QT #25: The Connection Between Order and Chaos

It is in the pauses, the intervals, the spaces between the words, that the meaning of what you are saying sinks in. To listen to a good talk, whether from a pulpit or a podium, whether off-the-cuff or seared into memory, is to hear a kind of music, not just in the register, the lilt, the cadence and the rhythm, but in those moments when there are no words to be heard, when all you can hear is the enveloping silence. The same is true with cells…..sounds are like sunlight and the silence is found in the darkness of night. The real music of life is found at night when light is absent. This is why ALAN, called artificial light at night is so dangerous to humans.  Feedback coupling has many facades and few in science realize it.  Below are just a few examples.  Broken photoacoustic coupling is how the flicker effect of light or going to a Nine Inch Nails concert at night can cause you long term damage.  Who papers taught us this first?  Alan Turing did in 1951.

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