Cold Thermogenesis 9: Theory Meets Practice

Readers Summary:

  1. What has history told us about those who think differently?
  2. Are there many examples of self experimentation in medicine?
  3. Who are some of these people?
  4. What did they do and how did they help mankind?
  5. How did my last biohack go from an idea to a plan of action in 3 weeks?

Many of you may not know this, but I was asked to do to a speech in Nashville in March of 2012. I have to say with about 6 days to prepare it was rushed, but it was a lot of fun. I want to publicly say thank you to Misty Williams and Michael Hart for making this happen.

In my talk, I told 1,200 people live on stage about the three thought experiments I came up with after reading, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. I actually conceptualized the Ancient Pathway soon after the reading was done but where the thought experiments came to me, was at the foot of Michelangelo’s David in Florence, when I was looking at him from behind. I realized that the major difference between him and I, was the world we both were living had radically changed in 500 years. From this insight I realized that circadian biology was the the major difference in David’s perfection and my obesity.

From this spark of wisdom, I realized that obesity was an inflammatory brain condition. Because it was so, I could then reconstruct a signaling sequence to confuse my hypothalamus using signals from my vagus nerve and from the foods I ate using timing. Learning how the brain rewired in neural deafness using a cochlea implant made this easy game for me as a neurosurgeon.

I added Cold Thermogenesis to this protocol to gain a stunning weight loss result in 11 months. The first two people, other than myself, to benefit from the Leptin Rx reset, where my son, Konnor and my nephew Kyle. I documented their results in a talk as well as a stunned audience gasped at the pictures and the time frames.

I went on to talk about telomere biology and how this pathway might keep us young and healthy if we lived in it for the majority of our life. I spoke about Elizabeth Blackburn’s work and subsequent Noble Prize in 2009. I mentioned Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, the Sherpa’s and NASA astronauts and how they all had amazing capabilities at some level that was also tied to the cold.

I mentioned Mr. Wim Hof and his truly amazing journey from a circus performer to a serious bio hacker, who modern science is now studying intently. Ray Cronise is working with Wim closely now in the Arctic. After viewing Wim’s own TEDx event in 2010, I knew his abilities were not special to him, but tied to the cold. I knew they were built in by Mother Nature to each and everyone of us. Wim just happened to be cold adapted and he uncovered some of the amazing abilities this pathway holds for us who choose to live in it. Take a look at this to show you what Wim has proven to modern science today.

Wim injected himself with endotoxins from dead bacteria via an IV and did not get sick. In fact, he raised his own endogenous cortisol to offset the toxin effects. This ability is biochemically expected in my theory, I proposed in CT-6 blog I wrote. It is clear from Wim’s video, his doctors do not know that this is precisely how the human brain reacts to cold when it is exposed to cold.

POMC is increased in the hypothalamus when a mammal is cold and it is cleaved into ACTH and alpha MSH. The ACTH increases our cortisol production to provide us with ultimate immunity. Ironically, Wim showed this exact ability in his own testing in the video I just asked you to watch. Coincidence or not?

Wim was not unique in using testing done upon himself to prove the critics wrong. Dr. Edward Jenner did the same thing in the late 1700’s. He received this advice from the great physician, William Harvey during his training. In 1770 Jenner became apprenticed in surgery and anatomy under surgeon John Hunter and others at St George’s Hospital. The famous physician, William Osler recorded in his writings, that Hunter gave Jenner, some very famous advice in medical circles during this time.

He told him, “Don’t think; but try.” Jenner did just that. He was a man of action. The disease devastating mankind, at this time, was small pox. Voltaire recorded that 60{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the population caught smallpox and 20{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the population died of it. In 1765, Dr Fewster published a paper in the London Medical Society entitled “Cow pox and its ability to prevent smallpox”, but he did not pursue the subject further. A farmer named Benjamin Jesty, successfully vaccinated and induced immunity with cowpox in his wife and two children during a smallpox epidemic in 1774. It appears that Jenner read the 1765 paper and made the observation that Jesty’s innoculation of his own family may have saved their lives from small pox. Jenner went on to theorize that milkmaids were generally immune to smallpox.

Jenner hypothesized that the pus in the blisters that milkmaids received from cowpox protected them from the human version called smallpox. In May of 1796 Jenner injected an 8 year old boy with cowpox. He also injected 23 other people, including his two surviving children, and they all became immune to small pox. His discovery was hotly debated by medicine of the day, but the science prevailed. His discovery was revolutionary because he refused to conform to the standards of the day. He let the findings and data dictate where he should go, and what he should do about it.

In 1977, Dane Miller, a PhD, was working on Titanium alloys and felt they offered huge advantages to modern medicine in orthopedic implant development but there was a lot of opposition to this at the time. Moreover there was no data to prove his assertions true. So what did he do? He pulled a page from Jenner’s playbook and went to his garage and cut himself open and placed a titanium rod in his arm and left it there for 9 months before he told anyone, to prove that titanium could be used in a human.

He revolutionized all modern orthopedic and spinal instrumentation with this stunt. They went from 17,000 dollars in sales to 2.5 billion in sales because Dane decided to think differently. It appears it pays to think outside the box.

Then we have the story of Galileo. In 1610 the Catholic Church made all the rules and they said that the skies were dominated by an Aristotelian scientific view of the universe. Galileo believed that the banished Copernican theory was, in fact correct, because of discoveries he made with his new telescope by viewing Venus and Jupiter. It turns out he was right, and the conventional wisdom dogma was wrong again.

A more recent example of “thinking differently” was that of Dr. Barry Marshall from Australia. He and his wife came up with the idea that all human ulcers were not caused by stress, as modern medicine believed at the time in 1984. Instead, he believed that a spiral bacteria caused it. He could not test his theory on primates because primates are not susceptible to this bacteria, as humans are, because of how our gut evolved. H. Pylori experiments failed in piglets and in primates.

So what did Barry Marshall do? He drank a petri dish of H. Pylori and then he performed a endoscopic procedure on himself to prove his theory correct. He then treated his own ulcers with antibiotics for a cure. Modern medicine called him a “quack” for a long time. There was big business around the surgical treatment of ulcer disease back then. So what happened to Dr. Marshall? He won the Nobel Prize for his discovery in 2005. So he went from crazy and a quack in 1984 to a genius in 2005. Again, this is another example of where thinking outside the box helped humanity.

In 2010, I had a general surgeon in my hospital become acutely quadriparetic and have to have emergency surgery to save his spinal cord functioning. I talked about his case at my Paleo Fx lecture in Austin. The case shocked many in the audience. After his surgery, he did not improve, and his partner, a friend of mine, suggested he come see me. His dad was a neurosurgeon, so, I did not know what to expect from him. After meeting with him, and hearing his story and seeing the outcome, I realized he felt his career was over. I told him that if he checked the conventional wisdom we both learned in medical school at the door, that I might help him. In 6 weeks he went from not being able to walk or use his dominant hand to being able to run up stairs and coach his children’s soccer game.

In two months, he was back to work full time with very little problems noted. I used some of the things I learned in the Ancient Pathway to help Brent regain his function and life. I introduced him to the paleolithic diet and to cold thermogenesis. Yes, I have a video of him too. Those of you who were at Paleo fx heard and saw his story.

Then in November 2011, Dr. Terry Wahl’s TEDx video on curing her Multiple Sclerosis hit the internet.  Terry inspired me to write my book.  She used only her version of the paleolithic diet to reverse secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Her story captured the hearts of many and really caught hold in the paleosphere. It caught medicine off guard too, and  I loved it. After her talk she motivated me to step up my game.  I decided to execute the third and final thought experiment that I originally had at the foot of the statue of Michaelangelo’s, David. It was the hardest of the 3 experiments to complete, because I knew what it meant I had to do.

I had to perform the first ever evolutionary directed human experiment on a human, to prove that the paleolithic diet is the preferred diet of the Ancient Pathway. Moreover, that the Ancient Pathway still exists in all humans today by performing a surgery on a human without any antibiotics or local anaesthetics or narcotic pain meds peri-opreratively. Finding someone to agree to this was not going to be easy. Moreover, I had to raise the stakes to prove that immunity is up regulated in the cold by using a “nasty” bacteria that modern medicine has trouble dealing with.

I knew that if I could use Cold Thermogenesis to block all the pain and use the cold to upregulate immunity by raising cortisol, that this could help modern man immensely. So what did I do? I could not ask a modern human to do this ethically, so I asked the one person who I knew could consent to it. I used myself. I sent the pictures of the event to a CBS reporter I met at Paleo Fx 2012.  I pulled the same page from the play book as the other rule breakers above did,  to prove a point.

On January 9th 2012, I decided to perform the first ever evolutionary directed clinical experiment on a human being that I know of. I had an elective surgery done on myself.  I wrote about the event and the evolutionary reasons in my book. Yes, after it was all completed, I told the surgeon and my team. These people work with me daily, so I wanted to make sure they knew about it before anyone else did. I also wanted them to know why I did it too, and I showed them why too.

Some, in the paleosphere think this was a risky move. It is only risky when you do not know or understand all the factors involved. I did not think this was risky at all based upon what I knew and what Wim Hof already showed me observationally in the video above. The hysteria that I have witnessed about this event is clearly made by people who have no clue how observational clinical studies can lead to dramatic changes in understanding in science.  Barry Marshall knew he had no risk before he drank the H. pylori because he knew he could cure it. I felt the same way.  Cold lowers our infection risk because it changes the density of water and allows our immune system to work better while it slows the biochemistry of bacteria.   In fact, this move has been used by many others before me too. I gave many examples at how this method was used in medicine and industry earlier in this blog. My tact was not new at all; others have used it to make a point to doubters in the recent past. It appears many are unaware of this.

My hypothesis for this evolutionary directed experiment was that I would not get an infection or need any pain medications, if in fact the Ancient Pathway was still buried in my peripheral and central nervous system by Mother Nature. I felt the risk was very low because I had a ton of data I collected the last 6.5 years, showing me it was present in all mammals for an evolutionary reason. Humans are still classified as mammals by science last I checked, so I went ahead with my third experiment confidently.

Why did I do this?

What made this all worthwhile for me? Well, let me tell you about Mr. Lonnie Daniels. He has been a patient of mine for two years. Up until my Jan 9th experiment modern healthcare could not help him further. He was relegated to pain management for his condition because he was too high risk for a surgical option. This caused him to accepted limited mobility and he even had to resort to use of wheelchair to live. He is a very fragile T2D who was not a candidate for any major spinal surgery because of his poor medical condition.

When he came to visit me once again in November of 2011, he was no longer able to walk into my office and he was in a wheel chair. He begged me to help him. See, Mr. Daniels has a zest for life, and he was not happy with the hand he was currently dealt. He is a very accomplished musician and he wanted to live life on his terms and not on the terms his health was dishing out to him. I told him that if he was willing to make some lifestyle changes that were dramatic immediately, that I might be able to help him. I told him that I needed him to eat a strict ketogenic Epi-paleo diet right away, and that he had to begin to ice his lower back and thighs for me daily. He told me the request sounded odd, but that if I was going to try to help him he would do anything at this point because no one else had any answers for him.

Lonnie is a fabulous man and person. Lonnie did exactly what I told him. I went on to tell Lonnie that I was taking a few weeks off in early January to test this theory out in humans before I could use it to help him in his upcoming surgery. I told him that if the experiment flopped, I would not be able to operate on him and I would call him at once to cancel the surgery. He understood, and I told him I would call him on January 10th to let him know if it worked. Well, long story short, it did work. I immediately scheduled Mr. Daniels for a major spinal reconstruction operation on January 27th 2012.

I took the success of my idea, directly, to help Mr. Daniels less than three weeks later. He was high risk for developing an infection, because he was a fragile diabetic, and the proposed procedure he was having had a high complication rate in his case. In a healthy human, this operation would call for a 5-7 day recovery in the hospital with a 3 −4 week stay in a rehab facility. During this time he would be on high dose narcotics to control his pain. This alone could lead to other new problems like bowel obstruction or mental confusion or a fall. The total recovery for this operation is 3-6 months in a normal person. In Mr. Daniels case, he might never recover, or be worse off. Mr. Daniels knew all this going in and told me he could no longer live the life he was living.

Before surgery I made sure Lonnie was still eating the diet I prescribed and using the cold. He was. I told him that in his post operative state, he was not going to like me much because I was going to freeze him on a 50 degree sheet of ice. I told him I would give him a narcotic pain pump to control his pain and I was going to start some medications on him that were not ordinary for this condition to help facilitate the cold in healing him and increasing his immune system. He consented after knowing all the risks and benefits of the procedure and he then had a four long surgery to open and completely reconstruct his spine.

In this surgery I made a ten inch incision in his back from skin to spinal level on both sides and then proceeded to place 8, four inch screws in his back, while decompressing 80 years worth of osteoarthritis and degeneration caused by his longstanding diabetes and medical co-morbities. Lonnie tolerated the surgical procedure and anesthesia risks the day of surgery. He left the hospital in 2.5 days, far shorter than the prediction that one would find in most spinal textbooks of today. He used very little narcotics from his PCA pump because the ice blanket took most of his pain away. The ice sheet was tough on him for sure, but he endured it because I told him it was a must to get him through this operation safely. In the end, it worked well for Lonnie.

His operation was several orders of magnitude greater than the one I had done on myself. If this worked on him I knew that this was a huge clinical “observation” I had made.  This observation might be the jumping point to new research to lower pain medication use and help decrease infection rates in surgery.  Moreover, he also carried huge risks for infection because he was a diabetic with large metallic foreign bodies placed in his back during the surgery. Lonnie got no infection at all during this and he also was in a hospital and rehab facility where MRSA is a present in abundance. He was a t high risk for DVT too and he was not placed upon any medications to prevent it, and he got no DVT either.

In fact, he healed up faster than a person without diabetes, or who was 80 years old! He spent only 5 total days at rehab. I still find this hard to fathom. This was better than I thought he would do. When he was at rehab, I got reports from the rehab team that he was playing his banjo for other patients as they recovered. He had no pain and only a short decrease in stamina. I think what he calls a decrease in stamina and what I consider a decrease in stamina for a fresh post op 80 yr old diabetic is different. What Lonnie did was nothing short of remarkable, to me, or to his family.

In the hospital and the rehab facility, he used very little pain medicine too. He went home after just 5 days in rehab. He came to see me in clinic about post op day fourteen and he had a big smile on his face. Lonnie’s face showed the results of cold thermogenesis when he came back to see me two weeks after his operation. He walked in, with no wheelchair, walker, or walking stick and handed me his pain medications and told me this was the best he felt in 20 years! I was dumbfounded. I thought he would do well……..but not this well. Here is the video Lonnie made with me about two weeks after his surgery.

I spoke about this case at my Nashville talk. Doing talks is all about sharing good ideas. I think my theory about the Ancient Pathway is an idea worth sharing because the implications are immense for modern healthcare. Ideation without execution of the idea just leads to deletion of that idea. I no longer think my idea can die on the vine.

The clinical results I am generating now in my clinic using what I learned from my own surgery on January 9th are nothing short of remarkable. I have many of them documented now. I was the first human to show a remarkable recovery with no pain or infection. Lonnie Daniels is the second. There are others too now.

My last point to all of you reading this is simple. Sometimes to solve a problem we have to think differently about how to do it to become successful. Many of my critics have said what I did to myself was reckless. I never believed it was reckless because I already knew the concept was solid and theory had a ton of supporting evidence present if they just had looked as I had. It is only reckless, when there is no evidence supporting it. They believed that there was none, hence their false beliefs.

I knew differently. Moreover, just because the critic is unaware of the supporting evidence, should not stop the person with the idea to further our progress. What was not present to them, was the written or experimental “proof of the concept” explained in modern hominids of today. On January 9th, 2012, I proved to myself, that the Ancient Pathway was present in me.

On January 27th I proved it was present in our species and it confirmed what Wim Hof led me to believe.  Wim is a trailblazer.  Critics will still doubt, and that is fine by me. In three weeks after my own surgery, I used what I had learned, to radically change the life of an elderly man who wanted help that modern medicine said was impossible. It also showed me that I could use it to help others get better where modern medicine could no longer help them.

Progress doesn’t just have to happen in the laboratory or on a research bench or via a conventional randomized controlled trial. This is a neolithic thought with no foundation. Sometimes being “directionally accurate” is all it takes to help a human clinically. This is why medicine is both an art and a science. The things that trip up a scientist, do not have to make a clinician trip, if they evaluate the clinical risk and deem it safe on a human before they apply it. I did just that, by doing it on me first.

Dane Miller, Barry Marshall, Einstein, Ghandi, Wim Hof, Dr. Terry Wahl, and many others have showed it can happen in every day life, through personal experiences, and challenging the status quo. Those personal experiences might help others quickly live a life that was closed to them in the older paradigm of health care. I took my experiment on January 9th and changed one man’s fortune on January 27th. I knew this biology was present in us, so there was no risk to me at all.

Sometimes the major question we face in life, is can we step outside our own comfort zone to make progress?

A Paleo fx leader posted something on my FB wall that makes a great point for all to consider. What was said, instead of criticizing me for doing what I did on myself on January 9th, why don’t we ask the following questions to researchers to spur further research/inquiry:

1) What was different about Wim Hof  that allowed his immune system to be completely resistant to the endotoxin and/or MRSA? Is it just coincidence that he was cold adapted or not? In Wim’s case we know his cortisol levels were abnormally high to offset this according to the tests run on him during his own experiment. Dr. Kruse’s CT-6 blog lays that same foundational biochemistry in the neural circuits of the human brain. Is this also a coincidence? Why don’t we know about this in modern textbooks?

2) What if biochemistry and biologic research studies have reached incorrect conclusions based on the fact that they are primarily done in warm adapted mammals? Should a cold adapted set of studies be funded and undertaken to dispel/prove what Dr. Kruse alleges to be the case? Can this be proven today in humans using a clinical study or would it require a detailed expensive trial?

3) What if cold adapted patients start showing up at clinics after surgery for their post-op checkups and start handing the surgeons and clinicians their pain medications(unnecessary and unused)? Big implications for Big-Pharma and modern medicine, no? There would be big implications for chronic management of pain in both the home and clinical setting as well, no?

Doesn’t this make the reasonable case for why a ‘fresh look’ needs to be taken at the research, biologic assumptions and biochemistry of mammals (and humans) if there are any examples that this actually is possible?

The potential benefits and implications are just too big to ignore…

I appreciate that leader sticking their “neck out” into the oncoming arrows of the Paleo elitists and their followers. But as most people who uncover new biological discoveries…the science will eventually prove who is correct, and who is afraid to push the boundaries of our knowledge. The only thing in real question left now, is the relative speed the rest of the world catches up to the thinkers of the new concepts or theories.  Now is the time to “research” the implications of the observation.

Sometimes the thinkers are not the discovers of new science or a thing at all. They just are more observant of present day paradox and ambiguity, and look to explain it, by using what they do know to be true. I think Jenner, Galileo, and Einstein all fit that bill too. It seems that the zeitgeist of today, with its inherent power can color the acceptance or rejection of new ideas. I think what has occurred in healthcare lately fits that bill to a T, as well. All things are subject to interpretation, and whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of the power of the day, and not to the ultimate truth it reveals. Frederick Nietzche was a smart dude for making that quote long ago.

In my view, there are far too many examples in our modern world where cold adaptation does amazing things for humans that we remain blind too today. This paradox has fascinated me for over a decade now. So, I decided to seriously look into it as an observant clinician would to see if I could somehow understand it to help my patients in some fashion. Moreover, it has been shown even to the lay public, in periodicals, that in biology, the genome may not be all that important in the grand scale of things.

It now appears the epigenome, which is controlled by environmental factors, is the most important factor that affects genetic expression of our genes and how we respond to food and hormones. Read this link for some eye opening findings that are true but the implications of most are currently not appreciated by my critics or by modern science for that matter because they have not been seriously studied.

What examples do we have to show this paradox?

Here is a small sample of a few articles that show many humans can do things the critics say they can’t do. Well, when we know it truly has occurred, instead of denying their existence as they have done to Wim Hof, maybe we should begin to look for reasons why they can do it. Maybe in those answers we might find something that can better humanity. We all have a duty to master the talents buried within us in my view.

E. Douglas Mawson recounts his expedition in his epic book, “Home of the Blizzard”: This Australian was a key figure in the so-called Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. His Australian Antarctic Expedition, which begun in December 1911, however, nearly saw the end of his adventures forever. He was the only survivor in his team after his fellow explorer, Lieutenant Ninnis, fell through a crevice with the dogs and supplies and were lost. The other member of his exploration team, Xavier Mertz, died from a combination of weakness, cold and vitamin A poisoning from eating dog livers. Ironically, Mawson fed the weaker Mertz the dog livers thinking they were more nourishing than the muscle tissue of the dogs which led to Hypervitaminosis A. Mawson, ironically was a vegetarian and he ate more of the skeletal muscle and less of the husky liver offal, continued on alone and fell into a crevasse and saved himself by wedging his sledge above him and using the cold ice to sustain his food source and his body to survive to travel the last 100 miles. So bad was his condition when he arrived at base camp, his rescuer exclaimed, “My God, which one are you?” But he survived without much food in the bitter cold. This was rather remarkable.

F. The Andes Flight disaster that the book Alive is based upon: Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 was flying over the Andes on Friday 13 October 1972 when it crashed into peaks hidden by cloud. It was carrying the Uruguayan Stella Marris College rugby team to a match in Chile, but only 16 lived to tell the tale. The others died during the crash, in the days soon after from injuries or cold, and eight succumbed to an avalanche on the 17th day. The stranded survivors were left with no option but to eat the flesh of their dead teammates and adapt to living in the extreme conditions. The remaining men were found almost 10 weeks in cold that approached minus 30-40 degree F in deep snow falls, following the initial crash when two members went on an expedition and flagged down a passing Chilean horseman.

G. Kenai girl credited with saving friends in Tustumena Lake accident | Alaska Dispatch: One Friday, a father was taking his daughters and friends to a remote public use cabin on the shore of Tustumena Lake. They were traveling in an 18 ft skiff. Conditions were good when they started across the lake. Tustumena Lake is about 25 miles long by about 6 miles wide. At its upper end it is fed by a large glacier. It is notorious for having strong winds come up suddenly off the glacier, leading to severe waves. The lake is relatively shallow in spots which makes the waves even worse. Water temperature is around 40-45 deg F. Some say this is impossible, yet it still happened on our planet to a modern human. Why?

Part way across the conditions became severe and swamped the boat, and all five people ended up in the water. The father was trying to tow one girl (according to one report she was having problems with a poorly fitting pfd). He and that girl died, apparently from hypothermia. However the other three girls were able to swim (wearing life jackets) for an estimated two hours in 40-45 F water and made it to shore. They then walked to another cabin, got a fire going, and were ultimately rescued alive. (Some critics say Navy doctors all know this impossible, I guess the impossible can happen only when you are unaware of it?)

To quote from the article: “Although it’s commonly believed by many in Alaska that if you fall in water as cold as that draining off the Tustumena Glacier into Tustumena Lake you only have minutes to live, that belief is a now a myth to many of the locals because of this story. As long as people survive the sudden shock of the water, which can cause them to reflexively inhale and drown, they can survive for hours, said Jeff Johnson, the state director of Boating Safety. PFDs, he added, are vital for surviving those first few seconds or minutes. People have been known to hit the cold water in Alaska, sink out of sight, inhale water, and never come back up. A life jacket, however, will always bring them to the surface and at least give them a chance. The Tustumena accident, he said, underlines the value of PFDs.”


A point I would like to make to all my readers is this; If you cold adapt using my protocol you will never drown by inhaling the cold water and die of sudden shock. This is the entire point of my Cold Thermogenesis protocol. Navy doctors are unaware of it because the people they treat are never cold adapted! Just because they are not cold adapted, does not also mean that the ability is not present in humans. Once they become adapted they have even more amazing abilities. Some have said it is just a hormetic ability. That is also a bad assumption based upon my own clinical observations and the things I have been able to use it for in my clinic. It shows you the person making the claim has no clue about the quantum effects of cold on water chemistry.  Soon you will see those abilities and results. Those results will force you to consider that maybe there is a lot more to this cold adaptation.

Critics are people who have lost there own ability to dream and create. Intellectuals are people who believe that ideas are of more importance than values. That is to say, their own ideas and other people’s values. Negative feedback can make us bitter or it can make us better. When we let go of what we are and how we feel, it allows us to become what we might be. Leadership always starts with thinking for yourself.

Liking me is not your job…it is mine. I have to live with myself, and you with yourself.

I know that biology has an epistemologic foundation in evolutionary biology now. I need to prove that to modern medicine now, not to the paleosphere. I really do not care if our community buys it or not, because I can tell you I have enough to prove it already clinically. Maybe that is the real problem for some.

People want me to care what they think and want me to be a guy like Robb Wolf. I can’t be him. He swims in a different fish bowl than I do. Robb knows full well, what I am up against in my world of healthcare. He has voiced his opinion on the healthcare complex in many venues. This is why I have to proceed differently. If that you percieve my methods different, they are that way, by design. But what I am telling you should not be discarded because you dislike how I am telling you. You should listen to the results of what I have found in humans. Then you should think about the implications of what it might mean to your own currently held dogma.

Many smart people are already working on this biology. Just look at Wim Hof’s video I showed you earlier. Ray Cronise, a former NASA scientist is also doing some amazing things in this arena.  Soon scientists across many disciplines will prove me correct. Why am I confident of it?  Because it uses the laws of nature laid out by Einstein’s Quantum electrodynamic theory.  Soon you will learn about this.

Most elite athletes in profession sports are using CT today. NASA is using it and they have recently sold technology to a company named VASPER in California to do some amazing things to the people who employ it. We need to begin to use evolutionary biology in modern medicine to dictate the decisions we make. Moreover, what I have also found shows that the Epi-paleo diet is selected for specifically by Mother Nature. This should really make many of you out there, pleased.  It has not.  Too bad for you.  How will I do it wont be to everyone’s liking. I am fine with that too. I am not trying to convince people to” try” the diet as Robb or Mark are doing. They are the face of Paleo. I do not have the Paleo label anywhere on my brand. The diet is a part of a larger story that I think will change medicine.  For me, the diet is a tool I use to sculpt masterpieces of formerly broken people.

I am using it clinically to heal patients currently thought to be helpless. The Epi-paleo Rx is just a part of the Ancient Pathway. It is a tool for my clinical practice. In the coming months you are going to hear a lot more about the things I am doing to help people get better using what I have learned. The “soul of biology” knows how to heal itself, the key modern challenge is to learn to silence the modern mind and its beliefs simultaneously.

The power of observation is critical. We don’t know who discovered water, but we know it wasn’t the fish. Reason, Observation, and Experience is the Holy Trinity of Science!

Einstein didn’t wait until he was Einstein to perform like an Einstein. Every problem we face in life has a solution, if we dig deep for it and do not fall back on what we currently believe to be true. Just because we do not see it does not mean it does not exist! We all need to begin to become aware of the things that are present in life, but appear paradoxical, and try to explain them by the things we know. The key to winning is beginning to think, then executing on that idea. Every pro was once an amateur, and every expert was once a beginner.

Your innate talent is your gift. It is your obligation to bridge the gap between your humanity to get to your divinity.

And I want to end CT 9 with this video:

For more Cold Thermogenesis click here

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