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There is a deep connection between thermodynamics in biology and the processing of energy and information. This process begins in the skin and this biophysical process will be explored and examined. In 2016 Jack came to Nourish Vermont and explained how food can only be understood via photosynthesis. Last year he showed us obesity begins in the eye and not with foods of exercise. All of these things tie light, water, and magnetism the computations that mitochondria must make. What stands between the sun and our mitochondria? The skin. Do nature and biology add lipid droplets to our skin to create a laser that changes sunlight into coherent light that activates programs in our subcutaneous fat? Learn how the skin works with the sun and mitochondria in a wireless fashion to build wellness within.

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Many months ago, I was asked by someone to do a video testimonial for jackkruse.com. I planned to do it when I lost my last two pounds to my 50lb goal. Little did I know that would be 9 months later!

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