The Best Podcast I’ve Ever Done to Date

HERE IS THE TAKE HOME LESSON:  Red light and purple frequencies in sunlight slow time down below the cell level. Cold temperatures are capable of also slowing time too but far less effective than UV/IRA light. Blue light speeds up time and your life is lived like a blue straggler star in galaxies. Blue star exists in a “quick and bright” way. They are the rock star of the cosmos; they burn brightly initially and die quickly. Over supplemented or medicated by a paradigm comes from being under-educated about light. I try to be a rainbow in people’s clouds, but I can’t solve their climate of understanding………..only they can when they come to my level of understanding. This is why I will never dumb down my thinking for anyone.  When they ask for it I will continue to ignore or block them. They need to elevate their game by coming to my level if they truly want to win.

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