The Tilted Quilt: Random Musings 2

Quilt-TwistedReaders Summary

  1. Why use pieces of information to explain a whole?
  2. How do seemingly disparate facts tie together?
  3. Are you aware of some of these things?
  4. How might they impact your situation?
  5. What questions are coursing through your mind now?

On the surface a quilt seems a random collection of parts to make a comforter. That is what the undiscerning eye perceives. But at its core, the assembled parts begin to act in unison to do something that no single part can do. In concert, Nature only uses the finest threads to weave her patterns, so each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry. These are some more random musings are coming from future blogs in the Quilt. Enjoy!

  1. Many contacts and their solutions block UV light, which makes vitamin D. This is why Feynman just sat in a pickup to watch the Trinity test when everyone else had sun visors on. He knew that the optics of glass or a lens in front of the eye would block the damaging part of the bomb to the eye … UV spectrum.
  2. In 1900, the experts said the universe was static and unchanged. In 1905, we found everything was relative, including time and light bent, and in 1929, Hubble found galaxies were moving the wrong way. Everything in the universe we learned about prior to the 20th century was changed in the last 100 yrs. So why do we think we have nutrition and diet right today?
  3. All my members were told three years ago when you rise you should look at the sun for one to three minutes in the AM. Why? To make your vitamin D signal from the UV spectrum and to signal the photoperiod to set the vitamin A cycle. If you’ve got bad skin for any reason, you’ve got a brain-vitamin A problem. Oh you don’t believe that? What does a dermatologist give you for bad skin? Retin A. Why? Because they are trying to replace what you can not make because of how you live your modern life.
  4. Remember brains and membranes ARE fat and generate/store electron charge. Sulfated proteins attach to these saturated fats and produce a natural voltage! When anyone repeats the cholesterol myth or touts canola, soybean, corn oil or margarine, tell them to buzz off.
  5. Cilantro is a top herbal heavy-metal remover and tamarind helps complex ubiquitous fluorides to remove them from competing with iodine.
  6. High iron levels are a dangerous marker of disease indicating oxidative stress. You can adjust your redox potential by donating your own blood. This is aided by using IP-6 to increase your body charge. High copper levels promote angiogenesis, the formation of capillaries that feed tumors. This is removed with sulfur thiols, NAC and other copper scrubbers.
  7. Do you eat the sun? Sun gazing has benefits and science behind it. While sunbathing, open wide and point your nostrils to the sun and let the sun shine into your mouth and nose. Under your tongue is best, and straight up your nose is ideal. Here photons penetrate blood vessels easily. Dr. Pollack’s experiments show that the charge potential of water and blood plasma is increased by UV light and radiant heat. So eating the sun is yet another way to skin the anti-oxidant photoelectric cat.
  8. Solar energy enters the nervous system directly through the eyes and activates genetic expression directly by regulating the resonant frequency of DNA. This is called optical electromagnetic resonance. MRI, PET scanners and your pineal gland use it. Both the pituitary and pineal glands are also stimulated directly via optic nerve fibers. 2,000 years after solar gazing techniques were removed and disallowed by the early church, we were taught to fear the sun. Today dermatologists have replaced the Pope’s decrees. There is new interest. Quantum mechanics has proven that dissonant blue light frequencies with their excessive EMFs from indoor lighting will disrupt DNA vibrations and your nervous system.
  9. pH is a measure of proton presence. Protons are acids. Positively charged (+) protons gobble up the negative (-) electrons in our body to turn oxygen into water in our mitochondria. Failed oxygen delivery to tissues is the beginning of a spiral of descent into neolithic disease. As the photoelectric charge becomes reduced, less and less oxygen penetrates cells, creating bad news for you, and good news for your doctor!
  10. Stress lowers your pH because you are losing electrons to your environment in the form of bio-photons.
  11. “The average diet is deficient in methylsulfonylmethane because it is readily lost during conventional food processing, such as frying, dehydrating, dilution with synthetic fillers and other poorly nutritional additives, cooking, radiation or pasteurizing, and long-term storage.” Many may find this statement is absurd on the surface, because the amount of sulfur in protein foods is not affected by processing. But what they don’t know is how sulfur is decreased by non-native electromagnetic force. Foods with sulfur are proteins. This is another reason the high fat and protein Leptin Rx works.
  12. Non-native EMF causes the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to become leaky. Sulfur compounds are very successful in crossing the BBB to increase glutathione and nitric oxide levels to increase tissue oxygenation. R alpha lipoic acid is a sulfur-containing compound.
  13. Mg, Mn, Cu, S, Zn are essential blood pH buffers, electrolytes, and are required to produce cell protective glutathione and SOD to prevent mitochondrial burn-out. Manganese is also required by lacto-bacillus plantarum to protect intestinal linings. Non-native EMF destroys manganese levels (transition metal) and makes the gut barrier leaky.
  14. Cholesterol is a necessary fat that only causes trouble when oxidized and electron hungry. And unpolarized by water.
  15. Molecules are not restricted to mankind’s biochemistry; redox chemistry is fundamental to all life, simple to complex.
  16. Electron sharing and exchange is the ultimate boy-girl thing at the atomic level, the energetic currency of the material world!
  17. Photons and electrons from the sun and Earth provide the energy in the electromagnetic force to give the electro-motive force that jacks up electrons in foods, water and our bodies to higher energy orbits and beyond. This quote from a future blog shows you the essence of the power of one of nature’s laws, the photoelectric effect. What people do not understand is that we collect the electrons and photons from food, sun and the Earth in our tissues. Then we boost their energy with the power of the sun to add energy levels to the photons and electrons we collected. We then capture the energy between the two for free using Maxwell Demon’s we call proteins. These are the proteins coded for nucleic acids.
  18. Dr. Fritz Popp found bio-photons are re-released when those high-energy outer electron orbits decay into a lower energy shell. This is the black box radiation we lose when we lose our redox potential.
  19. Dr. Gilbert Ling’s science stands for: electronic induction to control redox/pH of biochemistry to seek to correct the electrochemical charge climate so that the entirety of our intricate biochemistry can proceed unhindered under the direction of native electromechanical force from the Earth.
  20. In a weak photon- or electron-charged environment, epigenetic expression fails because either RNA/DNA base pairs unravel and unwanted molecules glue to DNA sequences acting like Aunt Jeminah on your counter top after five days.
  21. Since it is the specific frequency of RNA/DNA vibration that determines the epigenetic translation of subatomic particles via the informational coherence of energy transmissions on water, the glued-on molecules dampen RNA/DNA’s instructions like taffy on piano strings.
  22. When nucleic acids become crippled with goo, transmission of biologic second messengers become paralyzed and communications body-wide become jumbled, inaccurate, and disease ensues. The collateral damage is seen in altered production of enzymes and hormones that are the silent army who execute nucleic acid instructions. When energy drops, oxidation rises, and the shit hits the fan everywhere.
  23. The only thing better than electrons for health is photons. Got electrons, you got health. Add in a photonic energy boost and you get Optimal.
  24. The electron dance makes the proteins of life come alive and dance with joy. Without electricity your coffee maker makes no coffee. In cold you preserve your charge on your batteries. When charge drops, oxygen drops, and you drop from disease.
  25. Photo-electric exchange is an indisputable scientific principle, not a theory, according to a dude named Einstein.
  26. An electron-rich body charge encourages oxygen to penetrate cells, prevents junk molecules from sticking to cell membranes and DNA base pairs, vanquishes pathogens and powers our immune cells.
  27. The primary and secondary structure of proteins are all controlled by nucleic acid codes. The tertiary and quaternary structure of proteins is the domain of epigenetic modifications of non-coding DNA. This is where the action happens for most Maxwell demon proteins coded by DNA.
  28. Cold-blooded animals give you a big hint how the food electrons they collect are energized by the sun’s power. They have a smaller margin of safety relying just on food. This is why they have special skin to catch the photons just like you put gas in your car to do work.
  29. Biology acts like the single cell is the smallest packet life comes in, but quantum mechanics experiments say it is on the subatomic playing field where life begins.
  30. Antarctic life and its peculiarities of motion take place in the harshest climate on Earth. Life’s power for motion, often without food for long periods of time, is challenged even further in that at the same time they must keep from freezing. Scientifically speaking, there is a direct relation between motive power and cold and heat. Power to move things electrically is the same power that can be used to warm things or to cool them.The electrical flow that heats a stove coil is the same flow that when run through a dissimilar metal junction, creates cold. BOOM!!!

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