,  can be carried away annually by a waterway, the change within species due to natural selection is quite small,  if we just consider it over its life span of some years or decades.   Yet, Darwin was able to grasp how far it could take life, when given the “proper geological time” to work with.  That time was able to apply consistent pressure for a few tens or hundreds of thousands of years, and those small changes start begin to add up to massive alterations to the organism.

Ironically, in this series, I am pointing out the very same problem that modern chemistry and biology have today,  because of how they fail to include molecular timing as a vital ingredient into the recipe of how life forms and evolves from the chaos the world it finds itself in presently.  How does modern life affects the evolutionary flux right now?  The answer is called transgenerational epigenetics.  This is our new name for “conditions of existence”.

Today, modern science has no idea that the smallest changes in “molecular timing” can cause massive changes in the cellular response in one hundred years to cause massive neolithic disease.  My ideas and Darwin’s idea are cut from the very same cloth because they are both based upon time.  Darwin used “big time”, and I am using “quantum time” to figure out the riddle.   Einstein’s science is based in quantum field theory and his Theory of Relativity also uses time as a key variable.   The analogy is startling, when you consider it.  Modern science has lost the perspective of nanoscopic time on the biochemistry of life because it works on quantum coherence and not in the world of classic physics that modern science sees today.  The bioenergenics of ATP hydrolysis can not explain real time enzyme fluxes and kinetics when they are measured in living tissues.  I can, using quantum filed theory.  To see how blind biology really is, they gave Mitchell a Noble prize for this in 1978.  Because of this alone, I do not expect them to adapt fast.  Embarrassment is hard to overcome in short order.  Every organic chemist on this planet believes Mitchell’s is right about membranes and chemiosmosis and if you continue to follow those organic chemists, you will die faster than you should. Bold statement, I know. But as I said last year at Paleo Fx. I have the goods.  And they are coming.  Once I realized quantum time was the etiology of our demise, I sensed that nothing so makes us desire to spend out time wisely than to reflect on vita brevis; the brevity of life.

Bad timing is ironically why Darwin, could never figure out the epigenetic riddle of his condition of existence.  Einstein was not born in 1868, when Darwin wrote his masterpiece.

Traditionally, classically trained scientists have held that low-level electromagnetic fields couldn’t be harmful because they weren’t potent enough to break chemical bonds in a living organism.  This one belief, has lead us to the precipice of disaster.  Low level electromagnetic radiation is the spark of life of evolution and it is our death star when it is misused.  The Russians have known this since the 1950’s in my opinion and they have been using space as there laboratory to study it closely.   When you look at epidemiologic studies, however,  the stamp of bad quantum time and rapid de-evolutionary evidence is present in every form of life today and seen in our oceans and in our climatology and even our clinics daily.   If the brain can not sense it, it does not believe it can exist or affect life.  This keeps it hidden from us all.

This is the original source of the environmental mismatch I mentioned in my Paleo Summit talk last year.  Based upon Einstein’s math, I realized that an asteroid impact and non pulsed EMF have the exact same effect on the total energy equation of the Earth’s atmosphere.  The difference is that the asteroid is natural disaster and follows quantum field theory rules for total energy, and the non pulsed EMF we have made is not and the devil for us, is in those differences as you will soon see.  To elucidate this clearly using non pseudo science is a tough task.  I think I have done it and I am sharing it with you slowly in this series piece by piece in excruciating detail.  I am using the math of Einstein to show you what I have found.  The information is vital to us all and it is imperative that is does not get branded pseudoscience because it is meticulously laid out.  This is not a story of me, it is a story of how Einstein’s math, affects life in ways we just missed.

Based upon what I know now, I believe we need to think differently than we ever have heretofore.  When you fully understand the implications of Einstein’s ideas on biology you will begin to see what unfolds in world news in a different light.  I believe, this is why both Russia and the USA are spending money on trying to get to Mars quickly and figure out how to humans can gain safe passage to Mars to artificially recreate what we used to have here on Earth.   Both countries, while deeply broken economically, know the money is well spent in space and in physics research to solve this problem, and not on any modern healthcare system on this planet, because bioastrophysics research is critical to fixing this mess.   Modern medicine can not fix this mess at all, we can however slow time down for people to give us a chance to collectively solve the issue.  Once EMF’s are created they can not be destroyed, but the law of energy conservation says they can be transformed. Every EMF ever created outside the Schumann resonance is a 45 caliber bullet to the human SCN that goes on forever bouncing off the ground and hitting the ionosphere.

Darwin was able to think what might happen while he slowed down time in his own mind.  I am presenting the other side of the coin for you to consider. What happens to biochemistry when nanoscopic time is altered because our magnetic field is altered as life evolves over a short period of time?  Essentially, how does alterations in quantum time speed up epigenetic de-evolution?

Einstein also used a thought experiment involving time as he visualized riding on a lighten bolt through space to come up with the Theory of Relativity.  These two great men of science realized time was the key ingredient.  Soon, I am going to show you why I decided to use it too, as well, to figure out this riddle of our modern world.

When I thought about time ambiguity, and I added in MRI’s data from my office from a disease called osteoporosis, it all clicked. Remember, I am a spinal surgeon, so I know a little something about bone. When I married bone metabolism knowledge to quantum field theory, my life changed in a nanosecond.  So did my practice, and my ideas about all biology.  I immediately erased what I believed and followed where the science of Einstein and Darwin led me.  Our modern beliefs are the etiology of our ultimate decline.  Soon, you will become fully aware that the human mind is a wonderful servant, but usually is a horrible master.   This will be a tough one for you to swallow because it was for me back in 2006;  but it is an ultimate biologic truth I have uncovered. We are often our own worst enemy today.  It’s only at the precipice that we evolve, only on the brink do we change.  We are at that brink, according to Einstein’s math.

This has been chronicled on this blog now for two years.  Those who have stuck with me are going to be richly rewarded soon.   If my critics, open their minds, just a bit to let one photon in, I will be able to show you what I have found.  I can not compete with your beliefs, nor do I want to.  I have a video coming up that every scientist will need to watch to overcome what I overcame in 2006.  This feeling is what fueled my Paleo Fx speech in Austin last year.  I need you to first suspend your beliefs,  then and allow me to show you what I have found.  Let the science of Einstein and Darwin lead you as it lead me.  Erase yourself.  I was a victim, like you,  who then became a survivor, then I was a survivor I  have chosen to become a warrior for these truths.

Their harsh words and behaviors will never deter me because what is at stake is more than any of you can fathom.  I spent the entire first year I realized all this and had to deal with being 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} wrong about my life because, I too was trained believing classic physics, chemistry, and biology.  I finally realized just being wrong really has no feeling unless I ascribe one to it.  If you know you’re wrong, and feel like your on solid ground you might feel like you are correct.  This is where most of your thought leaders are right now.  

I was there in 2006.  I got stuck in the box of thinking I was correct, when I was dead wrong.  Today, I am asking you to think deeply about the time paradox that quantum field theory may explain every perplexing thing you see in life.  I believe it does.

Why do we have a problem accepting we were wrong?  Why did I give that Paleo Fx speech last year?

The variables we are facing  today in our modern electromagnetic environment are going to help us understand the results and the diseases we face in modern healthcare.  Darwin used the fossils in the ground to gauge his idea of “deep time” in billions of years.  He realized small changes over” big time” could lead to massive changes in geology and for life.  Lyell’s book gave him that insight.  Darwin and Einstein gave me the insight to figure out why everyone in my clinic had inflammation in their MRI’s and trashed labs when I began to look closely at them.  When small quantum time is off, molecular chaos is the result and it happens in quicker than we all believe possible.  This is why Alzheimer disease can happen in 40 year olds.  This is why 10 year olds get carotid stenosis now and develop heart disease by 20 today.  This is why autism incidence and prevalence has exploded in three decades.  Diseases of aging are now diseases of youth.

Altered quantum time is the only reason why this is happening.

The more we expose ourselves to an environment that fosters an altered quantum time disturbance the faster molecular chaos ensues,  and we see phenotypic de-evolution.  We call that neolithic disease today.  That is where mankind is today already.  What all three of us were doing is analogous, with respect to time relativity.  We all realized time is relative to everything we believe.  So far mankind has accepted Darwin and Einstein’s beliefs.  They are yet to accept mine.  They will eventually, because all I believe is now based upon Einstein’s and Darwin science and ideas.  If I am wrong, then I have good company.  I am willing to gamble, I am 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} correct.   That is why I have been so difficult for paleo to deal with.  I know something none of them seem to know.  Soon you will know it too, and judge my actions in proper context.

Darwin saw how the geological ideas of uniformitarianism and “deep time” could be profitably applied to the biological realm.   Science is as much about process as results, and in his careful and detailed observations of the world around him, the rigor with which he developed his ideas, and the breadth of his thinking, Darwin provides an example that we should all look up to today as clinicians and scientists.  He and Einstein, inspired me to go from being good at my job, to reach for exceptional for my patients.  I do not like where it has lead me, but i think it presents us with the greatest test of evolutionary power from our central nervous system.   It has bothered me deeply for years, but now, but I also realize if we do things better today,  we might actually help our species overcome its current “conditions of existence.”

As a patient you must be discerning.  Each patient carries his own doctor inside him…….the question is do they listen to that voice?

I whispered words of wisdom here on this blog for 2 years and I let it be until this series.  It no longer can be left unsaid.

How I understand biology is now radically different than you currently  do.  I was taught classic biochemistry based upon classic cell theory using classic physics of Newton.  This is what all doctors and PhD’s learn in their training.  It is what is present in our current literature.  Sometimes, to get to an ultimate truth you have to take on the risk of being wrong.  My risk, was erasing everything I was taught over night when I learned what is contained in this blog series.  If you have not heard my Paleo Fx opening speech, this is what was on my mind when I was in my cold tub 5 hours before the talk re writing it.

Electromagnetic fields and radiation are invisible, odorless, silent and tasteless, and are ubiquitous. Therefore the basic physics and engineering principles that explain the nature and strength of these fields are fundamental. The basic methods of environmental epidemiology involve identifying the disease rates in an exposed group to compare the disease rates in a non-exposed group, with no confounders to confuse the results. A major problem with EMF and EMR is that in most communities there is no non-exposed reference group because we live in homes with electromagnetic fields from electric power wires and appliances and we can receive radio, TV and cellphone signals all the time in our homes. Everyone in the world is exposed to radio short-waves and satellite microwaves today. This has led to the ubiquitous exposure (No Non-exposed Group) Principle, an extension of the healthy worker effect.  We do not need a RCT to study this because E=MC2 is foundational math for the universe, according to Einstein.  Modern science does not yet see this, because they are not applying Einstein’s math to the equation.  I have and am in this entire series.

Now its your choice, to continue to follow classic physics and cell theory or realize Einstein’s quantum field theory is what really determines our conditions of existence as they exist today.  Darwin wrote in the Origin of Species, conditions of existence where far more important than natural selection in life. He spent the entire back half of his life trying to prove it. You know why he failed?  Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. Darwin died on April 19, 1882. Just another time mismatch not in science or our favor. Darwin could not figure it out because the science of Einstein is needed to figure the riddle out. This irony was not lost on me in 2006, when I figured this all out.  This “environmental time mismatch” still exists in all of biology and chemistry today.  It is why we are all in still in the dark.

Since Darwin’s death, until today, no one realizes that small mismatches in “quantum time” lead to massive changes in molecular biology in a few decades.  We call that neolithic disease.  There is no other cause once you understand quantum field theory.  It is 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} axiomatic.  The result is a constant loss of electrons from your body to the environment.  You need to realize why your physicians don’t have all the answers. It’s because medicine is based upon the beliefs of biology and chemistry that they deem correct today.  Our frame of reference determines what we look at and how we look. And as a consequence, this determines what we find.  If you continue on this trajectory,  you will wind up just like Steve Jobs, Junior Seau, or Michael Jackson in the end.


Our preconceived views strongly influence our opinions and decisions. People almost universally view the eutherian mammal body as a biological organ with biochemical processes controlling biological cells. This belief fails to recognize the vital role of bio-physics within its natural endogenous electromagnetic field that allows our biochemistry to signal correctly and carrying out vital functions in the brain, central nervous system, heart, motor neuron system and in all cells.  These natural oscillating electromagnetic signals from the Earth are produced,   and subsequently they interact with ions, such as calcium ions.  Calcium ion timing and flux is are active in all cells for proper timing of cell-to-cell communication, gap junctions, neural synapse control, and voltage-gated ion channels on every membrane of every cell in our body. Phase locked loop detection systems are widespread in cells that are coherently bound by structured water especially in neurons in the central and peripheral nervous system.   Because neural tissues is so sensitive to these pertubations, modern medicine should begin to understand why neurodegeneration is a direct consequence of altered quantum timing.  It explains why neurodegeneration is so rampant and common today in the infant, young, teenager, adult, and elderly forms of modern humans.  The names of the diseases are different but the molecular disruptions are common and they are phenotyically different based upon the life cycle stage of the human and level of developmental stage of the central nervous system in the person at that time.  It makes sense to me why people suffer from sleep apnea and insomnia, heart palpitations, metabolic syndrome, peripheral neuropathy and restless leg syndrome, obesity, depression, infertility at record rates in the last 100 years.

The heart and brain are monitored using the ECG and EEG electromagnetic detection systems. Quantum field physics processes involve detailed explanations of how resonant absorption and interference with the natural EMR/EMF signals occurs. This has been causally demonstrated with external ELF signals altering the native ELF calcium ion oscillations in brain and heart tissue in numerous studies world wide. Dr. Frey’s work on the blood brain barrier in the 1970’s is critical in understanding how calcium alterations are coupled to the magnetic field.  Frey’s work was presented in 1975 to the New York Academy of sciences and when it soon after the DOD began to systematically discredit his work.  Today most of the good research on EMF’s are being done outside our country.

Understanding and appreciating how quantum field theory and biology meet is critical to understanding our modern world.  Soon I expect this to become the critical biophysical science that may help our species and all species from insidious de-evolution;  opening your mind to the epigenotoxic evidence and considering the epidemiological evidence, leads to a major paradigm shift in cell theory and molecular biology of the cell membrane.  It will make you realize genetics is not the issue, and never has been, but epigenetics is and always will be the issue until life stops.  Darwin was correct, conditions of existence are the most important part of his evolutionary theory.  We need to go back to his work and carefully read what he said.

Modern scientists work is based upon classic physics when cell biology is life is really based upon quantum field theory. My next blog, EMF 7, will show you how I figured that out using osteoporosis as my model human disease.  There was a huge benefit being  spine surgeon and understanding how an MRI really works.  This is where modern medicine gave me a huge boost in this complex fascinating riddle.  I just matched it with my curiosity and my deep desire to heal my own obesity.

We can’t manage time because we can not stretch a minute or stop a clock, yet.  Time goes on and we can make a better use of time, by managing ourself better using our choices and priorities with the knowledge in this series.  We manage time best by manage by ourselves better.  Stop watching your endogenous molecular clock, and begin to work it to your benefit, from this new biologic perspective. With every minute that passes from here on in, we are trading our lives for something.  Let’s ensure that the trade is worth it and that it’s not squandered. I think something big is up.

We have the same twenty-fours a day to enjoy and use to the best of our ability that any successful person who has ever lived did or does. That’s 86,400 seconds a day, 168 hours a week, 24 hours a day for 7 days a week to fulfill our mission. Soon you will realize every person mission on this planet should be aligned because we are all entangled.

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