QT #22: Leptin Resistance is Melanopsin Dysfunction

Television and all technology screens are capable of making you hungry because they induce leptin resistance via melanopsin dysfunction —  and it’s not only all those Pizza Hut commercials!

People are unaware of how the new melanopsin data allows this process to occur.  When blue light or nnEMF disrupt the WEAK covalent bond between melanopsin and retinol, retinol because free from its normal tight circadian control.  When it is freed of these shackles it destroys ALL mammalian photoreceptors because Vitamin A is the ONLY Vitamin on Earth that emits light. The light it emits changes the optical signaling of the local environment and this changes how chemicals in the cell at this location oscilate.  The oscillatory pattern is tightly controlled by nature to create the precise signal that is needed to make life and wellness possible.   it always creates a stimulus around photoreceptor light centers that create abnormal signaling.

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