Thanks for checking out our catalog of products and services. You should know that this site is first and foremost a place to get Optimal. The blog posts, Ask Jack and the forum are all designed to help you get your questions answered and put you on the path to Optimal Health.

To help you get there we’ve put together a variety of products and services. There aren’t many in here because we only want those that will truly help you.

Not only that but this “store” is not an island. These are things we talk about regularly in the blog posts, webinars and forums. We regularly talk about everything here.

With no further adieu:

Book: The Epi-Paleo Prescription

jack-kruse-bookThe Epi-paleo Rx is the result of Kruse’s abundant research and clinical application in his practice as a neurosurgeon. Kruse questions conventional wisdom about human metabolism and chronic disease, arguing science has incomplete information when it comes to insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and their related illnesses. By examining the human body through the prism of our early beginnings and the science of epigenetics, we find each of us already possesses the “owner’s manual” to reverse disease and live optimally.

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Nutrition is a vital part of our protocols and regiments. We’ve put together this great Cookbook with all kinds of recipes. Not only that we email cookbook owners new recipes, seasonal ideas and we’re working on a “sauces” book.[show_if has_tag=”Purchased: Optimized Cooking Cookbook”]Access Your Cookbook Here[/show_if][show_if has_tag=”No-Cookbook-Purchased”] Buy The Cookbook Now[/show_if]

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Our most popular service to date are the webinars. Each webinar is focused on a particular topic and we get real deep talking about that subject. Our Silver Klub and Gold Klub members get monthly webinars as part of their membership benefit (and Gold Klub members participate in a monthly Q&A with Dr. Kruse). Browse our webinar catalog here:
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Products We Recommend

We don’t expect you to manufacture your own vitamins and minerals. And we don’t really want you buying crap. There’s a lot of crap out there. So we’ve found some of the best Epi-Paleo Products in the open market (as referenced in the blog posts) and have included here.

We created an Amazon Store where we hand-picked the best Epi-Paleo Amazon has to offer. Among those things are links to the Top 10 Paleo Supplements Jack recommends. And the things they didn’t carry, we include the links below.

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