The Paleo Summit: Is The Paleo Diet The Answer?

So what is the Paleo Summit to me?

For me, it is where unconventional thoughts lead to stunning results! Come and listen to what we put together for free!

Sean Croxton, of Underground Wellness, called upon me to talk about some stunning results. When Sean and I spoke, I was putting the finishing touches on a pretty epic bio hack to really address this with a real world N-1.  Many of the gurus and experts will cite papers and research. Yet, I decided to use my primal instinct to bridge the gap to answer the question for myself.  After 35 years of thinking and reading, I think I might have stumbled upon the answer to why the Paleo diet is the only adaptation a human may need to attain the road to Optimal!

In 2012, I will be unleashing the most counterintuitive theories that the paleo-sphere has ever thought of.  I will show you how one factor in our evolutionary history may just hold the key to what precisely is optimal is for us all.  The one fact might predetermine precisely what we should be eating, instead of what we can eat.  Many paleo forums are filled with macronutrient options that we have adapted to tolerate and meet reproductive fitness.  For evolution, reproductive fitness is paramount.  In 2012, I will show that that many neolithic primal beliefs fall far short of the Optimal Paleo Life.  Being able to reproduce is great for the species propagation, but being able to optimally age well is biological novelty that we all need to maximize.

In my Paleo Summit interview with Sean, you will begin to hear why our neolithic thoughts might just subjugate your paleolithic genes to stop you from reaching Optimal.  Aging is not a “Peak Paleo topic” but it should be! Why you ask? It is because to age, and to age well, one has to apply principles to optimize our longevity.  Many seem to be unaware that what maybe a “good vibration” for a young primal human may actually cut your life short and deplete your stem cell supply.  It may be quite possible that Paleo dogma could cut your life short.

Sean and I discuss why neolithic technology may cut your life short, and may be killing you slowly as you read this post.  We talk about why aging is a biologic novelty that evolution has not had enough time to create an optimal plan for.  We talk about how the organ I operate upon (brain) always puts our paleolithic genes at risk, and is our ultimate biologic mismatch that undercuts our ability to reach for Optimal.

We talk about why the conventional wisdom of calories in and calories out is just partially explained by the second law of thermodynamics.  Many bright minds in the blogosphere invoke the second law of thermodynamics when speaking of calories, but few have integrated a biologic framework with modern quantum physics to explain understand how useful work might be done in a molecular system when one form of stored energy is converted into another.  In other words, how might thermalized energy be unavailable for work?  The possibility of this thought is controversial in our community, but fully accepted outside our community in the world of physics and biologic theorists.  We know today it is impossible to convert thermalized energy into stored energy. The second law of thermodynamics has been reformulated to account for the actions of single molecules from macronutrients.  Physiologist Colin McClare’s contention, in the 1970′s, that all living systems consist of nested space-time compartments of various sizes in all cells; all the way down to micro-domains and the biochemical molecular micro machines in our cells that lead me to conclude that calorie counting was utterly useless endeavor. At the very least, his assertions imply that if thermodynamics were to applied to living systems, then they must apply to individual molecules in as much as to ensembles of molecules and the energy they confer within their bonds.  Do I know these concepts are a difficult read and a tougher problem for understanding for most people?  Yes, I do get that and I apologize for it, but the implications are staggering from a biologic stand point! What I have learned about quantum biology over the last 20 years taught me calories were a useless waste of counting that only raised my cortisol levels.  With Sean, I try to shrink that complex scientific argument into a “Hostess Twinkie” analogy.


What else do we hit upon?

Is obesity and inflammatory brain condition?

Is obesity even a disease?

What are the 3 main problems associated with obesity?

How does leptin equate with complete energy loss in the earth’s life, as an analogy?

Are kids fat because Mrs. Obama is right or wrong?

Are all calories created equally?

What is the precise relationship between our brains and our genes?

How did mankind’s crowning achievement become our biggest evolutionary failure?

How does modern medicine CW on cholesterol negate all the good we might do?

How is optimal heath achieved through “minding our gut”?

Come join me and lets begin the discovery on the road to Optimal. Register for the Paleo Summit, Now!