by Matt Maruca

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When I think back to my time this year in Mexico, I am filled with a beautiful, beautiful warmth. It’s the same warmth I felt one morning meditating on the beach in Playa Del Carmen; then it was so strong that I couldn’t help but let loose with a long stream of tears of joy and gratitude.

I had been inspired to meditate by a friend I had met four months earlier when he reached out to me with an interest in Quantum Health. I had decided that I know quite a bit more about it than your average Joe, I have the ability to make it relatively understandable for Joe, and not enough people are doing this; so I offer the service. Alex and I got on a call and I knew immediately that I had found someone who possesses something “different”; something that I want, as I want to make the most of my life and to live it on the highest level possible.

Three weeks after our call, I was visiting Alex at his home in Norway as one of the stops on my “Euro trip”. Alex introduced me to his Qi Gong master, who has for years been teaching him about this ancient art. Qi Gong literally means “energy work”; I believe I had been practicing it already in the form of “Quantum Health”.

Quantum Health is a set of protocols for optimal human health based on western scientific research from the various disciplines science that collectively form what I call “Quantum Biology”: quantum physics, photonic, photobiology, bioelectromagnetism, water chemistry research, mitochondrial medicine, evolutionary biochemistry, etc. etc. etc. This is a relatively new advancement in health and has yet to become even known about on any large scale. Or does it?

What I realized with Alex is that “Quantum Health” is a new label for something very, very ancient. What the Chinese, Tibetans, Indians, and connected people in most cultures since the evolution of homo sapiens have practiced is essentially the same thing as “Quantum Health”; it is just that this is a new label that attaches the scientific evidence that people like Dr. Kruse have finally been putting together.

People knew that practices like Yoga and Meditation could channel the body’s energy to bring about a positive physiologic benefit; the same goes for Qi Gong and many other ancient practices. They still do; however, what they don’t know is the way in which the 21st century man-made environment also plays a role in what they work on, because their ancient teachers lived in an environment that was normal and natural for a living organism, free of the things man has created that are most detrimental to our biology.

                                                   ‘Alex the Chimera’ Qigong master pictured left

Because of this, I believe that people practicing these traditions will be very receptive to “Quantum Health”, but if, and only if, the science is further developed and synthesized while being packaged and explained in a way that people can grasp. This fact may only be of interest to people who are interested in convincing people of this belief system because they believe that it could help prevent others from experiencing unnecessary disease and suffering, which is not everyone’s interest. When I wrote my blog on here last year, I believed that it was one’s “moral obligation” to share information like “Quantum Health” if they are aware of it. I no longer believe this.

It is true that if a man orders a power line built over another man’s house, and in doing so injures the other man, while the other man is unaware that the power line is to blame, and some third party is aware of this reality, it is only the third party’s action that could make a difference in the situation, as the power company won’t change what it’s doing, and the other man simply doesn’t know. The same thing goes for the bully, the bullied and the bystander in high school. The bully won’t stop bullying, and the bullied might not be able to stand up for himself, so the bystander has to power to change the outcome.
As the people aware of what “Quantum Health” really means for human health and life, from pre-birth to birth, to growth, adolescence, reproduction, aging, and generation of all diseases, I see us as the “bystanders” of the above situation. It isn’t really our obligation to try to help the people who are getting screwed by large industries carelessness, including medicine, pharma, tech, telecom, and electric power, and the toxic corporate world. However, I do believe that our actions will be the ones that make the difference.

So Alex had inspired me to try and practice Qi Gong, beginning with the simplest form of meditation. He is the most centered and confident person that I have ever encountered so far in my life, by far. He attributes it almost entirely to his daily practice, so naturally, I have become very interested, and I do believe that I have been experiencing a tremendous benefit as a result of this practice. The effects are clearest to me when I do not take ten to thirty minutes of my morning to get quiet, still, go inward, and to connect with what he calls “the sun above my head” and God; which I think is a sort of metaphor for the “cosmic source energy” which many of these eastern practices describe.

I imagine that what Robert O. Becker found about the body’s electric field is deeply related to these practices, and the benefits that they provide could be more scientifically understood if his funding was not cut by the government, or if any money would be invested into better understanding how to body fundamentally works as a whole; not in a synthesis of dozens of isolated systems and their disparate disciplines in science.

So each morning at the Members’ Event, our group would get up and go out to the beach to get grounded, watch the sunrise, and chat. I would say my hellos, and like Alex, who decided after we met that he would come all the way from Norway to Mexico just to meet Dr. Kruse, I would find space to meditate on my own for a bit. I asked him “how do I know if it’s working?” and he said, “It’s always doing something, but you will know when you really feel it”.

So, of course, I was trying to think of what I could do to really feel it. I remembered a meditation from a book I read by a Buddhist Monk and author named Pema Chodron, in which one conjures up thoughts of people or things that make us feel that soft, tender, loving warmth known as “bodichitta” in Buddhism. We start with something that easily makes us feel this feeling because it is not easy (at least, not for me); so I started with one of my sisters, who I really love and care about from the bottom of my heart. Once my heart was “opened”, it was easier to truly feel, and not just think, this feeling of love and compassion for my brother and my parents. Then I began going through all the people who had so generously hosted me throughout my time traveling in Europe for two and a half months, and I was overcome with gratitude. I felt SO tremendously happy and grateful at the same time, as well as a bit sad for how unkind I had been and continued to be towards myself, but just totally overcome with this deep feeling of true love and emotion, and I couldn’t hold back the tears that came out.

Our society and history seem to make crying something undesirable and “weak”, however, I think this is a part of the societal method of control of people, preventing us from ever getting to actually feel and experience what we really feel. If people were able to do this, to open up and really reconnect with themselves, I think most people would realize that they don’t enjoy their lives and need to make big changes; but large-scale spiritual awakening like this is not hot for the S&P 500.

I left this meditation experience feeling truly grateful for the things in my life. However, as the day and days pass, I tend to get caught back up in my natural human imperfections and old, destructive patterns of thought that do not serve me, and often leave me feeling very stressed and worried. As an 18-year-old with not too much to lose, my whole life ahead of me, and a ton of humanity’s most valuable information (at least in regards to health and disease prevention) already under my belt, it would seem that there is not a single reason to worry, right?

On New Year’s Eve at the optimal resolution event, this is precisely what a great guy named Josh Rosenthal was telling me. Josh (above) is in what anyone can see is a difficult situation, because he doesn’t have full control over his kids’ environment due to an ex-wife who just doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. He was telling me that I really don’t have any hurdles, and I can do whatever I want. I understood where he was coming from, but I had to make it clear that I do have hurdles in my life, even if they seem small or insignificant to an adult. I told him “I don’t think that life without hurdles is really any kind of life at all”. If everything was just a total breeze, would life really be interesting?

Keep in mind, at the time I’m hanging out in one of the healthiest environments in the world. Granted, it had only been five days and my body probably still needs many months of summer sunlight to heal and move past the 14 years of total destruction from growing up as a part of Generation Z in the age of technology. Nonetheless, my dopamine level was doing pretty well down there, but these “hurdles” didn’t just magically go away. Before artificial light and EMF’s, people still had loads of struggles, even if they weren’t struggling with chronic disease. Struggles seem to be a natural part of life as long as we have desires like the Buddha said. I have desires, such as the desire to build a successful company, to optimize my health further, to have girlfriends, and to know more about how life works than anyone else alive by the time I die. So, I accept that some suffering may come when things don’t go the way that I’ve been wanting them to go. As long as I remember that it is not the circumstances but my beliefs about the circumstance which make me struggle, I am ok.

To some people, the science of this “quantum health” stuff isn’t really interesting. They just want the “practical applications.” To me, nothing is more interesting. Just ask the friends who get on a call with me and then listen to me ramble for an hour about the latest tidbit of Quantum Biology that I think I’m coming to understand, such as how the physiochemical reaction that is life was “sparked” by naturally occurring proton gradients in alkaline hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean, which caused reactions to occur that wouldn’t otherwise have occurred (a.k.a “catalyzed”), due to available potential energy that could be used to overcome what’s called an “energy barrier” to these molecules’ reaction. These catalyzed reactions led to the formation of organic molecules in concentrations significantly higher in these tiny vent pores than anywhere else, and eventually the formation of “protocells” which were simply like a large molecule that is more “satisfied”, physically speaking, than if it was not bound together, the same way that two H atoms and O atom are more “satisfied” when they bond together to form H2O or water.

These protocells didn’t have closed membranes and were entirely sustained by and dependent upon the constant naturally-occurring proton gradient. Over time, in the favor of greater physical “satisfaction” of these molecules, it was naturally selected that there be something that they call a “sodium antiporter” which made it favorable for these protocells to develop a membrane that was impermeable to protons, because the sodium gradient that could be created using the energy from the original proton gradient contained even MORE potential energy that could be used to catalyze reactions and “satisfy” molecules. This is why no life forms, despite coming from the saline oceans, contain saltwater in their cells.

So closed membranes were developed, and life was no longer dependent on the proton gradient in the vents, and it came to use this primordial energy to catalyze the reactions between all kinds of electron donors and acceptors across earth that want to react but would only do so given an input of “free” (not actually free) energy. These molecules’ reaction releases energy that the “cell” (ongoing physiochemical reaction) uses to perpetuate the proton gradient, which is the heart of the ongoing reaction that is life, in every single life form on earth. This is just my summary of Nick Lane’s “The Vital Question”; it is by no means complete or the whole picture, but it does provide a physically feasible explanation of how life began and exists, in alignment with the laws of physics.

In us, as you may know, this reaction that is “life” is occurring in quintillions of tiny bacteria inside our cells, known as mitochondria. Specifically, we catalyze the reaction of hydrogen, which is donated from organic matter originally created in the process of photosynthesis, with oxygen that we breathe, which, interestingly enough, also comes from photosynthesis when a plant splits a water molecule! We don’t just let them react, though; we have the hydrogen donate its electrons, which are what oxygen really wants, physically speaking. These electrons jump across a chain of electron donors and acceptors, satisfying molecules all along the way! And what happens when molecules are satisfied? Energy is released, remember? And what do you think life uses this “free” energy to do? Of course, to perpetuate the proton gradient that keeps us kicking! As electrons flow across the “electron transport chain” on the inner mitochondrial membrane, hydrogen ions are pumped AGAINST the concentration gradient, into the “inter-membrane space”, perpetuating the proton gradient. They naturally want to flow back down the gradient, so life lets them, but only if they go through her “magical turbine”, known as the “ATPase”, which they make spin, creating ATP. This unfolds proteins, allowing water to bind to them and become a part of the whole interconnected water networks of the body, which I have yet to fully learn about! But this is a start. This means that our existence as animals is 10000% dependent upon the fact that plants split water into hydrogen and oxygen in photosynthesis. Animals exist for one purpose only, from a physiochemical standpoint: to put the two back together. Amazing, right?

That night, Josh gave me a “biohack” that has proven to be the best biohack I could possibly have received. He said, “be stupid and nineteen”. He knows I’m not nineteen yet, but I think he did it on purpose, so that I continue the biohack beyond when I’m just eighteen years old (I was born in 1999, for anyone trying to do the math. People usually say that fact makes them feel old, so if this is you, I promise, you are not alone.)

That night was also very interesting for another reason… Oh yeah! I wasn’t technically supposed to be in there at the New Years’ party. I was not staying as a guest at the Royal Playa Del Carmen resort where the member meetup was held. And, although non-guests can purchase day passes, they can’t purchase passes to get into a special event such as this one. So, how did I do it? Don’t try any of this at home, by the way. It requires the skills of a trained professional: a professional QUANTUM THIEF.

Something like eight months ago, I received a letter in the male, stamped from a “ clinic”.  Puzzled, I thought to myself “I don’t know anyone from Mississippi, do I?”. I opened the envelope and found two cut Platinum Club wristbands from a resort in Cancun, and then remembered a message from a crazy mitochondriac dude who my friend and I went all the way down to Mexico and broke into a resort the previous year to meet. The message was “I’m sending you some bands that they forgot to cut off of us. Maybe they will help you to get in next year”.

Nothing else was said, but the bands were guarded with my life for months, remaining in my personal box where I put all of my most valuable items. I just barely remembered to grab them when packing for what was to be a month in Mexico and three subsequent months driving a van with my best friend from Colombia to Argentina, surfing the Pacific along the way. Little did I know how important that band would become.

When I arrived in Mexico, I asked an older dude who was in the same room at my hostel if he would help hold it together while I applied the glue. He unknowingly became an accomplice in a crime that would go down in history as the single-greatest-three-week long theft from an undisclosed all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, EVER.

When I first showed up at the resort, I was so scared that the waiters would call me out; I was literally shaking. I must have been traumatized by being kicked out so many times the year before. And the security guards? From the way I interacted with them, you would think they were secret agents that I knew were constantly onto me, waiting for the ideal time to pounce. In reality, they were really just minding their own business; all they cared was that I had the shiny translucent, black, or gold wristband on my wrist. Thanks to some mitohacking clinic, I didn’t just have any wristband; I had the Platinum Club band, which means as soon as I got onto their “trust radar” as I’d call it, they treated me like royalty.

There was only one place I never went: reception. The reception was kind of like a fiery pit to hell in my mind; the receptionists and managers were the only people on the resort who may have been able to know that they hadn’t checked me in, and especially that, as a “Platinum Member”, they had never seen me before. Also, my band was a bit big so I had to wear it constantly higher up my wrist to appear tight, otherwise it would’ve been a dead giveaway.

 On New Year’s eve, though, because the other entrances were tightly guarded, I had no choice but to approach the fiery entrance to hell. That’s just about the way it felt going in there, too. But I rolled in with confidence, knowing that all my people were in the grand ballroom. This was after five days of having gotten free, unlimited five-star food and drink, and have about 10 more days of it to go. Needless to say, I was not excited to potentially lose my privilege, especially as there was a special someone who I wanted to spend some more time with on the resort.

I looked the security guard in the face and said: “I’m here for the New Year’s Eve event with the Jack Kruse party”. He said “it is only for guests” and I said, “I am”. They told me to go talk with reception, and then a guard followed behind me to look at my wristband more closely. He would never touch me, but he bent down and twisted to the left to look at it and said “Oh, it’s from the Gran Porto! Oh..!” As this is the sister resort right across the street, and, more importantly, my chance to legitimize my wristband as not a 7-month-old glued fake from a resort from another spot, I said “Yes! Yes, it’s from the Gran Porto”. They said “but this is only for guests from here” and I said “But I am with this group and I was told I was allowed to join. All of my friends are in there, some from the Gran Porto too.”

A receptionist went back to speak to the manager, and I sat and waited for a while, watching their beautiful resort ad video on a big screen. I chatted up the other receptionist, asking him why they do the so-called “royal salute” where they put their hand on their heart and bow ever-so-slightly forward to make guests feel like royalty. I must say, it really does make you feel important to have a bunch of Mexican people doing this you every time you have an interaction. It can actually really get to your head if you let it!

So the manager came out after what felt like a decade but was only ten minutes or so, and he said to follow him. I thought “oh God, this is the part where they take me to the underground torture chamber to figure out where I got my band from”. I prepared for the worst and swore that I wouldn’t turn in my mitohacking champion from that ‘clinic.’ The man opened his mouth and said the scariest words I could possibly have heard “I remember you and your friend from last year. Mr. Kruse bought you wristbands”. He conveniently avoided the fact that we had snuck in and been kicked out many times on his watch!

He led me into the chamber, a grand ballroom with dozens of tables and hundreds of people; a professional Mexican vocal trio was melting hearts from the stage. I was seated and said some hellos of celebration for the great triumph of me and my illegitimate wristband, which still looks damn good because it is for members of this Platinum Club, and is all the same across the partner resorts: gold and dotted with black diamonds, except for the name of each resort on one side. This is the side I always had facing inwards!

Jack walks up to me a few minutes in and says “{the manager} just walked in and told me: “Your friend is here. I know his band is fake but if you promise me he is staying at the Gran Porto, I will let him in.”. Unable to deny a young quantum thief his treasure, Jack spoke to them privately.  I have no idea what went down.   What followed was a night of food, wine, more wine, more wine, and a lot of dancing.

A beautiful Lilly, coming all the way from Spain, did the salsa with a resort staff member for a solid fifteen or twenty minutes. It really was a beautiful sight and made me swear that I would learn how to salsa properly very, very soon. Everyone danced and had a fantastic time.

The night culminated in Jack giving some very deep and heartfelt advice to Josh about another particularly special friend of ours at the event. Her name is Sarah, she’s from the UK, and she is absolutely amazing. There are few people on earth who rival this woman’s energy and beauty. I met her the previous year at the event, and when I was in England as a part of my Euro trip, she connected me with another quantum chap there and drove all the way down to hang with us for a weekend. It was truly marvelous.

I feel so gifted to have such good friends all around the world at the age of eighteen; to be treated mostly like an adult, however, still a bit like a kid, which is worth it because it often means free food and lodging. It is really a tremendous gift.

This is just one of the connections that sprung from being a part of this awesome quantum community, which really began one year ago at my first attendance of Jack Kruse’s Member Event. When I first entered the quantum realm, I knew that I needed to meet some like-minded people so that I would not be alone in my thoughts. This is a great example of me following my intuition, something that will be very important as my story goes on.

I began to reach out to all kinds of different people in the “quantum realm” in order to meet, chat, and share ideas. And, I began putting myself out there with some videos, posts, and blogs, so people would often just reach out to me. When I went to Europe, I ended up meeting and staying with amazing quantum people all over the place. I stayed on the beach in the Canary Islands with a Hungarian blogger who moved there because he wanted more sunlight and to have the time and freedom to pursue a career of sharing this information to the Hungarian people.

In Mallorca, I stayed with an amazing woman who is raising the most beautiful children I have ever seen. The island is absolutely stunning, and they live in an area that it is entirely protected by UNESCO, so no building can be done. Her house was constantly open to the cool Mediterranean winter air, which I had never actually experienced in a house. It was probably around the fifties and sixties Fahrenheit while I was there. Her pool was absolutely freezing, so naturally, I would swim in it; the sun shone strongly throughout the day, lacking UV during that time of year, but loaded with Infrared light and other healing frequencies. We would just chat over a bottle of wine around a quaint little wood stove, and she provided me with such amazing wisdom. And, the only reason I was there was because I was denied boarding for a flight from Mallorca to Norway because I slept in the airport and didn’t check in soon enough while waiting AT the gate. Things definitely happen for a reason. Her kids basically speak fluent Czech, Spanish, Catalan, and English, too.

When looking to the future, it’s pretty clear that most people in my generation, and especially most people being born today, will be very, very sick, due to the toxic environment that is now unavoidable for most people. So on our last night at dinner (which is a whole other story) I asked Jack “Last year you told me and Brian that you think it’s best to wait until we’re thirty-five to get married, and it’s ideal for the baby’s health that we marry someone who is something like ten years younger… do you think there will be any girls ten years younger, or even my age, who will be healthy enough that I’d want them to have my kids? A stark reminder of the world that man has created today, and what it is really doing to our species, he replied: “if there are, they’ll be from this group”.

One night while in Playa Del Carmen I was sitting with Alex in a house owned by a few Yogis, which we might rent if we decided to stay in Mexico longer. I told him that I was feeling very, very, very stressed and confused, and needed his advice. This is typical when I move to a new location: new place, same me. As the saying goes “Wherever you go, there you are”. I find that the issues that “concern me” most, follow along where I go, and become even more prominent in my daily life when I change locations (I don’t really get that concerned though, as I’m happy and living a life I love). I’ve been traveling for the last 5 months; not in one place for more than 2 weeks. Naturally, I am attempting to enjoy myself, to find inspiration, and to decide what I want to focus on in this phase of my life. And, every single day, I learn many, many things. Nonetheless, at the moment I felt very confused and uncertain.

After graduating the government education legally mandated by “good old Uncle Sam”, my three best friends and I, all popular in school but misfits at our core, decided we would take a “gap year” to travel and gain a better idea about the world and about ourselves, especially. I didn’t even really “do school” my final year because after having learned about Quantum Health and the things that are going on in our society, including massive corporations literally murdering people by the millions by ignoring science (not kidding, no exaggeration), as well after as having been on a foreign exchange program for a year in a place that isn’t particularly fond of the US government, I could no longer be deceived that school was teaching me something important.

After deciding not to drop out completely, I decided to take the minimum graduation requirements, two classes, as opposed to my friends’ five or six. I had my counselor put the classes in the afternoon, so I could have the entire morning free.

Most students would think “what a dream; I would LOVE not to be in school all day”. But they don’t understand that their perception is flawed. What would the average student be doing if they weren’t in school all day? Well, from the people I know, they would be sitting at home eating, watching Netflix, and hanging out with their friends. There is nothing wrong with these things, however, none of them involve creating value to obtain currency. Why does this matter? When humans lived in nature, we had to obtain nourishment (hydrogen) by fishing, hunting, or foraging food, as well as water, to create shelter, and to defend ourselves from things that wanted to kill us. Today, as things have gone, we have a system that mass-produces and supplies food and water. As I understand it, this has been made possible by the conversion of the barter system to a currency system.

We no longer need to find food and water and create our own shelter; we can do something within the legal confines of the economic system to earn some of this currency, and then use it to obtain these things. For the vast majority of people, this means hopping onto the conveyor belt of society and taking a 9-5 job that fills a role in a large corporation that enriches a small few. There’s no shame in this; most in this situation would agree that this is easier than creating your own living from nature. In fact, because kingdoms and governments have forceful monopolies on property rights, we do not even have the legal option to move into nature and make our own living (consider that all land in North America was “owned” by whichever army could claim it, and then was purchased from or granted by governments to people who would obey their rules and pay them tribute (aka taxes)). We legally “have to” play into the money game in order to obtain enough currency to purchase a plot of land that is guaranteed as long as the government in whose jurisdiction it resides maintains power.

So most kids who claim that they would rather not be in school, justifiably so, remain in school, because they lack the foresight to understand that life will not be handed to them on a platter. LIFE ALWAYS HAS TO MAKE ITS LIVING. Most kids’ ability to think for themselves was destroyed by schooling, so they would simply be a burden on someone else (typically their parents) if they were not in school. Staying in school and doing decently well guarantees a spot on the 9-5 conveyor belt. So, unless someone is prepared to figure out a way to obtain currency separate from jumping onto the conveyor belt, they have to remain in school.

I knew that school was no longer important for me, because the “Quantum Health” information that I have come to learn about is literally more valuable to humans than anything on earth, and that I would be much wiser to continue to learn and refine my knowledge than to waste days of my life in school.

Because of the indoctrination that I have endured in government schooling, rather than feel free while hardly attending school, I felt generally miserable or painfully uncertain, at best. The time when I was at home and not in school, I felt terrible guilt for not doing all the work that people do in school. I learned that school teaches us to feel accomplished when we complete work that an authority figure tells us is important and to feel stupid and worthless when we don’t. School isn’t teaching kids important material for 15,000 hours that it steals from us; it is government babysitting that snatches kids from their parents while they are still young to turn their allegiance to the state.

Contrary to what is purported, a school doesn’t help kids grow up; it keeps them forever like a child who lives by the emotions of greed, envy, jealousy, and fear, growing old, but never growing up. School teaches kids to be obedient, to surrender to authorities’ wishes, and that we are only valuable if other people believe so. Instagram, an app on which people post photos, scroll through a feed to like other people’s photos, and receive a dopamine kick based on how many “likes” are received, is not the cause of this type of society. Instagram is just a genius invention to take advantage of the complete lack of self-esteem that originates in people from schooling.

All of the issues in our society regarding “Quantum Health” ultimately stem from schooling, which has caused people to be unable to think logically and for themselves. This is why this topic has become of such fascination to me. Anyone who understands and lives by the concepts of “quantum health”, but keeps their kids in government schools, is actually contributing to the problem by letting their kids be taught these horrible lessons.

Adults often ask me: How do I get my kids to listen to me? Well, start by realizing that the mandatory schooling that you’ve forced them to attend for 15,000 hours has attempted to usurp and loyalty to their parents in favor of the state. Mandatory schooling makes us believe that our parents don’t know anything; I can attest to this sentiment, though I am now wiser. I would like every single person reading this blog to read a book called “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto, who was New York state teacher of the year, only to realized what a horrible Orwellian system he was a part of. Most may not take my advice, but those who do will be saved from sending their kids into a system that will destroy their intellect and keep them from ever being able to think logically and for themselves. Most of us are afflicted by this intellectual cancer, and few ever rid themselves of it. For something shorter and simpler, read these essays by Gatto: and

During all that time I spent at home senior year, I was constantly feeling like I “had to” do something or the other. Finally, after the Member event in 2017, I began to ask myself “Do I have to do anything?” The answer became clear: no. People can tell me what they think I have to do, but I won’t stomach them for a minute. This is my life; I say f**k anyone who believes it is their right and obligation to force their beliefs on other people.

These are the ideologies of communists and fascists, which are scarily embodied by the government-loving “progressives” in our society today, who think that governments based on force, fraud, and coercion can magically “solve” social issues by passing laws that force people to act in certain ways. Often, these people are the most morally corrupt themselves.

“But Matt, you tell people how to live their lives for a living. What a hypocrite!” But this is not true. I do not tell anyone how to live their life who does not want to hear it. I used to, and I was part of the problem. Now, I share what I share, and people have the choice to listen and to use it, or not. A particularly “progressive” family member of mine would contest that I force my beliefs onto people by turning off the lights and Wi-Fi router at night; to this I say “I have already provided my case and you are not interested in the slightest; I will not waste a fraction of my consciousness attempting to change your beliefs.”

I do not have to do anything; not even eat or breathe. Anyone who says they do is actually saying “I consciously choose what I want to live, and in order to do so, I must eat and breathe.” This is perfectly true. “I have to go to work”. Bulls**t. You don’t have to go to work. You WANT to have money to raise your kids and enjoy yourself, and this is the only way you know how to do it, so to do these things you “have to” go to work. But you only “have to” in order to achieve or obtain something you decide you want. Same goes for “I have to do my homework”. No, you don’t, but you choose to do it over the alternative of failing school.

I realized that I want to live, so I need to obtain food, water, and shelter. I actually want to have the freedom to do whatever I want, so I have to obtain enough currency to support this lifestyle. This is my choice, so I choose to pursue endeavors to create value in exchange for currency. The only thing that I “have to” do in life is whatever is required to realize the things that I want to do in life. I don’t have to go to school and do the slave-work that other people create for me to teach me that I am only as valuable as the things that I do and as they judge me to be.

I read a book called “The Four Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss and realized that I could obtain currency by creating value for people in infinitely different ways, and even do so through the internet, remaining free and unencumbered in life. All I had to do was try something and if it didn’t work, pivot.

Thus, my company Ra Optics was born. But not before many other ideas either died on the vine or proved themselves impractical/uninteresting for making my living. I had the correct mindset for finding an opportunity, and when it became clear that no one was making attractive blue blocking glasses it was my time to shine (trust me, my friend and I tried every style and company and they all looked stupid at parties). And, I’m only just getting started 😉 .

In the entire world, there are only a few people my age who view the world similar to the way that I do; and I truly connect with just about the same amount.

A long time ago, when people lived in tribes, people experienced generally similar things, and so viewed the world similarly. We choose our friends based on people who see things similarly; people who we relate to.

Even after meeting so many amazing quantum adult friends, I still felt and feel a bit “lonely”. I’m pretty content being on my own, but I have so much more fun and am so much more productive when I am around people my age, particularly people who are open and interesting to talk with. They get me thinking and help me to see things that I wouldn’t think about otherwise; especially the way that most people in my generation view the world; something I have lost touch with while pursuing my own path. Adults are awesome, but they are in different phases of life, and it’s nice to connect with people in similar phases.

One of the only teens I’ve met who understands this information and shares a similar worldview is a dude from Australia who is nothing short of amazing, and he also happens to be Ra Optics social media marketer. His name is Toby King; check him out at He is traveling the world, discovering himself spiritually in India, building up a successful company, skydiving, and meeting with influential people all over. He’s my kind of guy, but there are too few of us.

Girls in my generation tend to be even more afflicted by the cancer of caring so much what other people think, that I came to believe that not a single girl my age would come to find and be interested in this information. It is all free and out there on the internet, and hundreds of thousands of adults have found it; you would think that at least a couple hundred young guys and girls would have found it, just out of sheer probability. But the actual numbers speak volumes on the kinds of things that people in my generation are focused on: there are almost none.
So, when a gorgeous eighteen-year-old girl my age created an account on Dr. Kruse’s forum a few months ago, I have to say that I was pretty shocked. Jack suggested that I reach out to her. We ended up chatting a few times and sort of hitting it off. I was and am so happy to know another person my age who simply “gets it” because it can feel pretty lonely to think that no one in my generation was aware of this reality.

When I’ve mentioned age before, a lot of sensitive adults seem to get offended. I’ve literally heard things like “don’t exclude us because of our age” from people in this community. Someone who thinks this way is misunderstanding my point. A huge amount of my closest friends are more than 10 years older than me! No one is being condemned or excluded from anything because of their age. But think about the reality of life: humans like connect with people who have things in common with them. Sure, I don’t mind having a bunch of friends who have husbands, wives, and kids, or are getting married, or searching for a job. But why might humans ALWAYS tend to befriend people within their general stage in life? I think it is because this is how we make connections, and make sense of the world, and, evolutionary, how we look for life partners and friends to assist us in that process. This process is as fundamental to living as is eating, breathing, and sleeping. So when sensitive adults feel like I am “excluding” them, they are unable to see my good intentions through my words, and projecting their insecurities onto these words…

Naturally, I was very excited to meet Emma when she and her family came to Mexico. One morning, while I was meditating, she came up to me and said “hey!”, and my heart lit up like the morning that opened my story. I have always lacked some confidence in myself when it comes to women, probably because I spent all of my high school years focused on restoring my health and almost none on socializing. Like many, I have a deeply-rooted fear of rejection, so I construct barriers from opening myself up and avoiding setting any expectations in order not to be disappointed if things don’t go my way.

Emma taught me that the things really worth getting in life don’t just come easy, and they don’t come with a guarantee, either. There are many great things in life that do come easy, like laying on the beach in the sun. However, what makes something really valuable isn’t just the thing itself; it’s the experience of obtaining the thing. If we all sat on the beach in the sun all day long, would it be as valuable? Or is it maybe the fact that it’s what most people wish they could do all year long, only free to taste the sun’s fruit when their long-awaited vacation comes? She also taught me the tremendous power of just being totally honest.

What I asked Alex that night when I went to him for is counsel was if he could help me to understand why I was feeling so stressed and confused. He began to probe me with questions and helped me to realize that, at my core, I fundamentally did not trust myself; not a bit. Everything I experienced in life was completely magnified by the fact that I was standing on a wobbly foundation. I realized that for so long I spoke in lies. When talking with people, I never felt like I was being honest. When people would ask me “how are you?” I would always respond “good” when, really, I was not feeling “good”.

I would always act and talk in a way so as to please people, rather than to be honest. I realized that this is even the way I interacted with Jack. When I was sick and unwell and it was his protocols that got me well again, Jack was an idol to me, someone who I thought I may never meet. When we finally met, all that I wanted was his approval. I was so nervous when we first went out that my friend Brian, who had only followed his work for a couple of months, rather than two and a half years, totally led the conversation, and I was afraid to say anything that would sound stupid. Dr. Jack is the man whose work truly ended the pain I felt on a daily basis, has given me the tremendous gift of showing me my true passion at such an early point in my life, and which I want nothing more in life than to understand and to share. I felt that if he did not approve of me, I would have nothing. When talking with Alex that night, it became more and more clear that this is because I did not love myself. I hated myself, feared myself, and thought I was never good enough.

Alex helped me to dig deeper, to understand why I don’t trust myself. I knew the answer all along, but I didn’t want to admit it. I had been afraid to admit it because I didn’t want to believe it.

When, after years of struggling with health, I came to believe, as much as I believe that my mom is my mom, that some variation of ancestral healing diets and supplements could bring me out of suffering, if only I had the motivation and “self-control” to follow them, I ended up feeling worse and worse, could not keep to the protocols, and believed that it was my fault. I came to believe that I, me, myself, and I, were the only impediment to my success because I lacked self-control. I had seen the “light” of how good I could feel at the beginning of these diets, and now I was the only force that was keeping me trapped in the world of a really miserable gut issue, no energy, and total mental chaos. I HATED myself. I hated myself because I believed that I was the only one stopping myself from succeeding. And I didn’t want to live anymore. The part of me that would never give up was always stronger but had it not been, I may not be around. I am so grateful that I always had such loving, caring and kind people and friends around me in my life to ensure me that life could truly be “good”, and I never gave up. I constantly thank God (/the Universe) for the things that Jack taught me.

When I admitted this to Alex, I couldn’t hold back the emotion that I was feeling. Tears streamed down my face, as I was letting go of something that had weighed on me for a long time, causing me to be so unkind to myself, so ruthlessly vicious and destructive to my own happiness and enjoyment. And, I still feel this way, as I work to unravel my past and come to peace with myself. It is a practice, and I know at the most foundational level that when I am in the best environment and I am truly healing, I find it so much easier to feel happy and grateful, and to grow my spirit, rather than become overly distracted by the minutia of the things that seem important in my daily life. Alex felt what I was experiencing at that moment, and he couldn’t hold back some tears himself. He is a friend of few others. I think he understands life well beyond what science could ever prove; this is something that ancient practices like Qi Gong permit.

That night he also told me “you really f**ked up the other morning”. I said “what?”, he said “Jack noticed it too”, and I immediately knew that he was referring to when Emma came to meet me on the beach. He said, “that BEAUTIFUL soul took the step to come all the way over to you, away from everyone else, and you have absolutely NOTHING in return.” I wrote earlier that my heart lit up when she came over, but with it lit up a deep, deep pain and fear that I’m not good enough, and, out of pure fear and defense I told myself that “I shouldn’t waste a second of my time getting my hopes up. She’s probably just like everyone else” when I knew in my heart that the complete opposite was true. Emma is an amazing girl, and the world needs more of her.

I can make my mitochondria as good as I possibly can, but I will never pass them on. All I can do is enjoy the heck out of my life, pass on a half-set of genes, and protect and provide for my next generation. But I can’t pass on the proton gradient, the vital force, nor the engines of life that maintain it. That is for a woman to do, and we need far more to wake up if we are going to have any chance as a species so that some more generations will be able to enjoy the fruits of such a magnificent brain inside of our heads. For me, the world would just be more cool, more enjoyable, and safer in 30 years if more people in my generation just “got it” as Emma does.

What else can I say about the member’s event?

Last year, I met a telecommunications executive whose name I will withhold. He is such a kind man and has such a young and fresh spirit. He came to meet Jack and ended up moving his family, including an electro-sensitive wife, to a safer and healthier location and Florida. When they went to look, she said: “we are moving here”. He told stories that served to warn us about just how serious the rollout of 5G technology is, and just how bad it could really be for human health. He has insider views into the beginning of it, and the future looks very, very grim if something massive does not change.

Do you think Dr. Jack is hardcore? Do you think he tells things as they are? Do you think he is so brutally honest that it often hurts, and even makes some people hate him? Do you think he’s doing a solid job of waking people up to the real risks of uncontrolled electromagnetic irradiation of the public? This year, this executive told Jack that he needs to step his game up and that he is not aggressive enough about how bad 5G is really going to be. Keep in mind that he isn’t just another podcaster/blogger, nor even someone with electro-sensitivity; he is an “insider” in the industry, and he knows what is going on.

Although at the moment I would sometimes “got away from myself” and let myself be dominated by fear and uncertainty, I look back on the time in Mexico with nothing but fondness. The people at the event are all starfish, all people interested in doing the best for themselves, for their families, and for anyone who is ready to wake up and learn about how to protect themselves from mitochondrial disease.

Every revolution begins somewhere. No one else is synthesizing the existing literature, history, and all other forms of evidence to produce a more in-depth and coherent understanding of living organisms and the factors that create health or disease than Dr. Kruse. The saying that “no one is right about everything” is probably true. But I am not interested in being right about everything; I am interested in having the best health combined with a life of freedom, pursuing things that interest and excite me, living with uncertainty, and doing things that I love. And nothing is enabling me to do these things more than the science of quantum biology, which brings health, business opportunities to help people escape the fate of most modern humans, and has even given me the gift of challenging everything I believe, to try other practices such as Yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong, further enriching my life.

35572460 – love sign language at the sunset time

After last year’s event, Dr. Kruse told me “start your business quickly so you can move to a healthy environment”. The confidence that he had in me just gave reassurance that I could do it. To my surprise, by July 2017 I had already started my own blog and optimal health consulting service, which you can find at, as well as a vlog: I still offer educational consults upon request to my email and have turned my focus more towards my first company Ra Optics, which began unexpectedly at the end of August when Luke Storey asked me about how he could have his old sunglasses turned into blue blockers. I allowed Ra Optics grow organically while I traveled around Europe making connections, learning about the world, who I am, and who I want to be. When I went to Mexico in December, I was planning on traveling for three more months in South America with one of my best friends afterward.

One night over drinks with Sandy and Jack, they helped me to realize just how big of an opportunity this business really is, and how well-positioned I am given my age and my mobility. Jack even joked that if I run off in a van for three months, he might have to start his own blue-blocker company (I think he was actually serious). Now, I’m back in the USA bringing my business up to the next level. It is only my first business of many, and it is growing with me, as I figure out what I really want.

As mentioned, I have had such a strong desired to be around intelligent peers who are at a similar stage of life as I am, in terms of figuring ourselves out. So I began to think that I want to go to college, only to realize that enrolling would be “locking myself in” to a program that I couldn’t care less about. It’s not the schooling I want; it’s the social experience and connections. Not to mention, I have NO CLUE where my business may be in 6 months when the semester would begin. So then I was considering living on a college campus, as most of the “intellectual” kids of my age range are in college. But, Jack warned me sternly about the fact that the university towns I’m interested in are breeding grounds for 5G technology.

Because I know what it feels like to be unwell, I am not willing to take the chance. I realized that there are still plenty of people my age who are smart and open-minded in the Caribbean Islands, South & Central America, as well as Europe and Asia. I don’t have to trade my health and live in 5G areas just to get these connections. Although traveling is less than ideal for health, I have reasoned that it is better to live in a super-optimal environment and to travel occasionally to a less-ideal environment to visit people and make new connections, than to LIVE in a poor environment and occasionally steal off to better places. Health is my priority, and I know that I can find what I crave in healthy environments if I really want to. It may not be as easy as a university, but I will test it out anyway!

5G is primed to be very bad and based on the evidence I’ve gathered if you have the resources or the ability, and even if you don’t, it is a very good idea to try to avoid it at all costs. This suggestion comes directly from our aforementioned friend who works in the Telecom Industry. Sure, it may turn out that we’re all nuts and 5G is not as bad as we thought it may be. But, unless you believe the industry’s manipulated science, or that the FCC cares about you, or the all the people with electro-sensitivity are just somehow “different”, it is definitely NOT something that you want to be around, mitochondrially. Let’s hope that people realize what’s really going on so that it is put to a halt. But, I would assume that that will not be the case.

Since the last optimal event, I’ve come to see life as an experiment. I know that the worst thing that could happen in any situation is generally not that bad. I think the saying is true that “fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself”. Now, I know what I know in any given situation. If I want something different, I can gather as much information as humanly possible, but at a certain point, I will not be able to reason anymore, unless I choose to remain in doubt, which is a tough place to be for the psyche and the heart. I take what I’ve learned, develop my “hypothesis”, design an experiment, a set of actions in my case, and then learn from them, pivoting based on what I’ve learned, towards whatever my goal may be. I believe it is critical to have a goal to work towards, otherwise, I may never be satisfied and say “wow, I’ve already done so much. I deserve to relax and give myself a break, and I don’t have to know all of the answers”.

The last night, after I had eaten and drank five-star for two weeks straight, we landed a pre-arranged dinner, set up by the management for our group because they love us (probably the tips) so much. They brought out chopping blocks covered in assorted seafood and steaks; it was insane. They topped it off by turning off the lights and doing a show with wine lit on fire, passing between glasses and pouring it over our desserts to produce a caramelized glaze. Jack just looks at me and says “dude, this blog better be f**cking EPIC!”.

The final sunrise

The final morning, we watched gathered on the beach for the sunrise. The sky was cloudy and gray, and we thought we wouldn’t see a sunrise at all, for the first time in the trip. But as it rose, the clouds made a little way, and although we couldn’t see the sun, its light shone down onto the ocean like a sign from Heaven. The examples may change, but the lesson of life remains the same.

If you’ve read this far, dug deeper into certain things, and thought through it a bit, I know that you’ve have learned something of value, especially as a few things mentioned have not yet been shared publicly. If you haven’t found value, I suggest you read it again 😉

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By choosing Ra Optics for your blue-blocking glasses, you are not only getting a top-quality product, because I do not settle for anything less than the best available; you are also supporting my mission and journey to work towards solutions to the issues that humanity is facing and will likely only get worse for people who are interested.

To hear about what I learned when meeting with Dr. Nick Lane in London, Dr. Alexander Wunsch in Germany, and Dr. Doug Wallace in my hometown of Philadelphia, as well as for general information to better understand the most important information regarding human health, definitely subscribe to my Youtube channel and my blog, and share them with everyone you care about who may be interested in learning about what’s happening in our world, and how they can protect themselves, in a style that people can relate to.——Matt