Practitioner Directory

Summer Summerton
Summer SummertonOptometrist
Dr. Susan Summerton earned her undergraduate degree from Florida State University. She graduated from Nova Southeastern University, School of Optometry and completed an extrenship at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. She practiced in St. Thomas Virgin Islands and currently Naples, Florida. She serves on the board for Ocular Wellness and Nutrition Society and as a liaison for ACBN nutrition diplomate program. Dr. Summerton is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a member of the American College of Nutrition. Specialist and a member of the American College of Nutrition. She has a passion for integrative eye care and educating patients preventative eye care through light and health.
Brett Jacques
Brett JacquesNaturopathic Doctor
Dr. J has been in practice over 25 years specializing in Bio-Identical Hormones, Thyroid, Chronic Fatigue and Autoimmune Disorders. He has also worked in Laboratory Medicine and in all aspects of the dietary supplement industry. Dr. J has been following the work of Dr. Jack Kruse for several years because his message is so very naturopathic and he has made learning fun again.
Inna Kogan
Inna KoganPulmonary, Critical Care Physician
Practicing pulmonary, critical care, sleep medicine in Lewiston, Maine.
Mitch Moore
Mitch MooreDentist
University of Texas Doctor of Dental Surgery 1980
Private Practice 1980-2008
President Central Texas Academy of General Dentistry 200-2002
American Academy Give Back A Smile Award 2001
Crown Council Lifetime Qualified Award 2001
Texas Academy of General Dentistry Dentist of the Year Nominee 2004
Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Award 2005
Jeffrey L. Lane
Jeffrey L. LaneAdult Nurse Practitioner
DePauw University: B.A. History The Swedish Institute: Massage therapist Indiana University: B.S. Nursing Indiana University: M.S. Nursing, Adult Nurse Practitioner American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine: Board certified SAMHSA Provisional Certification for Opioid Treatment I work in a functional medicine practice….treating patients with a functional approach, including: Hormones Nutrition Weight loss IV, PRP and stem cell therapy Addiction Pain
Stephanie Gajus
Stephanie GajusNaturopathic Physician
Dr. Gajus practices in Scottsdale, Arizona where she focuses on internal medicine along with sports medicine and rehabilitation. Her interests are working with those who want to optimize their health and work diligently to prevent future disease.
She is in the business of educating and helping people change their lives. She is thankful for the knowledge and wisdom Dr. Kruse has selflessly imparted as it has significantly influenced how she provides care to her patients. She believes that true health is a daily active practice of living a life imbued with nature, purpose, and gratitude.
Nathan Walz
Nathan WalzHealth/Performance Coach
Nathan Walz helps his clients optimize their health by increasing their body’s energy production. He teaches his clients to biohack their body and mind to have optimal health and feel great – mentally, physically, emotionally. Using nature’s laws he teaches his clients how to optimize their environment and improve mitochondrial function to slow down and reverse aging. Nathan’s goal for his clients is to turn them into mitochondriacs and teach them a skill set that will provide them lifelong health, well-being, and personal growth. Nathan discovered Dr. Jack Kruse when he was dealing with serious health issues and being treated for Lyme disease. His health had been on a downward trajectory and after applying Dr. Kruse’s protocols he experienced a full health recovery and his health continues to improve. Nathan learned how to turn his health around by optimizing his environment and using biohacks to improve his mitochondrial function and optimize his hormones.
Michael Twyman
Michael TwymanCardiologist
I am a board certified cardiologist with a focus on preventive cardiology. A friend of mine who had been helped by Dr. Kruse turned me onto his work. I am now diving deep into Light, Water, and Magnetism and using these fundamentals with my patients to improve their cardiovascular health. I am a proponent of CT Coronary Calcium scores to evaluate patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease and now know that this test is one of the best to assess how a 5G world will effect your vascular system. Pills and procedures may have their place in an emergency but I am focusing on patient’s reconnecting with nature so that they never need those in the first place.
Meredith Geller
Meredith Gellerwellness curator | holistic nutrition
Meredith Geller, HHC, is an expander, a holistic nutrition
consultant on a mission to break down the walls that constrict our
view of nourishment. Nutrients abound in nature and in Meredith’s
luminous world, the first step towards radiant health is to place
ourselves amidst those elements. To drink in sunshine, salt, and earth
is as vital to our wellbeing as a thoughtful meal. But this comes with
no shortage of knowledge on what, when, and how to eat. Meredith’s
12-years of experience advising private clients and private chefs
fuels her understanding of both the universality of creating optimal
health and our need, at times, to customize. Her truly holistic
approach coupled with a focus on gut health, plant foods, optimal
digestion, and a common sense method rings true with everyone she
works with.
Rob Hamilton MD
Rob Hamilton MDMD, PhD (h.c.), FAARM, AMMEF
Dr. Rob Hamilton attended the University of Colorado for both his undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (yes, he had quantum mechanics), and his medical degree. He completed residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of California in San Diego. He worked in a variety of emergency departments including serving as part-time faculty at the Stanford University Emergency Department and Mercy Medical Center Redding, CA. He held a faculty appointment through the University of California Davis School of Medicine, and served in variety of administrative roles including Medical Director and Regional Director for his Emergency Medicine group, but eventually realized his true calling was not Emergency Medicine. During his personal search for health, healing, and better understanding the roots of disease and how to prevent it, Dr. Hamilton decided a career change was necessary. Inspired and tremendously helped by the work of Dr. Kruse, he realized it was necessary to make a major paradigm shift and relearn medicine in order to help his patients avoid the ravages of chronic disease. He pursued training in Age Management Medicine and worked briefly with Cenegenics San Francisco. After completing a Fellowship and Board Certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine he went on to pursue a Fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). He holds a Ph.D. (h.c.) in Regenerative Medicine from the PanAmerican University of Natural Medicine. His current practice, Prestige Regenerative Medicine, is aimed helping using principles of chronobiology, age management, and regenerative medicine to help patients improve their healthspans and lifespans. He brings his passion and interest in Quantum Biology and Age Management Medicine to the practice and offers a variety of therapies including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, photobiomodulation, UVBI therapy, cryotherapy / cold thermogenesis, sexual health and wellness, ozone therapy, stem cell and exosome therapy, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. In addition, he and his wound care physician wife recently published the breakthrough book, Wound Healing Secrets: Revolutionary methods to heal your wound, save your leg, and reclaim your life, for which Dr. Kruse was kind enough to write the forward! It combines the best of conventional, alternative, regenerative and quantum medicine to bring hope to thousands with non-healing wounds. It can be found online at their website
Caroline Rose
Caroline RosePhysician
I am trained as a family physician and have been
practicing primary care for 15 years. I became disillusioned with
allopathic medicine pretty rapidly out of residency and found
functional medicine. I have been a practicing Functional Medicine
Physician for 8 years but am coming to understand the significant
limitations in Functional Medicine. I have been following Dr. Kruse’s
work for two years seeing that it is the missing piece of the puzzle
for me both personally and in my work with patients. I feel that I
have barely scratched the surface of understanding quantum biology and
mitochondria yet the daily rituals of light and cold have made a
tremendous difference in my life and in the lives of my patients. I am
thrilled to have the opportunity to deepen my understanding of these
concepts and use my position to help people understand the importance
of reconnecting with nature.
Leslie Hamud, NTP
Leslie Hamud, NTPNutritionist
I have worked as a nutritional therapy practitioner for
over 10 years professional. Guiding clients and their families to a
more simplified and effective outcome. Thru healthy choices & with
lifestyle changes a lot can be accomplished.