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Readers Summary

  1. Does your clock tell time well?
  2. How can you tell?
  3. What are the implications?
  4. How do physics and biology meet in our mitochondria?
  5. What are some hidden truths buried in the Quilt Document?

“You’ve got to work at living… when 99{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the globe works at dying daily; denial of the truth will lead you into blind alleys. Let go of your paradigm, accept what nature designed, and embrace your ultimate potential” -Gretchen Bronson (starfish)

Why is the clock the most important part of the story of life?

Have you ever had a dream that seems so large in scope, it just seems like it just possibly cannot come to fruition? I have for the last 7 years. Today, I am going to share it with you.

It is time. I believe all dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them. It is always easier to make a dollar off a dream, but it is a lot tougher to make a difference with one. I think EMF-2, is going to do just that for everyone.

I told you all last March, on Sean Croxton’s underground internet radio show, and at Paleo fx 2012, that environmental mismatches all cause inflammation. Many of you found it a bold and interesting statement, but I never told you WHY. The reason I did not, was because I did not feel you were ready to understand my perspective, yet. Today that changes. When you do not understand someone’s perspective often times what they say sometimes sounds a bit ‘bizarre’ to you. The reason it does is because you have no frame of reference for understanding, primarily because you were never taught that space/time, might be the most critical factor in understanding trans-generational epigenetic biology today. That is going to change today as well.

I knew to get this critical information to you, I needed to lay some more “bricks” on this road to Optimal, before I could let the cat out of the bag. I did put it at the very top of the Quilt Document, but I knew no one would see what I did, because they did not understand what I stumbled into. You needed to know more about circadian biology and mitochondrial function first, to open your mind to something rather counterintuitive. I can not stress enough, how important the January webinar (Mitochondrial Rx) is putting this all together. This blog post will begin to tie up many of those loose ends up for you now. This blog post is a biggie for disease reversals, and maybe a whole lot more.

Truth Bomb #1: Life improves slowly, but tends to goes wrong quickly, and only a catastrophe that is clearly visible to the eye, is what the brain believes. The real truth is where light and space/time bend to cause the real problem that remain in our blind spot even today. (Nick Lane alert)

If you are wondering what that means, it is pretty simple to understand. Life contracts via time, and we call this aging and it can expand via time dilation.  It means life is subject to time 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time and what controls it is energy.  This means we can get sick quick and reverse the illness if we understand what control all life.  In this blog you will learn just that.

This blog will fully explain something you likely did not ever know before, nor have you ever heard it before. When I had my epiphany at the foot of Michelangelo’s David, it all started with a simple thought. If Einstein was correct that energy = mass times the speed of light squared (E = MC2), then how did biology make all life from that simple equation? As I looked up, the sun hit me in my eyes. I realized the link, right there. I had to reverse Einstein’s equation to see how life made sense of the chaos on our planet, to create life from it. E = MC2 is a simple math equation using simple variables we all know.

Truth Bomb #2: Life is energy and energy is life according to this equation.

It also implies that the equation can also be reversed mathematically. The “Commutative Laws” say you can swap numbers over and still get the same answer. A + B = B + A. Biologic sciences have pretty much ignored E = MC2 for much of the last 108 years since its discovery. It has been felt to be the domain of subatomic physics and of theoretical physics, and astronomy. Physicists and chemists have always read Einstein’s masterpiece equation from left to right. This helped them explain the massive power generated from nuclear fission of atomic blasts. As a surgeon, I realized there is were no nuclear explosions occurring in cells to generate energy. I reasoned, biology could not use the reaction that way, so life had to find another way to do it. I thought, that maybe, life at its origin on the chaotic Earth, sought order from the environments it had to endure to survive. If that was correct, then all biology must start with the speed of light, squared and not with energy. I felt I had to reverse Einstein’s equation in my head to figure the riddle out. It made sense because today we know all life makes energy from the sun or from electrons in our mitochondria. Plant life uses the photons or electrons of the sun to make its energy efficiently. Animals use electrons to make fuel in the mitochondria in the form of ATP.

The M, the ‘mass’ part of the equation brings in the elements of space/time and gravity from physics. This is a topic biology rarely deals in. This is where the riddle got complex for me. This implies the way the mitochondria account for energy has to include a very precise timing procedure as a part of energy generation. I knew from mitochondrial biology that is precisely what the “Rolex” in our head does at the SCN by responding to the magnetic field of the Schumann resonance of the Earth. We covered this in EMF 1. The SCN uses light, dark, magnetism and gravity, as its reference points to tell precise time in the brain to yoke all biologic reactions in animals. Using Einstein’s equation backwards, he basically said if energy is decreased for any reason at all in the ATP generation pathways, the effect was massive for the loss of energy. This would be due to the loss of electron flow in the mitochondria because this force is squared in his equation mathematically. In biology, the electro-motive force is clearly in “the C2” in the equation, E = MC2. For energy to remain in constant flux, it requires a constant supply of electrons so that the chain is never interrupted. This turned out to be a massively important issue, as you will soon see.

Geeks: Then I thought back to how photosynthesis works in real life. It uses the sun’s photons of energy to make ATP from carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. We know that all life on earth utilizes the energy formed from water formation to power pathways and metabolism. In plants, the pathway is done using photosynthesis, where carbohydrates, in the form of glucose are created from CO2 in the atmosphere and photon energy of the sun. In animals, the process is different because it is reversed! Here was more evidence, in life, the equation may need to be reversed, I thought. In the mitochondria, the opposite biochemical reaction occurs compared to chloroplasts. I saw this as a symbol that thinking about Einstein in reverse may make some sense. Energy from the exothermic reaction of water forming from molecular oxygen in the atmosphere, is combined with the enzymatic burning of fuels such as food, glucogen, glucose, and fat.

Non Geeks: We essentially get electrons from foods, or at least I thought back then. We do this by moving those electrons over the inner mitochondrial membrane, and the result is in HEAT and ATP production. Since mammals generate energy backwards, compared to plants, this gave the me the idea to read Einstein’s equations backwards to gain insight on how life makes energy from chaos. By doing so, it changed my perspective about obesity almost immediately. We are taught to think about obesity as excess calories. Yet when I reversed the equation it said obesity is a disease of a loss of electrons! I was intrigued by this paradox. This is when I got the idea I should stop thinking of food as carbs, proteins, and fats and instead think of them as electrons that move protons across membranes in cells. As a neurosurgeon who understands the brain is a quantum computer it made sense to think of food in that manner as well.

I realized that when electron flow was disrupted for any reason, it meant energy in the system had to go way down. I thought this would be clearly something the brain would pay strict attention too for survival. I learned that the leptin receptor in the brain is what pays attention to total energy balance. Then I realized it does this using leptin signaling to control the hormone response in cells via the endocrine system. Leptin basically is the “accountant” that tells the brain whether we have an electron deficit or an excess in our body. This also implied to me, that any biologic mass could vary depending upon the amount of ATP or heat lost by cells. This simple relationship explained immediately, why I was getting obese now! For the first time in my life I realized that obesity is a disease of a loss of electrons.

I had to somehow be losing electrons constantly in my environment slowly over time, without my brain perceiving it, however, to cause it. So where was this loss coming from?

I went back to the mitochondrial energy dynamics, and it made me realize when one mole of water is created from one mole of molecular hydrogen and half a mole of molecular oxygen, a total of 286 kJ of power are released for cells to use. It was then, I realized clearly dehydration is linked to energy loss too. This explained why with fevers, my patient’s metabolic rates increase 13{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} for every degree our temperature rises.

This insight made me realize right away the loss of energy, was not only critical to obesity but is critical to all disease generation and immune system activation. Inflammation is associated with the production of a fever in the brain, so this is how a fever begins, in the first place in our hypothalamus. It also meant that loss of electrons had to correlate with the development of a net positive charge in the mitochondria because we lost electrons. Electrons carry a negative charge. But then something else odd occurred to me. I realized that when I reversed the equation in my head, it meant timing of the molecular reactions had to be critical to biology to make E = MC2 stand up.

It had to include a precise nanoscopic control of both the electron flow and of the timing mechanism and for the Earth’s magnetic and gravitational field. This meant that the timing mechanism in the brain had to respond to magnetism, light, and dark. This is when the game changed for me.

Why did Cold Thermogenesis become important?

I realized temperature is critically important variable for keeping the correct magnetic field and electrical charge present along the inner mitochondrial membrane to maintain the electrochemical gradients for long periods of time, while we are disconnected from electron flow for any reason during life. When things are colder, biochemical reactions slow down and electrical currents slow but semiconductive currents increase and magnets become stronger. If that happened at once, then timing would be thrown off and life would appear to slow down. I realized that life slowing down meant time also had to slow down to coordinate the precise nanoscopic control of ATP production in mitochondria. I thought, how would mammals use this principle?

Cold is experienced in the winter. Food is also generally sparse in winter because light levels are low and the growing season is shorter as a result. This implies in winter we would face diminished electron flow from foods because of scarcity. It was how form met function and not hormetic in the least bit. Winter is supposed to cause a serious loss of electrons. Moreover, none of those electrons would be coming from foods that need light to grow. In the tropics, the dry seasons correlated with the cold at higher latitudes so this had the same net effect on what foods were available.

It seemed cold was how life preserved the fading charge in their mitochondria due to electron loss for any reason. Then it dawned on me again, we absolutely needed a constant flow of electrons to the mitochondria to maintain all life, healthy no matter what. So where were they? Then I faced another paradox: we only eat 1 – 3 meals a day to get electrons? How did we do it?

What they never saw, and I realized

Using Einstein’ math, I thought how did we maintain electron flow 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time to fulfill E = MC2? I remembered the Schumann resonance and the Earth’s magnetic core. I mentioned this in the last blog. It has an endless supply of electrons come from Earth’s core, that had to be the answer. I realized that if we are disconnected from the earth for any reason that electron flow would end. I knew life had to have a plan for disconnection too because we eat a few meals a day. I knew if the flow stopped time would stop because we would be dead I also realized right there, that if we increase electron flow we could make time stop and reverse biologic time too! This seemed counter-intuitive at first, but that is what Einstein said would happen. This implied we would age less!

If we could increase electron flow from any source it could reverse aging and disease!!!

At this point, I knew we had to maintain the connection or we would have to compensate for the loss of electrons from Earth, by eating more! This was my big clue about why I was fat. I was constantly becoming disconnected from the Earth, too often, and it was making me hungry and I ate to offset the electron loss.

After reading about leptin biology, I realized quickly that all cravings and hunger are related 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} to electron loss in the hypothalamus. The link to grounding made a lot of sense now. It also showed me why my intuition about calories from food was insignificant, was quite correct. The brain does not count calories it counts electrons! People think it counts calories by convention, because when they think about food from nutritional perspective instead of a quantum perspective. Einstein said his equation was the theory of everything, and he used quantum particles to describe things. I thought I should do the same. So that meant to me, biology’s answer had to be cooked into the recipe.

In medicine, I was taught calories matter all of the time in foods. Yet here, using Einstein’s math, I found they were not because the equation for energy generation required a constant source of electrons, not calories! I think this is why Gary Taubes and obesity researchers do not understand obesity. Mr. Taubes was correct in that carbs were a problem, but for the wrong reasons. Carbs are not ideal because they are electron poor in density.

And if you are mammal with electron starvation (fat person) eating anything that has less electron density (carbs) will make you more hungry not less. This is why carbs stimulate appetite and for no other reason. This is also when I began reading the internet and nutrition blogs. I realized quickly, two bloggers, Peter Dobromylskyj and Lucas Tafur where on the same path I was on. They were attacking the problem from the other side of E = MC2 equation. In my mind, they took the more difficult path to the answer, because it introduced too many nutrition co-variables to confuse us in the complicated biochemistry. In my mind, the leptin receptor was in the brain, and the brain is a living quantum computer. It made more sense to think of food in quantum terms, electrons, protons, and neutrons. Moreover, they were focusing in on research that was all published without knowing where the real electron source was, and why the loss was happening!!! This was not a little issue, mind you, it is huge.

Neither one of these guys was thrown off the scent by what they found. They are excellent bloggers and you should read them both. I found most other bloggers I read were very confused about what was really going on in the brain of a fat person. Some even made up the most elaborate theories to fit their idea of why calories did matter. When I jumped in the blogosphere, I was branded by the “paleo purveyors” as a quack. People think differently usually are. My goal was always to help people make sense of the chaos of what was an illness.

In fact, the free electrons from the Earth were designed by Nature to be delivered 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time because of E = MC2. We needed massive amounts of electrons to keep our mitochondria humming every second of every day to stay alive. When they stop, we die. Electrons from food could never sustain that kind of flow 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time we were alive. Then it dawned on me, my diet and food could not be the biggest factor in obesity.

It just was not possible based upon the math of E = MC2. Most fat people know they do not eat enough calories to be as fat as they are, so I thought this made sense. As a fat man, I know I felt that way back then. I knew we had to get them from the Earth core. I realized grounding is more important in winter than at any other time because the food is more scarce and we need to feed our mitochondrial all the time or we die. This is why all animals are leanest and fittest in winter, and why domesticated ones are not.

It also should make intuitive sense, now, why modern humans are not either. We are constantly disconnected from Earth in all seasons because of how we live, and we never face a true winter any longer because we swim in a sea of manmade EMF’s that block the Earth’s electron flow into us!!! Yes, the EMF link was made. How did I do that?

Pay Attention Bomb: I knew man-made EMF’s could block the flow of electrons, because of how my radio in the car reacted to high voltage wires when I drove past them. I realized I never saw them, but I heard them when the radio crackled. I also noticed it in my hospital when I ordered an EEG’s on seizure and tumor patients, many of the medical instruments in the ICU’s blocked our ability to get a clean complete EEG reading there. I wondered if this was hurting the patient’s brains and cells too back then? I decided to read more to see if these types of EMF could block ground electrons from entering me. I was looking for causation in me. It was here, I found that strong EMF’s, way above the Schumann frequency and for the frequency of the human SCN, would cancel the net flow of electrons into me. I was stunned at this. I realized I got fat because of a loss of electrons from the ground and not the food I was eating! I knew on the surface no one would buy this with out some proof.

The critical point in my understanding here is that a loss of the electro-magnetic forces from the Earth that creates this free electron flow, when interrupted for any reason, diminishes our life force immediately. Being fat means your dying slowly. This was sobering to me at 357 pounds. Moreover, I realized it does this faster than we can imagine, because it also causes us to lose electrons we do not see, hear, feel, or taste, most of the time we are alive. It belies why we do not perceive it. If your brain does not sense it, your mind does not believe it exists. If you reverse the equation, any loss in C2 cause massive changes in energy and therefore life.

Conversely, any major increase in the Earth’s magnetic field will increase the net flow of electrons to mitochondria to make unreal amounts of energy to fuel life. I wondered could this reverse my obesity? Here, I read the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and wondered could I actually get younger and thinner? I wondered could I actually get younger just increasing my electron flow? This really got me thinking about me and evolution in unison.

After finishing the fable, I reasoned this electromagnetic energy from the Earth must be what renews life after extinction events on Earth too? I thought any surge in C2 massively had to increase energy, which in turn, must allow all life on the planet to bounce back from disaster. This meant extinction events had to be tied to disruptions in electron flow, and reversals of these extinctions were due to the restoration of the flow by holes created in the crust or mantle somehow to increase the flow of electrons. I understood the relation of energy and the electrons, but this implied to me MASS, or specifically space/time, had to shrink in the process!!! I knew Einstein predicted this, after all, so it had to be correct.

It seemed confusing, but every time I went back to those 3 simple variables, the result always pointed to “mass” is the major issue in the riddle. I then realized that for biology, the mass had to be measured in space/time somehow. This was the final piece of the puzzle. I went to physics math to find out. And here I found out time is a function of mass. The final piece was complete. I had a neat theory, but I needed an experiment to prove it now.

I knew space-time had to bend as energy increased to improve longevity and survival of all life. Einstein’s equation is axiomatic, in this regard. I thought this would be accomplished by speeding up epigenetics, to force life to evolve faster to a rapidly changing environment by lengthening their telomeres in our cells by directly altering space/time. It appeared energy, in the form of electrons, is the planets life force in this process.

I found out Einstein math was correct for biology too. But reversing Einstein’s math equation, was the key to Darwin’s mysteries in my mind. I realized why the published literature on obesity was worthless at this point. They never accounted for the number one source of electrons in the equation for biology to determine total energy balance!!!

I then also realized that any loss of electromagnetism for any reason, causes all life to die slowly. WHY did I think this? Because it had to speed up time in their cells, relatively, for the dying animal, and cause its death from a loss of energy.

EMF’s directly decrease the magnetic flow of electrons based on laws of physics. It does not matter how little or strong the EMF is, it’s effect is still felt on the quantum level and the brain is a quantum computer. Einstein’s theory shows this in spades. I established that in EMF 1‘s blog post as well. EMF’s main problem is that it diminishes our life force by blocking the constant electron flow life requires, and today, it is being increased in intensity every time you upgrade our iPhone’s today.

This explains why cancer rates are higher in urban settings, I thought. This implied something far worse to me. I realized I was my own worst enemy because of how I lived my life and I did never realize it. If you are a user of modern technology, say a podcaster/blogger who is overweight, infertile, and getting no answers from doctors about why this is happening, you no longer should be. Look at Cite 20. You need to get EMF’s out of your life ASAP. The answer is simple. I am attempting to do in my own life now for the last 7 years. It is killing all of us more quickly and silently, and it’s affecting the people you love too. We make more EMF every time we go to a higher “G” in cellular communications. If you want a phone, I have a feeling a rotary phone is going to be popular item shortly, globally.

Do you think this sounds crazy, yet? Well, read on, because we have already proved this is true in humans and no one seems to know it yet. I found proof in humans.

When someone tells you cold is hormetic only, you better run, not walk away!

The cold link was a real key piece for me in the riddle. Cold links to magnetism and to gravity.  This helps explain why cold temperatures were always linked to low electron flow in all forms of life as they were threatened in this planet’s history when things die or got old. Winter challenges a mammal to survive with low electron sources from food. From geology I found, every extinction event (all five of them) was always followed by cold climates according to the geologic record. Whether it was a basalt flood, a bolide, or a combination of the two like that happened in the Yucatan 65 million years ago that allowed mammals to explode in the fossil record overnight (Factor X alert) I realized that if any one of the environmental signals of light, dark or electromagnetism, were not sensed precisely and correctly by life’s molecular clocks for any reason, the net result was a loss of electrons!

When we lose electrons death quickly follows and extinction events cause lots of death according to the fossil record. What do we call a body without energy? A cadaver. What do we call lots of cadavers? Extinctions. Death = a big loss in energy production according to Einstein. This explains to me why diabetes and breast cancer were so linked to light levels in the research I was reading about. It also explained the pandemic in low Vitamin D3 levels worldwide. I then thought about my patients in clinic who were really ill, with horrible vitamin D3 levels and increases in their HS CRP lab. Moreover, they all had MRI’s with inflammation present when I scanned them. I also realized from my training as a neurosurgeon that inflammation carries a net positive charge in MRI brain scans or PET images. I knew then, I could look at MRI’s and see proof of this energy loss on T2 weighted images in my clinic patients. It all began to fit. And when I used MRI and saw evidence for it in every patient in my clinic. MRI’s use magnetic fields to detect inflammation on an MRI scan’s T2 weighted images.

Epidemics are not caused by genetics in medicine, they are caused by an alteration in epigenetics. Now I was really concerned. I began to order labs on all of them and every one of them had abnormal inflammatory markers and altered hormone panels. This really got me thinking: is everyone in my clinic slowly dying slowly before my eyes?

My stark answer was after looking at all the data for two years, was yes it was. There was no other possible answer, according to the math to physics. This insight brought me to my knees as a physician. It was overwhelming really. I realized in today’s world we are fast forwarding our species to extinction because we are blocking all the free electrons from the Earth 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time. It’s only when you are on your knees at the depths of despair that you see things as they truly are.

All of these clinical observations implied to me a deep connection, that obesity and every other disease known to man was clearly an inflammatory condition, caused by a lack of energy production in our cell’s mitochondria that causes a time contraction of space/time in my suprachiasmatic nucleus of the mammal’s brain. This, over time, will first make the animal ill, and then it will make you die quicker than you’d expect. I also realized how alone I was in this because no one in the world knew this yet because I found no evidence for it in 18 months of non-stop reading like a madman at the library.

It was not mentioned in any data or in any obesity research I read. I can assure you, physics and biology do not meet in the human brain for modern healthcare or research. I hope this blog changes that on a dime. I then went to the medical school library reading a ton of circadian cycles and eye anatomy and how I could stop this myself. I knew I was not going to get the globe to stop using a cell phone, so I decided to protect me and the ones I loved the world. The SCN is tied to the neural pathways in the eye and I know the brain well so I read a ton. I made many more connections to the gut and to our environment by searching the links in literature. I now knew why everyone had a leaky gut too. It is one of the first symptoms of an energy timing issue. The reason is simple, every 2-3 days the entire gut lining has to turn over in cell division, so if the timing is off it can not do it efficiently and it causes disruptions in the precise timing of biochemical reactions in the gut. This then affects the brain directly because electrons are lost immediately from food. The problem escalates as the timing issue proceeds.

This disruption also caused a “faulty timing mechanism” to develop in the circadian clock of my SCN in my hypothalamus! I realized this could happen in only two ways, a loss of electron density from foods, or becoming disconnected from the Earth’s electromagnetic gravitational field for long periods of time. I knew I was not losing food electrons because I was eating too well. It had to be the loss of the Schumann resonance. In fact, it was then that I realized that I ate more frequently to offset the electron loss from Earth and this is what was stimulating my hunger and appetite.

Just thinking it through further, I realized it could theoretically happen when we traveled into space without a magnetic field, or might occur on the Earth’s surface if EMF signals became massive to overcome the magnetic field or the Schumann resonance. I also reasoned it could happen when the Earth slowly loses its magnetic field, similar to what happened on Mars 3.8 billion years ago. This is when I made the “space” connection in the puzzle. This is also when I made the connection with the loss of magnetism and extinction events. Everything in a moment became clear.

Nothing would kill life quicker than a loss of magnetic field. Life was built to exist anywhere on Earth using any combination of food because the free electrons from magnetism were the bigger part of the energy equation in Einstein’s theory. I was stunned at this revelation. I went to look at space data and the geologic records.

This is what precisely happens in basalt flows and in vulcanism traps we have seen in the Earth crust everywhere. I looked and found them in every ocean on the planet. These things are present on land too. Even Mars has evidence of them on its dead surface. This is the remnant of its last extinction. This is what I personally think is behind the 5 extinction events we have seen on Earth before according to our geologic history.

When I realized we had magnetic cells in our SCN’s, and I learned how important free electrons are, I then began to read about magnetic and gravitational fields and their effects on humans. I wanted to know how biology could be affected by this kind of change in environment.

My eureka moment: The Space Connection

During my reading, I found out when the Russian cosmonaut who went into space on the MIR space station for 1.3 years, who lost a massive amount of his bone density. I thought to myself, he had to have had massive inflammatory changes in his labs when he returned to earth. I saw the same disease in my clinic patients I mentioned earlier. The Russians never told us about all of his labs in the accounts of this MIR trip. They were more intent on the good PR response because their cosmonaut just set the world record for consistent space travel by a human.

The reports of his bone loss, however, caught everyone’s attention who read the accounts. Scientists in Russia quickly realized the reason for the stunning loss of his bone mass in a short period of time was due to a constant zero gravity environment they faced in space for 14 months, because of the absence of the earth’s magnetic field. The entire time in space, he ate a balanced diet with sufficient calories. They solved this problem by redesigning their space capsule with a magnetic system that duplicated the Earth’s magnetic field. They did this to provide a constant source of “gravitational force” to apply to the bones to stimulate tensions to fulfill Wolff’s law. On Earth, forces like gravity and acceleration stress bone cells to increase bone growth. We use it daily in spine surgery to help people get better from spine surgery.

Then I realized something they missed, in fact, everyone missed.

When a magnetic field’s effect is no longer sensed by human tissues, it also means electrons had to be transferred from one mass, his, to another of lesser electric charge by the laws of electricity. He lost his electrons to space! We use this principle in bone stimulators in spine surgery, also in reverse. We use small magnets to generate magnetic fields to increase bone growth. Essentially, the Russian cosmonaut lost electrons from his body into space to cause this osteoporosis in 437 days! Electrons flow from the largest pool of electron density to the small pool, this is why the Earth sends electrons into our body when we walk upon it. We evolved in the water and land, with our feet planted on it for reason, and when we are not planted upon we lose our own electrons in our body!

In Valery Polyakov’s case, his doctors did not realize he was losing his electrons not only from his bone cells but in every organ in his system while he was in orbit for those 14 months! The laws of physics prove this. I knew it, but it appeared they did not by their reports. Biology had the smoking gun right here in a human experiment and no one had seen it. Osteoporosis on Earth is a degenerative disease seen in aging humans. I know because I treat a ton of it these days.

But what else did they miss in my view? If the cosmonaut lost massive bone mass in 14 months as they reported, this would imply he had to have “biologically aged and shrunk in height” during the MIR mission!

I knew this could not be correct. Why? Einstein’s Theory of Relativity said it was not correct because it broke the laws of physics! They reported he lost massive bone and this is not something we expect to see in this situation. He should have gained bone and actually gotten taller! He also should have gotten younger by milliseconds too, but they never checked this variable. Back then, we had no way to measure his telomeres for a cellular age like we do now, but we do know that he clearly shrunk in height. People with osteoporosis shrink in height here on Earth too, just like the Russian did in space. This thought made me realize something was fundamentally wrong with this story.

When I read these accounts, I immediately recognized this as an incongruency to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and I knew this was impossible based on what Einstein said would happen. What occurred to the Russian, was opposite to what Einstein said should have been expected according to the mathematics of physics.

Truth Bomb: Einstein said that as we travel away from the Earth, and speed up closer to the speed of light, time should bend and dilate and we should get younger and taller not older and have osteoporosis!

Following that, I had another insight. I realized that what happened to the Russian cosmonaut paralleled exactly, the epidemic of osteoporosis I was seeing in my clinic back on Earth! It also made sense now why I seeing this disease much more frequently in YOUNGER patients on Earth in my clinic too! I knew the cosmonaut was not traveling at the speed of light, but he was traveling at 27,500 Km/h in orbit for 437 days facing 16 sunrises and sunsets per day in orbit, but, I knew he should not have aged more than we would have expected, but yet he did.  This implied that a circadian mismatch somehow speeds up electron loss in mitochondria.  

As a consequence of total circadian disruption, he suffered massive losses of bone density in 437 days and 18 hours in space, and it looked like osteoporosis had fast forwarded in space/time!   It could not be diet related because cosmonauts diets are strict and recorded.  This implied that food was not the biggest aspect of aging or wellness, but circadian biology was.  That linkage got me thinking even more deeply about the implication of Einstein’s equation for all biology.

I wondered if this effect was due to a loss of control of the SCN ability to sense the sun’s photons and the Earth’s magnetic field, thereby, causing a space/time disturbance? It was the only thing that made sense based upon the math of E = MC2.

If Einstein was correct, it implied to me that timing of circadian biology had to critical for the physics of biology to work. So I went on a bender, reading about circadian cycles and energy production. What I found was pretty simple when I knew what questions to ask myself about this paradox. A loss of electrons from any source, caused inflammation in the closed system of biochemistry, while requiring precise SCN timing, to recreates space/time using the environmental factors of light, dark, magnetism.

So this begged the same question I faced about my own obesity, where does life get this constant source of electrons in life? I already knew the answer. The Russian cosmonaut also was disconnected from Earth and had no magnetic field!

The answer was also obvious in both cases. We get it from only two sources, foods and the Earth’s magnetism! The proof was seen in the loss of bone in the Russian. We only eat one to three times a day on average, so food clearly was not the big electron donor in C2. The Russian ate normally through the 438 days in space. He had no electron loss from food starvation. The only answer left was he lost it from being disconnected from the planet!

I knew the Earth, however, gives us constant source electrons from the Schumann resonance, I mentioned in the last blog, EMF 1. I also realized that supraphysiologic EMF’s will diminish the Earth’s ability to transmit those electrons to us. Then I thought about our modern world. We have electrified the surface of our planet to make artificial light in the early 20th century, and now we have the cellular communications explosion in the mid to late 20th century, coinciding with massive growth in neolithic diseases.

This human space experiment removed diet as the main variable and made the answer easy for me. This made a lot more sense to me than blaming obesity on excessive fructose, wheat, HFCS, or any poor diet. Life exists everywhere on planet Earth, irrespective of diet, in all 7 climatic zones. Why would nature use food as a major determining factor for sustaining life when Earth provided a ton of electrons daily? It just made sense. After all, we don’t eat electrons 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the day!   We are not a tree or plant.  I just found the road to optimal by stumbling into it by thinking about things in my head.

Life is simple when you know her design. I wanted to know WHY and how this worked in the brain. I knew the hypothalamus and the SCN was a key player, because of what the cosmonaut experienced in one of his days in orbit was like living his life fast forwarded to a massive degree. His experience on MIR, showed me that when we do not deliver electrons constantly to the inner mitochondrial membrane, it causes an imperceptible space/time disturbance in our brain, but its biologic effect is felt like a nuclear explosion in our SCN, and the result was massive electron loss, resultant inflammation, then diseases will come faster and so will death eventually. It matched what I saw in clinic.

This made total sense the more I thought about extinction events, like the Permian–Triassic (P–Tr) extinction event called the Great Dying. The Permian extinction is the Earth’s largest extinction killed 57{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of all families, 83{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of all genera and 90{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} to 96{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of all species on the planet! Then I began to realize something more stunning. After the Great Dying, life exploded in the fossil record. But this was not the big explosion of life we have seen in evolution before. This event was called the Cambrian explosion.

Evolution Geeks: The Cambrian explosion, was the relatively rapid appearance, around 530 million years ago, of most major animal phyla, as demonstrated in the fossil record today, accompanied by major diversification of organisms including animals, phytoplankton, and calcimicrobes. It is like life just appeared from nowhere based on the fossil record. Then I found out about basalt flows and how they kill life and create huge rifts in ocean beds. Once they are done erupting, there is a massive scar in the floor of oceans called rifts. On Earth, every ocean on the planet has these rifts and trenches, and when the Earth is ripped open by this type of vulcanism or by a bolide, it shortens the distance’s between the life still surviving on the planet in the ocean, and the Earth’s mantle and core below, where the magnetic field is generated. We still see this today in the geothermal vents all along the world’s ocean floors today. This is why water is more electron dense than air or land! It is also why water and life are tied together in every last bit of life on this planet. This is the source of where the electrons come from as the molten mantle rotates around the iron core of the planet.

The Earth’s magnet is the key missing link for biology today. They have never accounted for it on Earth, but the Russian cosmonauts experience to show why we better rethink this through.

Non Geeks: The closer we get to the Earth’s magnet the more electrons we get, the more electrons we get. Not only does life speed up because time speeds up, but it means it extends longevity too! This is how life renews! I realized right then I could fix my obesity without diet or exercise as major factors! This was directly opposite what I was taught to believe in medical school.

Things explode first in growth and this allows life on Earth to recover from extinction! This insight then explains scientific mysteries to my life the explosion of life on our planet during the Cambrian explosion. The secret to recovery really is found in how things die. No wonder this was missed by biology, I thought to myself. It is the electron flow of C2 that replenishes life. Then it struck me, this is how life began on Earth. I was floored.

I was connecting major dots now and getting pretty excited at what this meant. Before the Cambrian explosion, 580-530 million years ago, most organisms were simple life forms, composed of individual cells occasionally organized into colonies. Over the following 70 or 80 million years, the rate of evolution accelerated by an order of magnitude defined in terms of the extinction and origination rate of species and the diversity of life began to resemble that of today. I thought, is this the answer to how life finds a way when the shit hits the fan?

I know this sounds way out of the box, so no way it can be true, right? Read on.

Time to shine the flashlight on the road to Optimal for everyone, and clear our vision for long healthy future.

Huge Truth Bomb: Why did I wait until now to get to this topic on the blog?

I needed to teach you all a lot more about the brain as a quantum computer and about circadian biology. I knew what you already believed because I used to believe it too. I now knew it was all wrong. So I had to lead you there with a flashlight and baby steps. Once we got pasted mitochondria I knew I could share it with you so you would get it.

I also needed proof that time dilation was directly affecting human biology and could reverse every neolithic disease on the face of our planet. Above, I told you the story of the Russian cosmonaut losing massive amounts of bone mass in 1.3 years in space. Remember E = MC2, always. He sustained a massive bone loss in 1.3 years, that parallels what we would see in a 100-year-old man on Earth. How could a 40 something-year-old, very fit cosmonaut, who ate well and exercised every day, wind up with an 80-year-old bone, in 437 days? Why did I ask myself did this happen? The answer came to me on the plane ride home, from David in Italy.

Truth Bomb Alert for Skeptics: It was simple when I thought about it using the backward equation of Einstein. Because the cosmonaut had no magnetic field in his space capsule, or on MIR the entire space trip, while simultaneously facing 16 daily sunrises and sunsets, in MIR for 1.3 years, every signal in his SCN was disrupted. He actually sped up time in his cells and was dying quickly!!! His bones aged 60 years to 1.3 years!!!

Does anyone realize that is precisely what modern life is now doing to the biology on the surface of Earth today? Non-native EMF in our atmosphere is neutralizing the native magnetic field.  I realized that cold could increase our magnetic sense because it condenses matter.  Cold also increase magnetic field strengths.  I realized it right away.

I knew these points would be counter-intuitive to many people when I explained the complexities of this phenomena.

I hope you understand why, now,  circadian timing, really matters way more than food does now. The key insight was the loss of ground electrons from the Earth’s magnetic field. This also explained to me why cultures like the Kitavins could eat whatever they wanted year round and stay fit and trim with good longevity. They lived in the South Pacific on an island in the middle of an ocean full of electrons that were being constantly renewed on the sea floor. They also lived their lives firmly connected to the Earth all the time, unlike the rest of the world ancestral leaders were comparing them too.

They did not wear shoes, and they swam a lot in the oceans. This is why they were trim and fit, disease free, and did not need to exercise to maintain it. This flew in the face of conventional wisdom, but they forgot about Einstein’s equations which proves it. Life has to have energy, and lots of it to maintain itself. This is why Einstein said the C was squared in his math!!!

The Optimal Truth Bomb: The answer was always based on Einstein’s equation! I realized total energy flow in the body was the key determinant of fitness, longevity, and not exercise or diet.

The cosmonaut also exercised every day in space and had enough caloric density from his food than even the Kitavins, yet he suffered a severe bone loss in 437 days! Only one variable was different. A loss of the Earth’s electrons!

I wondered about other cultures on Earth. It also made sense then why the Masai, Inuit, and Okinawans all had similar results, with different diets. All lived in electron-dense areas close to water too, deeply connected to the gravitational field of the Earth because they walked and swam in it daily! Like the cosmonaut example from MIR, diet played little role in illness or health in any extreme with respect to diet. It also dawned on me that nutrition and obesity science would never look at physics of in space to see this effect. No wonder they were blind to it, because they never perceived it on Earth, because it is built into the recipe of life! It was then I realized by just altering my circadian biology, I could reverse my obesity and a whole lot more.

The effect of circadian disruption was massive and obvious in space but it was not on Earth. We take gravity for granted here on Earth but our cells do not, and that truth bomb was found in a Russian cosmonaut’s skeleton. Ignoring it, almost killed the man in a short period of time. Since we did not see, feel, or sense, the electrons they are never accounted for on in scientists findings on obesity, but they clearly matter a lot. Einstein’s math and the MIR orbit data proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt, that 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time the cause of inflammation is due to a loss of electrons and diseases of aging like osteoporosis. Moreover, its etiology here on Earth remained unknown to medicine because of this counter-intuitive math of life. Reversing Einstein was my key to understanding.

I had to come at the problem from a new angle to solve it. It then made sense why nutrition studies never took this into account and people argued with one another about why we get fat and nobody gets better. Suddenly many paradoxes became easy to explain. It also explained the real reason hunter gathers body composition was always excellent no matter where people, like Weston A. Price, went to look at them. It also explained why many were able to smoke and eat rice and grains, and still live late into life routinely. I realized why Jean Calment lived until 122 years old while smoking, in the south of France. She never owned a car, rode a bike, walked, and lived by the Mediterranean Sea. This is why the famous diet works too! The Okinawan paradox made sense when I thought about the mathematics of physics.

The magnetic field effect is unseen, and not felt, therefore science remains blind to the effect on energy balance, even today! This explained all the paradoxes in the nutrition literature. This cleared up the calorie paradox too. They don’t matter and now you KNOW WHY! They only matter when your leptin resistant, with low electrons, flow in you. We call that inflammation or leptin resistance. It is all about the loss of energy and current in your body and not anything else. I also realized that diet could not be the major determinant of longevity in our species with this information, electron flow was the key to renewing life.

It explained to me how life began on Earth.

The implications of this were astounding to me and for all biology. We have it all wrong. For the last 7 years, I have become a closet theoretical biologist, trying to figure out the true causes of diseases, and what we should be doing based upon this information to slow down and reverse disease. As a physician, it has been a lonely 7 years when you realize you are the only person who sees something about medicine, that the world of biology has missed. Many things we do or advocate for are dead wrong based on this information. Many of the memes you believe in books you just bought are wrong. Any treatment that advocates for a net loss of electrons are a bad idea.

I treat bone disease a lot as a spine surgeon. This info retooled how I dealt with osteoporosis in one day in my clinic. The people who work for me will tell you it was almost like a switch turned on and the world changed for me overnight. No, I did not tell them what I found until later, and they saw me become a salmon in my own field.

I woke up because a few thoughts changed my DNA. Knowledge can change our brain. I realized I had to learn how to rewire the brain for circadian mismatches start to help my patients. I realized I had to use cold to slow aging and disease before I could fix it. This means it is not hormetic it is a maneuver design to allow the biocemical reactions down to give the doctor time to retool the mitochondria to take in jet fuel to get us younger and healthy.

Osteoporosis is known as a disease of aging on Earth today, but it is showing up in much younger people over the last 30 years. I mentioned this in a podcast I did two years ago. After thinking this all through, I thought I knew precisely why this was happening on Earth in my clinic. Our ‘Rolex’ in our head could no longer tell time because modern life disconnects us from Earth, we are bathed in artificial light, and we have created massive EMF fields to block the magnetic field from our SCN for communications on our surface, and the Earth’s magnetic field is has been losing strength over the last 4000 years while modern technology is decreasing our ability to sense the Earth magnetic field. This is exactly the same set of circumstances Valeri V. Polyakov faced in his 1.3 years of space, and he aged at amazing rates and the proof was in his bone loss!!

The skeptics are now saying what about a control group for this experiment?

To prove I was correct, I knew that I needed a control group to compare to the Russian experience, to show that when the SCN was accounting for time correctly, the astronaut would not lose bone mass, and he would, in fact, get younger, grow taller, and gain time back. Where did I look for proof? NASA, and I got it.

NASA recently gave me the proof I was looking for. It is located in Cite 14. Make sure you read it to completion. This is clearly how life renews! They took very healthy optimal human astronauts and put them into space orbit just as the Russian was while controlling for the gravitational, magnetic, and EMF fields. EMF fields in space have to be tightly controlled so the oxygen in the capsule does not spark and explode. This has already happened once in NASA’s history so they clearly controlled this variable. Apollo 1 ended when a static electricity EMF spark ignited 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} pure O2 fire and killed our astronauts. EMF can be a real problem outside the proper context of biology. Just ask an electrical engineer in the petrochemical business how static electric charges can destroy a petrochemical plant in seconds. It does not take much for this to happen. It does the same thing to a biologic system.

Up until today, no one had the smoking gun. Now, tough choices have to be made. I began making them for me and my patients 7 years ago. I have been helping my members on my site for two years. I think their results have been remarkable and I hope more of them post here for the world to see what is possible. When you know better, you do better.

Einstein Meets Darwin and Leptin

Geeks: Remember from Einstein’s equation, time is directly proportional to the mass of any object. This means time is directly related to gravity as well.  Gravitational force is a function of mass.  Derived from the equation, the smaller the object’s mass, the slower time flows around that object. And inversely, the greater the mass of the object, the faster-perceived speed of time. Einstein also said that the lower gravitational field we faced the longer we would live in space.  This, however, assumes a normal magnetic field.   Therefore, time should be slowest in space, where there is nothing but particles. I reasoned if Einstein equation was, in fact, correct, the net effect on our biology should reveal that we should get younger on a space trip, not older like the Russian did because the SCN would not be disrupted because their SCN would be working with precision for timing. This meant timing is critical in the biologic process.  There was one issue Einstein forgot. Space, however, does not have this kind of environment. It has no magnetic field and is filled with cosmic radiation from the sun. Cosmic radiation has higher energies than the vacuum of space.  Today’s ionosphere also has higher non-native energies within our magnetosphere.  These energies have massive effects on the water within the resonant cavity of Earth.

Conversely, the reason the Russian lost bone mass was because his space/time perception in his SCN was altered by losing the signaling of light, magnetism, and gravitational fields of the Earth’s normal environmental signals to the brain from how he evolved on the surface of Earth. This is PRECISELY what happened in NASA’s experiment in CITE 14! I had proof, that circadian biology was the major factor in all of this.

Non Geeks: I was stunned, and then I realized its consequences for mankind. It explains life’s beginning. This completely explains why life explodes from every extinction event life has faced, and why evolutionary times have sped up from each one!!! This is why transgenerational epigenetic trumps genetics 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time in all mammals since the K-T event!!! This is why we see cancer rates exploding today and why we will not solve it!

We are losing electrons to sped up our clocks and it is killing us faster with every generation because we are living fast forwarded like the Russian did in space! We are all mammals and we came from the last extinction event! HOLY SHIT came to mind! This meant something more important to all life on Earth and disease. It helped me understand the changes we are currently seeing all ecosystems today on Earth today. I know why in 1990 autism affected 1 in 500 and now it is 1 in 110. I now understand why whales can get stuck under ice sheets during the wrong seasons, and why sharks bite prey with lots of electrons (alive) versus dead animals they are designed to eat, who have a lack of electrons, and why in medicine, we now can reverse disease in man if we use this information wisely!!

Ultimate Truth Bomb of Life: All we need to do as the first step in a reversal is to slow down electron flow with cold thermogenesis, then slowly improve mitochondrial bio-energetics using my Mitochondrial Rx, and then provide mitochondria with as many electrons as physically possible, 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time we are alive thereafter. It is that simple folk. Life is simple when you understand its blueprint and not somebody else’s idea of one.

I realize then why ECT worked for human depression. I realized it is a huge mistake we have made in abandoning it because of bad PR at its outset. It would make sense to use CT prior to ECT treatment and stabilize the mitochondria first before we did it to get the maximum clinical effect. Yet, we dropped it in psychiatry and use drugs that work 50{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time. I think we need to look at that. ECT increases electron flow in the brain immediately and quickly, and dissipates over time because we never altered energy production in the mitochondria to maintain the charge! This is the road to psychiatry needs to take. this explains why all neurofeedback works well too because of all increase electron flow in the brain. This is especially true for transcranial electrical stimulation.

Cold Thermogenesis and increasing electron flow is the key to life’s renewal even when it is really really sick! This could help us stop our own extinction that is now firmly underway.

Truth Bomb: As counterintuitive as this sounds, it means all life anywhere, is tied to an accurate depiction of space/time in our quantum computer in our head and, time is a function of mass.  Time is linked to gravity and to magnetism.  At its core disease reversals is a “quantum thermodynamic” problem.  And as such, all are subject to energy-mass equivalence relationships.  A physicist and engineer understand that the Second law is a statistical one, and as such, can be taken full advantage of.  This is why stars form a concrete nucleus which is organized,  and why they must return energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation in the form of sunlight back to the cold abyss of space (to pay the thermodynamic debt of organizing the mass of gases into a star).  They must satisfy the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  Life then uses this return of entropy to organize around and bind atoms together and form matter.

This insight was the critical point, I made in my mind when I reversed Einstein’s equation to see how life organized at its genesis. When you have this perspective, everything changes for biology. You may not understand it all now, but eventually, you will when I explain it all in detail piece by piece.

Maybe now you can understand why, I believe paleo, is just a step in the right direction for Homo? Why? It provides more electron dense foods than a SAD or a vegan diet, but not enough when you live in a sea of EMF. Guess what? Paleo’s love their EMF’s too while exercising themselves to death. This means their mitochondria are all at risk. I am worried about them and I tried my best to warn them a year ago. I hope people begin to look at Erwan LeCorre of MovNat, who has the correct model for exercise for our species in my humble opinion. He has people plugged into the Earth during MovNat and he uses CT! I will be in the mountains of Sante Fe with him tomorrow!

Seafood is loaded with electrons and protons because it comes from a marine food chain that created a human brain. I covered this in Brain Gut 5 blog post on this site. The ocean conducts electricity better than land and better than the air found on land. We need free electrons from any source, and the densest sources give us life and can sustain us. I reasoned if we only get electrons/protons from food and from Earth, then we require electron density from the Earth and from food 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time to reverse disease and rewind our molecular clocks! The Epi-Paleo Rx was born. Now you see why my Quantum Electron post was a clue to see if I was making a dent in your brain?

I have been trying to slowly get you to see the path to Optimal for two years. I opened Paleo fx last year with a speech and told many there I had erased myself and re-created me. I told them I was looking for starfish to change the world and pay it forward. I mentioned many of my ideas to the world, first there last year, but nobody wanted to talk about it then. How could you not want to talk about longevity, health, and disease reversal?

Non Geeks Ultimate Truth Bomb: When your SCN time perception slows down because you lose electrons at your mitochondria for any reason, you get fatter and older no matter what you eat!!! If you eat electron dense foods constantly, the rate of change is slower.

Optimal Reset Review

This blog explains why seafood always improves health parameters when it is compared to other foods in nutritional studies. Food is not that important, but its electron density of food is quite important in disease reversals and this is why fats are way better than carbs 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time. It is also why Dr. Oz has been unknowingly harming American viewers with incorrect advice and why Oprah is still fat. Fats are more electron dense than proteins, and carbohydrates are the least electron dense foods on this planet. That includes the good ones or the safe ones.

The name of the game according to Einstein math is collecting electrons folks! I did not make the rules of life up, I just stumbled over them and I want you to know it.

This is why carbs are associated with weight gain. This is why we get fat, no other reason. It is also why carbs are associated with diseases of aging because they are electron poor. If you are fit and have a good electron flow you can eat carbs, but you will be hurting yourself if you do it in winter as I mentioned above.

As we saw in the MIR space flight, and by Einstein’s math, we get fat, age, and shrink when we lose electrons for any reason. Carbs are just one of the reasons and this is linked to protons. They have their place when light levels are long and we are not leptin resistant. That is about it. Therefore, the name of the game is to get as many free electrons as one can imagine staying healthy and young and fit.

This means you must look at your environment, your exposure to artificial light, darkness, and EMF from technology and electric currents where you sleep and live, and what you do every second, with a new critical eye, in relation to how you make decisions to live your life.

Anyone reading this blog knows that is precisely what I been telling you for the last two years until I was blue in the face. I based these recommendations based on Einstein’s equation, not my opinions. When I used my opinions, I was 357 pounds.

It never made sense to me to look at calories, macronutrients, or food, when all life is created by energy. Energy is controlled by two variable’s, mass and the speed of electrons squared. Why would you look at macronutrients and diets with ridiculous amounts of confounding variables and not look at it a much simpler way?

This is the way a quantum computer would look at it, electrons, neutrons, and protons. Light would be the key to adding information to the computer like a USB drive.We have a quantum computer in our head, called a human brain. I am a brain surgeon. This made me think the way quantum physics thinks about health and disease.

I used evolution as my alphabet, to create these thoughts in my brain to share it with you. This is why I think this way now and you must too if you want to live Optimally. This is why I named the website Optimal Life. We all learned that electrons drive mitochondrial ATP production in school. Doing it Einstein’s way made way more sense to me and it cleared many of the paradoxes found in our literature. Plus when I looked at it this way it worked wonders in my patients and in me. It is the first time in my career, I can say I fixed somebody, permanently.

The treatments we get from healthcare also must be looked at differently too now!!! Now you see why I no longer allow my wife to get mammograms for breast cancer screening because they use electromagnetic radiation in Xrays that block electron flow! This depletes her breasts of electrons and will eventually lead to cancer. This makes no sense when you understand Einstein’s rules for life.

It makes sense for people who sell the machines. They pay for the studies and then tell doctors what we should think based upon RCT that is always flawed because they do not include the largest source of electrons in the planet in their recipes for health! They have little interest in a cure when they are printing money off treatments that do not even meet Einstein’s criteria for success on a fundamental level.

You must change because they won’t. You can no longer afford to wait for them. The cell phone industry is the biggest lobby on the planet. They will not stop selling them, so you must.

I am a realist here. I understand the game, but I am betting that once you see this you might begin to realize how the luxuries of modern life are pushing you to a cliff. And this cliff will have no cold environmental change to renew life this time as it has in extinctions before. This is a man-made event. That is why this is critical. We are disrupting the main signal in circadian biology with the fake lights/screens.

When you know better, you begin to do better and your body recovers! When you add back in free electrons from Earth, especially CT in the ocean, you reverse diseases, and you destroy cravings and hunger. This explains why Cordain found in hunter gathers they generally ate one large meal a day. He reported this in the Paleo Answer book. I do not think he made the link why they only ate one meal day. Now you know why because Einstein showed us why. They were plugged into the ground/ocean 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time getting free energy with zero calorie cost to maintain energy balance! Without exercise!

It also explains why intermittent fasting works wonders once you have recovered your mitochondrial function and are not leptin resistant! But you must be “plugged in” for it to work best. It is 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} independent of exercise. Your circadian cycle, however, is the most important factor in you staying well and reversing every disease on this planet. Einstein proved this too for us in E = MC2 backward.

Truth Bomb: To get healthy and live longer, the first step in recovery is re-establishing the proper circadian cycles in your body before you do anything else. WHY?  Time to really hurt your head with some advanced physics math.

Extreme Physics Geeks Only: The answer is buried in this question: Why must time, be a function of mass? We have already discussed C2 and E, now we must discuss M, the biggie in this paradox.  The answer is buried in the Second Law of thermodynamics.  Life organized around what was original on Earth’s surface to build itself.  This is a thermodynamics problem that at its very core is a mass equivalence problem for a physicist or engineer to solve.  A biologist is completely clueless what I just said because they are still trying to fit calories into the first law of thermodynamics.  The Second Law of thermodynamics is a statistical law and not an absolute natural law, therefore, life’s architect would use quantum particles to take full advantage of constructing life.

PHYSICS GEEKS:  In your mind’s eye, hold that when time that passes for an observer sitting at the object, time varies depending on the presence of masses around it in its gravitational field. For example, in physics, the Schwarzschild metric describes the movement of objects around a spherical mass distribution at the origin as follows:

d(s)squared = d(tau) squared = 1/(1−2M/r)dr(squared) +r is squared(domega)2 − (1−2M/r) dt(squared)

Where t is the time at infinity, where there is an absence of mass and gravity.

So the eigentime elapsed is a function of the mass or best described as a density distribution:
The coordinate time, here chosen as the eigentime at infinity, is a physically, a meaningless point, but a convenient choice for the description of this idea.

It dawned on me while looking at the math, in Einstein’s special relativity theory, time is not a function of mass because special relativity assumes that there is no gravitational field present.

I also immediately realized there is nowhere in the universe you can go, where there is no gravitational field unless thing got really small! This means life cannot possibly exist as it does on Earth today, in the zero gravity of space, because life is 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} dependant upon TIME being stable and accounted for precisely at all times! This is why the Russian cosmonaut would have died early if they stayed up in space much longer. I think the Russian government knew this and is why they decided to bring him home when they did to avoid a PR nightmare.

Valeri Polyakov stayed in space for just 437 days 18 hours, of Earth time, yet he sustained life long amount of bone loss in space. This meant that space/time he faced on MIR, elapsed at a very fast rate, due to speeding up of the molecular clocks in his cells, which shorten his telomeres and caused massive bone loss and serious aging in his organs. He was born on April 27, 1942, and I bet his medical history since that time has been train “wreckish”. He is a physician in Moscow now. I also would predict that the Russian government will never admit it.

When they realize what I have laid out here, maybe they will reconsider their decision because we could save billions of lives. Mankind needs to know this to reverse our current pandemics. I decided I could no longer wait on them, or anyone else for that matter. I found the ‘secret sauce’ of biology in Einstein’s brilliance and leptin biochemistry! The space experiments were enough to convince me I was correct. The human observation is pretty strong. I know Einstein’equations are right too.

I felt I could use this information as a doctor. This is when I became the first person to use these principles of biology on me. I lost 133 pounds by increasing my electronand proton flow, in 11 months.

In my mind, this was the proof, this concept is how biology responds 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of the time when your clock is not working well. Instead of the oath I took in medical school that told me to do no harm, I realized I did not act, and change what I was taught immediately, I might be doing harm in many cases. I knew Einstein had the physics 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} correct, so I was emboldened in my resolve to adapt things I saw incongruent.

This implied to me, time is always a function of mass, and our molecular clocks had to use it as the most critical points in creating energy for life. This is also the day I gave up on the literature for any advice because I realize all of it was done without controlling for any of these factors I mentioned above. I knew why people were fat and why they were not. I was not going to argue about it until I knew I had experimental proof. Now maybe you understand why I don’t agree with many folks out there in on the internet. I felt I knew something, they did not, that fundamentally changes everything we have been taught to believe in biology.

Our brain is just the hardware, while their thoughts are the memes of what has filled it, and those thoughts act like software in your brain regardless if they are the right beliefs or not. That is modern day dogma, everything is fine unless the software is dead wrong. Guess what? It may be.

Why did I stay quiet for so long about these insights?

I thought these thoughts where way outside the box of conventional thinking in modern biology, and they would never be accepted by medicine because I needed an experimental proof it was true. What I found on me or my patients was not going to move anyone to action. I did realize people are sick and tired of being sick and tired so maybe they would help me once they knew the truth? I had a big problem? How do you explain this to an American public who watches Honey boo boo?  This is when I came up with the Quilt idea. I would slowly shine a light on what Optimal really was and let you discover it as I did. When you learn this way it really becomes ingrained and can change the fabric of what you think you are.

Non Geeks: The Russian Cosmonaut represented the first part of my thought experiment, and I believed what they faced physiologically in space, was precisely what my own patients were facing on Earth. Why I knew this was big finding, was because, on the surface, it seemed to break Einstein’s laws of physics. I knew that was not likely, so I had to explain why our biology allowed for rapid massive energy loss, without a significant fall off in food electrons? The Russian cosmonaut ate a diet with a normal caloric distribution, so calories clearly were not the major answer. Instinctively, I knew calories were not part of the weight loss story but I had no way to explain it 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6}. Now I do, and so do you.

I knew my theory needed a human control group, in optimal shape and healthy, that controlled for magnetic fields, gravitational effects, and EMF signals, to prove my ideas might be correct for biology. Then, NASA did the experiment for me as cited below, in Cite #14, and proved my insights were 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} true. Many more recent cases of time dilation in action, have now been made by the astronauts returning from missions to the International Space Station (ISS) many times. Results have shown they aged less and grew taller than the mission control crews that remained on Earth! I was stunned at the results.

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, timing matters more than food. Electron density of food matters, but it matters more for our brain function than it does for existence.

Since then, time dilation has been repeatedly demonstrated in many experiments now, for instance, by small disparities in atomic clocks on Earth and in space used in GPS, even though both clocks worked perfectly in both places. It was not the result of a mechanical malfunction, either.

A Review: What does this mean for us now?

The laws of biologic nature, are such that time itself (Space/time), will bend due to differences in either gravity or velocity (the M and the C2 in E=MC2), each of which affects time, in different ways. This proved to me, that altered circadian timing was the cause of all neolithic diseases and the key to reversing them. When you hear a doctor tell you circadian biology does not matter, or it is not tied to leptin, you must run, not walk away from their ideas in my opinion.

That is when I began to develop protocol’s to retrain the brain to tell time using other cues using neuroplasticity training that I learned as a neurosurgeon. No one knows the brain better than a neurosurgeon in my estimation. We have to know about the anatomy, physiology, and the clinical pearls of this amazing organ. My life’s goal has been to become an expert in how it works and controls our biology. These insights explained to me, precisely how the brain controls all biologic functions. It is a massively efficient quantum computer that uses electrons, protons, and neutrons, and requires precision timing to work its magic.

Measuring a real-time difference to decreasing age in orbit for humans was NASA goal in cite 14, my goal is different. The implications for mankind and healthcare is even bigger. It took Einstein 17 years to verify his theory when Eddington photographed a solar eclipse in a jungle in Africa in 1919. I knew NASA was scheduling this test in its future, and if the results showed that time dilation really happens in humans, then I knew I had the smoking gun to show how the “epistemological language” of physics explain how life happens. Physics and biology really do meet at the SCN and inner mitochondrial membrane.

If this was all true, then understanding leptin and energy balance, was the key to all disease reversals. This is where Einstein, met leptin, in the hypothalamus of the human brain.

What does this mean, again?

In my opinion, what we are witnessing today, in evolutionary biology, in action today is the lightning-fast response of epigenetics, to fake light, the loss of the Earth’s magnetic field, and the introduction of massive electromagnetic fields from cellular communication devices, far and above those found on Earth at any time in our evolutionary history. The coalescence of these forces, are causing us to, first become ill early in life, and then suffer from massive amounts of diseases of aging early, and this gets progressively worse with each generation because when mammals evolved after K-T evolution sped up to ensure the survival of life. How that happened will be in my book and it I will discuss the implications of Factor X many many more times. It explains why humans came from transitional apes in lightning fast time. Remember what I said in Brain Gut 4, while people snickered behind my back? Homo’s solution is not the solution most believe.

This blog contains my reasons why I think I am correct. I based it all on Einstein’s equation and two space observations that controlled for diet and left circadian biology as the only variable. You can now decide for yourself if I am correct or ‘mad’ as some have insinuated.

We evolved over 3 tectonic plates, which opened the crusts and let the sea rush into the forests of the East African rift zone and rapidly changed its local environment. This likely increased electron flow into the surrounding water table releasing larger amounts of electrons from the Earth’s core in these plate separations. This increase in electromagnetic energy, sped the evolution of the species adjacent in this area, by increasing electron flow both sea, land, under the powerful equatorial sun and by their dietary alterations and made a quantum computer evolve in their skulls while elongating their legs and shortening their guts. The electron density of the environment easily could have altered their somatic body plan based upon Einstein’s equation of how powerful the effect of energy is in life. This all occurred randomly, as the local environment changed. Darwin could not explain the evolution of man, but I think I can now because of these insights. Diet and food quality play a role in this, for sure, but it is not as bog as well think. The space observations make this crystal clear.

In my view, our diets, are just another “small log” in this fire, and in my opinion, we are currently headed to the Earth’s 6th extinction event if we do not get the message now, of what we are doing to our biology today. This one will be of our own doing if we do not get “connected” to this message.

You now know, the secret sauce of Optimal, according to me.

What happened to him in 437 days and 18 hours is now the human experience on our surface. This now has become a ubiquitous effect globally, because all these factors are simultaneously now happening everywhere on the Earth today. The only difference is, the varying rates of incidences and prevalences of the diseases of aging due to technologic implementation at different locations on the globe. Modern life also makes it easy for us to disconnect from Earth as I laid out in EMF 1. Artificial light dominates our lives in technology. Moreover, This is why we are seeing epidemics and pandemics, in many diseases globally today. In our evolutionary past, our ability to sense alterations in our environment was an adaptive response to normal and expected levels of inflammation, but today it has become a maladaptive response in the modern world because we have flooded it with environmental mismatches that our biology just does not have an answer for yet.

What other implications can you now think of, due to this theory?

It is clear the brain is a quantum computer and can be altered and rewired using any source of electromagnetic radiation, based on what I just explained to you. For example, the new field of optogenetics is based on the principles I just showed you here. In 2010, optogenetics was named the Scientific Method of the Year by the journal Nature Methods.  I mentioned two years ago that Dr. De Lecea, a sleep researcher at Stanford, was using light to alter sleep hormones, on this blog. Light stimulation, from photons, can bend time in our neurons, to older or newer memories formed in our past, or be encoded in our brains circuits and enable control over a small subset of neurons on a millisecond timescale. Remember anything that increases energy (C2) will make time appear to go faster into the future. This is how we change our own reality, in our brain, today in my opinion. How it all works I have been working out in my mind and my own bio-hacks. I am finding some remarkable things even today.

Neurosurgery Geeks: Our brain uses surges in electron flow by increasing blood flow to organs, to change time and our reality. How it does this is remarkable. Our blood circulates in our circulatory system using the ferromagnetic charge from hemoglobin in RBC’s as it moves, around our stationary peripheral nerves packed in fascia, which act like a magnet. The fascia acts as an accessory boost to nerve conduction by increasing current along its planes to increase current to the target. This increases electron flow. Think about what happens when you place a wire around a magnet. The result is an electric current. This explains why neurosurgeons see so many blood vessels wrapped around peripheral nerves when we operate on humans. The nerves act as magnets to further increase electron flow to the local cell’s mitochondria. This increases electron flow and current along them and fascial planes, and directly affects the cell membrane magnesium ATPase to increase ATP levels in cells to reverse diseases and keep us fit and healthy. Food is just needed for electron boost.

When humans become disconnected from Earth, we have back up systems in place, such as CoEnQ10 in the serum, to protect us from a low zeta potential in our blood when we disconnect. When we leave the ground and travel east or west we get jet-lagged, known as desynchronosis in neurobiology This is the result of a time dilation of contraction on short order compared to the cosmonaut but the effect is exactly the same. This is why when people fly excessively they are more prone to clot. Flying increases serum ROS and CoEnq10 is used up to protect lipids from peroxidation. This is why LDL rises, HDL falls, and platelets begin to clump and blood clots. This is precisely what every PCP sees in their clinic in a diabetic. Connecting any dots now folks?

When blood clots we lose ATP because no oxygen is delivered to mitochondria to make ATP. The particles suspended in the serum lose their electrical charge. This causes the LDL to stay in the serum longer because the loss of electrical charge slows the uptake in the LDL receptor of the liver. Here again, we see a loss of electrons causing disease once again.  Too many protons are getting trapped in the liver. The longer we are disconnected from Earth the longer this persists. This is likely how atherosclerosis and heart disease begin. When we lose blood flow we lose the ability to generate our own endogenous magnets that fuel accessory currents of electrons in our fascia, muscles, and body to drive biochemical reactions and this drops our efficiency.

Magnesium is critical because it is the gatekeeper for optimal ATPase and telomerase function. One produces energy and the other is tied to longevity, yet both require massive amounts of energy to work well. This is why ENERGY IS COUPLED DIRECTLY TO LONGEVITY in every study in anti-aging. It is why bio-identical hormone therapy is smart to implement, and why Suzanne Somers is no dumb ass. Aubrey De Grey has been looking for a long time for the secret sauce of life extension. Einstein found it but never realized it, and it was not due to a roll of the dice as he suspected. He just did not realize life uses his equation in reverse because he was a physicist and not a biologist.

We should have helped him. It took us 108 years to figure the riddle of life out, but he sure did have the recipe perfect. We just did not know the recipe called for precise timing, for the soup to be perfect. It is now done. We need to move on and fix our messes ASAP.

The new world order for Biology

The more energy in the system the longer we live. The less energy in the system the faster we die. Life is directly tied to electron loss, not food quality. Einstein’s equation is correct. Energy is life and life is energy. Magnesium is an ion that forms the link between the newer quantum brain and the evolutionary older cell membrane ATPase. The magnesium story is tied to the Origin of Life story to be covered in the next blog. Anything that delivers more electrons to the Mg/ATPase decreases aging and improves health no matter the reason. There are only 3 variables in this equation that life plays by. Incredible as this sounds, I have told you precisely, now, why I believe I am 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} correct. The German “chef” was a pretty smart dude.

The quantum brain must have circulating blood in motion around it, to function optimally always. We need a paramagnetic fluid to be in motion to create accessory electrical currents to augment flow. Hemoglobin, ferritin, and hemosiderin are all paramagnetic in our body. This is why blood flow in the heart and brain consistently are tied to longevity and illness together in many studies. This also explains why the brain is unique amongst all human organs in how blood vessels enter its tissues. All cerebral blood vessels are located in the subarachnoid space, encased in CSF (due to electron density needs for improvement of electron conduction) and then penetrate the brain. CSF acts like the ocean, it bathes the real quantum computer in a sea of an electron to augment flow when it needs it. This CSF is adjacent to the eloquent cortex of the human brain that actually contains most of our species unique abilities. Speech, hearing, movement, calculation, and language are some. The reason for this arrangement is now simple to understand. The motion of blood is necessary to create the increase in current required to increase ATP to increase cognitive abilities within the human neural networks. This also helps explain why arterial disease in the brain and heart really cause major issues in energy production clinically and in can alter hormone panels quickly when energy falls. Remember energy is squared in the equation so losing power cause major changes in function. This is what happens in a concussion, AD, PD, and in autism. This explains the data I gave my members on the findings on low hormone panels in andropause and menopause patients months ago.

All other organs in the body have their vascular pedicle enter the organ and fan out into the substance of its parenchyma. The purpose of CSF around the brain is to boost electron density to improve the sensitivity of electron conduction just as sharks do in their skin with sea water to see if the prey is dead or alive. The decision to feed for them is likely an electrical one if they have a deficit of electrons in their own body. This is why shark has an electrical conduction system in their skin from head to tail. They are built to know what to eat. If humans get eaten if is because they are sensed as being close to dead.

This is why when people get CSF leaks from surgical procedures they complain of headaches. It lowers electrical conduction in their brain, and this lowers blood flow to this part of the brain. These headaches are from a decrease in electron power loss, not the traction on the dura as I was taught to believe in residency. When we treat people with CSF leaks we see voltage lowering on EEG and EMG studies if they are done. Once the leak is repaired the voltage returns because of the superior electron conduction in a fluid compared to tissue. I figured that out after my epiphany.

How might memory really work?

Science does not know how memory works. I think I do. Here is why: the human brain can also slow the charge, current, or electron flow, using alterations in cerebral auto-regulation to different areas of the brain. It can also decrease conductivity by changing the amount of CSF in the head based upon circadian cycles. This is often why pseudotumor cerebri is found in overweight females. This is due to electron loss, proton gain,  and an increase in the production of CSF production by an altered clock. We can see radical improvements in their headache if we alter their chronobiology first. No one does, but I did, and it and it works. By decreasing blood flow, using higher levels of CO2 by hyperventilation, and increases in eNOS in the blood with sunlight, the brain dramatically decrease cerebral blood flow in parts of the Circle of Willis and the circulatory system around our hippocampus to allow us to access memories of yester-years in a previous time. By modulating the electron flow in the mitochondria of neurons, we can go back in time, to an older reality. This, I believe, is the basis for human memory and our unique ability to plan for change to change our own reality, in my opinion.

How do we change our own future

By increasing flow, this is the basis for changing our future, by changing what we are doing presently. Physiologically this allows us to predict the future by time shifting us to another possible outcome, simply by increasing the current by superconducting electron flow over the Pi electrons of DHA in the cell membranes or in protons in cell water of neurons in our brain that I mentioned in Brain Gut 5. Read this passage from Brain Gut 5 again:

“These measurements have actually been made in vivo in NMR experiments and electron tunneling experiments. These tunneling of electrons/protons is also found to happen in mitochondrial electron transport respiratory chains as well. Many bloggers, so fond of bone collectors data, laughed at my ideas of ‘quantum biology’ in human evolution. Now you know why they do. They don’t get it and never have. Just like their mentors, idols, and the scientists that created the modern evolutionary dogma we all believe today. Today, we need to question them too!

Moreover, the evidence that these things happen within nanoseconds in the cell membranes of neurons are found in vivo experiments done in medicine daily according to functional MRI data, and EEG strips, and MEG machines used by medicine in all of us. These abilities are also unique to humans. It’s nothing short of amazing to think evolution can move that fast on a micro level but still not affect the phenotype of the organism in any great macro way. Another paradox of life revealed I guess done by DHA in vivo.

Do you still think this is a “nutty” idea?

I understand this sounds amazing, but nature is quite simple and based on 3 variables: E = MC2 reversed.

When you fully understand what I have laid out here, it shows you how the brain really works. It is the optimization of three basic physical features of the universe, energy, mass, and the speed of light squared that allows us to do the special things on this blog. The brain is an organ designed to modulate the speed of light function in Einstein’s equation (C2) to get specific harmonic frequencies, to alter, and change physiology of organs in any part of our body. It modulates blood flow, O2, CO2 and magnesium conductance in nerves, CSF, and fascia to augment power.

Magnesium acts like the “third rail” of this superconductive train, but it works completely under the direction of electron flow from the navigator, the brain. The brain is only as good as the software loaded into it, light, dark, and the Schumann resonance.

Anything that alters the clock screws the pooch. The blood is dual functioning as a “delivery boy” of oxygen to make more ATP, but more importantly as the paramagentic substance used to increase electrical power when we need to fuel the supercomputer loaded with DHA in its membranes.

If your brain lacks the brain specific nutrients, I laid out in Brain Gut 5, you won’t work well and you may do bad things and shoot kids. Yes, I think EMF’s were behind why that kid did what he did in CT recently. It was not the guns. I think his video games, cell phone, and the computer further ruined an already sick brain and he did the unthinkable. We are creating humans like that kid and we all need to realize how it is happening. Road rage, rape, reality TV, murder, you name it. It is counterintuitive, but it is now life and here for you to examine, pull apart, and digest.

Non Geeks: The brain’s point of reference has to be stable in space/time to control those “energy harmonics” in the rest of the body to properly yoke the biochemical reactions that produce ATP in all the other organs it controls. Those harmonics are used by circulating blood containing ferromagnetic hemoglobin and somatic nerves to increase or decrease oxygen levels and food electrons to organs to up and down regulate electron flow in that organs mitochondria. Remember, from the January webinar I told you oxygen must be the end receptor of the electron chain in our cells…….so controlling O2 levels modulates energy production DIRECTLY using electromagnetic signaling in the brain. The brain is the first ever quantum computer, and this is how I think it works.

Non Medical Geeks: It means that when we alter electron flow from any electromagnetic source in a biologic system, we can alter the energy in our head up until the square of the speed of light to alter energy in our brain’s mitochondria. This is the basis of quantum computing and quantum physiologic function. For a quantum computer to function optimally its endogenous reference point must be precisely timed, based upon Einstein’s equation.

The critical advantage that optogenetics provides over traditional neuroscience techniques, like electrical stimulation or chemical agents, is speed and precision over electron flow over the inner mitochondrial membrane of neurons. This insight I had 7 years ago, has thousands of more applications to neural science that I have been tinkering with for the last 5 years in my head. I believe this insight, might be able to change the world of healthcare for the better, once they understand what I have laid out here. I would imagine it will take some time to sink in, but eventually, a scientist will see this and realize this is the smoking gun for biology.

Many people, especially the ignorant ones, want to punish you for speaking the truth for being correct, for being who you are. Never apologize for being who you are, for being light years ahead of your time. If you are right, and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth still remains the truth. I believe as a person, you must run your own race and follow out your thoughts to their completion. Ideation, without execution, leads to deletion of any good thought.

I thought 7 years ago, this thought was worth pursuing. I thought using Einstein’s equations on the space observations and on modern man’s plights was the easier route to understanding because it broke the problems down to 3 simple parts to understand. It changed my life and the life of my family and now it can change yours. The choice is yours.

When you do embrace changing of a paradigm, you might begin to help change the world by a discovery, an insight, or an innovation of ideas. I know this is important, and it has fueled me for the last 7 years to continue to look for more implications to help people reverse disease today on Earth. Honestly, I think I am just scratching the surface on what might be possible with this information, and I am leaving the door open in my mind to those opportunities. Nothing seems far fetched when you understand how this changes the foundation of biology. I think I can explain autism, concussions, why NFL players die early, and why Junior Seau killed himself, the military and PTSD, depression, ADHD, addiction, how general anesthesia works, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, neurodegenerative diseases, hypothyroidism, methylation issues, and autoimmune development, and much more. It all begins with an inability to time biochemical reactions and coordinate all of them.

Cancer is also a disease caused by a lack of cellular signaling due to a massive long-standing loss of electrons that depletes our stem cells. I can even explain why all of the things Dave Asprey does to himself work, even when he can’t! It all makes sense to me now because I understand Homo’s blueprint much better using Einstein’s equation. Almost everything Dave has found to work on him because they, ironically, all increase electron flow.

Technology found the answer in power laws by doing the same thing on a silicon wafer with electrons. No one seems to realize it. Thought to provoke idea: When you place a big magnet in a servers room what happens to the fancy electronics? They get ruined because it alters the quantum interactions between the electron and wafer. The same phenomena happen in your quantum computer when you lose the magnet that brings you life. It is your ultimate on-off switch. Electrons move over silicon wafers the same way they dance on our mitochondria. The physics are the same. Moore’s Law, meet Einstein, and now meet leptin, meet energy.

The Visual Learners

After this, if you are still addicted to your technology and do not think EMF dangerous watch this.

Final Truth Bomb (Based on that video): Why does Isreal have more parotid tumors today on the graph? They sustain more EMF radiation in their environment and have a lowered magnetic signal from the Earth because of where they live. Their Schumann frequency is being blocked because of the petrochemicals in the ground below them. Why don’t Arab countries see the same incidence of disease? They are not as industrialized yet due to culture, to the EMF’s of cellular communications and technology, which acts to disrupt their brain SCN’s as fast as they have been in Isreal. With time, they will be. The latency effect will catch up because Einstein’s equation proves it will happen no matter what their PR firms say. See you knew the answer this time because a thought changed your DNA.

Now, whose side do you want your health on, the EMF lobby or Einstein?

Modern life disconnects us from our life force.  Now you know why the quote I began this blog with is 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} accurate.   It is time to give direction to your motivation.

The Finish Line

“All scientific knowledge is uncertain. This experience with doubt and uncertainty is important. I believe that it is of very great value and one that extends beyond the sciences. I believe that to solve any problem that has never been solved before, you have to leave the door to the unknown ajar. You have to permit the possibility that you do not have it exactly right. Otherwise, if you have made up your mind already, you might not solve it” – Dr. Richard Feynman Noble Prize-winning physicist

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