1. What to do when you get a new cancer diagnosis?
2. Is the main cancer battle field oncologic treatment or in your own body?
3. How does diet play a role?
4. How to deal with your new doc the oncologist?
5. Do not be afraid of exploring every possibility to win this battle. Learn about a ketogenic diet!!!


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This post is for one of my very special dear friends who just contacted me and told me his wife got diagnosed with cancer at a very young age this week. I could hear from the call and his post on Facebook this was killing him. I told him immediately to go out and buy the book the Anti Cancer: A new Way of Life by David Servan Schreiber and give it to his bride. The good news is that many of the 6 million people being treated for cancer today will go on to live a full life. The numbers of those who do survive in my opinion are still far too low (about 45-50{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6}). Moreover, many of the close to 2000 cancers deaths that occur daily happen because their families were completely unaware of the depth of resources currently available to treat cancer conventionally and with alternatives such as complementary or integrative therapies.

Once diagnosed with this disease you get shaken to your core. It is imperative that you know that this disease cannot only be fought but it can be prevented if you decide to immediately alter some of the things you do and lose some of the dogma you have accumulated in your life. This is especially true if you are in the healthcare field and have lived in dogma your whole adult life. This book is written by a physician researcher who not only got hit with the cancer diagnosis but got hit with a brain cancer that is exceptionally deadly. He was able to deconstruct his own beliefs as a physician with new science that was around to researchers but not well known by his oncologists. This book is a must for anyone with cancer or who has risk factors present so you can beat it before it begins. This is honestly one of the reasons I wrote my QUILT because I believe if you protect your cells you will never get this disease. Now that a friend has it…here is a post directed at what you may consider doing right away after consulting with your oncologist. Consider consulting a major cancer center like MD Anderson for a second opinion.

1. Read the book Anticancer mentioned above. It’s critical to you seeing this disease in a new light.

2. Immediately alter your diet to the Epi-paleo Rx and away from a Standard Western Diet.

3. Begin a meditation scheme as soon as possible to control your cortisol and anxiety. (Choice is unimportant but doing it is life saving)

4. The patient should consult the protocols entitled Cancer Treatment: The critical Factors in Cancer: Should patients take dietary supplements for the type of cancer you have?

5. Consider beginning a supplement regime to include Curcumin, Reservatrol, Quercetin, Omega three Fish oil (Rx grade), Vitamin D3 with a target of being over 50 ng/dl, liberal use of CoEnZQ10 daily, R-alpha lipoic acid and a vitamin K supplement daily. Consider use of N Acetyl Cysteine daily as well. Notice I did not put the dosages down because the doses required for anti cancer therapy are significantly higher than one would use in a preventative state. This should be done with consultation of your oncologist. If your oncologist is not open minded about these issues…after reading the book in step one you might need to find a new oncologist. These are what I consider to be the core supplements to most cancers humans get.

6. Within your diet always added turmeric, ginger, garlic, rosemary, and basil to your foods as much as possible. You should drink 1 Liter of green tea per day. Green tea contains L -Theanine which decrease anxiety but is an adjunct to chemotherapeutic drugs by making them more effective . You can also use green tea extracts if you don’t want to drink this much fluid or you cant because of your condition.

7. In 1955 Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg found that all cancers use glucose for energy substrate and high levels of insulin also allow the body to lose control of the immune system that will defend it. This means the patient has to limit anything that stimulates insulin. A strict low carb Epi-paleo template does just this. A Good reference for the diet is here.

8. Your immune system is your best defense against your cancer. Optimize your vitamin D levels and keep your insulin levels below two. Lowering your cortisol levels optimizes leptin but most importantly upregualtes your Natural Killer cells (WBC’s) that are part of your cell mediated immune system that actively fights cancer. You will read a ton about these cells in the book I recommended in step one.

9. Veggies. Make cruciferous veggies a staple. All plants of the Brassica plants are your friends. Glucosinolates can inhibit, retard, and reverse experimental multistage oncogenesis. The reason are the release of isothiocyanantes like sulphoraphanes. Sulphoraphanes do two main things. They promote apoptosis (levee 19) and they induce phase two detoxification enzymes in the liver that strengthen the p53 gene as the guardian of our genomes. Necrosis of cancer cells is commonly seen when they are exposed to sulphoraphanes consistently overtime. Broccoli also includes a secondary metabolite called Indole 3 Carbinol that further breaks down to another anticancer chemical called DIM, diindolylmethane. You can’t eat enough of these veggies if you have cancer in my view. I3C also blocks 16 -hydroxyestrone and is quite helpful in preventing breast and ovarian cancers in women and prostate cancer in men.

10. Here is the counterintuitive one to the dogma you have had drummed into your head…eat tons of cholesterol. Especially coconut oil. Many epidemiological studies have shown that lower levels of serum cholesterol correlate with higher cancer rates. This is why eating a ketogenic Epi-paleo diet makes a ton of sense. Why a ketogenic diet? Because all cancers utilize glucose for substrate. You need to change the cellular fuel of choice. Go Google Otto Warburg for more details. Ketogenic diets should be loaded with MCT from coconut oils as they confer huge advantages to normal cells over cancer cells. This leg up allows your immune system to catch up to the cancerous cells and destroy them using your own biologic machinery. There are numerous cancer journal articles published that show the same links.

Dedicated to Mary. Never submit and conquer it with your defenses. They are your best weapon in this fight no matter what any physician tells you. Optimize them and you will win this battle.