The Sweet Spot for Optimal Health: Gretchen Bronson on the Quantum Health Model

Over the past months, Jack’s been educating us on the three pillars of health: light, water and magnetism. For those who’ve heard the September and October webinars, Jack has given us additional information that build upon what he’s written in the blogs. But how do we bring it all together? How do we figure out where we stand within magnetism, water and light? Why is it one person has greater success and others still struggle? We’ve all read the questions and the frustrations on the forum asking why it’s taking longer, why am I not losing weight, why are my labs not showing any improvement?

Sometimes, navigating Jack’s technical jargon is daunting, even for me. So, I started thinking, “How can I simplify this so it’s easy to understand how to apply what he’s been teaching us?”

They always say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think the below Quantum Health Model will help bring it all together.


So, where are you in the model? Your N=1 is where you’re at today within magnetism, water and light, and that influences your sleep, as well as how non-native EMF, stress, environmental toxins, myco toxins, parasites, mold and nutrition interact and influence your health. I’ve written recently on my blog about Jack’s bomb on methylation and how non-native EMF impacts whether DNA and RNA is turned on or off. Think about that from the perspective of the Quantum Health Model – non-native EMF is competing with magnetism, and its throwing each and every one of us out of optimal. When we don’t get a chance to spend time outside absorbing light to take advantage of the photoelectric effect, we get thrown out of the sweet spot in the center. The same thing happens when we don’t have access to good water outside of what the city or county offers us!

The sweet spot in the center is where you find balance between your gut health, your cortisol hormones, your steroid hormones and your thyroid. They all have to be working in synchronization to achieve optimal health. How you get there is by leveraging light, water and magnetism, all of which influence sleep and the parasympathetic nervous system for autophagy and support the balance between your gut health, cortisol hormones, steroid hormones and thyroid in the sweet spot of optimal health.

The Quantum Health Model is your map to help you figure out where you’re at your based upon your labs. Jack says our hormone panel tells us how the environment is impacting our health; the Quantum Health Model lets you see exactly where you fall and will help guide you to optimal!

Suggested Labs to Determine Where You Fall in the Quantum Health Model

  1. Light: ASI, Melatonin, prolactin, Lipid Panel, Free T3, and Pregnenolone, Vitamin D3, DHEA-S
  2. Water: Bun/Creatine Ratio, Progesterone, Estradiol, CO2, Pg/E2 ratio, Testosterone, SHBG
  3. Magnetism: Bun/Creatine Ratio, IGF-1, Progesterone, Estradiol, CO2, Pg/E2 ratio, Testosterone, SHBG

I hope the Quantum Health Model will begin to help everyone understand where they’re at with their own N=1.

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About Gretchen’s Epi-Paleo Tenacity


Who am I and why Your Paleo Healthcare? Hello, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Gretchen Bronson. I’ve been on a journey through the healthcare system for the past 13 years. Like many of you reading, I found myself discouraged by the inability of the current medical system to help me solve my medical problems. I’ve had migraines and asthma for more than 30 years, and after leaving the Air Force, I’ve been battling weight issues. To top it all off, the Veteran’s Administration diagnosed me with  fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and bipolar disorder.

In 2004, I began to take ownership of my healthcare by searching out doctors who could assist me and help me leverage the health insurance I had. The biggest thing I’ve learned on this journey is how to leverage my health insurance to my benefit. I’ve figure out how to get labwork covered 100 percent, in addition to all medical treatments. I’ve also cracked the code for successfully appealing medical claims.

On this journey, I’ve seen improvement in my health in small increments. The first improvement came in 2004 when my VA Medical Center neurologist sent me to a local chiropractor and recommended I go gluten-free. Just with the change of going gluten-free, I saw my migraines decrease from 6-8 events per month down to 4-5 per month. I’ve had migraines since the age of 10, and I had learned to live and function with them, but having the frequency drop just by eliminating a specific food was an epiphany for me. I realized at this point how important food is for overall health and wellness.

Then next phase of my journey began when I found Mark’s Daily Apple. I bought Mark’s book the Primal Blueprint, and I took a primal leap. Going 100 percent grain-free was easy. The hard part was kicking the sugar from my diet. I was addicted to sugar. It took me almost four months to completely kick sugar to the curb. Once I did, I saw improvements, and by February 2011, I was out of maternity clothes and in size 12 pants. For the first time in my life, weight loss seemed to be easy.  But then I stalled out in my weight loss and became frustrated.

After trying everything under the sun to help me continue losing weight, I found Dr Jack Kruse’s Leptin Reset. Not only did I follow the reset, I began voraciously reading every word Jack blogged. It all made sense for me. So I embraced it, and things started happening. My energy changed, my perspective changed, I felt healthier. Some of Jack’s ideas were crazy and out there, sure, but nothing else was working with regards to my health, so I gave crazy a try, and it’s working! I’m seeing health improvements, and I’m uncovering the biggest impacts to what’s going on in my health the health of my family.

During this time, I was also able to find a primary care physician who embraced the paleo lifestyle and had a five-star rating for treating familial hypercholesterolemia from my health insurance. I also found an anti-aging doctor, Dr. Dzugan, who has a proven track record using bio-identical hormones to help control and eventually eliminate migraines! Suddenly things all started coming together. I started making great gains with my health, and I was able to leverage my health insurance to cover at least 85 percent of my medical expenses.

I’m going to share with you as I continue on my journey the things I’ve learned that helped me leverage my health insurance and launch the recovery of my health. I look forward to showing the things that I’ve learned and hope you’ll be able to take my experiences and apply them on your own journey to health and wellness.


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