Once you learn about light and its ability to control biology you have to ask yourself some difficult questions.  Are willing to walk a trail of the unknown and blaze a trail for yourself? When you follow a crowd you only get as far as they get. Their precepts of truth might become your glass ceiling for optimal health.  If you’re willing to walk alone you might find yourself in places no one has ever been before. Be bold with this info; some folks will think you’re mad initially, but it’s more insane than being timid and following a wandering clan with no vision.


Ignoring light is akin to inviting disease to your door step.  Do not die while you’re still alive. An elevated ubiquitin rates for protein marking allows that to happen. Oysters and shellfish are a kiss from the sea that prevents the “kiss of death” from visiting you too early.

No one can fathom the light environment is the key to ubiquitin marking of proteins in our body.  I wish people would go back and read the first edition of Darwin’s book on evolution; even he realized that the environment had more control than we thought, but could never prove it.  He spent the last years of his life trying to solve the mysteries using his “pangene theory”.  Our genome is designed to respond to environmental signals, not control them.  Conditions of existence in our environment are far more powerful than natural selection.  Darwin’s own words are used here verbatim, but modern science has forgotten this lesson he wrote in 1859.



  1. Response and control mechanisms are linked but not always coupled properly in nature. Conventional medicine and physiology often tend to ignore the biophysical part of organic existence in cells despite the fact that biochemical reactions without regulative and controlling information would end up in metabolical chaos. Each cell orchestrates 100,000 biochemical reactions per second. Light frequency is the “steering wheel” of these reactions. Light in the living organism propagates on biochemical pathways thereby controlling and steering the reaction chains and their outcome. Thermal management in the mitochondria of mammals is anything but trivial since infrared radiation is not only the product of quantum energy degradation from photochemical processes down to infrared light. Messages from nature to our cells must be delivered optimally. This is why our genome is designed to respond to environmental signals, not control them. In nature atoms are coupled to light to control responses. To believe in omnipontent power of genes supports lazy comfort and ignorance in people of science today. When the message from outside in is jumbled, inflammation and poor redox results and diseases manifest.                                    
  2. UV light is assimilated by surface in our skin eye and aerodigestive system and stored in the nucleus in DNA and RNA. Chromatin and histone proteins condense light there for release, when light is needed for signaling. We lose light in disease from cells in the extreme low frequency range.  If we lose it, it means we must have some way of obtaining it to refill our stores.  This occurs on our surfaces, skin, retina, and aerodigestive tract.  The light energy is transferred to cell membranes deep in our cells to change physiology and biochemistry.  Keeping UV light corralled in the nucleus keeps energy and information storage separate from growth and metabolism in a cell.  The cell is topologically organized to light.  Purple light is stored centrally in nucleic acids and longer wave red light is based in the periphery where mitochondria are present. Mitochondria use infrared light to signal, and oxygen levels are used to make different types of  free radicals.   The type of radicals a mitochondria make are directly proportional to the redox state of the cell.  The redox state is a function of control of UV light centrally and IR light peripherally in a cell.  When these things are off oxygen tensions lower.   Pseudohypoxia = low O2 = Low NAD+/NADH ratio = singlet state of ROS/RNS = NAD+ drops in people with chronic blue light exposure = with a lack of UV and IR assimilation via cell membranes = elevated ubiquitin rates = low levels of electrons = electron density in tissues is a function of the DHA concentrations = low EZ size in cell water = dehydration = higher positive charges (protons) in proteins making them less hydrophilic = low intracellular pH = low redox potential = cell and mitochondrial swelling (cytochrome c release) = lowered magnetic and electric fields in mitochondria = low ATP levels (low IR light) = a lot of carbs and protein electrons on ECT = altered serotonin and dopamine levels in the retina and eventually the frontal lobes = NT release tied to calcium efflux in cell membranes via the calcium uniporter = controls oscillation of cell membranes to environmental EMF waves =  calcium flux controls voltage gated channels, NMDA, and glutamate excitotoxicity = low DC electric current =  low regenerative potential in the cell soma = low tissue DHA levels = altered central and melatonin levels= altered eicansoids/docansanoids = altered pain perceptions = altered perceptions of reality = altered perceptions due to low dopamine levels = can lead to depression/anxiety = can lead to obesity = can lead to other neurologic disorders = are tied to anterior eye diseases like macular degeneration and myopia = damage of the eye clock mechanism which controls circadian signaling.  Everything comes back to retaining the ability to increase the net negative charge in cell membranes at surfaces and inside cells by assimilation UV/IR light.  This assimilation is done photoelectrically.  Light can only interact with matter via electrons.  DHA has massive arrays of pi- electron clouds in its structural lattice. This is where DHA becomes the foreman of light movement and control in a eukaryotic cell.  The more electrons on collects the less protons dominate.  High proton concentrations = low EZ = low pH.  Warburg’s idea about pH is totally wrapped in this redox mechanism in this series for epi-oncogenesis progression.                                   
  3. The environment’s message is given, and it’s never designed to be the same in this design.  We are designed to disrupt electrical, proton, and water plasma in a cell using full spectrum sunlight.  At night we re condense proteins when light should be missing.  Just as person will never give a message that everybody will agree with.  So the receiver has to be able to decipher the code. The sensor and receiver mechanism is called resonant energy transfer.    I know that even my most faithful readers will never agree 100% with what I say. Nor should they because their environmental canvas is not the same as my own. The easiest way to control people to be passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum. I have a sense this is why nature controls the light spectrum in us to maintain order of our proteins. “Spectrum” being the key concept across disciplines. With light, “spectrum” has a precision, while prevailing opinions of people are germane to the time they are formulated in but not as precise as time scales of society change. This is why light’s spectrum changes as the seasons change too. When the spectrum changes and proteins are designed to remain relatively stable the key metric that can change is the amount of UV light a cell releases. That light tells us about the change in a tissue. That variable is seen in ubiqutin rates. The more turnover we have the more copying errors we should expect. The more errors we get the more variation we see provided that the time scale of interaction allows the change to manifest. It it occurs too quickly death maybe the result by extinction. This is how evolution creates time and uses its arrow of time to drive change.

4. The gene itself is not the issue, it is how many times that it is transcribed/copied/measured is what creates the opportunity for “errors/mutations”.   Analogy:  If you run 500 copies on a copier, there is a greater opportunity for error than if we run 5. A classic less is more situation develops.

5. The more energy in your ecosystem (blue light and nnEMF) the higher your ubiquitin marking is the more disease you’ll get and the faster you’ll age.  We have subtracted purple and red light (UV/IR light) in our modern world and added massive amounts of blue light to modern lights while we now live indoors 90% of the time.

6. Modern life causes us to “measure” quantum states much more often than in a more basic culture such as the Sherpas. This creates many more opportunities for the quantum particle’s created in mitochondria to undergo measurement.  When something is measured in QED it collapses the wave form and we become able to observe the effect in how our tissue is created.  The most stable tissues will be the one made from triplet state ROS and RNS and the most unstable, incoherent, and likely to degrade fastest will be made with singlet state ROS/RNS. This physics transition is critical to tissue construction and can work out to the survival advantage or disadvantage of the organism.  ROS/RNS alone is not enough knowledge.  You need to know what type of ROS/RNS are being made in the mitochondria.  This is a clue to how much light is being released by a cell and how low the melatonin state is in the eye clock mechanism and the brain via the central retinal pathways.

4. Red light slows time. Cold slows time. Blue light speeds up time and your life is lived like a blue straggler star. Quick and bright. Over supplemented comes from being undereducated about light.  I try to be a rainbow in people’s clouds, but I can’t solve their climate………..only they can. The beliefs of modern man are the batteries that make them fuel for the matrix in which they live.

Time is the only wealth we’re given, and the gears are time are made using light with proteins.
No one can stop a ticking clock……..but the best of us figure out how to slow it down.
Anytime you slow light down on your surfaces, you become capable of slowing time and affecting a disease process correctly.  So how do we slow light?  We alter its density in a cell by altering the environment we choose to live in.

Light has weight; weight = energy and momentum, momentum links to density; density links to diffraction ability in proteins and EZ water in cells.  As light falls to anything with gravity (mass) it gets heavier because light gains momentum as it falls to an object with gravity.  Those who are healthy have a higher gravity (BMI) than those who are obese.  BMI is a poor measure of density/gravity because an NFL player and morbidly obese patient can have the same BMI.  The way they displace water gives us a more accurate picture of a body that can absorb purple light and one that cannot.  This is why the morbidly obese patient needs four times the amount of sunlight/supplement to overcome a deficit.  This video in the hyperlink makes the point clear.

Their tissues have no ability to assimilate this light at their surfaces.  Fake light has no purple light in it.  Light  moving away from things without gravity gets lighter and the light they assimilate is not purple (UV).  Gravitational lensing is a redshift effect.  This effect can leave you with redox shifted mitochondria that can never be replaced because of the absence of purple light within your cells.  All cells leak ELF-UV light when stressed.  Cells leak more ELF-UV light when melatonin levels are low in eye and brain and vitamin D3 is low in our skin and tissues.  Both of these protein chromophores change the resonant vibrations of proteins in the tissues they are in.

The solution to T2D and MetS is not as hard as we all believe. Go get outside in nature and fill your brain and cells up with UV/and IR light via your eyes and skin with sun!!!!! “These studies suggest that UV (sunlight exposure) may be an effective means of suppressing the development of obesity and MetS, through mechanisms that are independent of vitamin D but dependent on other UV-induced mediators such as nitric oxide (NO).  NO is released from skin exposed to sun.  Hyperlink to the study. 

This is using infrared light within water to heal and to create collagen for recovery from blue light exposure in surgery.

5.”Unmeasured” RNA/DNA has many quantum state elements that are only concretized as particles/molecules/atoms when “measured” or transcribed. Light prescribes the type of free radical our mitochondria make and that particle is transferred to distal tissues by resonance.

One fork is a receiver of a wave form and can send the energy and information of that wave to another protein designed to work with that specific frequency as well.

Resonance is a way to transfer energy, information, and momentum to and fro in tissues. Mitochondria resonate at 100Hz and make very specific and sensitive free radicals at this vibration level.  The sender oscillator can communicate with the receiver oscillator when they have the same frequency, attainment, or tonation by being linked to an octave of that wave. The benefit to using resonant transfers in biology is that it require very low power. This is one way the brain can do what it does on just 20 watts of power. This is why the type of free radical created by mitochondria is a far more important concept to master than the number of ROS proteins made.  The number of “measurements” these free radicals undergo in distant tissues and other mitochondria is proportional to the ubiquination rate and directly drives it.   Mitochondria resonate at 100 Hz.  This effect is bidirectional.  Slow down to smell the roses to live longer. This is how stress kills. Nothing exists in a quantized world until it is measured by nature’s proteins.  

6. There is no genetic advantage. It is a fallacy of modern biologic dogma. There is a DHA advantage built by eicansanoids and melatonin in improving the spectrum and frequency control of light within our cells to run our epigenetic blueprint optimally. Create a self culture and an environment that makes the right decisions for your proteins, and biology to allow you to age with health.

Life is a kind of prison for us when we believe the wrong things. We are connected to the universe, but we experience this world disconnected from the whole. It is an optical delusion of our conscious perception allowing us to separate space from time. This prison is unique. We can constrict our life or we can broaden its walls via our perspective. Our perspective is our conscious optical delusion of how we control the flow of light in our brain and emit those frequencies back to others to sense. As you shine your light you become your own social media company to others to share or reject broadening of tightening the walls of your prison. Day and night is part of the game of life. Your mind is a key in this game, and whatever ideas it unlocks can lead to unlimited potential. Use your mind to eavesdrop on your thoughts. As it listens, you learn and gain wisdom from your world. Optimal is found subtracting bad old ideas from new ones that you bio hack and find work to re-connect you to nature. Life has limits but your mind has none if you allow it freedom to operate.

7. On Earth, its physics at surfaces dictates the quantum yield of resonant energy transfers to living things.  Photosynthetic quantum yields are linked to how oxygen and nitrogen interact with the solar spectrum in out atmosphere.  Moreover, the SPECIFIC frequency of the sun’s interaction always controls how carbon from food is handled under ALL circumstances. What happened 65 million years ago in the KT event selected for animals with high mitochondria capacities capable or making triplet state free radicals when the quantum yield of the sun was reduced by an asteroid.  Focus on your light environment to use food properly. Food cannot accomplish what the experts think it can when it is uncoupled from natural light frequencies.

8. Our ENVIRONMENTAL choices, decisions, and intention determine the size of our cage we live. Your cage is sized by your epigenetic expression. And epigenetic expression is a function of how well you store purple light in your nucleus and how well you assimilate it as you use it.  Food is a product of the environment; your environment is not a product of food. Light, not food is what controls the direction of time in biology.

9. When you follow a crowd you get as far as they get. If you’re willing to walk alone you might find yourself in places no one has ever been before. Be bold; some folks will think you’re mad but it’s more insane than being timid and following a wandering clan with no vision. Nature has vision you need to begin to see.

10: Think spring: Here we grow again = higher ubiquitination due to photonic power of light. Note, this is not tied to food or atoms in the soil that recycle via natural cycles in soil and your gut. This is true in the southern or northern hemisphere. Photosynthesis is the cornerstone of all food webs. You need electrons to capture sunlight’s energy.  Light controls photosynthesis and its quantum yield. Redirect your focus to light.  We need more light guru’s and less food guru’s to get optimal.  When you shine your flashlight on what should be read and contemplated, it makes subtracting the BS you have educated into your life quite easy.

11. 4 books I’ve has strongly recommended in this series (with massive amounts of cites) to get the full impact of this series is  “The 4th Phase of Water”; “Life at the Edge: Quantum Biology”; “Going Somewhere” and now “Light Sculpting Life” by Roeland Van Wijk. If you do nothing in this Rx make sure your read all of these books. They will subtract all your poor paleo and biologic dogma quickly. They also might begin to limit your coffee intake and make you understand why nicotine and methylene blue might be better bi-hacks than coffee ever was.

12.  In the past, when we lived outdoors predominately, coffee consumption was protective. Today we need to pro-caffeinate to offset a blue microwaved world.  Coffee consumption going forward is going to be a bigger problem than solution for humans but the scene will be difficult for many to see short term. And the higher the network strength for communications increases, and as cell towers are taken down, and replaced by devices buried under your feet,  the more you will need to avoid coffee to maintain sanity and wellness. So if you play the “coffee market” longer term, consider using instruments to short the coffee markets or stocks. The trend to follow if I am correct: In the future people will crave it, to initially drive demand, but the more humans use it, the worse they will feel and the sicker they will get and this will confuse clinicians and coffee drinkers, just watch their Adrenal stress index and their melatonin levels.  Pay off your debts fast. Coffee is like a credit card…….if you’re relying on it for energy constantly as many do, there will come a day when its debt will need to be repaid and you won’t be ready for the result.

13. Light controls everything that is made of atoms.  Each foot higher we are in altitude means a clock in your SCN has to run four hundred-quadrillions faster per second to keep up. The take away is that your head ages faster than your feet do naturally…..so the taller you are the more your SCN clock is off and that height difference is what leads to a shorter longevity. To keep the pace,  up the retina has to have a lot more DHA than the brain to drive the DC electric current to make this occur.  A retina that does not will reveal it in a human with myopia and a frontal lobe missing dopamine.  

Altitude is a huge issue for oxygen and for purple light that few understand…….no one filters in to their wellness Rx. Light at altitude affects atoms in DHA. No one sees it, but it is on of the CORNERSTONES TO THIS Rx as technologic progress advances.

14. Ketosis is a tool for wellness not a Rx for a reversal. Ketosis allows for suspended renovation and not optimal renovation of our mitochondria.  Ketosis leaves us with redox shifted mitochondria that cannot get us to optimal.  It just slows the process down a bit.   I look at ketosis as a tool for me as a clinician, to teach a person how to change their environment, allowing a patient to reverse diseases once bad mitochondria are replaced and the environment they allow improved. Ketosis gives me time to act to help them reconstruct the “zip code” they got sick within. You can never recover wellness in the same environment you got ill within. That is the fallacy of modern medicine and research and patient’s minds.

Ketosis won’t cure cancer, it will give us time to change the light environment cancer patients are living in.  In summer we replace redox shifted mitochondria using carbohydrates in strong UV/IR light environments,  so that in winter we have mitochondrial health when ketosis and low UV/IR light dominate. This is seasonal “mitochondrial maintenance”. That’s why ketosis in summer is a bad idea, as we need the carbs to go through cytochrome 1 for triplet ROS production and mitochondrial biogenesis. In the summer is when UVB light is more prominent and this is why UVB light and triplet oxygen are linked environmentally.  There is less variation in this template when one is closer to the equator.

Example: Light sculpts our proteins to give us the life we get. Light truly is one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. Life has its enigmatic events, that can create a mystery, or slowly evolve our misery. It all depends on the perspective we use to see, and is ultimately determined by what kind of light enters our retina to build our frontal lobes. This is why we must approach our life’s scientifically and not poetically. We can enjoy the prose of life but we cannot allow it to dominate our attention. Consider BREAST CANCER AND LIGHT HYPERLINK STUDY: Because we look in the genome for the cause we cannot discover the cure. It is light we allow in our retina’s. “The incidence of breast cancer is up to fives times higher in women living in industrialized nations compared to those living in developing countries, and female night shift workers have particularly high rates of the disease. Given that Western nations have become “24-hour societies,” with more people awake around the clock, one hypothesis holds that nighttime exposure to artificial light suppresses the nocturnal production of melatonin. This hormone, produced by the pineal gland, helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm and immune function, and also suppresses tumor growth. Now NIEHS grantees David E. Blask and George C. Brainard and their colleagues have confirmed that ocular exposure to bright artificial light at night INHIBITS the production of MELATONIN, which in turn may lead to an increased risk of developing breast cancer.” Breast cancer is a disease of altered light frequencies. It is a mystery to some, and enigma to others, but to me it proves my points about light and science made in this series. We have to stop talking poetry about cancer and begin to get real and look at the correct culprits.

15. Sunrises and sunsets are clinics dispensing free care. Physics drives our biology and opens the door to the compound pharmacy in our pituitary. Every sunset is a reset, every sunrise collapses a new waveform. When you live in an optimized environment with ideal optics, most ailments can be cured; time can be slowed using light while surgery can repair the environment. Putting windex on your glass eye is brain surgery without a scalpel.

16. The more humans disconnect from nature the harder it will be to find effect in studies and for even the smart people fathom the wisdom in this Rx. Consider the statin research paradox that has hoodwinked cardiology: For many years I have told my readers that, if you have a high cholesterol level, you will live longer. Equally, if you have a low cholesterol level, you will die younger. This is a fact. The older you become, the more beneficial it is to have a higher cholesterol level.

This fact has become more difficult to demonstrate recently as so many people have been put on statins that the association between cholesterol levels and mortality has been twisted, bent and pumelled into the weirdest shapes imaginable. The same is now true with chronic blue light and nnEMF exposures on our surfaces.

Blue light exposure with a high color temperature (fake light) is not the same as blue light exposure from a source with low color temperature (sun).  LED’s and fluorescent lights are high color blue/white light sources that make unbelievable amounts of singlet state free radicals over time. Short time scales of experiment have shown some alerting benefits of these lights but long term they are deadly for living things.  How you construct the experiment on light, dictates the results you get.  Right now food guru’s have no clue how light works to screw up their data.  You must.


17. Why has modern research missed the boat? None of them can fathom how a shit milkshake (fecal transplant) can cure C. difficle infection after one treatment. This is the power of light restoration in an altered ubiquitin environment in the microbiome. Your healthy bowel movements (Bristol stool 4) is not a bad thing.  Society has come to view excrement as something with a negative connotation with limited use. Ask an elderly farmer if he believed that prior to the advent of fake Monsanto seeds? It is bowel bacteria, your internal tube, that mimics tree roots in the dirt.  This arrangement atomically recycles atoms of both digested and undigested material that create your wellness or illness. The altered light frequencies from chemicals modern humans have allowed in this tube can and do pose problems we dont measure or see.  Humans and their egos are grubby greedy organisms that increase ubiquitin marking. Some sick people would kill for good shit. It’s called a fecal transplant.  It will be the next big thing in GI medicine.  It is a light story not a food story.

18. Two ways to skin a jet lag in the modern world……….you can use blue light like modern researcher tells you to do. They think it is OK because all their studies are short term measures.  Chronic blue light causes a blue light hazard.  It is worse 400nm -500 nm light.  Humans it is worse at 435-465nm ranges.  Using blue light for jet lag therapy,  speeds ubiquitin marking in proteins to fast forward the eye clock;  while red light and cold on the cornea slow it. The key for living creatures is that the arrow of time (aging) is pointed toward blue light scenario and it reverses using red light and cold surface temperatures. You’d think the decision on which path to choose should be easy, but most people believe bad ideas because they are published in a journal or textbook. You can set a clock correctly going back ward or forward can’t you? The key is the date if the watch has one; your watch in your eye clock has one. It is called the SCN in your brain and it drives your anterior pituitary and your pineal function.  Blue light destroys your eye clock. If you are planning on any eye hack’s be aware that melanopsin is fundamentally how the retina measures the color temperature of incoming light. Anything that affects the 435 -465 nm bands will alter your bio hack results. The biggest risks for this today are fake lights and technology LED’s because of their strong blue spikes directly in this range. Use of them will create spurious results and ideas.

More color coding? Let us consider crayons left in light:  

Seems purple crayons like the sunlight a lot don’t they? Now realize that your RBC’s are filled with porphyrins. All porphyrins absorb all UV frequencies.  This is why when sunlight hits your skin it releases massive amounts of nitric oxide that vasodilates the arterioles of your skin to come to the top 1/10th of  a millimeter of your skin. This is the depth that UV light penetrates to the porphyrins can absorb all frequencies of UV light to deliver to every cell in the body. Mother Nature for the win.

























19. A sphere within a sphere can create electrical tension. The Earth is a sphere surrounded by the ionosphere. That tension becomes a pulse wave for things that live within both spheres. Life does this.   This wave is called the Schumann resonance and it is linked to gravitational lensing of light. When the tension changes inside the spheres, the pattern of signaling changes between things in a cell. It is a read and react design. The sun has a balanced ratio’s of blue, green, and red light in it.  On a relative basis, Edison bulbs have larger amounts of red, medium amount of green, similar to the sun, but a much smaller amount of blue.  LED’s and fluorescent bulbs have massive amounts of blue compared to the sun on a relative basis.  This is why their color temperatures exceed sunlight.  They have the same relative amount of green, but a very tiny amount of red light, compared to the sun. Blue light causes ROS (400nm-500nm) and red light (550-700 nm) improves ATP production in mitochondria.  Sunlight frequencies contains its own antidote.  Artificial light has no antidote.  It is loaded with the blue light toxic dose.  This alone should make you question every study done under artificial lighting in science.  To date, all studies in biochemistry and nutrition science were done under artificial lighting.  Still comfortable in your beliefs?

Blue light and non native EMF change the tension in those spheres where life lives to increase ubiquitination rates on all things. Question recently asked of me on my site: Why don’t you use PEMF devices? I am not a fan of any PEMF device because of my concerns on embryology and magnetic field generation. All PEMF devices by their very design will show decent short term results but open you up to long term ubiquitin marking issues.  This is the basis of Robert O. Becker’s electric and magnetic morphogenic field for embryology and self organization. In his books he warned about the use of PEMF devices in spine surgery.  I listened to his advice carefully.  Self ordering properties permit, enable, and limit the efficacy of natural selection by altering epigenetics. Physics provides us with remarkable examples of order, but it has no use for natural selection.  Biologist are becoming quietly aware that natural selection must be operational on systems which order themselves. They just have failed to realize that system is buried in the optical lattice eye clock in the SCN.  It works with cell membranes, DHA, mitochondria, and the nuclear membrane to cause a change in signaling by altering the pattern of tension.  We can change the gravity in our cells by changing the net negative charge by absorbing light using DHA, and containing it well in our mitochondria where our surfaces meet light.  How? the magnetic field weakens and strengthens diurnally.  During the day it weakens and it become stronger at night.  We use proteins, like melanin to add UV light to our systems at night to alter our gravity when the magnetic field is stronger.  Photons have no mass, but have momentum.  DHA turns light into electrons which has mass.  This is one of the reasons the DC electric current Robert Becker found disappears at night when we sleep.  There is another benefit.  More mass increases our gravitational forces in cells, and allows us to absorb more UV light in tissues missing electrons, when temperatures are cooler at night.  As magnetic field weakens during the day what happens? We lose energy to the environment.  We leak light from cells.  Physics believes the Earth has a constant for gravitation, called “G”.  It is not constant at all.  In daytime, “G” weakens on the sun side of the planet. What does this imply? As “G” lowers, so does the quantum yield of sunlight. This is why photosynthetic efficiency drops with elevated temperatures.  It is also why cold thermogenesis is a built in program to our retina and brains.  Why do we repair at night? Because things that are more capable of adding mass at night, thusly, improving their gravitational strength.  Anything with a higher gravitational constant becomes able to absorb more powerful purple UV light via gravitational lensing.  UV light has the highest density of DC electric current to regenerate life.  

20. Darwin’s natural selection is an example of a half truth. A half truth always leads to a full lie. No one can doubt Darwin’s main ideas as being correct but we need to focus on where his idea stopped working for medicine. His conclusions are the place where biology got tired of thinking about life. His ideas were, and still are, accepted as universal truths. I rejected this idea when I learned about light and nitrogen dance together. This is where ubiquitination begins. Ubiquitination rates help us understand how natural selection interacts with multiple systems which have their own spontaneously ordered properties. Those properties are optically non linear and far from equilibrium. Modern bias favors an equilibrium bias. You need to be aware of this. The minimum question that elevated ubiquitin rates raises makes me wonder whether natural selection is sufficiently powerful to obviate any inherent order in life’s three legged stool. If this intuition is so, the order visualized in experiments might need to be corrected to reflect natural selection’s power over genes alone. I have a sense that our modern world has disconnected natural selection from ubiquitination, because of our reliance on blue light while subtracting purple and red light from our indoor lives.  It appears that evolution has now been rapidly sped up as a result of these environmental changes we have allowed.  Blue light stimulates stress hormone release in the blood and all UV light is designed to deactivate stress hormones from the skin surface.  UV light does not show up until 10-12 noon based upon latitude differences.  Where evolution is now headed because of blue light’s guidance, is a waveform yet to collapse so medicine observes the result, but that evidence of that coming crash does not seem optimal, from my viewpoint today. This series is a warning shot of what is yet to come.  Modern neolithic disease’s rapid expansions over the last 120 years are all examples of rapid disconnection of natural selection from full spectrum sunlight.

21. All autoimmune diseases are fundamentally disorders of ubiquitin marking. Why? Adaptation occurs in temporal sequences. Time is a function of light and mass interaction allowing us to conceive of evolution as carrying out adaptive walks toward peaks that represent how well proteins perform specific catalytic or ligand binding tasks. Evolution of proteins is what the immune system specializes in. Evolution of proteins that are able to carry out new catalytic functions, in turn, leads to the idea of a catalytic task space. The implications of such a space is about 100 million roughed in enzymes might constitute a universal enzymatic toolbox able to catalyze just about any reaction imaginable. The building of the exclusion zone (EZ) in water also creates proton flows (1535.8nm is infrared) to improve power to control enzymatic flux. The immune system repertoire of normal and auto immune reactions represent the first example of such a universal set. All enzymes have been shown to work via quantum tunneling of protons and red light directs this action. This implies the alteration of protons flows can set the tone for autoimmunity.  This is why most autoimmune diseases show alterations in diffusion weighted imaging in tissues with destruction.  Proton flows are vital within the human gut. Healing the autoimmune condition likely will begin in the gut and will be shown to be entirely about re-establishing an anaerobic environment, allowing the proper addition protons to the micro-biome. This process works via light and clock yoking by General and Special relativity not by food or paleo auto-immune protocols. Protons without Oxygen and UV/IR light = autoimmune reversal. We are designed by nature to be light bulbs screwed into the earth with our canopy exposed to UV and IR light. Arguing with idiots is akin to playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how much sense you make in the debate, the pigeon will crap on the board and strut around like it won the debate.

“In biology there is no vacation from bad environment. Change it to change you.”

22. Analogy time:  Chlorophylls are to plants, like melanin is to humans.  Recall that the RPE of the eye is loaded with melanin.  So is your skin and aerodigestive system.  Every place you have a surface you will find melanin.  Why?  It absorbs and stores all frequencies of light to use 24/7.  Chlorophylls do not have this full spectrum ability.  Their power is in the blue green spectrum when sunlight is out.  Plants dont need total spectral control because they do not move across the tectonic plates as we can.  Chlorophyll and melanin share the ability to cleave water into 2 H2 + O2 + 4 electrons to reform water again.  Mitochondria make water during respiration in us.  This water surrounds mitochondria to absorb IR light from cytochromes to thermally shrink wrap mitochondria to improve ECT speeds and increase the quantum yield in our cells.

All plant chlorophylls however are not created equal. Just as rosemary, basil, and oregano smell differently, this odor difference tells us their spectral footprints when they are consumed must also be tied to specific light frequencies which will link and tied to specific catalytic and ligand binding tasks as well that can lower ubiquitin marking in proteins. This is how a plants photonic power can be used clinically. How that plant is processed however will effect its light emission. Many plants are foods, and all foods are stripped to electrons.  All electrons have the spins re-ordered or recycled in mitochondria.  This alteration of light emission has been confirmed by many researchers over the last 100 years. Dr. Fritz Popp is the most famous researcher to prove this difference in GMO plants. GMO plants contain less light and emit more light than they should.  It is also why herbalists have found so many plants that may help certain diseases in the past but they no longer seem to work well.  The modern environment has changed the quantum yield and this alters how they can work with sunlight. It is why plants like Chinese Thunder God vine, which has been linked to augmenting leptin signaling, often no longer works in our modern lit world. Often, sick dogs and cats will eat grass, dirt, and weeds. Humans eat charcoal, diatomaceous earth, and chew ice for the same reasons. This instinctual behavior is a veil for quantum processes in living things when the quantum yield is low.  We are trying to improve gravitational lensing to get purple light.

23. Stop thinking about your eyes as a camera to see the world and realize it is an eye clock first and foremost.  This is the clock in your body where biology creates time and where it gets its direction in biology.  The eye clock is very attuned to the color temperature of light.  Melanopsin concerns itself with this aspect of light.  Melanopsin measures it and then creates and electrical signal for the SCN to decipher atomically in its lattice. The Sun closely approximates a black-body radiator. The effective temperature, defined by the total radiative power per square unit, is about 5,780 K. The color temperature of sunlight above the atmosphere is about 5,900 K. The color temperature of an LCD or CRT screen is 6,500 −10,500. LED’s and fluorescent bulbs are even worse.  That is a problem for human biology because it ruins the gears of the eye clock in our retina and we lose ability to control how the central retino-hypothalamic pathway can operate.

Do you still want to follow people with no vision for your future?

24. Life is built far from equilibrium, and as such, life finds order in chaos using light and water to create time. Once your SCN timing mechanism goes haywire it is a matter of time before your circadian clock genes in tissues the SCN controls also goes haywire and result in diseases. What will be the ultimate result? EXTINCTION of both sides of the circadian timing mechanism and cancer is the ultimate result. It should be interesting to you that plants do not get cancer when they are exposed fully to UV and IR light, yet the modern belief is animals like us do.  Something is fundamentally wrong with this idea.  

25. The science of how light and timing, fundamentally uncouple ubiquination from circadian signals. Disrupting the SCN causes a “circadian arrhythmia” and an inability to entrain to light. Once this arrhythmia occurs food is no longer a tool that can “fix you”. This idea is currently, very “un-paleo”. These ideas become especially problematic when you consider what occurs to signaling when you step back in time for your diet when the environment takes five steps forward? No idea should be free of critical thinking. You should keep chipping away at your knowledge and current beliefs with tough questions. A beginner’s mindset is actually more fun in your road to optimal, than reaching the destination.

26. No human being itself should be considered impaired innately, instead there are environmental short comings that cause the impairment. Thus, it is incumbent on the on the clinician to recommend treatment of the environment their patient is in. People react to an inferior environment, way before their genome is altered. That is what the science of epigenetics and ubiquitin rates are telegraphing us, but the modern paradigm is not listening.  You must.  % heteroplasmy in our mitochondria is a key metric in all of us.

27. Higher ubiquitin marking rates of proteins will always cause higher mitochondrial mutations to increase and disease to manifest. Light controlled organs: uterus, ovaries, pancreas, spleen, adrenal glands, liver, breast, thymus, thyroid, lungs, heart, parathyroid glands, pituitary, and pineal glands. All undergo blue light stress because all of them contain strong blue light chromophores and this is why oncogenesis in these organs is always associated with low melatonin levels and low vitamin D3 levels. If you are hacking paint colors in your house be aware of the tonation and attunement effect of reflected light from strong blue/white light sources with high color temperature might be trouble.

28. Medical science will continue to find that mitochondrial function, and not genomic expression, to be the core deficit in the human condition.  Mitonuclear copatation defects are the key to the Rx of life.  % heteroplasmy = Nick Lane and Doug Wallace’s research.  

29. Medical science will prove in the next 50 years, to the dismay of Big Pharma and most PhD’s, that mitochondria alone, are instrumental in the hierarchical control of cell the soma only, by controlling cell death, cancer, all degenerative conditions, fertility, just about any modern neolithic disease you can imagine. Mitochondrial control over the cell soma, however is linked and coupled to light which is dominated by the overall hierarchical control of the SCN over all cell soma’s.

Me working on slowing the gears of the eye clock to stretch time out for my patients. Note how many hands it takes to slow time down.

30. As life became more complex, cells sustained more damage to both their soma’s and their mitochondria. Mitochondrial genes were deleted until we settled on 13, while the nuclear genome expanded. Immortality is only maintained in our germ line. Further sequestration was necessary for mitochondrial genes so they were stored in the maternal line and sequestered there to maintain their ability for immortality. This is why most children are born young and not old with progeria. As cells became more complex in eukaryotes control became more problematic and regeneration ability was slowly lost. This ability was slowly returned to the somatic line as more and more DHA became available to animals to increase their tissue densities of this lipid. DHA content will make cell soma’s younger than those with out. This lipid gave such control back to the soma because DHA within the SCN and eukaryotic cell membrane has the uncommon and uncanny ability to turn solar radiation into a DC electric current which is what all living things on this planet use to regenerate their tissues. DHA present in both levels of organization allowed for quantum coherent control over evolutionary complex nano-machinery.

31. The more you learn the clearer it becomes that all the most interesting problems in biology are completely explained by physics.

32. NeilBB summed up the ubiquitin series well with this gem, ” It’s all really pretty simple folks. Matter is condensed energy in a certain context. Light uncondenses plasma in our cells to unlock energy at low costs.  Biology emerges from a thermodynamically favorable organization of energy flow by specific matter in the right circumstances. Plasma’s in cells are collections of electrons, protons, and the development of EZ water in cells.  Light is used to unlock the power of each one using a different law of physics.  Consciousness emerges from the application of certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves with proteins in us.  These interactions occur 100,000 times per second in biological material. Human consciousness is unique in that it has the power to employ abstract (symbolic) tools to expand the power of consciousness across both individuals and time. Technology, and the human ability to alter the environment, whether good or bad, follow from this massive and unique power of abstraction. Epistemology is necessary to continually verify the correspondence of said abstract collections of symbols with the observable energetic-material universe, which is all that really exists. And it exists as a whole. The subdivisions are just human abstractions. Physics is the king of the natural sciences because it is the abstract science that deals with fundamental relationships of matter and energy. Light is the force particle that alters energy and matter.  All other sciences are subservient to physics because they are wholly derivative in that all else emerges from material-energetic relationships. But everything we know linguistically and temporally, as humans is also completely dependent on epistemology, because without it we are just babbling morons repeating whatever bullshit we heard from another babbling moron. Humans have been babbling bullshit to each other ever since they learned how to talk. If you gather a bunch of babble together, you have something called dogma/paradigm. Long ago, some clever human discovered that he who controls the dogma controls other humans. See? Simple.” Change your dogma, and you’ll be fine.

33. I am not sure why we even care about dietary guidelines, when you understand the substance of this series.  Humans are the ONLY mammal that seems to feel the need to be taught how to eat. Might it be because they ruin their environment so much that it alters their microbiome that they think food is somehow a panacea? I think so. Modern humans need to be taught virtually everything. It’s because (whether good or bad) we are the mammals that abandoned instincts and our cyclic and stable relationship with nature in favor of abstract concepts, technology, and the construction of linear historical time. Those damn huge frontal lobes, we are blessed with are both a gift and a curse. That’s what the “apple and the garden” is really about. Has nothing to do with Adam or Eve fundamentally.  It has to do with our ability to create fake sun’s everywhere we live.

34. Delivery of energy has to be directionally proportional to how the systems are designed by evolution in our cells. Oysters and shellfish and full spectrum sunlight build coherence inside out. Wearable devices attempt to do it, outside in, via the reversal of energy flows. This is counter to principles of our surface designs in the retina, skin and aerodigestive tracts. No bueno.  The flow of energy is incredibly overlooked thing in biology and likely has a steep biologic toll that is undiscovered,  but will be measured and eventually perceived in mitonuclear asynchrony.

35. UV + IR light = dermal stress. UV + IR + cold = lowered dermal stress.   Lowering surface stress increases the quantum yield for assimilation of UV light by UV chromophores in RBC’s.  What in blood does this?   Namely porphyrins.  They absorb all frequencies of UV light.  RBC’s come within 1/10th of a mm of the skin’s surface when full spectrum sunlight hits the skin.  Human skin changes to be able to assimilate UV light, where it can penetrate physically.  Sunlight can increase blood flow massively via our capillary network.  We can put 60% of blood volume to our skin surface when we get full spectrum exposure on our skin.  This changes the physiology of the skin surface.  It also alters biochemistry of all deeper layers in us.  

When you see how UVC only penetrates 55 microns, yet UVC is known to be universally toxic to all life it should make you realize how destruction of the surfaces of things trumps the long held ideas in  biochemistry. This picture says a million words no paleo biochemist could understand with their conventional wisdom ideas.

93% of blood is water by volume, and water is the ideal chromophore for IR light. When water is within hydrophilic capillaries tubes under full spectrum light it brings 60% of the circulating blood volume to the surface layers of the skin (one tenth of a mm) so porphyrins can rapidly absorb all frequencies of UV and IR light by photochemical and resonant transfer. EZ water absorbs light as an EZ at 270 nm, and in the IR range after the red window of 700 nm. EZ water absorbs strongly 800nm to 3000 nm in the IR range making it a a very affective way to move electromagnetic radiation to and fro in the body. EZ water becomes a natural battery with very low energy costs to the animal.



All the books mentioned in this post above.  The bibliography should keep you busy for a decade.