Cold Thermogenesis 4: The Holy Trinity

Readers Summary

  1. A book as a mirror can make you face a new reality
  2. Does sharing what you know close gaps you helped create?
  3. Does the unification of facts lead to wisdom?
  4. Can thoughts change our DNAor mtDNA?
  5. What is “the holy trinity” for our species?

I just want to thank Sean Croxton for asking me to present at Paleo Summit today. The ideas discussed began with a podcast I did with Jimmy Moore, #474. Before I begin here today, I strongly suggest you listen to the Jimmy Moore podcast I did in May of 2011 as a primer for this blog post. It’s going to be a long one, so open a glass of wine as the sun sets tonight. However, I think you need to hear it all tonight since I have your attention from the Paleo Summit. I have planned for this day for some time. I am humbled to share this with you all. It was hard for me to write.

If any of you remember when I first gave my initial thoughts on leptin publicly, it was on a podcast I did with Jimmy Moore in May 2011. I discussed the things that transformed my thinking back then. Most of the time I spent with Jimmy, we talked about leptin. In the beginning of the podcast, I mentioned a person who saw me injure myself as I stood up to give a lecture, and told me she knew precisely why I hurt my knee. At the time, I thought I had a good handle on these modern medicine principles she mentioned so I was a skeptical of her thoughts. She told me when I got home she was going to send me a few papers and a book to read. The book was called “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari.” She was emphatic that I read the book before the papers. Then, she told me to read six specific papers in the order they were numbered and then reflect on what I had just read.

She wanted me to make connections because she knew me personally and how I think about science and biology. She knew about my childhood and, how I felt about that too. She confided to me later that year, that because she knew this information I would make the necessary connections to solve my own problems. Honestly, that knee injury was the best thing that ever happened in my life. Her primal instincts to share with me was probably the second best thing. What has happened since then to me is a story for the opening of Paleo Fx in Austin in two weeks.

My brain thinks horizontally and vertically. Most people work in the vertical dimension because of how we are taught to think in modern times. This method of education leads physicians, scientists, and most of the world to a habit or thinking reductively about all things. We all need to rethink how we think about all things, as I spoke about today in my talk with Sean. In addition, I was not born with this ability to think horizontally or vertically. I taught myself how to do it as a kid, when I learned how Einstein, DaVinci, and Michelangelo thought. Instinctively, I knew I had no one around me that thought like this because no one was as successful as them. My mom knew this too, but she never told me back then. She was always afraid of life, but she taught me that fear freezes you until you stop cowering to it. She told me that life begins at the edge of our comfort zone, but too often our fears keep us from going there. It was also implied by our circumstances back then. We had to rely on others to survive, and they made sure we knew about it in many subtle ways. Even as a kid I could feel that and it was uneasy. I learned a lot from this time. This did not sit well with me as a child, and it fueled my curiosity. I told my mom in first grade that I never wanted to live like this when I grew up. She told me that if I wanted to change my lot in life I had to learn things and begin to create my own reality. I can hear her saying that as I type these words with tears in my eyes. It was the greatest gift my mother ever gave to me. I am sad that I never told her that before she died. I am also sad that she never saw the true power of that lesson unleashed. Ironically, what I uncovered here might have allowed her to do just that, if I would have begun it sooner. That is a regret I will have to live with. I am hoping to close that wound by sharing it with all of you now.

In second grade, I thought that if I wanted to be good at life I had to learn to think like the best thinkers I knew of. My mom told me the best thinker’s ideas all lived in museums. I lived in NYC, so I had plenty of mentors to study from. My mom used to give me $1, and I would use 35 cents each way on the subway to go to the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Back then, it was safe for a little kid to travel the subway all alone. It left me 30 cents. 25 cents would be spent on a giant NYC pretzel bought outside the entrance on hot burning grills. I can still smell them. I would sneak them under my coat. In those days, to gain entrance to that magnificent place, you just had to make a donation. I only had five cents left, so I used to give them what I had left over. On average, I went to this place a hundred days out of my year from second grade until seventh grade. The ladies at the entrance began to recognize me, and befriend me. I told them why I came so often, and they were really nice to me. They always let me bring my pretzel inside, as long as I agreed not to make a mess. In winter, they often gave me hot chocolate to drink.

They told me about tours going on that I could follow along and learn about. I went on hundreds of these expeditions through the museum and learned so many facts. It was an incredible experience. As I learned them, I wrote down these facts in a notebook. On the way home on the subway, I would study them and make notes about what I needed to learn in the school. My school had a big library across the street so this was made following up an easy task. The more facts I learned, the more connections I made. The more connections I made, the more things that made sense. From that I gained a deep insight of how things worked, and from those facts I gained wisdom at an early age regarding science and biology.

I had always wanted to be a doctor, so I just went ahead and did it. All the experiences I had as a child made the schooling part easy. When I became a physician, I began to let others train my mind to get where I wanted to be. I knew they knew more than me, and they were going to take me around the human body for 13 years.

This is where things began to unravel for me. I never realized it fully, until I read a book, “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”. When I opened that book and read the first two chapters, I saw myself, obese and complacent in life. I was a shell of a person and did not represent what I wanted to be. I was a mediocre specimen of a human.

The book was a mirror in which I saw myself. But what really caught my attention was what written in Chapter three on page 13,

“ I saw a man becoming transformed, by a bunch of Monks who lived in the Himalaya’s. It was said most of them lived to be over 100 years old on little food, in the cold, and were incredibly productive. I wondered to myself, could this really occur in life or was it just part of the story?”

The more I read, the more the book brought me back to my days at the museum as a young boy. I began to think about it more.

I progressed on to the scientific papers I was sent. They main topics discussed were cytokines, leptin, cell membrane chemistry, and obesity. After a very short while, things clicked. I stopped the majority of what I was doing and went to the medical school library. I was like a great white shark in a group of seals for 8 months.

When I emerged, I felt that I had discovered something big that was right under my nose all along. I had never put two and two together, because I was trained to stop thinking like me and start thinking like those who trained me. Sometimes we need to be constantly reminded of the basics of life so we remain directed at our life’s purpose. When we live by assumptions, too often we forget its fundamental concepts. I realized I had to stop living by the life’s assumptions I acquired from medical training. When you assume things about the basics of life and forget what they really are made of, errors in judgment often follow. Since reading the book, I began to to find time every morning at sunrise to reconnect with those fundamentals in my life.

So what did I realize?

When I married the concepts of book and the papers, it dawned on me that life around the Himalaya’s really mimicked life on our planet. In fact, the Asian philosophy “Yin and Yang” was seen best in the geographic map of India. If you draw a line between northern and southern India, you see in the south, near the equator at sea level, there are millions of vegetarians who today suffer from ridiculous amounts of autoimmune disease and diabetes (Even more so than we see in the USA today). In their remote past this was not true. In the North, we see Sherpa’s and Himalayan Monks who routinely live to hundreds of years old in subarctic conditions on top of mountains where the air is thin, UV light more powerful, in mountains that seem to reach the sky. Moreover, they eat few calories, wear few clothes, hardly eat or drink, have low stress, great immunity, and are smart and happy people. They were everything the people in the south were not. They were polar opposites.

My instincts told me that this was not a function of just their mindfulness practices. I thought it had to be part of our biology. I remembered from my youth, that the Sherpa’s were the only humans that had really lived in this environment for the last 25,000 years. They also ate a very different diet than the rest of India. It was one that was heavily skewed to animal protein and fats. In addition, no carbs really grow that high up in those temperatures with any regularity. Not even the Inuit have lived in the Arctic as long as the Sherpa’s have in the Himalayas. The Inuit also ate an animal diet high in marine mammals without much UV light because of their high latitude. Both diets were mostly ketogenic.

I was standing at the foot of Michelangelo’s David in Florence, Italy when it all clicked. I bought a notebook and started writing it all down. Honestly, I don’t really remember the rest of the trip. I was making connections every minute of the day for weeks. I studied and read more. For 14 hours on the plane ride home, I was a Google master and did not sleep a wink. When I stepped off the plane, I had written down something called, the Holy Trinity of longevity.

What is the Holy Trinity?

It began as a simple thought experiment on the plane. I made believe in my mind, that I was a cell at the beginning of life on earth, and thought about what happened to me as time progressed. Then I did the same thing as if I were a human in southern India as we crashed into the Asian plate over time. I thought about what I had to do to adapt to a new life to survive this event. I took facts that we know to be true in biology today and came up with several ideas to test.

CRON or calorie restriction dieting: We learned in the 1930′s calorie restriction extends life in rodents. We have been testing it on many animals ever since. We are currently testing it on primates and humans today. So far, the results have been interesting in most species for life extension. The problem that has developed is in higher animals who can make choices about their environment is that calorie restriction is not a good strategy for longevity. It induces hunger in them all. Primates and humans begin to find novel ways of eating to get around the protocol. This affects results of the experiment. We also recently found out about natural chemicals in the environment that can also stimulate this calorie restriction pathway in the 2000′s from researchers like Sinclair and Guarente. Resveratrol, curcumin, and metformin are examples. They are all flavinols that contain quinones.  They have been extensively studied, and I read a lot about them all. They have a levee in my quilt.

I then thought back to page 13 of the “Ferrari book”. It said these monks lived routinely to 100 years old. It also reported a burnt out lawyer, Julian Battle, returned to his firm, 3 years later, looking 25 years younger and fitter than a fiddle! I thought this had to be fiction, but then I wondered could this possibly be biologically based upon my thought experiments I had from the plane ride home? I looked for other clues to this puzzle.

HCG LINK (the HCG diet): Back home in Nashville, I had to chance to operate on a morbidly obese 25-year-old with an acute disc herniation. She was 5 foot and about 300 pounds. She was miserable and could not walk and had foot drop from an L5 root compression. When I did her operation, I found she had the bones of an old person. The operation was a success, but her bone quality haunted me. She was happy, but she did not care about her bone loss. She told me her PCP had recently checked her Vitamin D level and found it was quite low at 8 ng/ml. She also told me that she was supplementing with vitamin D3 (she never went outside) and she was using HCG to lose weight. She, in fact, was able to lose 50 pounds in the prior 3 months using it. She told me she could eat 500 calories and she was not hungry at all! I immediately thought this was hard to fathom as a physician, but as she walked out of my clinic, I asked her some more questions. I had an insight. I went home and read about the HCG protocol of Dr. Simeon. I then went to HCG boards on the net to read about people’s experiences with hunger on this diet.

Instead of dismissing it dogmatically, I wondered if it actually could work somehow. I wonder how it could with the brain networks I knew existed in humans. I looked for one that fit. I married the HCG diet effects with the calorie restriction (CRON) diet effects and saw a complementary pair of findings. The puzzle did not fit. Then, I wondered about the equatorial line that demarcates northern and southern India, and the stark differences between humans who live below this line and what they face in their environments. It hit me suddenly. “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” stumbled into a life, a new environment,  that activated an ancient brain pathway that guarantees survival and longevity in the COLD. CRON, HCG, and the COLD formed the HOLY TRINITY that transformed Julian Battle in the book. They only work when the cell is well hydrated and oxygenated from an intracellular perspective.  This was not the action of a fiction writer.

The Meaning

The people in the warm south eating plants and carbs, only get the promise of having many neolithic diseases. The people of the north got something quite different. They received healthy longevity. It seemed the modern world attributed their abilities to the mindfulness. I did not any longer. In addition, I also realized this mental map of the Indian continent also simulated the earth environments from the equator to its poles! Life at the poles was far different than at the equator. The main difference was there was not a lot of humans at the poles but there were plenty of mammals. These mammals all had to use HCG in their placentas to have offspring!

The thought occurred to me that maybe HCG and CRON were tied together? I realized that the Monks and Sherpa’s could do many things that calorie restricted primates could not do in CRON trials. They could also do all the things that have eluded humans using the HCG diet as well. It clicked. The cold environment is what tied them together. So I went on a quest to find a brain pathway that could allow for humans to have this ability. This time, I found it quickly. It was the leptin-melanocortin pathway. All the parts were there but nothing seemed to fit the current knowledge of how our biochemistry worked in cold adaptation. I also found that this pathway was present in every mammal on earth, whether they use it or not. This had to be important somehow.

It dawned on me, all the papers I was sent were about cytokines, obesity, and leptin from Amgen’s trials on synthetic leptin. My primal instinct hit me again. They were all connected by leptin in some way! So I immediately went to the library to see what made Sherpas and Monks different than a vegetarian in the cold. I then found out about Loren Cordain and the paleolithic diet. I also learned of Dr. Rosedale’s work on the treatment of diabetics and how the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) changes in cold. That last finding was key for me; It was the moment my life changed. Neither of them, however, were headed where I was based on my reading. After synthesizing all the facts, I came up with a theory that I had to test.

My thought experiment

I felt that this pathway in humans was hardwired into our brains, but long-buried from our awareness. This is because we evolved as hominids in a warm environment and never needed the program until India crashed into Asia! Essentially we evolved into a mismatched scenario. Evidence has shown we left Africa to populate the world follow water pathways.  Our rapid brain growth from primates further hid this pathway from our awareness because as time proceeds, evolution tends to speed up. Epigenetics would have also had to speed up, so this meant that humans faced a bigger mismatch if they lived outside their circadian biology! This implied to me my obesity might be reversible. It also implied to me that health, pain control, and longevity were coupled here as well.

What functions would this ancient pathway have to include?

I knew it had to be an old pathway that wired the paleo-cortex to the hypothalamus. The outflow of this tract had to land on the primate reward tracts to altered behavior dramatically. I realized immediately that the reward tracts behavior would be controlled solely by this pathway in order to do all the things the Sherpa’s and Monks could do in real life. I went back to my thought experiment on the plane and realized that some evolutionary factor must have selected for longevity and optimal health on a diet of few calories while things were cold. Might this be how life began, I thought? It also had to work without stimulation of any hunger or with appetite being raised. Simultaneously, it would have to raise our immunity while decreasing our stress too. It would have to select for an increase of our adrenal function but decrease our ability to sense pain, totally quench our thirst or need to urinate, all while increasing our ability to learn. It also would need to increase our ability to reproduce too; it would select for increase body mass and decreased fat as well. It would also have to induce sleep for autophagy. It would have to do all this, while we were able to eat less as well. Honestly, this kind of pathway sounded too good to be true to me. This is precisely the ability Sherpa’s and Monks exhibit on their ketogenic diets.

Is the holy trinity real?

It sounded like the perfect pathway for optimal living to me. I could not believe this book contained the clues to this ancient pathway. The book was a fable, but I realized it might be true because of the Sherpa’s and the map of India. All the wiring in the brain completely fit like a glove. If you read Chapter three in the Monk book, his old associate says that Julian Battle comes back looking new and 25 years younger. It appears the story was created from the mind of a great fiction writer. I immediately knew it was not. Not only was this possible, but we all have the ability to tap it. Why?

I knew about the Sherpa’s present-day superhuman abilities from my youth from the museum! They could do all this stuff in real life, so it had to have a real brain pathway! The signs in biology were right in front of my eyes from a fable! The six papers I had in my possession made all the links to the ancient pathway. Everyone in the world knew about calorie restriction for longevity, few realized the promise of HCG diet in this role, leptin was the new kid on the block. The cold environment was the only thing that unified them all to allow the pathway to become active in humans. Unusual circumstances, it seemed to me, is why no one put it all together. As an obese neurosurgeon, with a book about a Monk in my hand, it made too much sense to me.

This began 6.5 years of thought experiments that ended in three major experiments I performed to disprove my theory. First, was to prove I could reverse my own obesity with the Leptin Rx reset using this pathway to my advantage. I lost 77 lbs in 3 months and 133 pounds in 11 months without any hunger. It seemed too easy. I then fixed my son and my nephew too, as the first two patients who used the Leptin Rx. Their results were even more dramatic. It has helped hundreds of my own patients too. Since I gave it to the world last year on my blog, it has helped thousands of people worldwide.

The next two train stops in my mind were tougher tests. I had to prove I could get younger like the Monk did. After I lost weight, I did look younger, but was I really? I got my telomere lengths checked before and after the weight loss and I found that part of the experiment worked too. My telomeres are longer today than they were in 2006, 2009 and in 2012 when I checked them.  Many people found this hard to believe but this was just published in 2013 after this blog was originally written.

Watch this video for an explanation of the implications:

The neurosurgery link

The last test of the equation was really tricky one. As a neurosurgeon, I deal with pain all day long in my practice. On my business card, it says, “I try to limit pain and discomfort.” Sometimes with surgery, I can do this, but many times I inflict deep pain for life unknowingly. I wondered if this pathway could help those patients too. I wondered if all those amazing things the Monks are said to be able to do involving pain relief are really biologically possible. So I tested that one too, on January 9, 2012. Check three. It also worked. Every time I tried to disprove what I had found, I lost. This implied I discovered something huge.

Now I am sharing it with all of you here. For 15 years of my professional life, I got away from the essence of what being a physician really should be. I stopped dead in my tracks when I read this book in 2006. It changed me, my life, my job, my family…and now I am going to change yours too if you want it as well.

The holy trinity implications

This information has huge implications. The metabolic trap door exists in our eye which feeds the environmental data to the SCN.  All longevity research currently says that high levels of activity in IGF-1 and mTOR pathways cause premature aging and all the diseases of aging. After 2006, I no longer bought that dogma any longer. It helped explain why fit elderly people all had great body composition in my clinic and were not dying but thriving. They all ate a pro-mTOR and IGF-1 diets and many did things to increase both pathways to get better too. This flew in the face of the longevity research published. I knew why the data was contrary to my clinical observations now. No one knew that mammals had a thermoplastic biochemistry! This was never controlled for in any longevity research. Moreover, it was never controlled for in any research on humans or on primates. This implied that mTOR and IGF-1 are required for longevity and not associated with death as CW said!  Here is proof I was right and others need to retreat from their diet recommendations.

I tried to tell you all last year but got shot down twice

Those with longevity in my practice usually have great muscle mass. I even mentioned this at one time to Paul Jaminet, on his Facebook wall after I began reading about his Perfect Health Diet, before Jimmy’s podcast. I friended him and posted this info on his wall before I had a blog, to see if it intrigued him. Given what was in his diet, I thought he might be shocked but what I found. His diet was firmly Paleolithic, but not optimal for longevity or healthy lifespan considering what I stumbled into. There clearly was a better way.  Grass-fed animals offer small amounts of DHA compared to the marine food chain.  I was looking for a way to tell people what I found. I thought this may be a good way to introduce things to this community. The Paleo lifestyle was new to me. Paul is very friendly to his readers and I liked that. I was concerned, however, that some of his views on consuming carbohydrates out of circadian cycles, were not perfect for humans though. Most of the times his recommendations were spot on, but not all were. I wanted to correct this as a physician.

I think my thought did intrigue him, and he offered me to write a guest blog about this for him. This was before I had a blog. I thought sharing it with Paul would be a good venue. He did not pursue it.  So, I went to another site and started dropping some of the theory in a piecemeal fashion. That was not a good idea either because dogma is hard to let go of anyone. It was here, that I crossed paths with Dr. Rosedale. I disagreed with his assertions, that mTOR decreased longevity (he still does not realize its due to cytosolic fumarate hydratase), and he responded in those threads and we discussed some things. We did not hear each other’s points at all. In retrospect, it was my fault because the venue was clearly suboptimal. Disagreements should never disqualify someone’s contributions, and both Paul and Ron have done some great things for this community. I warned on PH I would be vindicated because the science led me there.  Ron and Paul allowed badly constructed literature to skew their views, in my opinion.  Nature’s laws were the backbone of my theory.

But as a physician, who knew something no one else did, I could not sit idle with the information, as Mr. Moore so accurately said in his podcast with me in May of 2011. His words really resonated in my ears after our interview. I knew I had to persist. Dr. Rosedale was making some faulty assumptions about mTOR that just were not true and could hurt a lot of people long term.  The mTOR issues are all about quantum spin within the urea cycle.

There was no way my telomeres could lengthen, given how much protein I was eating for a 5-year span if he or the research was right. I had hundreds of patients getting better and reversing disease of aging right before my eyes daily. That ultimate truth trumped everything published. Osteoporosis is one of those diseases I see about 5-7 times a day as well. Neither of them were trying to overtly harm anyone on purpose. They just did not understand the framework in which all the moving parts actually fit. I felt I stumbled into it because of a book and knee meniscus tear.

Jimmy Moore, The Maven

So, I went on my merry way until Jimmy Moore found me on Facebook. He decided to do a podcast with me in May of 2011. It was here I decided I would spring the news. I opened my mouth, and it ended in this blog. The last 8 months are chronicled here.

I respect Paul and Ron. I just do not agree with Paul’s safe starches theory or Ron’s beliefs on mTOR. Their framework is not complete in my eyes. I want you to examine my framework and see the differences, and draw your own conclusions for your own health. As a neurosurgeon, I have always allowed the data and science to lead me, as long as the underlying assumptions of the science are correct.

I realized none of the assumptions underlying the science were correct and that is why they believe what they do and why I do not. The implications of this are even bigger than one thinks, in my view today. The rest of the blog takes my thought experiment to its end point for you all to consider.

Much of what we believe about diet and exercise is based upon many false assumptions. If nutrition studies are done from season to season while mammalian biochemistry is entrained by light only, and never by temperature, how can you infer anything if you are not controlling for it? What if the light in the lab was not full spectrum sunlight, could that alone make a difference?  Most researchers are not even aware that mammals normally do this as their environments change. It means all of our biochemistry is thermoplastic and quite adaptable to light conditions,  and not biochemically rigid.

The reason this science is tough to get is because no one really understands the leptin-melanocortin pathways with respect to cold. It hard to understand something when you do not realize its true function. As the overall picture began to unfold for me and various parts of the puzzle became clear, a deeper understanding developed in my mind.  Apparently unrelated phenomena are seen to be different aspects of the same thing.  It began to emerge that many laws I found were derived from a very small number of basic fundamental principles.  This is how a neolithic thought can subjugate your paleolithic genes. I talked about this today with Sean. It is critical to an optimal life and reversing diseases.  Traditional allopathic training did not give me these answers but it prepared me to receive the wisdom of nature.  I realized that biology ultimately came down biochemistry of the TCA and urea cycle.  But then I realized that all biochemistry is the bridesmaid to physics.  I then realized that physics are how the business of cells gets completed.  Light is the biophysical levers that control substrate level biochemistry in cells.

I found this insight because I knew it had to exist because of the Sherpa’s and Monk’s physiologic abilities. The pathway only revealed itself when I found its metabolic “trap door” in the SCN. The fact that all mammals can activate a “new biochemistry” when their environment changes has huge implications for modern humans. Humans are mammals, too.

When I found the pathway, I tested it 3 times on experiments using humans and not rodents. When the first worked, I began to get pretty aggressive with it. They all saw what it did for me and my family and they asked if they could try it. So some began to use it as well. Their results were off the charts. Then I began to use it daily in my practice, and I have seen amazing things happen to my patients since. They were more amazing than what happened to me, because some of these people were ancient and broken to pieces by diseases of aging. Medicine’s answer for them was hospice care. I have an 84 year old with ten screws in her back with a six pack now because of this pathway. I spoke about her in my Encore podcast with Jimmy this year. I suggest you listen to it again. I drop some nuggets there too.

My patients were given a new chance to try something buried in us since our beginning. I have witnessed old people reborn with energy and vitality in my clinic. I am talking reversals in health…not just cures. I see young people come in for spine surgery and leave with a new outlook on life without needing any surgery. They no longer settle for mediocrity because optimal is within their sites now.

I have to share this with you all. It is my duty as a physician to close the space between us that modern medicine has created. If my aim is to change this method of practice, then this information is a powerful change agent for us all. I am humbled at what it did to me as a person and surgeon. I have become completely transformed by it in every aspect of my existence.

How does the pathway work on its surface?

The pathway allows a mammal to cold adapt very rapidly just to chronic skin exposure to light and temperature changes. The changes in their skin cold receptors induce their chemical clocks to stop being entrained to light and begin using endothelial Nitric Oxide synthetase (eNOS).  eNOS is induced by cold and all that it entails within an environment,  only and uncouples the SCN from light to temperature.  This is the “metabolic trap door” that makes it all work. Without this, the pathway remains buried in the hypothalamus. We evolved in Africa close to the equator as humans but our family began 65 million years earlier in the clade of eutherian mammals who took over from dinosaurs in colder polar environments.  The equatorial portions of the globe were devastated by an asteroid that ended photosynthesis.  This is what happens in warm adapted mammals enter colder environments;  moreover, it is the source of mismatches that are capable of create all neolithic diseases if the pathway is altered in anyway. This neural circuit is directly wired from the eye to the leptin receptor. This pathway directly shuts down hypothalamic NPY production in the brain which is directly tied to carbohydrate drives and cravings. This means it turns them off completely in all mammals. There are no safe starches possible in cold environments. Remember the example I gave Sean Croxton in my Paleo Summit talk today? So if you are a warm adapted mammal in Calgary, Canada and eat a banana on Dec 31st , you just caused inflammation to develop (LR) and you shorten your telomeres immediately. Those are biology’s rules, not my own. If you do this enough over a life time and well, you have the modern Western World disease template as your example. This also explains the current situation in southern India too. The author of the Monk book had no idea how right it he really was.

The leptin receptor then up-regulates alpha MSH production to very high levels, as it simultaneously demolishes leptin levels to negative numbers. How does this happen? Leptin leaves fat cells immediately in cold adapted animals and it causes those fat cells to undergo cell suicide. Yep, you read that right folks. It causes its own suicide. Only cold has this ability.

When it shreds fat mass, it makes leptin fall dramatically while increasing TRH in the hypothalmus and demolishing reverse T3 levels. No, you do not need to eat Moose thyroid (Kresser nonsense)  to have reproductive fitness if you are cold adapted as was recently reported in a podcast.  You might have to eat that moose thyroid if you are warm adapted mammal though!

In the cold, it is like throwing gasoline on your thyroid gland. It just wakes up, no matter what its prior condition, because the brain takes full control of it all by driving all thyroid production by its hypothalamic TRH spike driven by the cold stimulus! This happens even if your thyroid gland is in a surgical pan in some operating room.

You will radiate heat in cold, even though your body temperature is lower. My wife can not believe how I radiate heat from my body now. You might be asking how do we bypass T3, T4 and rev T3? It up-regulates all thyroid function regardless of the T3, T4 or reverse T3 status because the brain is driving the thyroid function. It does not even require an intact thyroid gland! It also increases DHEA, ACTH, and growth hormone actions as well. These are all the hormones found int the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.  It also increases androgen actions that stimulate mTOR and IGF-1 too. Here is the aging link. They both have to be high for the pathway to work.  Cold is the trigger to the entire pathway.  As winter comes, PM light changes drastically.

Warm and long light cycle close the metabolic trap door and hide the benefits from our awareness. Its mere presence, however, confounds much research data and creates confusion for patients.

Quantum biology too, Doc?

The cold uses a “quantum effect” brought about by a heightened receptor binding affinity, which supra-sensitizes all receptors to all hormones levels. It makes us have supra-human abilities. Those abilities are seen in Sherpa’s,  Wim Hof, and elite athletes like Michael Phelps and Lance Armstrong. Cold adapted athletes have amazing capabilities.

No one fueling performance with carbohydrates can match the feats of fat adapted athletes. NO ONE. It takes 24-36 months to get there, but they can expand their VO2 max, REE and RER on REDUCED calories to lower heteroplasmy rates in mitochondria. If they force feed themselves while cold training (Phelps and Armstrong) unbelievable ability shows up. These are only seen in cold environments when we are perfectly yoked to our circadian cycles. This is truly a holy trinity for performance.

These abilities have always been known in Himalayan Monks and Sherpa’s too, but most have attributed them to their practice of mindfulness. There is only one way evolution has found to do these things all at once. That was using the leptin receptor to be the cold conductor of this hypothalamic pathway. You can see now why I disagree with Dr. Rosedale about mTOR and IGF-1 pathways, and why I respectfully disagree with Paul. They all lean on the longevity and nutrition data that is published and badly flawed. No one has studied this pathway’s effect on regular mammalian nutrition or longevity. Several professional teams I work with are now on to this data too. What researchers have found and published to date is true in warm adapted mammals in full spectrum sun, but not the cold adapted ones.

Dire implications of the trinity

This implies that all mammalian studies may show reversal of effects if the temperature is not controlled for. That means a lot of ‘conventional wisdom’ in the nutrition world is dead wrong in both of these sciences. This also makes implicit sense to me to. So much of clinical medicine with chronic diseases just does not respond to conventional treatment. The literature is also filled with contradictory evidence. This is why.

Complicating things further, all humans evolved from cold adapted mammals in warm climates so much of what has been studied about is just not correct. We do not come from warm adapted ancestors! This compounds the errors we make. This error is magnified further because of the power laws of epigenetics. This is the reason why children now have heart attacks, carotid stenosis, and degenerative disc disease as teenagers. We are seeing diseases of aging in kids clinically now! Therefore most of our assumptions are often completely wrong because no one has thought to test this possibility. This is the same mistake modern day cholesterol scientists have made as well. Since, it is not been properly tested in purely cold adapted animals of the deep polar seas or on Sherpa’s for that matter, we must now question the validity of all the data.

This is why I think all the longevity data is way off. My tests on my own telomeres and cold thermogenesis show that I am correct in my beliefs for me, and that we all need to do is go back and have another look for ourselves. Today, we can all check our telomere length against our chronologic age. Another way is to look for hormonal changes that show abnormal results in young people. I check both now. I never see normal hormone panels anymore in my clinic. That includes my primal/paleo patients too! This means they have some dogma to check too. If I am correct in my predictions, there are huge implications for much of the research we believe to be true today on humans. None of it may be true. And if I am right, it means we have to question every assumption until we test it for ourselves.

The proof that I might be right is in the Himalayas and in our deep polar seas right now. These animals are all cold adapted already. Sherpa’s and Monks are the only humans who use this pathway all the time and appear to be untouched by the western diet for now. The Inuit are useless to us now for proof, since they are eating a warm adapted, carb laden diet 24/7.

NASA has tested the Sherpa’s and their findings fit my predictions. It appears that NASA, Mike Phelps and Lance Armstrong all got in on this game early in their careers.  (Lance Armstrong got busted for drug use, but the drug he got busted for maximized this pathway ironically)  Many people were amazed by Armstrong’s Tour de France feats, but I was more interested in how he beat his cancer with what he did. This was a metastatic testicular cancer to the brain that carries a dismal CW prognosis that he demolished. Coincidence? I think not.  He was able to reverse his ubiquitin marking in a very counterintuitive way. Today, he thinks it was a drug given to him by a drug company. I think I know the real answer. It had more to do with this ancient pathway he induced to become a dominant athlete as he trained in the cold.

Guess who gave me the books and papers back in 2006? Someone who knew Lance and worked at Amgen. Do you really want to know why synthetic leptin was buried from development for sale? My opinion is they knew exactly what they were doing. Why would you need Amgen, if you could cure all neolithic diseases, including cancer and diabetes? Are you seeing why I now believe T2D and cancer are not really diseases at all as I mentioned earlier in this series?  They are environmental mismatches.  

Your current neolithic belief and their implications

I believe this pathway cured him by lengthening the telomeres he likely destroyed as an endurance athlete eating the CW training diet of most endurance athletes in a warm adapted state. If I was a former endurance athlete, I would pay attention to these warnings. This is the same diet modern day Cross fitters and endurance athletes pattern themselves after. They are the same people who think starches are safe in fall, winter, and spring. I do not believe that at all any longer. The proof will be found in their defective hormone assays and their telomere lengths. This is why I developed my quantified self testing platform for me. I know how to hack ever single disease you can imagine now. This information is my Rosetta Stone. It is my North Star of revolutionary and evolutionary brand of medicine I practice now.

If you are an endurance athlete or a cardio enthusiast, the news is even worse. If you are in your 5th decade now and finding this out you had better draw some labs to see if I am correct or just nuts. If you have the wine open and some 99{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} dark chocolate, I suggest you eat some more of it. We already know they die at much higher rates from cardiac disease because they have destroyed autophagic repair. Just ask Art DeVany who has been screaming this for years. He just could never cash the check with the proof. Well, Art is a wise man and we should learn from him.

This is not the folly of an adventuring mind. It is where the science has led me, and it is sobering to think of the ramifications of what modern humans have done to themselves. It is the firm findings of how our mammalian biochemistry works in the warm environments chronically overtime. When you feed yourself a regular paleo diet, without changing your environment, you might be fueling the destruction of your stem cells and never realize it until it’s too late. You may look like a rockstar on the outside, but you are depleting yourself of your life force slowly as you age. Eating a SAD, badly compounds the situation. Here is where we see Grete Waitz, boxers, or any pro-football players futures.

Paleo common sense, is not CW common sense: It’s worse

The wisdom here for you is about as common as dew is in a desert. I doubt you will ever hear a physician explain this to you because it is counter-intuitive neural science. I know it is the essence of counter intuitive, but it makes primal sense and it is based upon the hard wiring in your brain. There are no safe starches for descendants of eutherian mammals in warm environments period.

Moreover, this news is also not rosy for the VLCer mammals (sorry Jimmy) who remain warm adapted either regardless of their dietary choices. They will struggle with weight maintenance, because they lose control over their thyroid and sex steroid hormones when they eat a warm adapted diet. This guarantees they will never have ideal body composition, but they won’t deplete their stem cells. They are mirror images of the paleo person on safe starches who looks great naked as they slowly degrade internally.

So if you look good naked and have a high HS CRP and terrible hormone pattern, I am talking to you right now.

A VLCer will always look average, but with a decent lifespan, they will never see optimal either. What is the name of my website? OPTIMAL LIFE, not the sub-optimal one. I am telling you Optimal is better than any Paleo template any blogger has come up with. I no longer want our species to be mediocre. We have an A available to us today, so I suggest you begin to reject a B, C, or a D now.

I am painting a sober picture of precisely what we see today in our community today. If somebody has a better explanation, I am all ears. To get Optimal, we all need cold, period. Our mammalian biochemistry requires it. It is the only way to access the pathway that the Sherpa’s live in and Mike Phelps used to dominate his sport.

The review for the shellshocked

mTOR will go down in cold because cold selects for a calorie restricted diet at the brain level. This means that what longevity researchers have found is just a PART of the leptin-melanocortical pathways that work with calorie restriction. Moreover, none of them have yet tied it to the pathways and how they work in concert. A book and 6 papers did that for me. I lost my weight using it. I used the cold to perfect it, and I checked my telomeres before and after it and they got longer not shorter. I took it further too. I tested the pathways integrity on pain control in humans in surgery, and it also worked. For the last 5 years Cold thermogenesis is my new way of life while eating a tight ketogenic diet. I eat carbs in summer only. I also eat by strict circadian biology. None of this is popular, or will endear me in most circles, but I am fine with it because I know what it means. I tested on myself to prove to me it was truth and I have satisfied myself. I am sharing this with you so you may do the same.

The HCG protocol is the mirror image of the calorie restriction diet (CRON). Both only partially work in warm climates, yet both work amazingly well in cold while adding many new benefits that neither HCG or CRON have by themselves. People do not realize that the reason HCG works in humans is because it activates just PART of the same pathway.

That was the final piece in the Holy Trinity for me. Looking at a map of India became a microcosm of our planet’s evolution. I began to see how latitude, the sun, temperature and season programmed electrons and protons used in a mitochondrion.  I also saw where haplotypes came from and how they work.In its southern portion is the equator. In its north, is the Arctic climate where humans have lived for 25,000 years as Indian continent pushes up Asia to the sky. Going higher impacted the light these people received.  Another thing I found is that the life around the Sherpa’s, like the Bactrian Camels of the Gobi desert use the same pathways to survive too, in the same cold environment.  Their hump fat makes water in their mitochondrial matrix. This is not a one trick pony story for humans. All mammals use this. In India, we have the “perfect lab test” for both environments to answer the questions I was asking myself.

The Sherpa’s and the Monks in the north and the southern India could not be more different, yet they all come from the same genetic makeup but have radically different metabolisms because of weather and their diet. This was staggering when I realized it. It was right under our nose for millions of years.

When I found the pathway in the brain, I knew there were no safe starches and I knew mTOR activation could not kill us. I then realized when the Holy Trinity was added up; the sum was the paleolithic ketogenic diet for optimal health using circadian cycles as controls. This was the diet that was selected for by evolution to best survive in a cold environment. When the Inuits were eating their native diet, this is precisely what they ate as well. Cold selects for this diet which is a completely fat and protein burning diet. That is the Optimal Diet for all mammals on this planet whether they live in warm or cold. It works best in cold but it will still works in warm.  Cold exposure makes cells make liquid crystals of water in us that work specifically with the sun.

If one eats a higher carb diet in a warm environmentand is not exposed to the sun, it sets up huge mismatches of circadian biology that cause neolithic diseases that are cumulative. The evidence is now found in southern India and all over the modern world as ultimate proof. I found this all out before I knew what Paleo was or who Loren Cordain was. If you go back to my original podcast with Jimmy Moore you will hear it in that podcast.

So when I found out about this community, I thought what better place to drop this information than here? This community is trying to do things correctly but the paleolithic diet could be hiding an ultimate truth from you. The community I began to slowly drop it on was not receptive because they did not like the message. I found more hospitable places where the people do not care about paleo dogma and want optimal no matter what it means for their feelings. I found that spot, and I dropped the golden nuggets there. Their response to the nuggets has been remarkable too, considering none of them have spent time with me in my clinic. Proof that thought can change your DNA.

They are tapping their Epi-paleo Rx that is in their genome. They have the power and the control and can test themselves to see if this is crazy or not. None of them have found a normal hormone panel either. I bet some will get their telomeres tested now when they understand the magnitude of the problem I am presenting here.

What this means for me as a neurosurgeon

With this information I have changed how I practice clinic medicine now. Actually, the girls in my office can tell you I changed long ago. None of them know why either. They are finding this all out as you today. I now know what I can and can’t do, and I understand fully how to tap the owner’s manual that is buried in each one of us to your benefit. We are humans, but we are mammals first. Never forget it. The rules that govern them, govern our paleolithic genes. Our neolithic thoughts might have helped us to dominate our planet, but more often, those thoughts can subjugate our own health. This is because we remain unaware of how this mismatch creates low grade inflammation to burn our cellular houses to the ground while we do things we think are correct because we were taught to believe they are.

Radical Rule Number #7: Your modern beliefs are usually the cause of your ultimate decline. Become fully aware that the human mind is a wonderful servant but usually is a horrible master. This will be a tough one for you to swallow because it was for me; but it is an ultimate truth. We are often our own worst enemy. This is why we often why we see success in going against the grain in Wall Street, Medicine, and in fish, like Salmon. Our community must beware of this rule. The paleo tribe is experts at using modern technology to help it move forward, but if it is not applied correctly, it might make you a good looking corpse with no stem cells when your telomeres are too short to change it. I do not want you to believe me. On the contrary, I want you to test me with your own hacks! You can check my theory easily yourself. Draw your own telomere test right now at Spectracell labs, and test your own dogmas.

If you’re telomeres age is older than your chronologic age you will know that I am right. I have already proved this to myself. I am telling you to be a skeptic and question everything, including me. If I am right, well, then you can adapt now. Your survival may depend upon this knowledge. You are the reason I do this. I want to see you all succeed and thrive. Please take this warning I am giving you to heart.

If you chose to deny it, and call me a quack, I understand human nature fully. I deal with humans daily and have to break some horrible news to them often. I get it. For those of you who see wisdom in this warning, I will tell you what I tell my patients now. How do I make this actionable for my health, Doc? Simple. When the student in you appears, the teacher in me arrives. It is my duty as a physician to help you here if I can, and that is why I answer every comment you leave on this blog (time permitting). The road to optimal is built into the quilt.

How can a neolithic assumption subjugate a paleolithic body

Eating primal/paleo is not enough if you are making errors of assumption that are not true to our biology. Think about your primal habits as a full cup. If you are full of your own ideas that are flawed, how can any more good ones enter your mind? Your cup is already filled. How do we solve this problem? We empty our cup and allow room for more thought. This means that you are doing the same thing a person who is using HCG is to lose weight without the cold. It is akin to trying to increase your health or your longevity by just performing calorie restriction alone without the cold assist it requires. Similarly, a VLCer who thinks eating in this manner forever has no consequences while they are warm adapted. It does. Moreover, just eating primal while cross-fitting like mad, and eating safe starches 24/7 justified by your activity level while your play on you computers all night long has no biologic consequences to your stem cells is plain wrong. Trying to get all cute and use supplements to hide bad decisions won’t work either. Just increasing resveratrol, curcumin, and metformin won’t allow you to “out supplement” poor choices. Exercise must be hormetic and within our circadian cycles too. If it’s not, you will become a dead marathon runner or an ex NFL player with a short life span, who people wonder why and how that body crashed so fast? You can’t fool your telomeres, but you can fool yourself with your thoughts or “feelings”. The quality of your health is a summation of great decisions consistently. These decisions are all based upon the quality of your thoughts.

There are many among us who love the fact we look good naked or in that “little black dress.” What good is it is at the expense of your stem cells in your organs? OK, you will make a nice looking corpse, but is that the point here? I am saying this clearly here to you to consider: You can look fabulous on your outside while you deplete all your future potential health on your insides. Moreover, before you call bullshit on me…go take a $290 test to test your telomeres and prove to yourself that I am wrong. And if you doubt me, and you lose, did you really lose? Or did you gain something valuable?

Begin to find success in your failures. I have no skin in your game only you do.

I have done these experiments on me. I know the answer already for me. I have been testing myself constantly because of this information. Now you may understand why I do this. I now understand how things are accounted for in mammalian biology. Calories do not matter a lick when your supremely leptin sensitive. Mike Phelps proved that time and time again to the world, yet people still argue about it. He showed the world in Beijing, that you can eat ridiculous amounts of calories and look like a rockstar. The only problem, he did not share how or why with you. This only happens in the cold. Why does this remain in human’s blind spot? They themselves do not live in a cold world, but they are controlled by cold genes. I am sharing this with you because I care. No one cares how much you know until they see how much you care. I want you to know precisely what you are doing at all times. Many of you are still not aware of this sobering fact.

The best part of the story…if you have screwed up and your telomeres are shorter than your chronologic age like mine were once, well, you can adapt and transform. If I could, so can you. Learn from my mistakes. The smartest humans are the ones who learn from others failures. I can is always more important than your I.Q. on the road to Optimal.

The big three: HCG, CRON, and Cold

Why HCG? There is not one mammal on this planet that does not have this pathway buried in their genome. To activate it, requires all three factors to be present at once. If they are present without the other two, the magic it holds for us disappears. Anyone by itself is an incomplete story, but each one has interesting effects. When we view one or even two parts of the equation by itself it just confuses us more. This is why many believe mTOR is bad for us. It is also why many think safe starches might be good for us. Many people and modern medicine have dismissed the HCG diet because men don’t have it because it is a pregnancy hormone. This is short sighted because they are seeing a part of the equation and not the whole equation. Many of them regurgitate, “of course those fat people lose weight. You’re only eating 500 calories!” For the last 6 years, I cringe every time I hear that dagger thrown at these patients. Today, those who laugh last, laugh best. When you control your thoughts to embrace paradox the quality of the result often exceeds the sum of the parts. I won’t and do not dismiss a paradox I can’t explain any longer.  A paradox exists to us now because it is a clue that we are missing something big in the equation.  This is the essence of the Dunning Kruger effect. I question everything now. After reading the, “Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, I realized I could learn from anything at anytime, if I tried too. This is a lesson for us all to heed. There are few people in my shoes who’ve spent time talking to the people who used this diet to lose weight. It works, but not well. The same holds true for calorie restriction. I did, and I talked to a lot of them. The one feature that struck me was their lack of appetite with such a low calorie intake. This flew in the face of calorie restriction data that had more scientific basis in the community. Too bad. Because people diminished the HCG diet they could not explain it. I can now. What perplexed them was that the results were just not explainable by current leptin biology, or the incretin gut hormones biology we knew.

That left me with two possibilities, dismiss the diet, like the world does, or dig deeper. I dug. I knew there had to be a metabolic trap door to open this ancient hypothalamic pathway. I found it in the eye! And it wired directly to the SCN that controlled our circadian biology. We talked about it earlier in this series. We will talk more about it later too. This was a major clue to me that there was a brain pathway that selected for it, for some evolutionary reason.

The other oddity was that I knew men did not express this hormone normally, but when they took it, it made androgens at their hypothalamic level. Endocrinologists today use it to stimulate LH and testosterone in men with hypogonadism. That suggested something to me that began to make some sense. It meant that it centrally increased DHEA levels, the number one brain antioxidant, had to be tied to sleep in all mammals. I already knew from the anti-aging literature that low DHEA levels were associated with poor sleep, aging, and poor autographic efficiency. This implied that cold raises DHEA to improve the process of autophagy. This really made biology sense. Remember earlier in the series we talked about autophagy too. When DHEA rises, IL-6 drops like a rock and we become very efficient at burning fuels, especially fats! It also means we sleep well. This made sense because of hibernation that happened in winter in mammals.

But the real reason why men responded to HCG is because their mothers were mammals who had to have placentas too! I realized the reason men respond to it is because it is a requirement of pregnancy to have this pathway if you are a mammal. So men and women had to respond to it to survive birth in cold. See how your own dogma to dismiss an HCGer can bite you in the ass?

I have sat on this knowledge for 5 years because I had to test it in my cold thermogenesis experiments and humans in surgery. Those experiments are now complete and I feel it is my duty to tell you what I found now. It is now your job as a human to decide what your neolithic thoughts will do with this information. We should all think before we act from here on forward when we face a paradox we can’t explain. We need to help each other survive. That is the purpose of this post. I think I have uncovered something unimaginable when I first read that book. For the last 6.5 years I have tried to disprove it the best ways I know how. I would never hurt anyone on purpose. I now realize, this information will not hurt a flea, but it could save our species from its own self inflicted extinction.

HCG’s presence is needed because it means the animal is a fat burning mammal and has the equipment in its brain for this ultimate survival pathway to be unleashed when it was cold! This allowed them to eat lower calories while becoming super metabolically efficient to survive brutal polar winters underground.

Why is leptin here? Leptin controls all mammalian fecundity and all of our hormone levels when we are warm adapted. In cold there is no leptin around and hormones are control by quantum effects on receptor affinity binding. Some of us, who do talk QM, do understand it. This means that in cold environments we have some supra human abilities because hormone levels are not the key factor any longer. Think Lance Armstrong, Phelps, or the Sherpa’s abilities. When I lead off the next blog I am going to share with you a tragedy of how I first encountered the cold true effect on human biochemistry. It remains seared into my brain even today.

We learned how leptin controls hormones in some of my first blogs. If leptin is not working, sleep or metabolisms are by definition, become suboptimal because autophagy is not efficient. This is why every bio hack I do now starts with one question. “Tell me about your sleep!” It’s our primordial condition and gives me more insight on how good or bad our health really is. Moreover, the Leptin protein is central to the regulation of energy metabolism in every mammal on this planet. The Leptin receptor has evolved the ability to rewire and change its affinity for binding in cold environments in all mammals too. The leptin receptor conferred huge advantages in mammals allowing leptin to begin to control the leptin-melanocorticin pathway in order to have these amazing capabilities. It does not have this same ability in many lower life forms. I think in lower species the main controller of metabolism was not leptin, but another hormone, melatonin. That is based upon my reading.

CRON? How can CRON confuse smart guys? All longevity research is done on animals that do not use the leptin receptor as higher animals can. Moreover, not all life forms they study have this mammalian biology to activate it. In fact, these are the main reasons Dr. Rosedale and I do not share beliefs about the effect of mTOR on longevity. I will even take it further today. My theory implies that NONE of the nutrition, dietary, exercise, or longevity research can be valid about humans if they were not studied in a cold adapted state. Most humans on the planet today have uncoupled haplotypes and not equatorial haplotypes.  That means the last 200 years of science has to go through a do over for humans. How is that for a game changer?

What we believe to be truths today may be all wrong. Hence, my warnings to question everything you believe, might be relevant and prudent when viewed from this perspective. In fact, your optimal life depends upon it. For me, in medicine, this was a tough thing to swallow. So in 2006, I decided to test it on me. The results showed mTOR is great for telomeres. When patients saw me shrink, they all commented how much younger I looked too. They all wanted to try this. The Leptin Rx reset was born. My results became their results too. My patients’ results have made it a whole lot easier for the scientist in me to destroy the dogma of mTOR and longevity.

Many patients come in and tell me they do not know who to believe these days because all the data says things 180 degrees apart too often. Maybe you have an idea WHY this might be the case now? The rules of metabolism are inducible and thermoplastic, and will affect all results. I have been way ahead of that game for some time now in my own clinic. I swim like a salmon in my specialty now because I understand the Primal Rx for optimal health. I am sorry to say a lot of Primal dogma has to be questioned too. If you do not buy it now you might pay a steep price later.

If researchers do not use cold’s effect on our biology in the future, all the research is an apples to oranges comparison. The really great thing about this is that collectively in our community we can use this to our advantage to change healthcare fast. Once the world realizes that we know something they do not, we will have adapted already and the power laws that govern survival dictate huge changes for us in our favor. We can have the system we envision, if we act now. We must all become the change we seek in our world. I have already cold adapted and it is not that hard  unless your mind makes it that way. I had hoped to talk about this at AHS 2012 at Harvard in August with Brent Pottenger, until the paleo cabal tried to muzzle me.

Contradictory science explained? Yes. They are mixing variables all the time and they have never realized it. They were consciously unaware of what they did not know! Well, you now know this now, and that is all that matters to me. My duty is to pay it forward. This is actionable information that you can test from your home without any physician. If you eat safe starches, exercise like mad, and use artificial light all the time, go get your telomeres tested now and test your dogma against my Primal Rx for health.

Researchers need to do the same. Re-perform your simple experiments in cold adapted mammals stat! You can see the results fast and adapt as well. Moreover, I predict all the data will reverse in their beloved rats and mice and any other mammal they completed their PhD dissertation on. Bold statement? Yes, I know it is. I know I am right because I have seen the results on humans for 5 years. They have not. Medicine is not immune either. I changed my practice 5 years ago because of what I found. You can call my office staff and ask them. Call my surgical team. I do things 180 degrees different now because I know something no one else does. We made a big error in assuming things that we really did not know.

6.5 years ago, I began by testing all of it on myself. I erased everything I believed 6.5 years ago because the science said I had too. It was where it lead me. It was damn hard thing to do. But it was right thing to do. My vision of my primal instinct kept me true to my new core beliefs. Because I remained steadfast in my belief, people’s health improved dramatically under my care for all conditions. They got better and I stopped doing wallet biopsies on them via a revolving door in my office. I became the doctor I always wanted to be instead of the one I was. I improved my former self. I became a real world, Julian Battle, without really trying too. I am grateful I read that book and those six papers. From my failures, I feel I found some ultimate answers. Those thoughts did change my DNA as a person and as a healer. I now use this information as my Primal Rx for healthcare.

The summary of the trinity

HCG is used as a fat burning hormone in the mammalian placenta. It mimics the increased efficient of fat burning and destroys our hunger, but cannot sustain weight loss because it can’t lower leptin levels as cold can. Nothing lowers leptin like cold can. Calorie restriction is activated by decreased food, resveratrol, curcumin and metformin to degrees. However, to fully work for optimal health and longevity it requires a cold environment. They work in warm environments but not maximally. There are no safe starches. They cause increase ROS at cytochrome one. To see why, go look here. This is why CRON and HCG perplex modern science. When viewed from a cold environment perspective, we can see precisely how both were designed to work in mammals. Calorie restriction, HCG, leptin sensitivity, and longevity are made biologically simple in the freezing cold. This is how they all tie together.

The fable of the Monks and Sherpa’s is not a fable. It is a human reality. Researchers like Dr. Cordain, Dr. Simeon, Dr. Lenny Guarente and David Sinclair have just uncovered parts of this ancient pathway, and have not realized how they couple together to work in unison to confer ultimate longevity. I call these three factors the holy trinity of the mammalian biochemistry of the leptin-melanocortin pathway which works with the sun. This is the ancient pathway that confers ultimate longevity to all eutherian mammals and their descendants.

If you still think this does not make any sense, then keep doing what you’re doing and pay the toll. If you see something here in this epic long blog post that hits your primal instincts, then I suggest you consider erasing all your dogma, knock the rust from your spirit, and rise from the chaos of your present crisis of thinking and transform. Optimal is for anyone who wants it.

Next up, the biochemistry of the ancient pathway and how it all works to make your brain really hurt…

Look at your life now. Are you living the life of your dreams?

If you have one year left to live, what would you do?

If you have one month left to live, what would you do?

If you have one week left to live, what would you do?

If you have one day left to live, what would you do?

If you have an hour left to live, what would you do?

If you have one minute left to live, what would you do?

If not now when?

Begin, think, decide, act, change.

Life won’t wait, only you do.

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