The Earth’s environment is a 24/7 factor that plants and animals have to deal with. Every single minute of the day we have the chance to be exposed to various spectrums of light or total darkness if we do sleep correctly. Plants eat sunlight and drink water for their food. Compare that to eating food for animals. Humans may spend an hour, in total eating meals. Have you ever wonder which matters more, light or food? Plants don’t need food. Connected humans who have coupled cycles don’t need a ton of food to live either. Food is not the man driver of ubiquitin or nitrogen recycling in humans. Food effects us only when we eat it. The rest of the time light/darkness drives life. It really is time to ditch the dogma tied to food.
Plants have no need for food electrons because they get all photons electrons from the sun and the Earth’s magnetic field. They are alive as we are, moreover, and very germane, they use the DC current to regenerate as all animals do. This means how they make energy is coupled to animal metabolism is a very deep way. Regeneration pathways are identical in both even today. Wakefulness has the DC current present and it disappears in sleep.  Plants also regulate their photosynthetic balance to the presence or absence of light by altering the components involved in photosynthesis in quantum fashion. All plants are coupled to animal life by way of he CO2 and O2 cycles.  Photosynthesis operates most efficiently when the rate of CO2 diffusion into the leaf matches the biochemical capacity of the leaf to fix CO2.  This also varies day to night.  We do the same things using water and O2 reduction in a mitochondria. Plants do it by altering stomatal conductance of their pores. This is how C3, C4 and CAM photosynthesis react to different environments to water and light inclination.
Light dramatically alters how electrons are handled in plants and animals but too few people in biology see the homology. Read the new book “Life at the Edge”, Bill by Jim Al Khalili. You’ll find, even in plants, this nitrogen coupling issue persists. In long lived leaves, they typically have low nitrogen concentrations and a very low photosynthetic capacity. Low nitrogen recycling, implies low ubiquitin rates. It means you won’t get cancer . You’ll retain higher abilities to regenerate systems in your body well and won’t get ill with autoimmune diseases like many of the paleo women have come down with on their diet.
Plants rarely lose their connection to light or magnetism because of how they are fixed to their environment. Plants only lose this connection because of human interventions. Plants lose their ability to regenerate with fake light exposure at night. This increases their ubiquitin rates and speeds their growth and limits their potency!! Today, pot growers in Colorado are using this science to increase their yields while decreasing the plants potency.
This is why the Warburg metabolism exists in animals too, who are exposed to chronic fake light……..it is not a fuel source. This is why NAD+ drops in people with blue light exposure. NAD+ contains nitrogen!! Artifical light exposure anytime, especially at night time, increases ubquitin rates in plants and animals.  This is why ammonia shows up at higher levels in uncoupled states and diseases. This is why the Warburg effect exists and why he discovered it in the 1920’s.  Modern science still has no clue why it exists because they dont see how light and nitrogen interact to control carbon flows in living things clearly.  The Warburg metabolism is a beacon of an uncoupled cycle in a living thing living on borrowed time; it is not a marker for a fuel source in a cancer cell.  Nitrogen cycling is designed to be stable by evolution in plants and animals and when it is not you know immediately it is tied to an altered light cycle. High glucose and ammonia production in cancer cells metabolism is a greater marker for a bad light environment. Glucose is fully capable of braking ubiquitin when ubiquitin is coupled to the cell cycle, but not when it is uncoupled and isolated. When it is isolated glucose levels go through the roof to stop the PER 1 and PER 2 genes from turning over proteins in cells. The Warburg metabolism is not what we think it is; it is a circadian mismatch signal, looking for a brake pad that no longer can work when ubiquitin is uncoupled by blue light and chronic artificial night time light.

What is ubiquitin a story of? It is how the quantized state of humans links them to their physical environment within the chosen Earth system they have chosen to live. The quantized state of life addresses all the interactions between humans and their environment as a fully integrated system. That system is never closed, it is always open and designed to be built to be far from equilibrium.
Why is this distinction important to make? Many early studies in biochemistry and biology made the simplifying assumption that most of our cellular systems were in equilibrium with their environment. In that perspective, the human body is viewed as a series of undisturbed metabolic cycles that reflected domination by internal recycling of elements and atoms used in these cycles. The idea also allowed us to believe that self regulation was deterministic of the dynamics within this cycles, and that all metabolic cycles had stable end points. Moreover, these cycles were believed to be built in by evolutionary design and not as flexible to the disturbance of human influence. This fostered the belief the best way to influence the system was via the food we ate. This is how we have come to believe the calories in and calories our paradigm of 20th century biochemistry.
The biggest challenge to this paradigm is the recent realization that the entire system is made up of atoms and subatomic inputs and outputs in mitochondria which read and react to past events and external current forces in shaping the functioning of a quantized cell. This is basically what epigenetics have taught us in the last decade. Biochemistry still have not evolved from its equilibrium bias. The real complication associated with the current paradigm is that it can not properly account for energy flows (Ling’s brilliance) or the dynamic state of how enzymes work. The new quantized static state approach is far more dynamic and based upon stochastic principles to control the overall organism.
Steady state quantum principles differ from equilibrium assumptions (calories in = calories out or CICO) because they accept temporal and spatial variations as a normal aspect of the organism.  Space/time development is a 20th century physical development related to sciences in the physical realm and not to the biologic ones. For example quantum biology uses concepts developed at the finest levels of resolution to build understanding of the mechanism that have built us and the entire planetary system.
The biologically mediated movement of carbon and nitrogen through our cells depends wholly, on the physiological properties of plants, animals, bacteria. These systems all act based upon the interaction of light on matter. The higher we move up in the electromagnetic spectrum the more life is ionized and it dies sooner. The lower you go on the spectrum is where life organizes because time slows down. The higher the EMF is in an environment the sooner one gets ill and life dies a faster death because it RAISES UBIQUITIN RATES.

It turns out, light, water, and soil determinants of the environment build the conditions that life can take advantage of. Where they are found, determine what life is capable of. All of them are coupled to one another. Biochemistry ideals are built when these systems are coupled properly. Small proteins link them together. The key point is what happens to biochemical understanding when these coupled systems no longer work together, when they uncouple. That is the point of this entire ubiquitin series. When things are uncoupled, biochemistry no longer unfolds how we expect it too. Light frequencies is what drives the coupling of these cycles. What is printed in a textbook no longer occurs in you.
The irony for me, is that early in the 20th century all discoveries in biology were motivated from questions about the integrated nature of the ecologic systems on Earth. Since the discovery of DNA we have moved far from that idea. The further we have moved from it the worse humans have fared in wellness because modern technology has allowed us to disconnect and uncouple from the natural cycles life is built upon. When I looked back on this process via my reading, I realized I needed to look carefully how we are biogeochemically coupled to processes on Earth, and how well or poor we remain integrated in the functioning of our natural ecosystems on our pale blue dot. This is when I began to bio-hack the periodic table of elements looking for clues of how we worked at the smallest scales of nature. What I found was rather surprising to me. Light was the most important part of the equation for why illness is growing exponentially in the 20th and 21 st century.
This is when I realized that ubiquitination was the key “first driver” of biologic coupling. Trophic interactions emphasize the transfer of energy between coupled systems. Humans link to plants by way of photosynthesis. This made me look in the direction of plant energenics ten years ago to solve this problem. Elton was a zoologist who described this complex process in 1927. He showed us the role of how an animal plays a role in its community to recycle atoms for life to use. The trophic structure he described served as a framework for understanding the flow of how materials are processed by systems that are coupled.
Ubiquitination is a phototrophic interaction of the systems linked in biology.  Our skin and brain are linked by it, and our microbiome and gut are linked by light to our cytochromes. The gut in turn then couples to the brain, phototropically using the microbiome as an intermediate. This is very similar to how fish are the intermediate organism to change algal DHA to the SN−2 position for mammals to use in their central nervous systems. Eating algae without fish processing the atoms in DHA is a bad vegan idea. We need fish to recycle DHA to make it more biologic active for mammals in their tissues.

All life is about restoration and use of the quantum abilities of atoms in our ecosystem. This is why all things alive are fundamentally creatures of light. This also explains clearly why ubiquitin cycles are coupled to light. The atom it is coupled to is nitrogen. Nitrogen is the most common atom of the Earth’s atmosphere. 78% of the atmosphere is made of nitrogen. This means every single day solar radiations or light traverses and energizes nitrogen.

Every night, when light is absent, magnetism increase from the Earth’s core and it has an effect on nitrogen in the soil. Light and magnetism naturally recycle all atoms to fully restore their ability to carry energy and information to the coupled systems they act in on a quantum basis by affecting electron spin and excitation to recycle them for use in coupled quantum ecosystems. Evolution requires atomic recycling to allow for “de-tangling” subatomic particles who carry on the business of evolution. In this way, electrons, protons, and neutrons become detangled from the original state of being entangled by some living thing’s mitochondria int he past.  Atoms in you, were once in a T rex.  Life requires death to occur because it requires atomic recycling of atoms.  There can be no conservation of information in electron spin without the atomic evolution because it will lead to extinction of life.  Life cannot ever be extinguished completely unless atomic recycling stops.
Everything is connected in this way in the universe. Light affects atoms ability to carry information and energy by excitation of electrons and then falling back to the ground state.  Similarly, magnetism recycles aspects of atoms, by restoring electron spin by affecting condensation of the atomic mass.  Remember that free radicals are atoms with unpaired electrons………Excited atoms are energized by one thing……..light.  And then they fall back to the ground state.  Magnetism affects electron spin in a big way. With respect to atoms, the dose makes toxin, but the toxic dose for a living thing is set by the environment they create. Humans have created a perfect storm for slow steady progressive extinction of all things made of nitrogen that use light to power it.
Biogeochemistry relates to the biologic influences on chemical processes in coupled systems. Today, many branches of science realize that element cycles interact in important ways that cannot be understood in isolation. The irony is that biology and biochemistry do not realize this importance to human life today. When these cycles are uncoupled, your basic understanding of how they should work no longer is applicable. For example, the availability of water and nitrogen are important determinants of the rate at which carbon cycles through any living system. This is well understood in plants. In humans, very few people understand that ubiquitin marking or proteins is all about how nitrogen flows in us. Consider oncogenesis: L-glutamine (Gln) has long been known to be essential for cancer cell growth, which is generally thought to relate to the nutritional value of Gln as carbon and nitrogen source. In cancer states, water and nitrogen balance is off so the delivery of carbon through a cell is altered. This directly affects the amount of inflammation and positive charges in and around the cancerous cells. pH levels directly affect charge separation of water and lower the capacitor ability of the cell. We see this effect in a lowered redox potential of the mammalian battery.
All living systems derive their energy from the sun. The sun is a giant cathode ray that is always designed to direct energy flows to Earth.  The Earth is an anode in this sequence.  The atmosphere stands between these two and its atomic make up allows for life to exist because of how it couples nitrogen, to oxygen and to carbon atoms.  In this collision of light and atoms, all living things gain their raw materials from the atmosphere, rocks, and water on Earth.
And transfer these components within the earth and living systems, to release the solar energy and energy of the materials to the environment. The essential biologic components of the system are plants, animals, and decomposers like bacteria in soils and our guts. Plants have the ability to capture solar energy in the process of bringing carbon into the system from the air. The deep sea hydrothermal vents, have no plants, but use bacteria that derive energy from magnetic flux of magna driven by solar power, to oxidize hydrogen sulfide using heat (infrared light). A spectrum of solar light still penetrates the tectonic plates to drive magna flow to generate huge electric and magnetic fields to release IR light for bacteria and Archea to use. Bacteria and Archea are the major decomposers in this quantum ecosystem. These microbes have the ability to break down dead organic material, releasing CO2 in the seawater. This CO2 can be released to the atmosphere with other nutrients in atomic forms that bacteria and plants can use to harness solar power on land.  CO2 only makes up 0.037 % of the atmosphere, yet that small percentage is what all plants use for photosynthesis.   Photosynthesis forms the back bone all of all food webs on this planet.  The balance of CO2 in the atmosphere is very critical in how the sun delivers energy to us.  In fact, the chemical composition of the atmosphere determines the Earth’s energy budget that occurs between plants and animals.  Nitrogen is what links both plants and animals energy bank account. Nitrogen makes up 78% of the atmosphere and is more critical to life than most people realize.
If there were no decomposition, large accumulations of of organic matter would lay in the sea sequestering nutrients required to support plant photosynthesis. Nitrogen is critical in photosynthetic machinery in leaves and bacteria. It is also important within mitochondria where nitrogen sits at cytochrome 1.  A bond in the molecule must undergo a change in the dipole moment when the infrared radiation is absorbed in the atmosphere.  The stiffer the bond, the more energy is required to cause the bond to stretch. Therefore the frequency of light required to cause C–N, C=N, and C≡N bonds to stretch increases from left to right.  Note how nitrogen is always in polar molecular arrangements with other atoms: So is water and most biomolecules.  This is no coincidence.
It is also critical in creation of polar biomolecules that have special optical properties that allow them to be yoked to the specific frequencies of solar radiations. This is why nitrogen is found in photosynthetic cores of leaves. This is a critical insight because the fluorescence of all biomolecules is very sensitive to the polarity, temperature, and viscosity of the environment the molecule resides in.  Without “proper” quantized solar power, photosynthesis fails, and ubiquitination rates rise dramatically. If plants do not use sunlight to make O2, animals can not persist. Animals become critical in coupled systems because they transfer energy and atomic recycling, while strongly influencing the quantity and activities of plants and soil microbiomes. Those microbes, in turn, colonize their guts for additional energy and nutrient transfers. In this way, the entire periodic table of elements is recycled to generate energy for life to use in quantized fashion.

PHYSICS GEEKS: Everything in life is quantized. It’s is no longer debatable. When molecules absorb photons in the ultraviolet and visible regions of the spectrum—corresponding to waves with wavelengths between 190 and 1,100 nanometers (7.48 × 10 −6 and 4.33 × 10 −5 inches)—electrons are promoted to higher electronic energy levels. Since molecules absorb photons with energies that match the difference in energy between their electronic energy levels, only a portion of white light is absorbed by a given molecule, giving it color. The color of light absorbed by a molecule is subtracted from white light, and the remaining light will be the complement of the light absorbed. Ultraviolet-visible spectra show the relative spacing of energy levels in molecules. Generally, molecular energy levels are stabilized when a molecule possesses alternating double bonds and the energy of the photons that these molecules absorbed shifts to lower wavelengths. DHA has 22 carbons with double bonds in between each carbon. This phenomenon also explains the observation that ethylene, possessing one C=C bond, absorbs light of 180 nanometers (7.09 × 10 −6 inches) and is colorless, while beta-carotene, possessing eleven alternating C=C bonds, absorbs at 450 nanometers (1.77 × 10 −5 inches) and appears orange in color.


Proteins are biomolecules that are designed to absorb specific solar radiation frequencies that drive cell signaling. These frequencies must not be reflective, but must be absorbed within the cells and tissues to work.  Once absorbed by the atoms in light the light is changed in its frequency and in its color.  That light is then re-emitted by cells for signaling.  That light is in the extreme low UV range.  Proteins have been selected for and built by nature to pay attention to these specific frequencies of light.  This is why certain amino acids are coded for in DNA and why all proteins are made from these amino acids by life.  The resulting color is the signal at the detector proteins in adjacent cells and structures.  Color determine frequency in life.  Life really is color coded.  This explains why IR light is released from within mammals in their mitochondria to their cells tensegrity system to be absorbed and re used and re emitted yet again.  In my view, this is why mammals have evolved to generate heat or IR light.   The IR spectrum is critical in cellular communication because it has a spectral ability that no other part of the electromagnetic spectrum has.  Spectral shifts in electromagnetic waves occur at IR wavelengths only!  This is why cytochromes release heat or IR light.  Electron chain transport (ECT) also has light photons on their electrons so the heat present from mitochondria can induce frequency changes from the photons on electrons to gain specific frequency of light information about the seasons.  The light emitted from the interaction of ECT and IR light enters the exclusion zone (EZ) of water.  Brightness or darkness in IR images do not imply higher or lower temperatures as most believe.   More accurately, they imply higher or lower intensities of charge movements within the electron chain transport.   The key point, biology has missed in mitochondrial signaling is that emission of light from it, reflects the intensity of charge movement.  When we go above this part of the spectrum, into the microwave range we significantly degrade optical signaling,  because we lose the spectral shifting ability of IR light frequencies.  This is why mitochondria use IR light to signal.  IR light creates rainbow emissions of light that act as optical signals for the anisotropic water crystals in a cell.    Anisotropy is the property of being directionally dependent.   This is important with respect to light because Dr. Pollack has shown that light direction can condense microspheres when the light is directed.  This controls atoms in a proteins lattice.  Direction of electromagnetic radiations is a huge issue most miss.

The balance between absorbed and emitted infrared radiation has a critical effect on Earth’s climate and the climate in your quantized ecosystem in your mitochondria.

The quantum cell requires the IR release from mitochondria mostly internally not from outside in at the skin level. The direction of energy flow in you is critical.  The opposite is true with UV light from the sun.  It needs to be absorbed in your skin from outside in to create signaling molecules in us that carry information.  We need to absorb it from the sun to turn water into a capacitor, and sulfated cholesterol to vitamin D3.  Remember that water absorbs light best at 270 nm range, which is in the UV range.  When this occurs what charge separates into positive and negative nodes.   This has been proven in the experiments and work of Dr. Gerald Pollack.  When the UV light from the sun interacts with the matter in our cells specif frequencies of UV light are used for signaling by being re-emitted from cells.  All cells have been found to release extreme low level bio- photons in the UV range by many different scientist over the last century. We have known this information for 90 years, but no one sees how it connects to cellular design.  The EZ of water can occur if water is adjacent to a hydrophilic protein.  Collagen fits that bill.  This is why it is the most common protein in a cell.  IR light begins the process of charge separation adjacent to the EZ in water,  but UV light extends the size of the EZ  to allow it to make a large battery to drive biochemistry.   This Dr. Gerald Pollack’s work being made relevant in the mammalian battery’s construction.

KEY POINT:  Why is IR light the choice of light stored in a mitochondria? Rudolph’s nose was red, shiny, and bright, which means it reflected light rather than emit it. Reflected light is distorted and is useless for signaling.  But IR light can color shift other electromagnetic waves to bind or unwind them in the lattice of a cell.  Emitted light carries signaling secrets and this is why bio photon research shows that we use UV frequencies in this way.
An enzyme or polar molecule like cholesterol in isolation, stripped of its rich ‘cytosociology’ or its environment forms a shadow of its real identity. Proton tunneling is behind this molecular action. This is a quantum effect. When the environment around cholesterol in a cell changes it affects how electrons move within it. When electrons are added to cholesterol it is called reduced and this makes it water soluble or hydrophilic. Remember reduced cholesterol is good for our cell because reduction = more electrons. Reduced cholesterol is hydrophilic and can form an EZ in water.  More electrons add energy to the molecule to do work and signal properly. Oxidized cholesterol means the molecule has less electrons, and therefore is hydrophobic. This means it does work well with water. Considering where cholesterol is found in cell membranes and the vascular tree, you would think we would understand better how this polar molecule works. We don’t, because we do not understand how the physics dictates the physiologic abilities of the molecule. The major difference between these two states of cholesterol is in its spectral emission of light. Cholesterol that is reduce works like a semiconductor in that it can emit a spectrum of light that determines specifically how to work in tissues it is found. Oxidized cholesterol loses this ability.  This is why finding oxidized cholesterol in your artery matters little.  Its charge however is what really matters!!!!  That is the “clarity one needs on cholesterol, not the advice being fed to people today in books and in research.

Cholesterol is animal protein. So how do plants use carbon in their quantum ecosystem?
Plants acquire carbon primarily from the atmosphere. Most carbon released by respiration, returns to the atmosphere. Carbon cycling through the coupled systems is quite open, and not closed no matter how small or large the losses are to the system. The water cycle of the system on Earth is also open by design. Water enters by precipitation and leaves by evaporation, transpiration, and drainage to ground water and streams. In contrast to carbon, most biological and abiotic systems have a limited capacity to store water in plants and soils. This is why the activity of all living things is closely linked to water inputs and chemistry.
In contrast to water and carbon, mineral elements like nitrogen and phosphorus are recycled very tightly within all coupled systems. Ubiquitin cycles are always tied to tight nitrogen cycling in plants and animals.  This is why this proteins got its name from the word UBIQUITOUS!!!  It is universally used in living things.  It turns out annual inputs and losses of both, nitrogen and phosphorus in their free atomic state are small in quantity in living things. This is why acid base balance is critical in plants and animals. This ties directly to a cell’s ability to generate a DC electric current. Higher pH’s allows water to store more energy in a cell because it increases the size of the EZ in water. This is what drives the energy of life, not ATP levels.  ATP levels are critical in unfolding proteins to bind water to their side chain groups to make a higher capacitor or stronger battery.  One of the largest error’s in modern biology was giving Peter Mitchell’s a Nobel without making sure his theory did not circumvent the second law of thermodynamics by a wide margin. Gilbert Ling’s brilliance, proved Mitchell’s theory did,  and modern biology continues to ignore Ling’s work to our detriment.
This is why this series on ubiquitin is so important to understand. It shows you why our old ideas in biochemistry are badly flawed. This mistake was made because when biochemistry was being discovered we put cells in a blender and studied the proteins with out the water surrounding them.   Proteins are designed by nature to work coupled to water at all times. They do not work independently the same way the work in unison. When you have a half truth your paradigm suffers from a total lie.
Ubiquitin and phosphorylation drive quantum energy flows in plants and animals because these two atoms allows us a fine control switch on how atomic recycling can occur in a coupled fashion. The differences in the openness and buffering of the cycles fundamentally influence controls over rates and patterns of cycling of materials through living things. Since carbon, oxygen and hydrogen cycles are all open systems, it makes no sense to believe a paradigm that eschews calories in and calories out.  Biology is not a closed system on any level.
The atomic recycling of matter also plays a big role in oncogenesis in animals. L-glutamine (Gln) has long been known to be essential for cancer cell growth, which is generally thought to relate to the nutritional value of Gln as carbon and nitrogen source.  When these cycles are uncoupled from light frequencies, cancer cells lose control of their growth process.
Sunlight has the power to condense or un-condenses matter in proteins that make up life. The key in what it does is how the cell is atomically designed.  When a cell has lowered nitrogen in NAD+ levels it un condenses matter instead of binding it.  Light is able to liberate electron’s from proteins and create proton flows in water and in mitochondria to drive biochemical processes. Nitrogen cycling controls photosynthetic capacity in plants, and nitrogen/oxygen coupling controls ubiquitin rates in humans. The interaction of nitrogen with light is the key to coupling both systems in living things. Stability in nitrogen recycling is the job of ubiquitin and this is why it function is ubiquitous in plants and animals. In plants, leaves are akin to cells.  In plants, light is akin to mitochondrial ECT.  The microbes around a tree root are equivalent to our gut microbiome. They both must lead to stability of light signals with nitrogen recycling rates in photopigments in leaves and in proteins in cells. The same thing is true in our mitochondria, yet, few know there is a color coding scheme built into mitochondrial cytochromes.

Examples of uncoupled quantum cycles in modern humans:
1.  Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP’s):  Recently 23andme and many alternative practitioners have been touting the predictive power of SNP’s in disease. “Raising awareness” is like medical screening tests, neither is enough to make people healthier. They just create belief that enrich the messenger. If you have some SNP’s in your genome here is the key point most practitioners and patients with them misunderstand:  Your steepness of decline with illnesses tied to these SNP’s will be tied to the resultant ubiquitin rates in cells.  Some SNP’s can help you in some environments and some will hurt you in others.  The key point is, look at your environment and then put your SNP’s in context.   “Well-controlled studies” will not mesh with your N-1 because without control of the environment, especially in nutrition studies and SNP trials.  Why?  ubiquitin rates are never controlled for in these studies and SNP’s expression is linked to the relationship of light and nitrogen coupling in exponential fashion. When someone with bad SNP’s is really sick it tells me ALWAYS LOOK OUTSIDE OF YOU AND NOT INSIDE your cells.
This is why I get so angry with alternative paleo providers who deal with patients with SNP’s data from 23andme; they immediately think, and make those with SNP’s believe, they can change the inside of their genome with supplements, and they can’t.   When you;re sick in this case it tells you your biology is uncoupled.  It tells you light and nitrogen cycling in you is badly broken.  This is akin to the story of the KT event and why geologist did not believe the asteroid story for so long.  When Dr. Alvarez postulated the sequence of events that occurred 65 million years ago do you know why other geologist thought he was crazy?  Because prior to 1990, no one had ever thought that rocks could be changed from outside forces from space……..they just thought climate weathering of the matter in rocks was the only key event.  His ideas made them realize they had to look further outside for another possibility.  I am telling people that SNP’s are not tied to endogenous breakdown in your nucleic acids or the way you work.  It is reflective of how your genome ties you to the flow of energy in the environment you allow and via ubiquitination rates they cause.  SNP’s manifest their effects only after they become expressed; that is when they are a problem.   If you’re environment is controlled you can tolerate most SNP’s   If you don’t control your environment, you’ll harbor the belief the SNP’s are a demon.  SNP’s treatment requires an environmental clean up. The Rx should not be prescribing to do things the other way around trying to solve the SNP presence. It is similar to the KT event.  It is an environmental epigenetic issue tied to an altered environment increasing ubiquitin rates. SNP’s just slow down epigenetic changes and this is why in environments with higher exogenous energy flows they get sicker faster than other people.
2. Prions are caused by uncoupling ubiquitin from cell cycle…….what is the linkage? Loss of redox power. The redox potential is the critical linker of the first two biologic cycle of energy conservation, namely ubiquitin and the cell cycle. The coupler of the two is called an ‘ interactive controller’ .  When you lose negative feedback control you uncouple cycles from one another.  Let me give you a clear example of a loss of negative feedback control………..in this type of coupling mechanism two components of the system have opposite effects on one another. Consider prey and predator in any ecosystem. Consumption of prey by predator has a positive effect on the eater, and a negative on on the eaten. The negative effect on predators on prey prevents uncontrolled growth of the predator’s population. This stabilizes the population sizes of both when they are coupled. This is how light couples cell growth via ubiquitin rates. Why is this series so critical to understand? Because ubiquitin is the major stabilizer of negative feedback control on cell growth. The actor of ubiquitin is LIGHT!!!! Light is the most powerful drug we have in biology, and we don’t know it.

The frequency of light is used as natures medicines depending upon the results it wants for cells. Frequencies of light determine its color. UV pulses of mitogenic radiations affect cell growth by stimulating mitosis.  Light frequencies also contain the ability to stabilizes the growth of cells and a loss of this negative feedback control stimulates unfettered growth of cells using frequency. Frequency of light is the only way to adjust the knob on growth. Red light slows growth. Blue light increases it, via ubiquitination rates. I believe this is where oncogenesis comes from.  It is not a molecular genetic disease, as we currently believe. It is an epigenetic one cause by a loss of light coupling to nitrogen. It has very little to do with food, as well. Ketosis plays a role in the treatment of this disease, but it is not the role many think, in my opinion.
Ketosis is only a tool that we can use to by us time to fix the environment we got ill in.  In this way it is like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Food can assist our efforts, but it can’t cure a disease. Light, however, has that ability, in my opinion. This is why almost all cancers are tied to altered melatonin and vitamin D cycles if you read the literature. Few oncology trials study these linkages but they are present if you look for them.  This is especially true of epithelial cancers because of their linkage to harvesting or not harvesting solar power well. Vitamin D3, NADH, and Vitamin A, and cytochrome proteins all have quantum footprints we have missed badly.  The circadian timing mechanism in humans is also color coded.
Quantum criticality describes the behavior of electrons in large molecules when they occupy the exotic state that sits at the knife edge between conduction and insulation. What controls these electrons in large molecules like proteins? Light does, and specific frequencies of light can control specific atoms in proteins by optical resonance. We now have experimental proof that one photon can control 2910 atoms.  A single light photon can change the physical state of 3,000 atoms; it builds up correlations in cells and tissues that they did not have before. Specific light frequencies can generate large ensembles of entangled atoms, which become key components for realizing more-precise atomic clocks in cells and more powerful quantum computers in proteins in our cells. What happens when you lose the controlling power of light on atoms in cells and proteins? You get diseases. What are some examples?

3. Lyme is driven the same way viral shedding is in astronauts. The more your life is uncoupled physically from you ecosystem in the top three cycles via negative feedback control the more you will shed the bacteria from its resting place in you and you will never get rid of it because your immune system is losing light and H2 gas to make T-regulator cells to make NK cells to kill it. You may think you’re doing well with your environment but recurrent infection any type to this clinician is a toxic environment until you prove me wrong.

Extinction within the microbiome of the gut: When we lose negative feedback controls across multiple coupled cycles or even if they are weakened and not completely lost………a low predation rate due to predator control for example, population cycles can amplify and lead to extinction of one or both of the interacting species……….Now think about modern humans and their relationship to their gut microbiome now.  Raised ubiquitination rates lead to species extinction and a simplified flora and altered pH in many parts of the gut. This changes the ability of cells to generate energy.

Community dynamics between species which operate in a single quantum ecosystem have to follow energy flow dynamics of Rayleigh–Bénard convection.  Why have I mention Rayleigh–Bénard convection in many past blogs? Buoyancy, and hence gravity, is responsible for the appearance of convection cells. Viscosity of the fluid within cells also plays a massive role.  Cells are filled with water.  EZ water has a different viscosity than bulk water in your sink.  Water has a buoyancy that can change based upon the environment it is placed within. Proteins are floating in cell water that is designed to have a large EZ. Remember light bends under the gravitational force. We covered that in Ubiquitination 2.  Blue light bends more than any other frequency of light.  This was covered here.
These factors acting on concert have massive implications on how energy flows in cells. It can alter the optics and the direction of the flow.  With a change of direction one can leak light instead of absorbing it.  When this happens you get the sense that the sun is bad for you when it is a sign you environment is the real problem.

How does the Rayleigh-Benard convections work in us?  The initial movement is the upwelling of lesser density fluid from the heated bottom layer. This is how physics couples to biology, fundamentally, in quantum fashion. This upwelling spontaneously organizes into a regular pattern of energy convection in cells for them to use in anyway the laws of physics allow them too. The convection patterns are the most carefully examined example of self-organization in a nonlinear systems.  All cells are open systems because they are all made of atoms that all have open cycles. Non linear systems are by definition open systems.  Above, you saw how carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen are all open systems. Proteins are made up of all these atoms. They also are made up from the tightly controlled atom, nitrogen.  Nitrogen is a different atom. Its cycle is open too, but tightly controlled in our quantized ecosystem by its interaction with electromagnetic frequencies. Ubiquitin has been assigned the job to couple nitrogen to light cycles and their frequencies. That is the story of ubiquitin from a 30,000 foot view.
Understanding energy flows are what allow me to keep being more correct than most……..because I am monitoring the correct things in our uncoupled systems and not the wrong ones. I don’t focus on food, I focus on light in circadian biology.  I don’t worry about ATP I worried about dehydration.  I realized that ATP as a high energy energy substrate was a dead end street of biochemistry long ago from Gilbert Ling’s work. ATP major role is unfold proteins to allow water to bind to their side chains.  Without Gilbert Ling we would not have invented MRI’s.  One person’s lie is another persons truths. My critics like to say I deal in hyperbole and lies.  I believe they say and believe it,  only because they cannot fathom I am correct.  If you are reading between the lines in this series, their cash flows are at stake if I am right.  You all have to decide for yourself, if my version of lies, trump their current truths,  because that is the battle line they have drawn for you.

In your youth, your mind gets loaded with a paradigm’s policy of truth. As you age, experience and wisdom based upon failure, to build your inconvenient truth. You will continue see your problems march by daily increasing their frequency, then amplify, and eventually multiply, if you continue to do as you were taught.

As a reader of my blog, I say this from the bottom of my heart, those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it. The people at the top of paradigms like stability of ideas to provide stability of their own resources.

My vision is no longer my own; it was ten years ago.  On my blog, my forum, when you meet me……..I let you have my ideas for you to examine. My vision is now yours……..do what you want with them. If you’re with me, maybe we change the world, if not, follow Dean Ornish or Ancestral health leaders: neither are correct in my view;  following either one won’t matter in the end, because it will get you the same result.  When you lose negative feedback control of any coupled system the result is extinction.  When you have a half truth you really are left with a total lie. The only difference you will find in the path you follow will be the rate of your decline with time will differ. The rate of decay and decline is directly proportional to the ubiquitination rates in cells and tissues.
Only thing I ask, is if you can’t decide whose advice to follow, just get out of “my doorway” to let people come and go as they choose; I want people using their own mind to decide what is correct, so we can finally do something about modern man’s problems. Man’s modern destruction is a quantized ecosystem allowing the solar radiations to become uncoupled from the nitrogen cycle to drive biomass flows via carbon cycles.


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