EMF 7: Quantum Prometheus

Readers Summary

  1. How did my initial podcast set the table?
  2. How did my job help me figure things outs?
  3. Why was osteoporosis the key to the puzzle?
  4. Why is the Factor X everyone’s solution?
  5. Why crying over spilled milk is a waste of resources. We need to come together and think.

Dedicated to Alex B. in the hope that he can get his Dad out of the haze of dogma.

All science is based upon constant discovery. When you discover something new, embrace it and your curiosity because it then it becomes a new jumping point for the next journey in discovery. Alex, you are a starfish and today you get to understand how many of the moving parts of the Quilt work.

If you remember my podcast several years back, I told you the disease that got me interested in all this was osteoporosis.  This is a disease I treat a lot as a spine surgeon.  I discussed Wolff’s law in detail in the EMF 1 blog. When I realized that Wolff’s law was null and void in leptin resistance states in bone, something else radical appeared to me. I knew that Leptin Resistance signaled inflammation, and inflammation could be seen as a positive charge and loss of a negative charge on MRI’s, fMRI, and MEG studies. I also realized that MRI or NMR should show an increased flair signal on T2 weighted MRI images signifying an intracellular water loss coupled with a loss of collagen and of ATP.  Collagen makes up the main protein of connective tissues in all mammals, typically 60–70{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} by weight.  The water and collagen constitute a liquid crystalline matrix in which every cell in the body is embedded, making this system the ideal medium for intercommunication in eutherian mammals.  Within this matrix we have learned about proton and electron superconduction that not only feed the underlying mechanistic pathways that most biochemistry recite but they also feed a rich “wet chemistry” that is fundamentally based upon special qualities of water.  It turns out water has some prodigious quantum flexibility when it is confined in closed spaces that make it do some unique quirky things that no classic chemist would predict.  These things are all predicted by quantum electrodynamic field theory.  One such quirk is the use of water reverse micelles around proteins that increase enzyme action and kinetics by the order 10 to the 10th power based upon the pioneering work of Frank Mayer and Jim Clegg.  Classic physics and chemistry thinks of water in its bulk form only because that is all the classic sciences can explain about it.  In quantum coherence, where water acts as a total cohesive unit because it has infinite chemical freedom, water becomes highly structured chemically, from its bulk form to do some amazing things,  to become extremely flexible in phase transitions between ice crystals and liquid crystals and gas vapor as it gets confined in small diameter nanotubes in our cells.  Water dynamics and actions are quantumly altered as it is confined within nanotubes it develops properties that allow it to collectively work dynamically within reverse micelles and in proton superconducting cables that align along collagen in the cells cytoarchitecture to allow for super fast semiconduction.  This has been reproduced by many physics and molecular biology researchers in electron photomicrographs and X-ray diffraction studies.   The most amazing property water develops as it is confined in these nanotubes,  it becomes a super catalyst that organic chemistry has missed, because it accounts for the energy of activation of biochemical reactions and enzymatic kinetics.  It is not ATP that does this, ever!!  ATP has another more critical function.  It unfolds protein in cells to open water binding sites to form these super conduction cables to create 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} energy efficiency.

Doc, are you saying we are a quantum being?  We use semi-conduction for energy production for life?  In a word, YES.  When water in nanotubes is coherent it becomes a super facilitator of all chemical reactions whether in re-dox form of a liquid crystalline structure.  It offers amazing energy of activation flux to cause specific attraction between enzyme and substrate to facilitate precise timing needed for precise molecular reactions.  Dr.Philippa Wiggins found water has an uncanny ability to move between its two states, the first called bulk flow state (classic physics) and coherent flow (quantum physics)  using dynamic switching controlled by quantum field dynamics of the electro-magnetic field water finds itself in as water becomes constrained by the diameter in a carbon nanotubes in every cell of the human body.  You wont find this in any paleo biochemistry book either folks.  It is how the brain and every other system in the body works.

Water, it turns out, is the medium and the message used to integrate life in a cell, but it also forms the direct means of life in all living things.  The medium and message are controlled by physics, and the means is controlled by chemistry, but the sum of all forms the biology of quantum water dynamics which rewrites cell theory as we know it. Yes, it changes everything you know.  

High resolution X-ray diffraction studies on both native and synthetic collagen reveals an extensive water bridge network surrounding the collagen fibers.

Time to enter the world of quantum field theory and the world of semiconduction, Understanding human semiconduction:

How bone works is pretty simple.  Bone is a semi conductor.  In fact, every system in your body works that way.  Anything that works by semi conduction is controlled by the math or quantum field theory and not classic physics, chemistry, or biology.  It means what they all believe is up in smoke.  Current in a semiconductor can flow through a crystal lattice in many phases,  much either as free electrons or as holes that can shift their positions much as holes migrate when you move the marbles in a game of Chinese checkers over the board.  When you understand bone has been proven to work via semiconduction the game of life changes.  Nothing biology has figured out yet can explain semiconduction.  The work of Peter Mitchell just does not hold up thermodynamics or on kinetic basis.  So I knew it had to be explained somehow.  So I went and looked for an answer.  In bone, since current can flow from a P-type (positive) to an N-type (negative) semiconductor, but not the other way,  a junction is created which acts to “filter” or rectify the current.  This is how it is described by electrical engineers.  Bone has a P and N type semi conductor and this is how I figured the riddle of the cosmonaut out.  All this was worked out by Dr. Robert Becker in the 1960’s while it appears biology and chemistry slept.  Bone uses quantum mechanics to work.  I knew from my own studies in residency 1988, that bone was a special tissue, but after reading the cosmonauts reports, my life changed in a moment.

Explain briefly how bone works as a semiconductor

A good example of this is how the needle on an old phonograph worked.  A diamond or sapphire crystal of the stylus needle rode in a record groove.  The groove’s changing shape shape then deformed the crystal ever so slightly.  The transformed crystalline lattice then transduced the stresses in its chemical lattice into an electrical signal.  That signal was then amplified until the ear could hear it.  If the current was not rectified, the sound created would be an unintelligible hum because we would be hearing both the deformation pulse and the release pulse of the semiconducted circuit.  If we used a rectifier in this circuit we could hear the sounds.  A rectifier passes current in one direction only, so the impulses can not cancel one another out.  This is how music is heard from a record.

Dr. Becker was a limb regeneration  researcher who described the semi conduction of bone in mammals and his group realized right away, that bone was showing evidence of rectification because bone’s released electric pulse was much smaller than the one from the stresses placed upon the bone in experiments.  All of these observations showed him definitively that a very small pulsed piezoelectric current signaled bone to grow.  What is a piezoelectric current?  You’ll find out soon enough.

He then wondered could he induce bone growth artificially, by stimulating a negative electric current.  His experiments showed large amount of bone growth did occur around the negative electrode.  Spine surgery was transformed in this one experiment.  In 2005, I was clueless about this, and most scientists still do not know the details of how bone really works.  You do now.  It is a spectacular display of how quantum physics and biology worked in unison in an organ I operated on daily.  If we have evidence of semi conduction in humans. It means the rules we employ in a biologic system must move from classic physics to quantum field theory. This is something paleo, medicine, and the biologic sciences does not know, and has never realized.

During my reading, I found out when the Russian cosmonaut who went into space on the MIR space station for 1.3 years, who lost a massive amount of his bone density. I thought to myself, he had to have had massive inflammatory changes in his labs when they returned to earth. I saw the same disease in my clinic patients I mentioned earlier.

The Russians never told us about all of his labs in the accounts of this MIR trip. They were more intent on the good PR response ( I thought) because their cosmonaut just set the world record for consistent space travel by a human.

The reports of his bone loss, however caught everyone’s attention who read the accounts. Scientists in Russia, however, quickly realized the reason for the stunning loss of his bone mass in a short period of time, was due to a constant zero gravity environment they faced in space for 14 months, because of the absence of the earth’s magnetic field. The entire time in space, he ate a balanced diet with sufficient calories. They solved this problem by redesigning their space capsule with a magnetic system that duplicated the Earth’s magnetic field. They did this to provide a constant source of “gravitational force” to apply to the bones to stimulate tensions to fulfill Wolff’s law. On Earth, forces like gravity and acceleration stress bone cells to increase bone growth. We use it daily in spine surgery to help people get better from spine surgery.

Then I realized something they missed, in fact, everyone missed.

That was when a magnetic field’s effect is no longer sensed by human tissues, it also means electrons had to be transferred from one mass, his, to another of lesser electric charge by the laws of electricity. He lost his electrons to space! We use this principle in bone stimulators in spine surgery, also in reverse. We use small magnets to generate magnetic fields to increase bone growth.  Essentially, the Russian cosmonaut lost electrons from his body into space to cause this osteoporosis in 437 days! Electrons flow from the largest pool of electron density to the small pool, this is why the Earth sends electrons into our body when we walk upon it. We evolved in the water and land, with our feet planted on it for reason, and when we are not planted upon we lose our own electrons in our body!

This sounded hard to fathom when you first read it, I’d imagine. Today’s blog is filling in the details of precisely how this happens in everyone of you.  Why has no one connected these dots until now?  The reason is in how poorly Becker’s research described his own work in the literature of 50 years ago.  In his reports they confused the negative potentials found in a salamander’s DC current of injury  when he amputated their legs in experiments in his work on limb regeneration, with the negative potentials that actually stimulated bone growth regeneration naturally when the bone was broken.  The reports were written as if both negative currents were equivalent to one another,  but they were not physiologically.  I picked this up and I went to the nth degree with it.

The cosmonaut observation made me realize this incongruency. Dr. Becker was an orthopedic surgeon and limb regeneration expert, not a quantum physics expert. He never realized how big this error was for man today. He realized this later in his own life in the 1990’s,  because of how badly his bone stimulation work was capitalized by the implant industry in my current specialty, and said so publicly many times, as I later found out.

We use a negative electric current to stimulate bone today,  but we never use the periosteal piezoelectric current Becker described in his work.  This is how I knew no one caught the mistake I saw.  There was not one implant ever made that copied Mother Nature’s semi-conduction design in Becker’s experiments.    This is why bone growth stimulators have made a marginal impact in spine surgery and in orthopedics today.

In the 1950’s bone biology pioneer Robert Becker decided to see if he could figure out why salamanders could regenerate their entire leg when it was cut off, but mammals could not.  He used detailed experiments to prove that bone regeneration was piezoelectric and worked by semi conduction.  His results stunned the bone community.  It seems it never made it to the rest of science, like biochemists to explain how it was powered.  The inherent electron current of bone was described by Robert Becker, MD in detail in the 1960’s when he discovered that bone used piezoelectric currents to regenerate itself.  Many people even today believe bone heals like any other tissue.  That is not really true at all.  Bone healing in humans is a vestige of true complete regeneration that we see in other species.  Our bone regenerates just like a salamander regenerates its complete leg when it is amputated.  He also showed definitively bone does not heal in the true sense. It totally regenerates itself using DC current to induce bone marrow cells to differentiate to osteoblasts.

Ridiculously huge issue

The puzzling thing to me in his discriptions, was that in his model never required large amounts of ATP to get the job done thermodynamically, but it did required a DC current to maintain order of the biologic process.  This current was delivered from the periosteum and from the nerves that innervated the area.  He showed that this DC current would make protein that makes bone up, collagen, would line up correctly once it was hydrated with a current passed into it, and  its secondary and tertiary chemical structures would appear before it could be mineralized by hydroxyapatite.  These were the the two semi-conductors, P type and N-type found in bone.

Mature bone is composed of proteins and minerals. Approximately 60{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} the weight of the bone is the apatite mineral, mainly calcium and phosphate. The rest is water and an intracellular matrix, which is formed before the mineral is deposited, and can be considered the scaffolding or rebar framework for the bone. About 90{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the matrix proteins are collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the body.  Collagen is very strong and forms bone, cartilage, skin, and tendons in our bodies.

How you would construct a strong, but light material from only the following 3 ingredients if you were Mother Nature? Using short threads, plaster of paris, and glue? The best way would be to twist or braid the thread into strings, then glue the strings into ropes, then lay the ropes in a pattern and pour the plaster of paris over them, the way concrete is poured over steel rebar. That is what Mother Nature did to make bone and Becker’s experiments showed us precisely how she did it. Bone regeneration in humans uses a biphasic semiconductor to generate a piezoelectric current in the periosteum of bone.  

The details were rather shocking when I learned about them in the late 1980’s, and astonishing to those scientists who looked at them.  In 2006,  I went back and studied his work with a laser precision when I saw the incongruity in the cosmonaut observation with the Theory of Relativity as laid out in detail in EMF-2.  Here,  I found why industry has made a big error in bone stimulating technology we use today in spine surgery.

They overstimulate the bone  and marrow but do not regenerate the periosteal piezoelectric current using interfacial water in the periosteum.  It does not follow his experimental findings.  Nothing in human physiology has ever been described to act in this fashion before using semiconduction.  I think the way the articles were written, and the manner in which they interpreted them was wrong too.  It did not follow how how piezoelectric current really operates in human bone.  When I read this, I realized I had answer why what happened to the cosmonaut bone on MIR occurred in 437 days. Einstein was not wrong, the literature was.

What is a biologic biphasic pulsed semiconductor? You mean to tell me our bone acts a lot like an Intel chip, doc?

Yes, that is precisely what Becker found.  He wanted to learn precisely how Wolff’s law worked, and so did I, because all the MRI’s I was ordering was showing every patient I saw in my clinic has some level of osteoporosis in every age group I looked.  I wrote a letter to Dr. Jeff Wang,  a respected orthopedic surgeon and researcher at UCLA, who is a friend, asking him do you think Wolff’s law is null and void today for some reason?  Most spine surgeons talk about all the crappy bone we have been seeing at the meetings we go to.  I decided to ask why.  I even wrote a paper for publication and he declined to publish it, because it was outside the scope of the journal because it used quantum theory. Quantum theory is never mixed with biology but understanding semiconduction requires application of this type of physics.  Classic physics can not explain energy use in a quantum system.  This is where paleo begins to have a massive problem.

That is when I realized what I found was so counterintuitive, I was going to have to get the message out a new way.  This clinic observation peeked my curiosity to learn more about Becker’s work.  That is when I found his work and the seemingly small error in his the interpretation of his work.  Little did I realize that error was the key to the entire puzzle of discovering why everyone in my clinic was losing their bone like the cosmonaut we discussed in EMF-2.

Becker showed us definitively that in mammals,  The pulsed piezoelectric current measured on the outside of bone in periosteum only appeared when mechanical stress was applied to the bone.  Returning to our cosmonaut example in EMF-2, I realized in space, however,  there was no piezoelectric stress because there was no gravitational field present to create it.  That meant there could no pulsed piezoelectric semi-conduction in his bone.  This is just one reason why the cosmonaut lost bone mass.  He was losing very small amounts of electrons to his environment over those 437 days constantly, as his time was sped up with 19 sunrises and sunsets in the freezing cold of space.  He essential lost quantum time and he was aging quickly.  The result was found in his bone.  This put me into the Russian literature.  This is when I learned about all the things in EMF-5.  Needless to say, I was shocked.  I came to the conclusion after reading all that info on pulsed EMF,  that the Russians sent him to space to figure out how humans could do in a long term space trip.  I think they realized after his trip that human travel in space is close to impossible, unless you recreate the exact magnetic field that exists on Earth.

The second reason he lost bone was more important to me.  Since he also lost of the natural magnetic field effect from the Earth while he was in orbit, this acted to decrease the DC (direct current) current that came from his brain (Pi electrons clouds from Brain Gut 5) that supplied to his biphasic bone semiconductor by the perineural cells in his nerves that innervated the bone.  This current comes directly from the brain.  This current is supplied in a quantum fashion, as well by the brain.  This means that any loss of the Earth’s magnetic field directly alters the DC current in the human body because the flow of electrons from our cerebral cortex is altered by this new or lost electromagnetic field our cells how to deal with.  This was the science of Einstein not Newton.  I realized it right away.  Semiconduction is based in quantum field theory and not classic physics.  I realized there that medicine and all of science may have a lot bigger problem then I thought.  All of sudden this went from an osteoporosis riddle to a story about evolution.  Our cells were yoked to our endogenous magnetic field and it resonates at 7.83 Hz.  I was connecting lots of dots quick now.  I realized I needed to learn quantum field theory and fast.  All this info was peaking my curiosity.  This explained to me why paralyzed people on Earth really develop osteoporosis in their bones affected in the areas where they lose DC conduction from their brain or spinal cord. Charcot joints now made some sense now.  It had nothing to do with a loss of use.

Valery Polyakov’s exhibited both effects of bone loss and not either one as would have happened here on Earth.  Paralyzed human nerves loses the ability to generate the small, but constant DC current in the bone semi conductor.  I realized right away that in space the Russian also had lost both systems.  This was why he lost fantastic amounts of bone in 437 days, that still seem ‘confuse’ NASA today.  I think the Russians however, have figured this out, because of their pulsed EMF experiments done on the American Embassy in Moscow you learned about in EMF-5.  This is why the Russians recently invited an American astronaut to break Valery Polyakov’s record recently with a another cosmonaut and a third party in 2004 and we declined to go, because of “medical reasons”.

I think Russia wants to use the American as a control in another human experiment to show, once again, that they have always been correct about how a pulsed EMF above the Schumann resonance is deadly and damaging to a biologic system over a short period of time.  The stakes here for us all are big.

My concern as a surgeon then was different.  I realized that the science experiment shows that long term space travel as we know it today is impossible based upon Einstein’s science.  It means the manner in which life evolved here is subject to the randomness of how it happened here under the directions of the Schumann resonance at our ocean floor.  This insight was stunning to me.  It meant we are prisoners to Mother Nature because from her, comes the spark of life.  This implies that we need to figure out a way off the planet.  It also explains why the Russians never developed their technology platform when they had the same semiconduction science as we did from the nuclear age.  Today, both countries are spending billions to get to Mars. I think I know why now.

Recently, NASA declined the invitation of the Russians to break their record.  Look at our response.

I believe they declined, because they do not want to be embarrassed again in a world awash in this pulsed EMF’s. Steve Jobs legacy for me is decidly different than yours now too because of this. Maybe my members will understand why I hate technology so much. I understand fully why musicians can go from phenotypically normal 0-25 years old, to using drugs to try to get better sleep function, and then have to progress on to asking a doctor to give them powerful anesthetics to allow them to sleep. It makes total sense. I realize the actions of the Russian literature and space program were acting in unison from 1950- 2013. This is why I think they know how Einstein’s math works.  In my opinion, they believe that pulsed EMF above the Schumann resonance and outside of our ions dielectric values will  lead to an extinction level event.  Extinction event?  Dielectric chemistry doc?  Yep, more quantum field math.

Non Geeks: I believe Russia knows precisely what the non thermal EMF effects are capable of in space, because of what happened to their cosmonaut on MIR you learned about in EMF-2. In the world of 1976, the American public was not ready to understand this science because only microwaves were commericially available,  but today it is a different ball game.  The thing keeping this from us all was a lack of understanding of quantum field theory and how Einstein’s math meets biology and chemistry in our cells.  I knew where to go look now.

The Russian’s realized that Einstein’s science shows what we do from here on out, affects every life form on this planet because EMF is a source of energy that once created can never be destroyed, just transformed.  It will last to infinity from their creation and they can not escape our ionosphere.  This is why a RCT is a waste of resources.  When I hear that now it is clear who ever said it does not understand that Einsteins math is the math of the universe.  It is not subject to typical correlation without causation.  A lack of knowing his science is what blinds biochemists.   Their beliefs are 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} based upon classic physics which has no answers for semiconduction.  When I realized bone uses semiconduction the race was on in my brain to look for answers to bigger questions.

I can say this without reservation all of biology is all based upon quantum mechanics in my opinion. What modern biology believes to be true is regurgitated on many paleo blogs by researchers buried in old dying beliefs.  They are remnants of yesteryears paradigms because they have not a clue how the brain and biologic super conduction really work.  Over the next few months I am going to show you precisely how it works in humans.  I have been working that out in my clinic for 6 years now.

We all need to know this, because our biology is 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} based upon quantum field theory.  This is why the literature today is worthless.  It never takes this into account and it certainly can’t not explain why ATP was hardly used in Becker’s model of bone regeneration.  This is how you come up with reward theory or safe starches or the insulin hypothesis.  You are trying to fit data sets into a framework that it is not allowed to be in because of how it works physically.  No one seems to know this.  I did in 2006.  Since quantum field theory really makes your head hurt it may explain why NIH funding is poor for showing how Einstein math meets meets modern biology or chemistry.  This might explain the current NIH finding issues researchers face and why the things that need to be studied are not studied.  It was here that I realized everything I was taught or believed might be dead wrong.  This was a shocker for me.  For one year, I said a word to no one.  I checked my findings many times.  I came to the conclusion, if I was wrong so was quantum field theory.   I found this out when I went looking how the cosmonaut really lost his bone mass in an astronomical short rate of time.  I was not prepared for what else I realized.

Let us talk briefly about osteoporosis and get back to biology.

I told you two years ago in a podcast, how osteoporosis is linked to leptin.  It is also where I found out how bone uses semi conduction to explain Wolff’s law.  If you remember from the osteoporosis series, and what I have shared with you today, the reason why Wolff’s law is now null and void on our planet today because we have an altered magnetic field we live in.  That is why we have a pandemic in osteoporosis in all age groups on the surface of the Earth that parallels the cosmonaut experience.  It is because the laws that govern semiconduction require a normal electromagnetic field to work properly for energy generation.  These laws are dictated by Einstein’s laws of the universe and not mine.  In the cosmonaut example in EMF-2,  it showed an incongruity to Einstein’s laws, while I was making the observation in my clinic, in the last 5 years no one had normal bone or normal MRI’s when I operated on them.

These observations were my big clues to the mystery.  I went to open my text books on bone physiology and reread Dr. Becker’s work on how bone is regenerated.  Many people do not realize that Becker proved bone can not heal.  It regenerates completely.  Dr. Becker did some amazing research on limb regeneration in Salamander’s and in bone metabolism.  In one of his experiments he happened to use pulsed EMF to put a salamander asleep to amputate his leg.  I found that astounding.  Might this be a clue of how anesthesia works in humans?  He found in mammals that bone healing is the evolutionary remnant of life’s ability to regenerate limbs.  He even figured out why humans can not  do it. Our brains take too much of the DC current away from the blastema that reforms the limb.  The proof is found in amputated finger tips in children.  If you leave them alone they will totally regenerate.  This did not shock me.  On my own left hand, on my ring finger this happened to me in a sled accident in NYC.    You saw I mentioned the presence of DC current again.

Yes, bone uses piezoelectric current to regenerate limbs in salamanders and finger tips in humans.  His experiments also showed that collagen matrix of bone acted as the N-type of semi-conductor of bone while apatite crystals were the P-type semiconductor.  Yes, bone is a semiconductor.  Why is that important?  Because if bone is a semi conductor you can apply the classic view of physics, chemistry, or biology to it.  It seems nobody realized Becker proved bone worked this was in the 1960’s   I remembered learning about piezoelectricity in spine surgery long ago.  It also meant something bigger to me.  I told you in EMF-2 the cosmonaut appeared to break Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity because he got a disease of aging when he should have gotten younger.

Ultimate Truth Bomb: I realize right there that the answer to the riddle of Wolff’s law and leptin would be in quantum field theory, because semiconduction is the world of Einstein’s math not the math of Newton or modern biochemistry.  I realized I needed to know about semi-conduction in humans and dielectric points.  So I read a lot about quantum field mechanics.

Physics Geeks: The theoretical dielectric strength of a material is an intrinsic property of the bulk material and is dependent on the configuration of the material or the electrodes with which the field is applied. At breakdown, the electric field frees bound electrons. If the applied electric field is sufficiently high, free electrons from background radiation may become accelerated to velocities that can liberate additional electrons during collisions with neutral atoms or molecules in a process called avalanche breakdown of superconduction. Breakdown occurs quite abruptly, typically in nanoseconds, resulting in the formation of an electrically conductive path and a disruptive discharge through the material. For solid materials, like a liquid crystalline lattice of water in a nanotube,  a breakdown event severely degrades proton and electron currents, or even destroys, its insulating capability.

Fluoride, PUFA’s, especially trans fats and vegetable oils all have high dielectric points and this destroys semi-conduction through the dehydration of water.  This is how we lose energy fast.  This is really why they are bad for us since we are quantum beings.  Did you every hear about that on any paleo blog?  Thought so.  They do not know that bone was a semiconductor and it can’t use ATP for biochemical work alone.  This was the key moment that made my perspective different than theirs.

Factors affecting apparent dielectric strength:

  • it decreases slightly with increased sample thickness. (see “defects” below)
  • it decreases with increased operating temperature.
  • it decreases with increased frequency.
  • for gases (e.g. nitrogen, sulfur hexafluoride) it normally decreases with increased humidity.
  • for air, dielectric strength increases slightly as humidity increases

I also realized right then and there why modern cell theory and why modern biochemistry is completely wrong because it was not based upon Einstein’s math but we had evidence that semi-conduction is used in bone.  We now know it works in every system of the body.  This is why Peter Mitchell’s work, chemistry, biology, and medicine are all wrong today.  This is why patients get frustrated with us doctors.  None of us realized or were taught that we humans operate as quantum life forms.  All of what a doctor learns is based upon biology and chemistry using Newtonian physics.  Medicine’s art is in its empiric observation over time.  The problem, for us now, is we need to change our perspective because our biochemistry is dictated by quantum field theory, and something called modern technology blasts its radiation all around us  24/7 since Tesla’s time.   Since our physiology is based upon this science  we need to begin to understand how it really affects a biologic system.  Few biochemists have looked,  because few of them know how bone really works.  This is where the work of a clinician is mandatory.  Life is not based upon a bench top or a test tube.  All life functions as protons and electrons in an electro-magnetic field that oscillates with the Schumann resonance.  One problem today’s pulsed EMF’s, now have altered and changed our normal magnetic field to which all life evolved to.  Einstein’s math told me we had a bigger problem.  That is where the current storm begins for modern man.

Physics Geeks:  In summary, the classical visualization of “everything is particles and fields”, in quantum field theory, resolves into “everything is particles”, which then resolves into “everything is fields”. In the end, particles are regarded as excited states of a field (field quanta). The gravitational field and the electromagnetic field are the only two fundamental fields in Nature that have infinite range and a corresponding classical low-energy limit, which greatly diminishes and hides their “particle-like” excitations. Albert Einstein, in 1905, attributed “particle-like” and discrete exchanges of momenta and energy, characteristic of “field quanta”, to the electromagnetic field. Originally, his principal motivation was to explain the thermodynamics of radiation.  Non thermal pulsed EMF is the domain of Sir Albert, folks, not Newton.  This is why your leaders have it all wrong.

This is when I realized E=MC2 had to be used by life some way to generate energy to fuel these semiconductors.  Then I thought about 2×3 = 3X2 and I was off to the races.  I reversed the equation as I covered in EMF-2. I realized that when the magnetic field was altered we were pulling our protons and electrons apart and we were losing electrons constantly to our environment.  I realized the electron loss cause an alteration in quantum time and this speed up epigenetics and it cause life to age first, then it causes old age diseases to show up in young people, and it shortens your life.  I also realized it would affect fertility, impact leptin, and then the thought experiment brought me to the endpoint of the experiment stunned me. We were headed for a quick extinction.  Floored is all I could feel for many months.  It also seemed as I worked out the time paradox humans would be first to go in this event.  That day remains the worst day of my life.  I cried in my car all the way home from the library.  I was blown away.  In the next year,  I began to study the biology of extinctions.  This is where I uncovered Factor X, and maybe our answer today.

Why earthing matters in a quantum coherent domain

The Becker experiments on limb regeneration and bone regeneration had also showed the direct currents measured in billionths of amperes was leaching from the perineural cells constantly to stimulate the periosteum to make bone from osteoblasts.  When dealing with a quantum solvent it can be 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} energy efficient when it is working optimally in its EMF of origin.  The reason is because is has complete electro-chemical freedom to become an ultimate superconductor.  A small current in this type of system has massive energy effects.  Since semiconduction uses small ground currents, as metioned above,  and we also get photons from the sun, to generate massive coherent energy efficiency it does not require a massive current as an electrician would expect in a classical physics model.  This is why they think grounding is pseudoscience, and they are DEAD WRONG.  It is a huge factor in the world of semiconduction, in fact, it provides a huge advantage because in a coherent field that is infinitely flexible chemically, it can approach 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} energy efficiency.  What is life’s main semiconductor?  WATER.  Schumann sets the EMF field for water superconduction to occur.  This is precisly what happens in the Earth magnetic field resonance that oscillates at 7.83 Hz.  Life = energy and energy = life.  All of sudden I started to realize just how big C2 was in E = MC2.  Here is when I reversed the equation after studying photosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation mechanics closely.  It is also here when I discovered chemiosmosis and cell membrane theory were not tied to in vivo measurements of enzymatic kinetics, nor did they fit the bill for the energy of activation of biochemical reactions.  It implied to me, that all of biochemistry was wrong on thermodynamics alone.  I went and looked for water semiconduction and found it in the work of Dr. Ling in the 1950’s and Dr. Wiggins 50 years later.  It was here I knew paleo had a massive problem  they did not see.

Back to the bone

This perineural structured water conduction in bone comes from the Schwann cells that insulate with fat around nerves that innervated the surface of the bone called periosteum.  This is also hugely important in understanding the quantum biology associated with Multiple Sclerosis pathophysiology.  This is why modern medicine has no answer for this disease.  This implied to me how we deal with Multiple Sclerosis should change on dime.  We need to use ground water and electrical stimulation to replace the lost perineural current to restore signal transduction to restore neural control of synaptic transmission.  I have done this several times and the results have been stunning.  This perineural water is critical in quantum semiconduction of bone, too.  The perineural is water is subject directly to the magnetic field it is subject to by the environment.  We evolved into an natural EMF of 7.83 Hz, today it is no longer that way.

When I realized all of this, I realized why I could explain why everyone on my clinic had osteoporosis no matter their age now.  This is why Wolff’s was null and void.  It was because our Schumann resonance was now null and void.  Last year at Paleo Fx I presented a case of a 33 year old woman who came in to the ER as a partial quadriplegic after sustaining a cervical neck fracture with no trauma or “classic risk factors” for osteoporosis.  Her labs, however showed a massive “stress response” with a serious low vitamin D and a high HS CRP and very low DHEA and she had horrendous sleep for years.  She also happened to be a cross fitting soft ball player who ate reasonably well. It made no clinical sense to me in 2005, but it makes complete sense to me now. I hope you understand it too.

To work optimally, bone must find itself oscillating in a critical frequency that matches the resonance of the Earth or our environment.  It is a perfect match for the 7.83 Hz frequency of the Schumann EMF.  This is a big reason why our Russian cosmonaut lost a ton of bone in space.  I realized the implications where even bigger because of this.  If she could get a disease of aging in bone, I thought she had to be aging everywhere else. I worked her up and looked at her labs.  She looked like she was 80 years old biochemically, and on her imaging,  and she was completely infertile.  It was here I found out she had massive environmental exposure to artificial EMF from her job. I then looked at every person in my clinic for close to a year, and no one had a normal MRI or labs. I knew right away that this was something everyone has, and it could not be genetic, it had to be an environmental exposure.  I made the critical link to the environment and found out that we now have a ubiquitous sources of artificial EMF’s that bathes our planet’s surface.  It major biologic effect is to alter time, dehydrate us, and speed up diseases propagation so that diseases of aging are seen in ages that we never expect them in. The cause was the altered magnetic field we live in today.  This causes us to constantly lose electrons to the environment, much like the cosmonaut,  and it acts to pull protons and electrons apart in our nucleus everyday we are alive. This leads to molecular chaos, called inflammation and we see disease fast.  This is why all their labs and  MRI’s were all abnormal in my clinic.  This affect shows up as inflammation on MRI images if the astute clinician looks.

I dug deeper.  This one change in our environment might cause massive effects on life since it uses semiconduction for energy generation, if we did not shield our cells from this altered magnetic field according to Einstein’s math. I realized that the unnatural EMF’s from technology would altered the natural EMF from the Earth molten core, and this change, would cause our cells to have to react to a new magnetic field  that our biology was not designed to work with. The reason I knew this implicitly, is because neurosurgeons, use MRI’s more than any other medical specialty and we are taught how the magnet in an MRI alters proton and electrons temporarily to give us data.  An MRI only alters your field on a temporary basis to alter proton and electron interactions to make a image of what is going on inside of us.  I wondered what might the results of a world with this effect 24/7 on our cells?  Here is when I hit the physics books hard on quantum field theory.  I found an altered magnetic field in our environment would cause constant alterations in our normal oscillations of protons and electrons to alter timing and it would dehydrate us.   It was like the space from Earth’s surface to the ionosphere has become a giant MRI magnet for life altering our field 24/7.  It then made sense why everyone’s hormone panels were trashed because they were based upon chronobiology tied to a field that no longer exists.

Our new field was disrupting our ability to tell small quantum time in this superconducting system.  I thought about this time paradox, and compared my notes to Darwin and Einstein’s observations on time and  I shared with you in EMF 6.  I was stunned at the result of my thoughts.  We were in a constant state of de-evolution,  because we lost our ability to tell quantum time.  This is what was causing all  neolithic diseases, and it had nothing to do with diet, genetics, or any variable I was taught in school.  This is when I realized that if I could reverse the process in me,  and regain the free electrons from the Earth and sun, that I was losing to my environment, I might be able to lose weight really fast.  This essentially was the reverse experiment of cosmonaut in space.  I said nothing about this to anyone for 3 years because I was shell shocked at what I found.  When I began to lose weight at record pace I knew I was correct.  The only person I contacted was Dr. Jeff Wang a spine surgeon at UCLA to ask him if he also was seeing a ton of osteoporosis and he was;  I then began talking to one of the doctors at my hospital about things.  I was careful about what I said, but after two years of good scientific talks he said I needed to put my ideas on the net and let people know what I had found because the literature would never go against a Nobel Prize winning biologist. I knew he was correct. He and I both knew this infomation would never get published because the literature is not based upon quantum theory, but it was critical to patients to know.  I felt I had to check this out in every patient in my clinic to be sure I was correct.  Not one was normal in 3 years of looking at labs or MRI’s.  The closest I found was a 46 year old with a Vitamin D level of 56.  The remainder of her labs were altered.  My own labs were demolished, too.  I realized if I was wrong,  so was Einstein and Darwin.

If this normal resonance is blocked or absent for any reason it will result in massive changes physiologically on a macro level quickly.  When the cosmonaut went into space he was missing the Schumann resonance and the magnetic field, so quantum electric field dynamics say he would have lost massive amounts of energy from his bone and all organs because his perineural water was not coherent in quantumly next to his periosteum.

Secondly, Most people have no idea that the action of grounding only require a billionths of an ampere to keep our total body water (71{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6}) in a state of perfect quantum coherence to get this energy.  This is why losing those free electrons from Earth really matter.  I also realized we got free electrons from the sun too.  But those electrons were only seasonal in spring, summer, and parts of the fall depending upon where we live.  Electricians and engineers have no idea how semi-conduction works but a semi-conductor engineer does.  So I talked to them and ask for some books to read.  Here I found I was right about the free electrons from Earth and the sun.  Their effect in a perfect quantum coherent state has little to do with total electrical current as classic physics teaches them;  instead it has to do with what that current does to the physical structure of the water as a superconductor.  Water has its own inherent structure that allows it to carry energy as it undergoes phase transitions from gas to water and to ice and vice versa.  The rules that govern this science?  Quantum field theory.

Energy efficiency of life

This is where the world of electricians, biologists, and chemists of understanding  electricity ends and where a semiconductor engineer comes in.  Electrons on water do some really weird stuff when you applied different electromagnetic forces to it in on tight spaces on a silicon wafer.  Guess what?  Cells do the same thing, but they do it in carbon nanotubes in your cell’s cytosol when it is filled with water.  How do I know that?  We now have scanning electron micrographs and X-ray diffraction pictures of all cells and every cell in every living things has it.  In humans,  our nanotubes seem really special.  As the diameter shrinks to a specific size in these nanotubes,  water’s begins to acquire a unique chemical ability gives it some properties no one expected.  It works as an electron and proton super-conductor.  It works so well as a medium for energy transfer, the cell does not need ATP to hydrolyze phosphate to drive the energy of activation of the reactions as most organic chemists believe.  In the proper magnetic field, water is coherent, and it means it can transfer energy with 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} efficiency.  Just to give you perspective, a modern combustible car engine gives you 14{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6}–26{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} energy from gas.  Your mitochondria gives you 39{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} efficiency from glucose or fat to make ATP.  39{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} is not enough to explain enzymatic fluxes or reaction speeds to overcome the energy of activation we have measured in experiments today.  So where does it come from?  Here is where the C2 in Einstein’s math makes its appearance.  Water is a super conductor and works at 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} energy efficiency in a coherent magnetic field.  The Schumann resonance gives life that massive advantage.  Mitochondrial energy production was the “add on booster” we got at endosymbiosis to increase energy generation.  Yes, life does use quantum theory after all and there is massive proof of it if you bother to look for it.  It seems the paleo thought leaders did not.

The quantum science of water energy transfer will get its own blog, because it is nothing short of ridiculously cool quantum work.  I spent over 18 months reading thousands of papers on it.  It is amazing and explains how we get energy from the atmosphere that is carried on water vapor, change phases using dielectric chemistry to liquid water in rain, which then releases its energy to grass and plants, which turns CO2 into O2 for us at 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} efficiency.  This is why O2 exploded on the seen and life exploded at the Cambrian explosion and lead to all forms of life.  It turns our photosynthesis also gives life a boost because it is more energy efficient than even water in shear production of energy.  We will hit that later.  Life needed an energy boost from mitochondria to become complex.  Nick Lane got this part right in his awesome book, but Mitchell ideas at the ocean floor however are dead wrong and this is why all researchers are dead wrong in their assumptions too.  I was wrong too in my own ideas before 2006, so include me in that group.

Biochemistry uses the coherence energy transfer of water to run the kinetics and flux of all biochemical pathways.  ATP is not an energy substrate like Mitchell and all biochemists believe it is.  It is used to unfold proteins and expose their -NH and -COO moieties to bind water to it using its amazing hydrogen bonds.  This is why a lack of ATP is a common feature in all neurodegenerative diseases.  It is why we see the same folding errors in many of those diseases.  When the proteins are fully unfolded and hydrated water binds to the moities to make life’s superconductor.  When this happens water nanotubes become super conducting proton electrical wires that power all life.  Electron micrographs now show modern cell biologists every cell in the human body contains carbon nanotubes that shrink in diameter.  It is the small diameter of the tubes where the quantum dance of life happens using Einstein’s math.  ATP is not our energy source as we all were taught.  The hydrolysis of its high energy phosphate bonds con not sustain the thermodynamic requirements of in vivo flux and kinetics of biochemistry.  Moreover, the resting membrane potential so critical in Mitchell’s version of events is unexplained by him.  In quantum field theory it comes from potassium binding directly to all proteins.  We will get into the details later.

We’ll have some more fun first.  The resting potential is key in signal transduction and ion gating.  It is just allows us to use more water to conduct life’s energy by hydrating the proteins maximumly in the cytosol.  Modern cell theory looks at the cell as a giant membrane with a bunch of organelles filled with bulk water.  Scanning EM pictures show the cell cytosol is highly structured with a cytoskeleton that looks just like a picture of the universe.  Another place where evolutionary fractal design shows up.

When water stays in this perfect resonating quantum state, dictated by the magnetic field the organism is in,  energy efficiency approximates 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} efficiency.  When you tell an electrician or a chemist anything is 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} efficient they know it cant be true,  because classic physics says it can’t be done. This is why they do not know about how life works.  It works using Einstein’s physics backwards.

None of them realize this, but the physics of Einstein prove it is true.  Today, scanning EM pictures and the chemistry of structured water have revolutionized our understanding of biology, if you accept it. When a body is in perfect coherence, it requires very little to keep it from working optimally.  It requires no ATP at all.  Biology still does not know that.  How do you know?  They gave Peter Mitchell a Nobel Prize in 1978 for an effect that has zero to do with how biochemistry is really powered in a living cell.  Admitting this would expose them to much criticism so the nightmare continues on for our species.  Maybe now you understand why I give so many “smart researchers” so much trouble for their rewarding theories and safe starches or their perfect diet ideas.

Their beliefs are plain wrong, and what the believe could kill you faster.  Most of this work is being done in bioastrophysics.  This is stuff they never read.  Just because you do not read it does not make it true.

When a living organism is in a state of chronic quantum de-coherence, meaning they cant make energy at efficient rates, because artificial EMF and/or artificial light, our cells now have a new quantum electromagnetic field to navigate that was different than how life evolved.  The result of that carries different rules for flux, kinetics, energy of activation, and molecular action.  If they the field changes because of massive EMF you lose massive constant amounts of electrons, and things in a cell swell causing molecular crowding, as I laid out in EMF −4.  Moreover, because we lose this free super conduction in carbon nanotubes that powers all life, you must live on ATP alone to get energy and here is where all hell breaks loose in a cell.  ATP alone can’t support complex eukaryotic life, especially with a Ferrari in its head.  So what physiologic functions go first when you run out of gas?  Sleep and cognition.  As time goes on neurodegeneration and leptin resistance soon follows and it appears everyone suffers from a chronic stress response eerily similar to the what the Russian literature says happens in all their observations I laid out in detail in EMF 5.   Now you know why sleep is a big clinical sign to me, because it tells us if you can enter the PPP or the Ancient Pathway or not.  This is biochemistry fluxes that the paleo guru’s think is pseudoscience and have mocked me.

I will let you decide who to believe now.  If you do not know how biologic reactions are truly powered,  how in the hell do you have anyone’s solution to anything?  You have partial truths, when you believe you are 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} right.  Remember the EMF −6 video about being dead wrong, but feeling quite right?

Given the shit storm life now faces, do you think a physician can stand by and watch recommendations that are dead wrong continue to kill the people who may help solve this mess best? I had to become a lighting rod, and speak up to get their attention while trying to explain we may need to look at things differently based upon what quantum field theory has uncovered.  When you do not know about proton super conduction in nanotubes filled with water and how the perineural current comes from the brain and how the brain creates that from the Pi electron clouds of DHA (Brain Gut 5) you might begin to see why I am such a pain in the ass for them by my own design.  I knew what they believed was hurting many of you 24/7.  They had no intent to do so, but none of them would listen to me when I tried to explain it slowly.  The stakes we are playing for are not what they think. They are much bigger now.  We are entangled in this mess and we need to get it right to help as many as we can right now. We have a bigger job to do together.

When you don’t know about the importance of quantum time, everything you believe goes up in smoke.  I know 2006 was my year of disbelief.  There is no reward theory or safe starch theory, Einstein says so, not Jack Kruse.  In essence, it throws off the natural order of timing in a cell and cause the cell to swell and proteins to fold up blocking the bonding of water as ATP production struggles to keep up because you can no longer fat burn and make maximum ATP.  As a result, we develop massive amounts of neolithic disease because we are constantly losing energy to our environment when this occurs.

Total energy equation: Where Einstein shows us the real problem

Here is an analogy I used on you back in CT-6, when my critics laughed and made fun of me on their blogs.  Biology and chemists forget about thermodynamics, fluxes, and kinetics in living cells.  Modern cell theory has no answers for these puzzles, and they forgot to test Mitchell’s theory on living cells.  I did not forget this,  and it made me more curious to fond out why, because, I now see a cell through Einstein’s eyes and not via Modern Cell Theory flawed perceptions.  They are governed by something called the total energy equation.

Giuliano Preparta showed this mathematically in quantum field theory: E (tot) = E(fl) + E (exc) + E (int)

E (tot) is the total energy of the system, E (fl) is the energy fluctuating in the EM field,  E(exc) is the energy of excitation of their particles shifted from their ground state to the excited state, and E(int) is the Lamb-like shift.

This equation dictates at what point phase transition occurs in the matter of life.  For example, how water become gas and then ice.  How a liquid can move to all three phases.  Phase transition in physics is 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} tied to the total energy in a system.  Remember energy is life.  This is precisely how our climate works as well.  I mentioned to you in EMF 1 that the Schumann resonance plays a massive role in weather, solar and lunar cycles, and in human behavior.  It does this by changing the total energy in the system to cause phase shifts in things you believe are tangible items.  Let me give you an example using climate.  This law explains why a large amount of heat called “the heat of condensation”, is released when a water vapor turns into a liquid, so rain falling from the skies actually will warm the air as it rains.  Conversely, when liquid water needs to absorb a large amount of heat in order to vaporize, which is like when water evaporates from the surface of lakes and oceans, as well as the transpiration of trees and plants, it cools the air.

These properties of water are very important for distributing heat and water across the globe between continents and oceans to sustain all life.  In CT-6, I told you every extinction event on this planet used this math.  Vulcanism, asteroid impacts, and basalt flows all vaporize water and evaporate it.  This is a phase transition from ice to water, liquid water to gas, with a massive uptake of free energy from the environment.  This means the atmosphere and any life forms that use water for any reason.

This means the water absorbs massive amounts of energy from any thing in its electro-magetic field when these natural disasters have occured.  This means extinction events cause a loss of electrons from coherent water in a cell’s nanotubes to disrupt energy generation and as a secondary result of this loss of energy from the atmosphere,  the climate cools rapidly because of the energy transfer, and it acts to slow down aging of life, by increasing quantum time to sustain it until the water can give the energy back to life over time when the electromagnetic field returns to its normal Schumann resonance.

This is why cold thermogenesis is primordial to life back in CT- 1,  and why it is not hormetic as many ‘ leaders’ foolishly told you to believe.  Einstein’s math shows this once again, and not my opinions.  This implies that the Schumann resonance is the coherent domain for energy generation for all life on this planet, and it is.  This is why I believe what Montagnier has found in his water memory I spoke about in EMF-3 experiments, is spot on.  It makes quantum sense, but not classical science sense.  I believe this is why they missed its importance.  Soon you will see why this critical error may make a big difference to you.  You must become curious about ambiguous observations in science, my sense is paleo folks need to be a lot more curious about many more things than they even know.  Ask why?  Modern scientist have lost this ability as well by design I believe.  They only do things the NIH will give them money to study.  Do you every wonder why, that maybe the case now?

I looked at our planet’s climate to figure it out why it was a true observation.  Don’t we all know that the climate allows water to change phases quite easily as when we are kids?  Gas clouds of water vapor to liquid rain and then plants grows and they make oxygen using the sun’s light.  We breath that oxygen in the great circle of life.  It is the way energy is transferred from the atmosphere to plants and the vehicle is water.  I think a kid even knows this instinctively. Funny how we adults forgot that simple insight.

This is also why I think Dr. Montagnier water experiments I described in EMF-3 are spot on the money in my view:  he found HIV and life uses water transfer for the spark of life.  This also explains why a desert is a geopathic dead zone and why place like the Amazon jungle is loaded with life.  Water is the common tie.  When you realize how things work it explains many things.

If the low frequency EMF of the Schumann resonance controls the phase changes of water on Earth,  it also must control the phase changes in life, because 71{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of our body composition is water.  In fact, mammals have very high intracellular water content, if you check.  This is why they all survive in cold environments, ironically. Stay cool and live longer? This is when I formulated my Cold Thermogenesis protocol and went back to look at how the nervous system handled cold in eutherian mammals.  Here, I found the neural Ancient Pathway in all eutherian mammals and I knew I was cooking with gas.

It is also is why I have believed Peter Mitchell is dead wrong too now, and he should have never won a Nobel Prize.  He got it because his explanation of the bioenergenic paradox detailed in Nick Lane’s book, Power, Suicide, and Sex. All those energy scientists remained stumped for 50 years on this very problem until Mitchell pulled out chemiosmosis theory  from his work on bacteria.  Since no one had a better idea, they put their stamp of approval on it, and every bought it hook line and sinker.  Moreover, today’s paleo researchers and their followers beliefs are 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} tied to these ideas, because this is the meme that was placed in their heads as they trained to be rockstars.

I say this with great respect, paleo leaders, you have a very deep problem to solve in your scientific beliefs.  It is time to watch Kathyn Schultz video and live what I went through in 2006.  Realizing you are dead wrong is some tough shit to swallow.  You saw that raw emotion come out of me once again at my Paleo Fx opening speech, when I tried to warn you all.  It is time you put some windex on your glass eye and get the message. We are a quantum species and we use water for superconduction.  Energy generation in us,  is water based and it a proton and electron superconductor when it is coherent with our native magnetic field.

Geek Truth Bomb: If you change the electromagnetic field you change the coherence of the system of life.

Non Geek Translation: If your magnetic field changes for any reason, Einstein says they way biochemistry works in cells also must change. These changes are the source of all the disease of modern man. In us, those changes can not be controlled any longer because quantum timing is off because pulsed EMF is acting to pull apart our protons and electrons and it is causing us to lose electrons based upon the EMF exposure we are in our daily environment.  Being off just say, 10 to the minus 10 compared to a normal 10 to the minus 3 is like the difference between being on the planet Mercury or being at the edge of the Universe in quantum time.  When timing is this off in a cell the result is chaos and a stress response.  This is what EMF -5 showed you experimentally and observationally in detail.  It is a huge problem for chemistry and biology, they do not see.  This is why we see all neolithic diseases today.  Notice, I said ALL OF THEM, not some of them.

It means what you think should happen never happens because everything is altered when the magnetic field changes from is set point.  Life’s set point on this planet is a very low frequency EMF of 7.83 Hz.  See we did not know this until 1952.  In fact, biology still has no clue hwo the Schumann resonance is applicable because they do not realize we are subject to this magnetic field.  How did I prove it?  The cosmonauts bone loss did in the MIR observation.  Yes, Einstein’s math proves we have a massive problem today.  It means that biochemistry no longer works they way “smart paleo biochemists leaders” think it does,  from their or any literature or from their fancy books.  Their beliefs are based upon Newtonian physics when it turns out we really are subject to Einstein’s quantum field theory.  What they believe is DEAD WRONG because quantum field theory shows that is the way the universe is designed to work.

A RCT will not change this ever.  It is not subject to correlation at all.  It is 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} directly caused by it because the laws of the universe say so whether you like it or not.

Mitchell’s Thermodynamic problem is biology and chemistry’s real achilles heel.  Let us revisit EMF-3.

Mitchell’s  work was important but it did not deserve a Nobel.  I loved Nick Lane’s book on mitochondria praising Mitchell’s work, but Nick forgot one very critical piece of the puzzle like the rest of biology.  Mitchell had no experimental data to prove chemiosmosis could sustain normal biochemical flux and kinetics and Mitchell’s model made no sense thermodynamically. Do not believe it? Look it up. Dr. Gerald Ling proved years ago ATP hydrolysis could not explain thermodynamics in a living cell mathematically.  When Ling found this data, no one knew water was a perfect superconductor and could provide the energy of activation for all biochemical fluxes.  ATP was used for something else in a cell.  Becker’s experiments on collagen gave me that answer.  When electric current was placed in collagen is allowed protein unfolding.  ATP causes this to occur in a normal living cell.   ATP has nothing to do with providing energy to power the energy of activation of biochemical fluxes and kinetics.

This insight was huge to me, because all neurodegenerative disease have altered protein folding as a common finding.  Mitchell ideas also used a membrane in it, yet he could never explain where the hell the resting potential came from to set up his proton gradient.  I can and will as the series rolls on, because Ling figured that out too!  These are huge issues for biology to jump over like it is no big issue.  I have repeatedly tried to suggest this to the ‘paleo leadership’ who are deep into modern biochemistry hoping to peek their curiosity and stirring the pot, but it did not work.  Dogma is a tough to overcome even for progressive thinkers.

Mitchell’s theory could not explain how an athlete cells and enzymes could perform at astronomical biochemical rates when the flux rates of ATP from a Magnesium/ATPase could never hold up no matter how the math was done.  Gilbert Ling actually did all that math in the 1950’s and people ignored him because they did not know any human systems could use such a system of semi-conduction.  Mitchell never explained where the resting membrane potential was coming from that was tied to that Mg/ATPase either.  Ling has and did long ago.  Moreover, Mitchell was not a bioenergenics expert, but because he had an answer when the experts had nothing else, they accepted it.  These are not trivial gaffs in molecular bio-energenics considering how important energy is to the cell for life, according to E=MC2.  This is why biology and chemistry are dead wrong for us today.

I found out quickly it was physically impossible to account for these enzymatic flux rates unless, biology did not use classic physics as a template.  Moreover, I found huge evidence it did not, and never has as this blog is showing you.  We had several biologists saying the same thing back then but everyone ignored them, and called them quacks because they thought water was somehow special in energy transfers,  because they had already accepted Mitchell’s idea he created from his work on bacterial membranes.  Energy transfer on water alone was impossible when you had classic physics as your lens of the world.  It made total sense when you thought about how energy moved from the atmospshere in water vapor in clouds, to liquid rain and fell on the ground to grow plants and grass and make oxygen.  The problem was, biology did not understand phase transition chemistry because it is a quantum field theory.  In the 1950’s and 60’s Einstein’s math was so quirky and hard to fathom that biology and chemistry believed it worked only on subatomic particles or it was cooked into the enzymatic kinetics.  Moreover, Schumann findings were virtually unknown by all branches of science.  No one knew the spark of life came from the Earth’s naturally occurring EMF.

This is why I asked Matt LaLonde that fateful question at AHS in 2011 at UCLA.  I wanted to see what the smartest man in paleo really believed about how biochemistry was really powered and overcomes the energy of activation of chemical reactions in all cells.  I wanted to know if Matt realized that quantum field theory controlled everything he believed to be true or did he believe the physics were cooked into the chemical equations.  Matt believed Mitchell,  based upon his answer to me that day.  It was at that point, I knew I would have no allies in paleo and my job was going to be even tougher.  Based upon what happened in 2012, I’d say my instincts were quite correct.  Take a look at that blog today and really see how much gold I really gave you back then now.  There is an obvious and massive effect of electrons in humans because they can go without food for 30 days but water for only 7.  Moreover, sick brains in kids with horrendous brain diseases survived and thrived on a 90{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} water, ketogenic diet.  The human brain puts on serious constraints to bio-energenics.  So, if a 90{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} water based ketogenic diet has been shown on this planet to be remarkably efficient in helping restore function in the most sick human brains we see in the neurosciences, how does paleo explain it  They can not, and when I asked the Kracken he could not either.    Matt’s belief’s and  bio chemical science could not explain the observation.  Mine, Ling, and Einstein’s science can and does, however.

In that blog post, I showed you where paleo is and where it needs to go.  They have done nothing but argue with me since.  I have said in this series and on the blog many times that food does not matter that much but timing does.  Water however is even more critical.  That blog post was a major clue to the paleo blind spot back on August 9th, 2011.  This was pretty controversial for the paleo believers to swallow, yet the proof was in that blog post right there from 18 months ago.  A water diet was able to sustain kids with bad brains and very few fat calories, while they improved clinically.  I found that data in the basement of the now defunct Charity hospital during my residency at LSU.  No one realized it because they believe what they believe, not because it is the truth.  Read this excerpt again from that blog post,

“More brain tissue evolved, means more oxygen is needed. This is why primates pound for pound are stronger than us. Their lineage chose muscle-skeletal strength to climb trees while we evolved brains to increase our thinking ability. This allowed us to forage for food with more diversity because we could think to find ways to forage better than we had. (Epi-Paleo Rx)  Humans forming social networks to use collective knowledge, is an example. But this huge evolutionary advantage also came with a cost. A human can live without food for 30 days. They can survive without water for seven days.  

Right here, I told you water was more important than food, but no one caught it.  Today’s blog is your inconvenient truth paleo.  Moreover, the human brain cannot do without oxygen for 4 minutes or it dies. Oxygen makes the ATP that allows for protein unfolding,  not for the energy of activation of a chemical reaction.  When the protein is maximally unfolded it exposes water binding site to allow superconduction using semiconduction.  Today in every neurodegenerative condtion we see electron microscopic evidence of abnormal protein folding and no one knows why.  I do.  This is why all neurodegenerative disorders are exploding today!!!!   Because of the brain’s high metabolic demands, when humans think or do any mental activity they can only activate about 2{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the total neurons in their brain to carry out the task when they are using glucose as a source of fuel.”

Guys, Sorry to break it to you, but you’re wrong.  Moreover, you are dead wrong. Because Mitchell was dead wrong, and your leaders have believed his ideas for bio-energenics at your peril. Einstein however, was spot on the money. It is time to jump on the quantum train stop the bickering.

Mitchell’s theory is what modern cell theory is currently based, which all of biology today believes as gospel (bad move);  I realized both ideas were missing any discussion of proper coherent thermodynamic equilibrium to run the biochemical reactions at the rates we saw experimentally in living cells.  This is when I moved into evolutionary biology to look for deeper answers in mammals who were our immediate ancestors and then our deeper ancestors.  How did the surviving animals of the K-T event use water?   When I thought about birds and mammals, to survive the K-T event, they would have needed all the help they could have gotten to survive that massive of energy loss from the asteroid strike.  That made no sense to me so I went digging for answers to how cells really work.  Where did I go to discover how a eutherian mammalian cell works?

Osteoporosis Link

I used osteoporotic bone cells in humans as my model to find out the truth,  because of the cosmonauts bone loss in space,  and because I happen to be an expert in bone metabolism as a spine surgeon.  This helped me figure it all out.

Remember in CT −6,  I told you eutherian mammalian biochemistry is thermoplastic.  None of you knew then, where I was going with that. Now you might understand a lot better.  Since mammals can use water in a quantum coherent fashion they use phase transition chemistry to survive massive temperature changes.  What is our special solvent for energy transitions?  Water.  Mammals use water to carry energy along cellular cytoskelton, in perineural channels, fascia, along membranes, and along proteins that hydrated with structured water using the Earth’s magnetic field to give this current 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} energy efficiency.  Moreover, this is precisely why they survived the K-T extinction event, I called Factor X.

Why you never knew Factor X is your key today

See, when the asteroid entered the atmosphere 67 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs,  it was super hot and 6 miles big and it caused a massive energy transference of atmospheric energy depot and vaporized the water in the gulf and from anything living on the planet’s surface, like  dinosaurs cells and plants.  When water evaporates,  from a liquid to gas state,  massive energy must be added to it,  to undergo this phase transition according to quantum field theory.  Even a climatologist knows this.  This energy transfer was so great, that it affected, not only the water in the gulf, but all life forms had their intracellular water electrons stolen from them as well as the atmosphere in their cytoskeletal carbon nanotubes.  When life can not make energy it dies.  Why did not the dinosaurs just rely on ATP if there water superconductors dehydrated you ask?  Dinosaurs, did not have a great ability to recycle ATP as you all do.  As a result they could not navigate the phase transition as the asteroid hit.  It is called extinction folks.

As a result, this asteroid caused massive evaporation in all land and ocean life forms and disrupted their ability to make energy from their prime sources, water energy transfer, and they had to rely on their mitochondria for back to generate the loss.  There was a major problem for dinosaurs and most reptiles. They did and do not have a lot of mitochondrial density in their skeletal muscles to offset the loss of free electrons.  How did I figure that out since no dinosaurs cells were around to sample?

Their ancestors are modern lizards, like crocodiles and alligators, who can not sustain any endurance exercise or constant motion without having to rest for a long time to recover their ATP sources.  This is why they are still so often even after an attack.  They have no reserve.  After an asteroid hits the planet an animal who relies on ATP recycling for energy who has few mitochondria,  is a great way to become extinct.  Now most of their relatives are dead as a result.  It also means if our deep ancestors did not have our ability to make large ATP stores from fat oxidation,  we would likely already have been extinct as a species too after 5 decades of pulsed EMF.   Pulsed EMF does the same thing thermodynamically as an asteroid does to water. It does something else too. It blocks the secretion of melatonin from the pineal gland which alters all circadian cycles too.

This is why you see neolithic diseases, like autism, childhood cancers, T2D, and osteoporosis in every age group when you eat a diet of safe starches or carbohydrates 24/7.  These foods are designed by Mother Nature to be electron poor in density and they cause you to make lower levels of ATP which cause your proteins to fold up and dehydrate and lose their ability to superconduct in their normal electromagnetic field that dictates the normal fluxes and kinetics of  biochemical activity.  When you use semiconduction, you need no energy of activation from ATP, because in semiconduction the conductor has 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} chemical freedom to be a superconductor of current.  This is why you never realized our ATP had another use.  You were using it for the energy that drives our biochemistry.  You should have knows this was impossible thermodynamically if you did the experiments on Mitchell’s work.  No one in biochemistry did, except a little known scientist named Gerald Ling.  He proved Mitchell was wrong, and as a result all modern biochemistry and paleo is fundamentally built on a house of cards.  See when you use semiconduction, the ballgame changes in how energy is allocated in a living cell.  It is the ultimate checkmate for your beliefs.

As a result of this all neurodegenerative conditions become easy to understand.  You name the neurodegenerative disease because it will come and it will come fast and furious as energy decreases in the system as water semi-conduction wanes and you begin to recycle ATP using the TCA or ATP-CP system laid out in EMF-4.  This is where we are today.  Now you know why everyone today has Alzheimers, ALS, and Parkinson’s today.  It is no longer a mystery.

I called this Factor X and told paleo in the end they would see just how incredibly important this was for them.  This was the hardest part of the riddle for me to figure out in this entire riddle,  so I decided to write the book about it.

Quantum Energy Math

When water is vaporized from the oceans, life, and the atmosphere, the total energy equation derived from Einstein’s theories say: that the resultant climate must dramatically cools the remaining air temperature. Then I found out every other extinction event had water evaporation also tied to it. Cold Thermogenesis was born, in my mind, as a method of survival of all life at every event.  This is why it is not hormetic for any life ever.  It is life saving for the surviving animals of a natural or an unnatural extinction event that caused phase transitions of water.  The resultant cold temperature acts to decreases biochemical fluxes and speeds found in cells to slow time down, since water is missing from carbon nanotubes and life has to rely on mitochondria or photosynthesis to generate enough energy to survive a black swan event.  When an animal loses the “structured water” in their nanotubes they had to rely only on ATP recycling  alone for energy production to survive from their mitochondria.

Following this revelation, I realized that only animals with higher density capacity of mitochondria in their bodies for any reason would be naturally selected for in this kind of event.  Mitochondria make ATP to offset the energy made due to water loss.  Life needs energy to survive.  Animals make more ATP from fat than protein.  Carbs are the poorest way to make ATP stochastically.  Anyone can see this from a biochemistry textbook.  I realized there was a reason why different foods had different ATP amounts and the reason was an evolutionary one.  Moreover, I realized carbs would not have been left after this strike because the sun’s rays were blocked and the temperature dropped in seconds like a nuclear explosion.

This is when I had another revelation about who was left standing.    The two major animals that survived this event were non avian dinosaurs and mammals?  Why?  Today science still speculates on why .  I don’t.  I know why now.  I went to evolutionary physiology books and found birds and mammals have increased capacity and higher mitochondrial density in their bodies by evolutionary design.  Both animals had already evolved massive increases of mitochondria in their skeletal muscles for different reasons. Nick Lane has those facts in his book, make sure you go read it.

Avian therapod dinosaurs, who later became birds,  needed the extra capacity of mitochondria in their wings to power flight and life off of the ground when they were disconnected from Earth, and in mammals we evolved excess capacity to burn fat as free heat to hibernate under ground during winter, while we burned fat to make ATP and generate electron and proton motive currents.  The cold helped slow our biochemistry thermoplastically, as we did all this while under the ground.  The reason mammals are designed to burn fat best is because their is not any carbs under the ground for 4-6 months while they sleep!  You come from those surviving mammals.  If you still think starches are safe, I can no longer help you.  You will soon be a modern day T-Rex because you live in today’s world that has an altered magnetic field that requires you to gain more electrons than you lose from your environment.  Do you understand why I was so adamant last year when this nonsense was being touted?

Who you come from,  has major clues to how you’re Ferrari really works,  and it alters your beliefs.  You are not designed to eat carbs in winter, no matter what anyone tells you.  When you add in the environmental effects on water super-conduction by pulsed EMF effects it is a death sentence if you do it.  Why?  When the sun’s light returned in years after K-T event, carbs from plants recovered and they only grew during long light cycles that foster them. Why else?

In summer, the photoelectric effect is strongest because the sun’s inclination angle is best, so mammals got more free electrons from the sun in this season and from the Earth, while they trample upon the Earth,  to offset the poor electron density provided by carbs in these seasons.  See, you need the sun to really eat carbs.  And that means to really eat carbs you need maximum skin exposure to the sun.  This means no clothes or fur or hair.  This is why humans lost their coats.  This is another way modern humans have lost free electrons too.   Here is another thing I learned about how bad carbs really are for us today as opposed to 112 years ago when we had a good electromagnetic field.  The photoelectric effect has been extensively studied in plants.  It has been found to be massively energy efficient.  The rate of energy capture by the photoelectric effect in plants is immense.  It is approximately 100 trillion watts  (1 trillion watts = 1 terawatt).  This is ten times the current the current power consumption of the human species today!

So since since the photoelectric effect is so powerful for life,  it made total evolutionary sense why carbs were designed to be electron poor for animals.  Life is about energy balance.  The sun’s photons made up for the deficit found in foods during summer.  Ironically, however most fruits also come loaded with water content in them too.  In fact, the best fruits to eat for us in summer, have the highest water content even today.  Sadly, with our altered field, no fruit is safe any longer.  I will explain why that is the case especially if you live in a city.

This explained why carbs give us poor quantities of ATP in biochemical pathways in comparison to fat oxidation in the TCA cycle by design.  It also explained seasonal appetite and leptin levels in mammals to me.  Seasonal animals such as sheep and Siberian hamsters exhibit annual photoperiod-driven cycles of appetite and body weight as well.   Increased food intake and weight gain in long summer days are associated with high circulating leptin levels, and decreased intake and weight loss in short winter days  with low leptin levels.  This meant that free electrons were directly proportional to leptin sensitivity or resistance.  This also linked low leptin levels to cold and fat apoptosis.  This is another reason cold thermogenesis is helpful to the obese mammal.  It decreases the amount of fat cells available in cold.  Life is not designed to eat carbs out of their growing season every unless you have a big brain and find away around Mother Nature’s design.  Just because you can do it, does not mean we should do it.  I warned a paleo MD on stage about this in Austin and  she laughed and told the audience she at a banana that morning.  I am not laughing any longer, and you better realize why evolution built you this way.  The Ancestral community prides itself on following evolutionary design.  What you believe that design is is wrong. EMF -7 is your personal ground zero truth bomb.  Moreover, in today’s altered world,  eating carbs is a death sentence when you consider the effects of pulsed EMF on our biology on water semi-conduction.

In summer, the sun and the ground provide your water semiconductors with the free electrons that the food can’t supply in that season to perform semi-conduction in your cells at 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} energy efficiency.   This is why carbs are seasonal for evolution and why they generate 4 times less ATP in the TCA cycle.  One molecule of glucose has only six carbons. Glucose can only make 28-30 ATP.  One molecule of an 18 carbon stearic acid, a Free Fatty Acid, has three times as many carbons as glucose, but makes five times the amount of ATP (147 ATP) while only having two times the caloric density of glucose.  The reason now is 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} understandable.  This is also why calories do not matter.

They matter in classic physics but not in quantum field theory, which uses water and photon semi-conduction for the majority of energy production for life biochemical reactions.  Food electrons are accounted for in seasonal growth and leptin counts them all for the brain.  The sun’s photoelectric effect is so powerful in summer, so we only need foods low in electron density during these months to get by.   These observations were further backed up in the ketogenic water based diet I mentioned above.  Calories do not matter.  It is axiomatically true.  The Rx from Mother Nature is to marry food stuff density,  that give lowered ATP production, with high photons from our skin to create energy balance in our mitochondria.  It is where evolutionary form meets biologic function.  Leptin is all about being the accountant for the balance of free electrons in the brain from any source.  When it is off you are in trouble.  Environmental mismatches cause that to happen as I said in the Paleo Summit.  It was here I figured out how to perform brain surgery on myself without a scalpel.  I lost 133 pounds in 11 months using this insight.

By they way paleo, the skin is embryologically derived from neuroectoderm, the same tissue your brain is derived from.  This is how the brain accounts for those free electrons from the sun too,  in case you were wondering.  They are tied biologically and by quantum non locality.  Leptin is the accountant in this quantum dance of life.  How rewarding is that knowledge now?  Yes, if you believe food reward theory today, you will die early too.   When you understand how the powerful the sun is in summer, you understand why the secondary physiologic effect of the the photoelectric effect is to make vitamin D in the skin.  It is to offset the damage that a diet high in carbs causes in the cells because they dehydrate the structured water in the nanotubes to decrease energy production from water.  This is why carbs are associated with obesity, aging, and glycation when they are used as we do today.  The effect is magnified today epigenetically,  because we have irreversibly ruined our electromagnetic field while many other things have occurred in the 20th century.  This change in the electromagnetic field is the dominant cause of it and it is not arguable.  Einstein’s universal laws say so.  Doing this chronically will extinct you faster because you are dehydrating your main power source, as the environment continuously steals your electrons constantly because of the pulsed EMF’s.

This also explained why we have a pandemic in vitamin D today as well.  It also explained the equatorial data for people Multiple sclerosis.  They have lost photons from skin to decrease their interfacial water conduction is Schwann cells.  This then explained to me why we lost our hair first, before our black skin.  It explained why we became bipedal first in our transition from ape to man;  during which time we lost our hair loss to gain more of the suns photons to gain the energy to fuel the developing brain in our head from all the seafood we ate on the seacoast edge when we were cut off from the forests in the East African Rift Zone (Brain Gut 4).   The loss of the photoelectric effect from our skin with the loss of water superconduction explained the pathophysiology of depression, schizophrenia, autism, seasonal affective disorder, psoriasis, most autoimmune diseases,  leaky gut,  degenerative disc disease, and back pain, and most skin diseases.  it changes everything.

I also realized why plants are being decimated as well, because they rely 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} on photosynthesis because they have no fat stores.  As the magnetic field changes they really feel the effect because of how energy efficient photosynthesis is.  I wondered if this is why GMO’s were really invented to sustain our food chain increase yields that began to fall in the 1950-60’s in California, Florida, and the heartland?  See when youre field changes all life cells change.  This is when I wondered were GMO’s invented to offset the inability to grow on Earth.  Yes, people I have really thought about many things you have failed to realize.

We eat carbs 24/7 in the winter when they  are not supposed to be growing.  We have our clothes on all the time these days ( I stopped that in 2007) and the dermatologist have us swimming in sunblock.  I mentioned this in the first two paragraphs here.  By the way,  Einstein won the Nobel Prize for the photoelectric effect too,  in case, my critics are still keeping count that quantum field science is not the science of all of life’s biochemistry.  If I am wrong,  I have good company.  His theoretical framework for special relativity does not have to be perfect in neophysicial terms, but it seems life uses it for a reason.  As far as I know, no prediction Einstein has made based upon E=MC2 has been proven wrong so far.  He was right about the perihelion of Mercury, the Earth’s precession incongruities, Black holes, binary pulsars, quasars, and his general theory of relativity.

Physics Geeks: Special relativity deals with this issues and forms the basis for quantum field theory:

Special relativity is a theory of the structure of spacetime. It was introduced in Einstein’s 1905 paper “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” (for the contributions of many other physicists see History of special relativity). Special relativity is based on two postulates which are contradictory in classical mechanics:

  1. The laws of physics are the same for all observers in uniform motion relative to one another (principle of relativity).
  2. The speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of their relative motion or of the motion of the source of the light. This was challenged by Dayton Miller, but is not supported at all today.

The resultant theory copes with experiment better than classical mechanics, e.g. in the Michelson–Morley experiment that supports postulate 2, but also has many surprising consequences. Some of these are:

  • Relativity of simultaneity: Two events, simultaneous for one observer, may not be simultaneous for another observer if the observers are in relative motion.
  • Time dilation: Moving clocks are measured to tick more slowly than an observer’s “stationary” clock. (Russian cosmonaut paradox)
  • Length contraction: Objects are measured to be shortened in the direction that they are moving with respect to the observer.
  • Mass–energy equivalence: E = mc2, energy and mass are equivalent and transmutable.
  • Maximum speed is finite: No physical object, message or field line can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum.
  • Quantum field theory (QFT) is a theoretical framework for constructing quantum mechanical models of fields and many-body systems (in a condensed matter context), both of which are systems classically represented by an infinite number of degrees of freedom. They are also used in the description of critical phenomena and quantum phase transitions, such as in the BCS theory of superconductivity.
  • There is currently no complete quantum theory of the remaining fundamental force, gravity. Einstein was never able to unify his theory before his death in 1955.  Presumably, the as yet unknown correct quantum field-theoretic treatment of the gravitational field will become and “look exactly like” Einstein’s general theory of relativity in the “low-energy limit”, or, more generally, like the Einstein-Yang-Mills-Dirac System. Indeed, quantum field theory itself is possibly the low-energy-effective-field-theory limit of a more fundamental theory such as superstring theory. Today many theoretical physicists compare it in this context of something called effective field theory.

It then made evolutionary sense why fat provided so much more ATP in its biochemical oxidation to ATP compared to carbs.  In winter, fat and protein must  fuels the electron source needed in your nanotubes, because the sun’s angle of inclination is too low to stimulate the photoelectric effect in our skin to offset the loss from the sun.  When you understand evolutionary form, its function become very clear why the world is what it is, regardless of what someone tells you to believe.

When the magnetic field was normal and our cells only resonates to the Schumann only, there is no food we couldn’t eat to be optimal really, however today in our modern world where we have demolished the balance of life with pulsed EMF’s,  told me the other side of that coin is just because you can eat something, doesn’t mean you should because our conditions of existence have radically changed in 112 years.

With our altered field the smartest thing to do is to eat a diet that provides the most energy density for ATP formation, While limiting environmental EMF dehydration and electron loss into our atmosphere.  This is where Dr. Rosedale and I agree 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6},  that dietary fat is best long term for longevity, but not for the same reasons.  That small difference, however,  is why he and I bang heads on this issue.   The good news for us, is humans still survived from our current situation for 112 years, because we have high capacity of mitochondria in our skeletal muscles to give us maximum metabolic flexibility,  but our brain energenics will eventually put us a big disadvantage because we require maximum energy to sustain its physiologic function.  That is why we so much cognitive disease and psychiatric disturbance today.

Moreover,  today’s optimal diet is not and should not be classically balanced as a nutritionists would advocate for basic survival in todays world.  See when the magnetic field is altered,  it implies the playing field has been altered for biochemistry as well, and what was optimal 112 years ago,  no longer applies to us.   That is why paleo is wrong fundamentally in todays world for optimal.   It, however,  is clearly better than a SAD, but no where near optimal for today’s set of circumstances.  So if you’re paying attention, you can probably guess who will be the last two animals standing in this current extinction now?  We are de-evolving exactly as we evovled from K-T and reversing time back to 67 million years ago in 112 years.  We are experiencing a quantum time palindrome.

DHEA and sleep link to ATP recycling

All believers in current paleo dogma better listen to this part.  Most of you live in the ATP-CP and TCA pathways of fast but inefficient ATP production, because of how you eat and exercise.  If you are following along, and not in a state of shock yet, these beliefs are killing you faster by the day because the world you thought you lived in is never the world you ever lived in. It means your grave is already being dug. How deep depends upon your labs and your sleep.  Today, you are trading time, for your faulty beliefs.  I want you to know that because I really do care.  Why?  One of you might be able to help us figure out how to get off this planet and use natural selection elsewhere to survive.

We rarely face a day that is straight forward. I have never known a day where I have faced clear sailing without roadblocks. Set backs happen to us all. They key is not the set back, it is how you respond to them. A setback really is a set up for you to set the course for success with your choices made today.  For 8 years, I have thought in the moment about how to handle it. I want to share it with you because we need one another to solve it, in my opinion. This is why I stayed the course with paleo.  They are very bright people who are just missing a massive fact.  Many times set backs are a blessing in disguise, but if you’re focused on the door that’s closing, you’ll miss the one that is opening. It is our responsibility, in the face of defeat, is to look for the silver lining on the dark cloud… to extract the life lesson from the obstacles in our path and to have the courage to move forward. When we do we see that failures are really opportunities for growth and advancement. Today is time for you to develop “Kaizen”, change for the better.

Truth Bomb:  The ability to think outside the box shows you can see the same set of circumstances as the rest of the world, and yet  interpret it in a new way by applying the laws of the universe. Imagination is more than eyesight. Imagination adds value to your life and the life of others. Your visualization and inspiration fuel the creativity of your artistry. The beauty of your imagination is that one never knows where it may lead. It might even lead you to inspire someone else to help many more people than you could touch yourself. 1000 minds are better then one in complexity and ambiguity.  This is why I need the paleo community and this blog is why they need me. I need starfish, because we all need them to survive. This was the essence of my Paleo Fx talk in 2012.  We are all entangled in the greatest complexity Earth has seen.

DHEA and fat burning in an altered magnetic field

I wrote a blog on 6/30/2012 about the importance of DHEA. It was the first hormone I covered in detail for a damn good reason. Here is why it became important to all eutherian mammals after the K-T event. Many on my site wanted to know more about why I am a big believer in superphysiologic doses today for many people using DHEA when we live in an tsunami of pulsed EMF. DHEA is how we enter sleep and it tells me about metabolic efficiency of sleep.  Many also wanted to know it is a key lab I use in an Optimal Reset.  I found the answer in the anti-aging literature and in evolutionary biology when I knew where to look for it.  Because flying dinosaurs and eutherian mammals have extra capacity of mitochondria built into their skeletal muscles, it meant they also had to have exceptional control of sleep cycles, because ATP recycling is done in sleep to survive through the K-T event.

If you are an animal with excessive capacity for mitochondria in your muscles, you would need a way of getting rid of the extra electrons if you did not need them.  This is the situation where warm bloodedness evolved from.  Mammals and birds can regulate their core temperatures because they can uncouple their electron chain transporters in mitochondria to make free heat when electrons are plentiful.  Key point: When electrons are plentiful. When they are not you have hypothyroidism.  This is why 90{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of people today have this condition, because our environment is constantly stealing them due to the altered quantum field.

Initially, electrons were not plentiful in post K-T event,  but flying dinosaurs and mammals got by on their excessive ability to make ATP to survive.  Then,  when thing got back to normal on the surface of Earth, the excess electrons created by the sun, earth and food, increased the “C2” relatively, in Einstein’s equation and we developed warm blooded abilities very quickly.  This further pushed and guaranteed mammalian evolution, big time,  for survival in a post K-T world.  If you look at eutherian mammal evolution,  this is why they dominated the monotremes and marsupials post K-T.  We come from that group of mammals in our evolutionary path.

This is why, even today,  excessive fat and protein intake cause you to feel warmer than you would expect when you eat it even today unless you are leptin resistant.  This is why sweating is clinical sign in the Leptin Rx.  People with leptin resistance are electron poor, by definition, so they can not sweat and the right times or on demand even with excessive deliver of calories to their mitochondria.  This is why people with Hashimoto’s are in deeper trouble then they want to know.  It tells me they have a big electron loss, and it is also why they have huge cancer risks longer term.  We talked about this link in the Brain Gut 12.  90{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of cases of hypothyroidism today are Hashimoto’s disease and many physicians are unaware how important that really is in the big scheme of things.  It means you have a serious lack of electrons and water super conduction.

DHEA and leptin are the metabolic sensors for free electron status, along with free T3 levels, and this is why DHEA controls the “adenosine signal” that initiates sleep to recycle ATP.  If your DHEA level is low, you got real big issues.  These are the people I want eating a high fat version of the Epi-Paleo Rx using Leptin Rx timing, because they carry the highest risks in todays altered environment.  We find them because they have the worst sleep.  This is why Michael Jackson really died people.  See context is massively important today.  This is another reason slapping paleo theory on everything can be dangerous.  It also explains why so many people struggle on paleo alone.  Just look at paleohack threads to see if everyone does well.   If there are a lot of free electrons and DHEA is decent, mammals make more heat ,and if there is a lack of them,  sleep is shortened to allow them to forage for fat and protein to recycle ATP long term.  DHEA does this by lowering the IL-6 cytokine to decrease inflammation from leptin resistance or a loss of electrons from any source.   Do you see how all things I have given you for two years works in unison yet?  Still think I am wrong?

It turns out, the surviving animals that produced increased levels of prolactin and dehydroepiandrosterone who survived the period of mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period as well.   The results after K-T was massive global cooling for decades, because asteroids cause massive evaporation of water and a loss of atmospheric energy.  This cools the global climate for many years.  Phase transition chemistry is also dictated by quantum field theory.  Since water plays such a huge role, if you followed Brain gut 4 closely, you will see now why we came from aquatic apes in the East African rift zone.   Yes, folks this blog is connecting all the dots.  The key was water and understanding quantum field physics and water super-conduction in unison.  The findings were all there, but somebody had to tie it all together.  This is what the Quilt document goal was.  Today, this blog is a synthesis of all my ideas in one spot.

What else would you know about prolactin secretion? In cold, it actually increases electron current flow in animals in their perineural interfacial water pathways intact to offset the loss in their water filled superconducting nanotubes. This is a way they used to navigate the cold and survive the event by further optimizing sleep and fat burning efficiency. It also helps explain what was mentioned in EMF-2 about life increasing electron flow by any means necessary to survive.  Here is just another way life found a way post K-T using quantum field theory and increased mitochondrial capacity.  I have read an awful lot in the last 8 years figuring this all out.  One fact lead to me others.

Even today prolactin has massive pituitary control over dopamine secretion. This is why I use the Progesterone/estradiol and testosterone levels in each sex to gauge how bad this axis is in telling quantum time.  DHEA increases thermogenesis by uncoupling ATP production from electron chain transport by increasing weak acids around the electron chain, which directly acts to increase the animals endogenous temperature via UCP’s 1-3.  We covered this in the Oprah blog.  Thus UCP’s are very active in eutherian mammalian sleep cycles and when birds are not flying to help them get rid of excess energy.  This explains why their metabolic rates are higher than most other animals.  It explains why mammals sleep best when lower body temps are signaled.  This is precisely what melatonin does in the mammalian brain.  It is a major antioxidant that diminishes IL-6 to get us into the sleep cycle and is coupled to darkness and fat burning.  Moreover, its supported existence through natural selection is found in the extended episodes of cold and dark that persisted after the K-T event.

Further increases in DHEA and prolactin produced continual physiological and anatomical changes which eventually produced by all of the characteristics of mammals that mammals now have as evolutionary time has increased from the K-T event as Darwin predicted it would. Organisms that produce increased DHEA in the brains would have an advantage during prolonged cold and darkness; they are warmer and better fat burners and this means they sleep longer make more ATP, and burn calories well.  DHEA is highly stimulatory to NADPH production and DNA and RNA synthesis of the Pentose Phosphate pathway (PPP).  Most mammals are pregnant when they are under ground and will give birth when spring rolls around and they emerge from their dens.  The biggest metabolic challenge for mammals is hibernation and lactation.  Hibernation is accounted for by fat burning and lactation requires massive infusion of water in eutherian mammals to improve quantum conduction most effectively.  This is why ADH is secreted in the lactation period and it is inhibited in cold after the mammal first dens.  This is why people who CT feel the need to urinate so quickly upon hitting cold water for the first few times.  They are getting rid of excessive water because when sleep occurs mammals rely on their ability to fat burn to create the energy from beta oxidative power and not their quantum channels.  This is how they enter the PPP we spoke about in EMF-4.

The PPP is the most reducing pathway found in mammalian biochemistry and this is why it is associated with sleep, recycling of ATP, and autophagy.  Cold and fat burning are an evolutionary marriage for bioenergenics.  The PPP makes DNA, RNA, and glutathione for a deep evolutionary reason.  Eutherian mammals are usually pregnant when hibernating so they would need excessive ability to make all three of these compounds, during maximum fat burning while they slept.  It fosters reproduction and survival of the species.  It also explains why today we have record infertility in humans.  It also explains why ATP recycling is slow in beta oxidation normally eutherian mammals are asleep under the ground  earthing 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time for 4-6 months while growing a progeny off massive amounts of ATP from their fat stores.  There was no reason for fast ATP recycling in this situation. When a eutherian mammal quantum time is off, you know it if you knwo where to look for the evidence of it.  I see that evidence when modern paleo and EMF are mixed together.  It is a death sentence in this modern world because you get poor ATP recycling and you live in the ATP-CP and TCA systems and your perceive you need carbs.

The reason is because the electromagnetic field we live in is no longer normal anywhere on the planet.

I told, you I had the goods and now you might see why I think I am 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} correct.  Anyone who thinks starches are safe outside of summer, is dead wrong, 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time according to the laws of the universe, not mine.  Moreover, advocating for them when the Earth’s magnetic resonance is radically altered surrounding us today and being blocked  by modern pulsed EMF’s is a death sentence to anyone who listens to it.  This is why I am concerned.  You don’t see, what I know exists and I understand implicitly what the physics means to biology.  The semiconduction of bone and the cosmonaut observation opened this box of understanding for me.

The total energy equation reality

Modern pulsed EMF in our environment does the exact same thing to the atmosphere that the K-T asteroid did to the non-avian dinosaurs.  It killed them very quickly, but is taken time to take us out because we have lots of mitochondria.  It dehydrates and evaporates water in our nanotubes to decrease our ability to make energy with 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} quantum efficiency.  This means the dinosaurs would have to rely on ATP recycling alone.  We saw already how their reptilian survivors manage with that.  This is what extinguished them.  The reptiles that survived likely were in a state of brumination which parallels what mammals can do but with out the ability to make a lot of ATP from the PPP.   They survived K-T because they were likely in a metabolic coma called brumination, and did not need fast ATP recycling in a swamp and survived it.  The dinosaurs were not so fortunate. Their fate, is likely our fate now for different mechanism,  but because of the same exact effect according to the Total Energy Equation of quantum field theory.

When the bollide enters the atmosphere is begins to suck energy from it and then from the water, and the life around it.  This is an example of phase transition of water we see daily in our environment.  For example,  when a cloud of water vapor turns to rain and then evaporates.  When it when it rains energy is released back to the atmosphere and it warms the planet.  In evaporation, energy is removed from the atmosphere so it cools the climate.

Quantum field theory proves that it also happens in living cells.  When energy diminishes in carbon nanotubes, life must rely on ATP recycling to make up the energy deficit or first get sick and if it persists we die.  If you can not enter the fat burning pathways when this happens,  you first get sick and then you die.  Life =  Energy, Energy = life. A body without life is called a cadaver.

When you lose water superconduction the first physiologic effect is seen in ATP recycling at sleep.   If you can’t make energy efficiently from the PPP,  and you must rely on the ATP-CP or the TCA cycle, the first thing that goes physiologically in mammals is your sleep.  The February webinar is called the Sleep Rx.  This is why sleep and DHEA are metabolically coupled, and why I use them clinically in every case.  It tells me how metabolically efficient you are and how pulsed EMF has changed your protons and electrons in this new magnetic field.  Low DHEA and high leptin levels are a warning sign to me that a high EMF exposure is present in the person.

These are the people most at risk for neurodegeneration diseases if they live long enough.  Those who develop this early in life will either become psychotic, deranged, or suicidal because they are losing energy from their brain very quickly.  This is what happened to the King of Pop, Elvis, Junior Seau, and Jerad Loughner, and Adam Lanza in my opinion.  This is also why we have seen evidence of cognitive decline in humans for 100 years.  This allows me to think about what to do contemplate next clinically with more congruent maneuvers than we offer today,  or what I would consider prior to 2006.  This knowledge is a foundational game changer once you get it.  Baseline DHEA levels and eventual optimization is a big deal in an EMF world.  If one can not get their level up with aggressive supplementation then we must worry about their environmental exposure to artificial light and pulsed EMF in a big way.  Most of the paleo folks love their technology, so they are very at risk in this scenario.

Global warming too, is part of an extinction event?

Excessive atmospheric EMF levels also causes ice to melt differentially at the poles via phase transition math;  it lowers oxygen tensions in the ocean’s water because of phytoplankton die off.  They are the major producers of O2 in ocean water from photosynthesis.  As oxygen levels go lower marine life slowly dies too.  This means that electron dense fish will begin to disappear from our oceans as the process progresses.  If you survey NOAA data or GILLS data you will find that has been the trend now for 50 years, and fits perfectly with the last 112 years of land based decline.  Recently salmon were found to use our magnetic field to navigate up stream.  Now they are dying at record rates according to fishing record so some one had the idea to artificially support their life span for a reason.  Life on land will be effected first before marine life because sea water is an excellent conductor.  Soon, however,  we will lose the benefit of the Epi-Paleo Rx;  it  will no longer be part of our solution to non pulsed EMF because this extinction event will decimate our oceans eventually.    There will be no cold climates following it either to help us, to slow time down as there was in the previous 5 extinction events,  to allow life to catch back up as it did after the last 5 extinction events.  This is why I think Mars is our target today,  I am sad to say.

The reason for this again is quantum field theory; the more energy that is present in the atmosphere from EMF, directly increases temperature more in the negative north pole than in the south pole, and ice melts beginning the trend to loss of oxygenation of the water.  We already know from evolutionary data,  when oxygen decreases anywhere in Earth history,  growth patterns of life living also slows and gets less complex.  It de-evolves in cells that can not de-modulate the EMF energies so it directly disrupts timing in the quantum field.  I personally believe some of us may have gained the ability to do so already,  and studying this issue should be at the top of our list, but when industry is paying for these studies and trying to hide the real data,  we have no hope for good science to be done because of the dollars at stake.  Increased energy in the atmosphere is the reason why this occurs from any natural or unnatural act.  The laws of the universe apply to both situations and this is why studying the effects at this point with a RCT is a collossal waste of resources.  When someone advocates for this I question their intent and motivation because it tells me they know nothing of quantum theory or they know it won’t make a difference for life because time is speeding up for all life.

When y0u know better, you do better.  The laws of total energy in a system show this because of phase transitions of water are clear as a bell.  Every child in third grade knows water vapor goes from a cloud to liquid rain and causes grass to grow.  Water is the energy medium of life.  You did not know it was the medium for us too.  In fact, it is for all life that is based upon water super conduction.  Go back to this blog post and look what I said about the water based ketogenic diet for seizure patients again.

A 90{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} diet of water alone, worked in these hard to treat patients.  It seems no one in paleo realizes these patients were examples of why calories never have mattered to us.  These studies were also done before the tech boom.  I have for a long time now.  I gave you lots of hints along this journey.  I was hoping to “tickle”  smart scientists like Matt to look deeper.  Compliance was the only real issue why these patients stopped doing it, but it was massively effective in improving brain energenics.  There may come a time where no eutherian mammal left on the planet’s surface has a choice to survive, because the food chain will be so disrupted as time goes on.  At the end of this extinction event you will only have water and the sun left as your sole source of energy.  We can live with food for 30 days.  If you default to carbs more quickly in our modern world, it will only act to speed up our species de-evolution further.  Think back to what I said in EMF-6 now.  Today’s environment is the exact opposite of what Darwin described in big time.  We are headed for a cliff,  and we need to reverse the evolutionary events that allowed eutherian mammals to survive to buy us as much time as possible to figure out how to de-modulate the EMF and restore the Schumann resonance.  In the end underground small mammals and birds will be the only ones left.  Humans likely will be the first mammals to go extinct in this reversal because of the demands of their brain’s consumption.  This is why we are seeing so many neurodegenerative disorders today.  Time is reversing exactly as it evolved from K-T.  This means one of the strategies for limiting your exposure to EMF has to include a new way to use water and the sun.

If you look at the CT protocol on my site you will see ground water that is devoid of fluoride should be used prior to CT is also featured.  Why fluoride free you ask?  Fluoride’s dielectric point blocks water semiconduction and this is why it is always associated with cancers.  Now you know why, you need to avoid it even in the smallest doses, because this blocking effect occurs at a nanoscopic level on liquid crystalized water.  Semi-conduction is affected massively by alterations in dielectric points.  This is why Intel has clean rooms in making their chips.

We need to spend research dollars on a different solution in my view.  Getting to Mars, seems to be where those in know want to go.  I think the key is found in the first and second law of thermodynamics personally.  I think we need nuclear physicists to work on de-modulation of pulsed EMF and try to transform the energy into something that will give us back quantum time and slow it down.  It has to be married with hard clean ground water and lots of cold thermogenesis.  This is how our ancestors did it at the K-T event and we we need to proceed today.  We need to do the same now,  to slow the dehydrating process down in our nanotubes.  That is the only other possible solution to this mess according to Einstein’s math.  Work I have read by McClare has given me hope because of how he views the second law of thermodynamics in his work.

My ideas for solutions

McClare has restated the Second Law as follows: useful work is only done by a molecular system when one form of stored energy is converted into another. In other words, thermalized energy is unavailable for work and it is impossible to convert thermalised energy into stored energy.  This is good news because we are dealing with non thermal pulsed EMF here.

McClare was correct in identifying the problem on the conundrum that is called “Maxwell’s demon” in relation to a living system because we use water in nanotubes for energy conduction, while stressing that useful work can be done by a molecular system via a direct transfer of stored energy without thermalization is possible. Our problem today, is how do we do it!!!  To me, we need every quantum field energy expert working on this one problem simultaneously to stop the process.

I am not smart enough to figure that part out but I am bright enough to know this is where the solution lies. Lately,  I have noticed the movement internationally of these men in the USA and in Russia, so I am sure there are theoretical physicists who are working on this as we speak.  Life on our planet is in the balance.  The significance of this alone requires much more thought. Photosynthesis afterall, on which practically all life on earth depends, involves the direct, nonthermal absorption of the energy of photons, and non-thermal energy transfer may indeed play a much larger, if not fundamental role in living processes than we recognize.  So here life energenic is giving us a big clue there maybe a way out of this that does not require an evacuation to Mars.  The new science of how cold lasers and red wavelength lasers for recovery and disease reversal maybe of some use here to mankind as well.  In this blog are my ideas of how to best offer a solution.  For 8 years I have tried to come up with an answer but I do not think I have the knowledge base to do much more.  I personally think this is the one area we need to exploit with massive research effort.

The major “wisdom consequence” I got from McClare’s ideas arises from the explicit introduction of time, and hence, the true time-structure that exists in a living cell. This is why quantum time is so critical for energy generation in life.  Let me explain.  For a cellular process that takes place in 10−12 s, a milliseconds,  (10−3 s) becomes an eternity in quantum time differences. See, to you and me and biology today they do not understand this gap is enormous and it is why this small change can cause massive moleculare changes.  This is essentialy why circadian biology was the beacon in my understanding of this current plight.  Moreover, I realized as our magnetic field is off timing wise, we see these huge magnitude shifts in protons and electrons all the time in this new electromagnetic field..

Yet for the cell in which it occurs, it is about the ‘normal’ timescale set by the Schumann resonance, that really matter for all of us biologically.   A millisecond is about two orders of magnitude below the level of our time awareness consciously built into our brain.   So high efficiencies of energy conversion can still be attained by the use of water to accomplish the task.  This is precisely why quantum time being off by a nanosecond is a huge big deal in chronobiology.  I hope this explains why I am so interested in ASI, melatonins, and IGF-1 levels, and Vitamin D status.  It tells me how bad your rolex tells time in this new field we live in.

Another radical idea I stumbled into is making an artificial protein that is designed to absorb the resonant frequency of the artificial EMF we have created.  Molecular and electronic engineer Irena Cosic,  has put forward the radical idea that protein-protein, as well as protein-DNA interactions are not due to complementary shapes as in the mechanical ‘lock and key’ model still accepted by the vast majority of molecular biologists, but due to electromagnetic resonance recognition.  If this is true maybe we could design an EMF sponge protein to absorb the resonant energies that are killing us?

I showed you in EMF-2 that time is also a function of mass.  In my minds eye,  there are now two quite distinct ways of doing useful work or transferring or de-modualting EMF energies, not only slowly according to conventional thermodynamic theory, but also quickly, both of which are reversible and at maximum efficiency as no entropy is generated.   I think this area is an area we need to go hard after as a society.

My concern

Now it should be clear why I argued vehemently with many ‘paleo visionaries’  last year about safe starches and endurance exercise but that was like talking to a brick wall of carbohydrate cross fitting dogma.   In a world with a dying magnetic field secondary to pulsed EMF, the last thing you should be doing is either one of those because you are giving up more electrons as time goes on.

With every minute that passes from here on in, we are trading our lives for something.  Let’s ensure that the trade is worth it; that’s it’s not squandered. The proof is in your shortened telomere lengths and trashed hormone panels.

I told you all early in 2012, that Factor X was massively important in our current plight.  Maybe you are beginning to see why I believe this now.

Our reality

It was here, I realized that asteroid events and non pulsed EMF have the same affect on the phase transition chemistry of water, and can cause  biologic lethality because of how they both act upon the phase transitions and dielectric constants on water.

What happened to the dinosaurs is now happening to us.

T -Rex saw his end when he looked up. We can not, because we still do not realize what Einstein math means to modern biologywith respect to  electromagnetic fields and radiation within them.  Einstein, Neils Bohr, and Oppenheimer warned us at the beginning of the nuclear age that we better understand what happens when you open Pandora’s box.  They were concerned about the devastation that happens when you read Einstein’s math left to right.  This blog tells you that mankind is dying because they never considered that Einstein’s equation can be reversed and this is how life used it to survive.  It is as deadly screwing the recipe left to right as it is right to left.  I do not think we realize that the consequences Einstein, Bohr, and Oppenheimer warned us about in the 1940’s and 1950’s is real,  and upon us today.

We might have caught it in the 1950’s in the New Mexico desert,  but we lost that chance too.  If the brain does not sense it, it appears it does not exist.  This information  is mankind’s ultimate blind spot.

In discovering Factor X is where I found the Epi-Paleo Rx and where I found out how to use cold thermogenesis to my advantage and to help my patients and family to best to deal with an altered magnetic field we face today. It also showed me we had to have Ancient Neural pathway.  It was recently found by scientists, as I predicted it would be.  I found it 7 years ago and used it to fix me, my family, and some of my patients to slow time down for us.  That is all in the last chapter of the book.   If you are a member you might want to go back and re listen to the Factor X webinar about 100 times now. It is your best solution today for the situation we are in, in my view.  There are other things to do and we will cover them in the March webinar, the EMF Rx.

Why is ATP recycling a big deal in the K-T event and today’s EMF world?

The remaining animals, had to have lots of ATP recycling to make up the deficits of free energy loss due to dehydration in their nanotubes to live, and they did it by eating protein and fat from the cold polar seas until things reverted to the mean on the planet.  Eating this way gave them 5 times more ATP than glucose would.  We are in the exact same situation today they were then.  If you continue to eat carbs in the face of our altered magnetic field, you will be taken out quickly.  The reason now show be obvious.  Do you now understand why what paleo believes might be deadly?  This group of people, in my view, has the survivors in it because they understand evolution.  Not everyone will comprehend this nor be moved to action.  That is why most die in extinctions.  The ones who live, survive because they are the most fit for the situation.  Darwin showed us that 150 years ago.   However, if you remain defiant or clueless on the science in this blog, and how the altered magnetic field changes all the rules of biochemistry for us your fate maybe quickly sealed based upon how fast epigenetics has sped up this last 112 years.

For 2 years I have tried to warn everyone.  Today, you see why I have been aggressive and consistent in my message.  We  don’t have much time left when we overexercise and eat carbs while failing to realize the environment is stealing your electrons at an alarming rate.  When you divert quantum energy to building big muscles, while living in a field that steals electrons, you have to steal the electrons and protons from your brain to do it. This is why endurance/performance exercise kills modern man.  This concept was buried in and was proved by the cosmonaut experience in space.  Muscle works in a quantum fashion too folks.  In fact every system in us does.  The brain is the originator of the electron and proton motive forces so any system you transfer energies to will steal it from the key source.  In a normal field you could replace the electrons.  Today we can’t.  When you do it, you are trading time for it.  It shortens our life by shortening our telomeres and the altered quantum time speeds up time and we get sick first and we die fast and the method is a pathway that uses de-evolution.  Cognitive de-evolution will eventually lead to cultural and economic chaos.  Maybe this explains many of the unusual things we are seeing in our world today.   I do not know that answer but I do find many things explainable now, that others do not understand.  Maybe now you can make some sense of Adam Lanza’s tirade in Connecticut or Jared Loughner  who shot Gabby Giffords for no apparent reason.   With this knowledge your perspective of everything changes.  I became a different person in one day in 2006.

The two kids who used guns above, both had young brains, not protected by myelin and the pulsed EMF opened likely opened their blood brain barrier to allow the leakage of albumin.  It blocked calcium signaling in the brain as Dr. Allen Frey and other laid out over the last 30 years.  This leakage causes protein unfolding, beta amyloid plaques, Lewy bodies and neurofibrillary tangles that look like CTE damage from head trauma, because ATP levels are  diminished chronically and this dehydrated their proteins  in the cells cytosol to limit coherent water bonding.  Limiting water binding to these proteins limits proton and electron super conduction and 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} energy transfer.  In the brain, energy is a huge deal as I have laid out for you so many times on so many blogs.  Now you are seeing why it happens.

If you think this does not sound plausible read what Dr. William Frey’s is doing now in Minnesota.  Dr. William H. Frey is the Founder and Co-Director of the Alzheimer’s Research Center at Regions Hospital, Professor of Pharmaceutics and faculty member in Neurology, Oral Biology and Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota and consultant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Dr. Frey’s non-invasive intranasal method for bypassing the blood-brain barrier to rapidly delivery and target therapeutic agents to the brain along the olfactory and trigeminal neural pathways while reducing systemic exposure and unwanted side effects has captured the interest of both pharmaceutical companies and neuroscientists.  He is using light to bypass the barrier.  He is using Electromagnetic spectrum to penetrate into our brain.  Light and EMF do the same thing.  They enter our central nervous system and can help or extinguish us.

Dr. Frey’s  intranasal insulin treatment he developed for Alzheimer’s disease has been shown in multiple clinical trials to improve memory in both Alzheimer’s patients and normal adults. The intranasal therapeutic stem cell treatment he discovered has been shown to bypass the blood-brain barrier to treat Parkinson’s, stroke, neonatal ischemia, multiple sclerosis and subarachnoid hemorrhage in animal models of these disorders.

See when you know better, you really do better.  It is time for us all to step up our game of understanding.

Life is energy and energy is life.  Without energy life reverses, first with illness then with an early death.   As a result of this, the two boys likely quickly sustained cognitive de-evolution and did what they did for no rhyme or reason to the rest of the world.  I am trying to find out of either kid had smartmeters on their house and have not but I do know their neighborhoods did have them.  When it happened I knew right away why it might have occurred, and I expect a lot more of this behavior going forward because we are using EMF in a haphazard fashion.  Young people who use EMF’s are the most at risk.  Musicians are very at risk.  This is why we see a shocking trend in their suicides using drug first to escape the chaos in their brain and then a gun to end it.  The same is true for NFL players.  Many people have wonder why their life expectancy is around 57 and now you might have an insight why that is the case.   NFL players career is half over by 25 years old after playing football for 10-15 years consistently before it.  Their behavior patterns the cosmonaut observations in this series.  It should be no mystery why this is happening.  Humans do not fully myelinated brains until 25 years old, their love their  technology, and have 24/7 access to processed carbs.  This is the perfect storm, and it shortens their life, all because of altered quantum time of the environment they live in.

Autism is a neolithic disease train stop before total collapse  of cognition.  It resembles a primitive state of neocortical development due to poor methylation.  This is evidence of de-evolution and it began in utero from parents who lacked electrons and ate a electron poor diet.  This is a transgenerational epigenetic disease of our modern altered magnetic field.  To help it……you need to introduce massive intracranial energy before the age of 6 years old.  This is when neocortical development loses some of its ability for neuroplasticity.  .  For the neocortex to evolve it requires a lot of ATP and optimal water conduction to get the job done in humans.  Kids with autism live in the ATP-cp and TCA cycles and this is why they crave carbs too.  They can’t fat burn to make large amounts of ATP.  Many believe it is only associated with a 677 or 1298 methyl defect.  This is not the most common reason.  The story is cognitive de-evolution because of our altered field and the altered biochemistry found in EMF-4.  This is also why humans do not have the power of a gorilla.  We took the quantum energy from our muscles and centralized them in our brain.  Autism is a loss of that power.  Jared loughner and Adam Lanza stories seem to fit this best but nobody has looked these angles.  This begins before the child is born,  it happens in utero because of poor ATP recycling and heavy use of the ATP-CP system to cause massive methylation defects with out many genetic causes.  This is why autism is skyrocketing and for no other reason.  It is a story of Peter robbing Paul for energy.  It is an example of cognitive de-evolution in younger children before development even starts.

The next step you should look for in this trend will be a lack of fertility across our species.   I hate to break it to you,  I think if you speak to any reproductive OB/GYN will tell you their business is booming in the last 15 years.  All the signs are there, if we look and understand what is really going on.  I told you in the leptin series, leptin controls oocyte selection and placental energy dynamics.  If you do not have electrons you  will find it difficult or you won’t have a baby.  If you really are electron deficient you may not want to have a child because you might be shocked at what epigenetics gives you.  And if you try to go against the laws of the universe, that baby is not going to normal in some fashion.  This is why fixing the mother is paramount before pregnancy.  This is why preexisting electron loss (LR) in a future mother  can devastates the child neurologic development.  Moreover,  the effect is additive and cumulative for subsequent pregnancies as she has her life force of electrons stripped from her by pregnancy and a loss from EMF.  This also helps explain post partum depression as well.  Moreover, this is why women who are obese or anorexic are designed not to have children by evolutionary design.  Hypothalamic ammenorrhea is another example of  an electron deficit caused by excessive exercise in a fit women.  Moreover, trying to fix it with carbohydrates is not a good move.  It is another example of conditions of existence at work.

When you lose quantum time you lose the ability to reason and fast onset neurodegeneration is the result.  Every neurodegenerative disease has these common ties.  The same hold true for many football players post head injury concussion.  The younger they sustain the injury the worse the outcome and the faster they become symptomatic.  Modern soldiers too are risk.  We have an epidemic in PTSD in our returning military.  Here is your mechanism, folks.  I will go out on a limb and tell you Austin Collie,  formerly of the Colts,  is going to have some massive health issues before too long.  The same held true for Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain’s brain because of the EMF’s exposure from their career.  Steve Jobs never thought he was going to die according to his biography.  He certainly never thought his tech creation might not only kill him,  but billions of his customers, but that is precisely what I see happening from a healthcare perspective today.  Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer at 56.  My bet is had his cell phone in his pocket and laptop in his lap quite a bit,  while he ate like a chimp and lived in one of the areas where pulsed EMF is massively increased in the environment.  It should no longer be a mystery to why he died the way he did.

Those who say it is correlation not causation will have to realize Einstein laws are of the universe and not of a system of unknown covariables.  Quantum field theory is pretty clear here.  Magnetic fields dictate particle oscillations 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time.  It really is no longer an arguable point when you realize his laws apply and Newtons are null and void.  No one seems to realize this today because no one in biology understands quantum field theory,   and because they did not know we are  truly quantum beings who use semiconduction.  I think I showed you we are for sure in what Becker’s experiments showed.

Einstein’s math tells us why precisely why Jobs was done in.  His gadgets stole his electrons from his body and tore apart his protons and electrons form his proton superconducting cables to rob him of energy.  He had to live only on his ATP recycling and once he could not sustain it, he then became extinct, quickly.  Is it hard to take, that his end is going to be yours too?  Damn straight it is.  But with evolution, she is cutting.  She cares little about your beliefs.  She uses time as her hammer and chisel, and Einstein’s math as her navigation device to carve out life.

How does the PPP, CT, and the ancient pathway fit here?

During that rapid adaptation of all other extinction events,  life has always reverted back to the Ancient Pathway to survive.  That pathway is supported by the mechanistic PPP you learned about in EMF-4.  It is the most chemically reduced pathway in biochemistry, and it makes more ATP than any other because it tied to fat burning.  It just does it slowly.  Doing it slowly is a critical element today.  Why?  All mammals make their D-ribose from the glycerol backbones of FFA after beta oxidation.  There is not a lot of glycerol around in this process,  so this is why the pathway is a slow mover in ATP recycling.  It is however, effective in making huge amounts of ATP (147 ATP vs 36)   but it is just not fast in mammals because that is all an animal needs when it asleep 4-6 months a year.  We have evolved out of hibernation but the hardware is still in us humans.  This is why the PPP has remained in the human blind spot so long.  Trust me, when you tap it some amazing things can happen.  We come from those very same hibernating mammals, do not forget it.  Just because you want or can do something does not mean your biochemical machinery can support it, endurance performers.

The cron argument explained

So today, when you eat like a chimp you pay a price for it in sleep and a loss in performance.  You may think your performance is well, but there are other levels to what you can do but you never perceive it because you have never seen or sensed it.  In that sense, it is just like pulsed EMF.  Ironic, no?  The Ancient Pathway hardware is still built into our brain, and we need to learn to use it once again to help ourselves today.  In CT-6, I told you CRON also works to extend life.  I argued with Dr. Rosedale last year that we would never see CRON benefits in primates or humans and he said I was wrong.  Well, the recent data says I am right.  Why, was I so aggressive in this call so early before any published data on it?

Because pulsed EMF is a pandemic and ubiquitous when the experiments were begun.  It also points out why we no longer need a RCT or any further study.  These are the universe laws speaking to today.  We need to listen to it.  No primates or humans can effectively use CRON any longer on this planet to their benefit any longer because if you calorie restrict, while your magnetic field is sucking electrons out of you,  your constantly  losing superconduction of water due to pulsed EMF in your environment. Moreover, this causes you dehydrate proteins constantly, they show altered molecular folding, water loses its binding sites and you lose energy,  and as a result you die quicker!  So far that is what the data says too.  Ron just did not understand this foundational field issue, and I did.  Ron is a very smart man.   Ron read the Cornell reports on CRON done in 1930.  What they found then can not be reproduced today.  The Earth today is not the Earth of 1930.  We no longer have the same electromagnetic field.  If we had a normal magnetic field Ron would be correct and I’d be on his side of things.  He is wrong because of Einstein’s math.  CRON is something mammals have already lost as an asset for survival, in this ongoing extinction event.  This insight should tell you just how fast things change in life when the field is altered.  That was just 83 years ago.  We need to gain time back now,  to really understand how to fix this mess we are in.  We need to stop the arguing about dogma, because we have a lot at stake.  We are all collectively entangled in it whether we like it or not.  It is time we think differently about everything.

Where did I come up with the Epi-Paleo Rx?

Paleo is a step in the right direction evolutionary speaking, but it only looks back 15,000 years.  My way of thinking is 4.5 billion years.  Our solution is in Einstein’s math and the laws of the Universe.   I broke this idea in Austin last year for the first time and it was received like a lead balloon.  No one even asked me why, they just were married to their paleo dogma.  Seafood is loaded with electron density and seawater.  We need both in large quantities considering where we are in today’s environment.  It should be intuitive by now.

For congruency sake, where was the food sources, post K-T you ask?  In the deep polar seas, that had fish that were plentiful and big and in cold water.  Why were the fish big?  Bergmann’s rule is an ecogeographic principle that states that within a broadly distributed taxonomic clade, populations and species of larger size are found in colder environments, and species of smaller size are found in warmer regions.  The middle of the planet was on fire for decades because of where the asteroid hit us in the gulf.    Still think CT is just hormetic or could it be life saving and help increase longevity for all eutherian mammals as I said in CT-6?  Considering we are now all modern day T-Rex’s, are you still afraid to use CT for any superficial reason?  It maybe your best defense to buy yourself time so all of us can collectively join together to solve the most complex problem man will ever face.

People, I understand how hard this is to accept.  But here is the ultimate beauty about science, regardless of your current beliefs, it remains true.  It is time to face it and let us begin to work together to get things right. Not everyone is going to survive this situation, and honestly, I have no idea of the time table left for our species, but I know it depends upon how you limit exposure and how you eat and live, knowing what really dictates life in this magnetic field.  This is where optimal is found today.  Today’s optimal will never approach yesterday’s optimal,  I am sad to say.  I am getting a sense lately, that our time table maybe sooner than I originally thought eight years ago.

We are now facing our asteroid, we just can’t see it.  I hope now, you see life as I have for 8 years.  Unfortunately, I found it trying to explain why a cosmonaut lost a bunch of bone and looked mike my clinic patients.  But Einstein’s math is pretty damn clear and the epidemiology of the 20th and 21 century supports his science here as well.  I am just the guy with the flashlight trying to help you see what I found.  This is why we never saw this level of disease before Tesla’s time in the late 1880’s.  I think that is intuitive if you are reading this clearly and understanding it.  It is hard to follow?  Maybe if you are not thinking well, but this is why took two years building up your knowledge base to get you to today.  I want you to survive.  Now that decision rests with you, and your choices.

This explain Weston A. Price and Albert Schweiter’s findings,  in indigenous peoples prior to 1930.  EMF was not common until microwave ovens exploded on the seen in the 1950’s  Now it is astronomical.  It appears the American Indian new exactly how to live correctly,  and we are paying for how we treated them dearly now.  Karma is a bitch.  The people who understand this warning and make the best decisions from here on out will write the future of our species.  I look at this as the ultimate evolutionary test of our mammalian nervous system.  We need to think well to survive it.  Our first decisions will determine if we have a shot or not.  It used to scare me, but now I like the challenge it presents.  We need to think differently to solve this.

Again, these were not my original ideas,  they are all buried in Einstein’s physics.  I was just applying them to my trade and following where the science lead me.    Biology has never realized these foundational errors, and gave Peter Mitchell somebody else’s Nobel Prize.   Here is where we went badly wrong.  This implied to me their was a lot more wrong with biology than meets the eye.  I decided to look for myself.  This was the point I threw the modern biochemistry books away and began to search for how a cell really works using work using 8 different fields of science.  Here is where I found the work or Wiggins and Ling on water and enzymatic fluxes and the resting membrane potential done years ago,  and discarded by modern biology in 1 nanosecond, because it sounded too queer to be really how life works.  Becker work was not done yet on bone.  He showed bone was a semiconductor.  I knew that one fact and put it all together.  Another irony of fate and timing, I guess.

When I was 360 pounds I was looking for answers, not for beliefs.  Beliefs got me fatter and nowhere.  I realized classic conventional wisdom of modern science and medicine failed me, so I decided to give crazy a shot. Funny how that works sometimes. Crazy showed me what can happen when our quantum time is off. I did not like the result of my thoughts at all,  but I now clearly see how life’s next step is our most crucial.  Natural selection, in this case, is going to determine all of our fates because our current “condition of existence” has sealed ours on this planet.

When classic physics fails you, you move on. I did. Next up, how all this stuff really works.

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