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Readers Summary

1. Why use pieces of information to explain a whole?
2. How do seemingly disparate facts tie together?
3. Are you aware of some of these things?
4. How might they impact your current situation?
5. What questions are coursing through your mind now after these ideas?


It has been a while since the last tilted Quilt in this series.  On the surface a “quilt” seems a random collection of parts to make a comforter. That is what the undiscerning eye sees. But at its core, the assembled parts begin to act in unison to do something that no single part can do. In concert, Nature only uses the finest threads to weave her patterns, so each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry. These random musings are coming from future blogs in the Quilt. Enjoy!


1. Higher levels of H2O2 resulted in lower levels of superoxide anions via a hormetic, adaptive response where SOD is induced. This is one of the best pieces of evidence for hormesis to date.

2. PGC-1alpha turns on the biogenesis of mitochondria primarily in brown fat, working through NRF1, NRF2 and ERRalpha. It promotes fatty acid oxidation working through the PPAR’s and RXRs, NRF1 and NRF2, combats ROS and promotes glucose utilization, promotes oxidative phosphorylation working via NRF2 and ERR alpha, promotes angiogenesis working through ERRalpha, and contributes to fiber-type switching in muscle for fat delivered from adipocytes in cold.

3.  Just as the light of a candle casts a shadow of darkness, sometimes the keys to the gates of heaven also open the gates of hell. The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth. This is the essence of paradox and shows is the counterintuitive basis of nature at its core.

4. Did you know all humans move at 67,000 mph per hour and not one of them can perceive it. Since life evolved on a planet that moves at a uniform speed all brain’s are designed to cancel out the effect. The same is not true on Jupiter.

5. Did you know that lightening is critical in recycling nitrogen in our atmosphere and in the ground as fertilizer? So the more pollution in the ground humans make, the more electrical storm will strike this area as time evolves.

6.. The Earth gets hit with 8 million bolts of lightening a day. Did you know that the temperature in lightening exceeds the surface temperature on the sun?

7. The enormous energy of lightning breaks nitrogen molecules (N2 gas) and enables their atoms to combine with oxygen in the air forming nitrogen oxides. These dissolve in rain, forming nitrates, that are carried to the earth. Atmospheric nitrogen fixation probably contributes some 5– 8% of the total nitrogen fixed.

8. The small and otherwise undistinguished Kifuka village in remote part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo became world famous in 2004 – 2005: the data obtained from NASA’s Lightning Imaging Sensor confirmed that nowhere else in the world lightning strikes that often as here.  This spot fuels electric charges in the crust that drive the 3 tectonic plate movements where humans initially evolved.

9. How might one advance an hypothesis on how seasonal differences in lightning strikes could affect productivity of plants?

10. Lightning.  It avoids the ocean, but likes land like Florida. It’s attracted to the Himalayas and even more so to central Africa. And lightning almost never strikes the north or south poles. Every wonder why?

11. Florida experiences two sea breezes: one from the east coast and one from the west coast.” The “push” between these two breezes forces ground air upward and triggers thunderstorms.  Excess cosmic radiation also supports massive cloud formation.

12. Within thunderclouds, turbulence spawned by updrafts causes tiny ice crystals and water droplets (called “hydrometeors”) to bump around and collide. For reasons not fully understood, positive electric charge accumulates on smaller particles — that is, on hydrometeors smaller than about 100 micrometers — while negative charges grow on the larger ones. Winds and gravity separate the charged hydrometeors and produce an enormous electrical potential within the storm. Lightning is one of the mechanisms to relax this build-up of charge.

13. Humans believe there are 3 states of matter because their observations only allows them to experience liquids, solids, and gases. Humans are shocked to find out there is another form of matter called plasma. And it turns out, plasma is the most common form of matter in our universe.  Lightening is a form of plasma.

14. The free electrons in a metal may also be considered an electron plasma. Transition metals are most effective generators of plasma’s with respect to metals.  Did you know H+ is the most effective generator of a plasma.  Did you know H+ is in your mitochondria?

15. Plasma’s are the phase of matter where atoms are ripped apart into electrons and nuclei. Plasmas are primed for strong electromagnetic interactions with the world around them, because of all the loose charged particles. Mitochondria allow for plasma like interactions in the quantum cell.

16. Hotter plasma’s often have nearly all of their atoms broken apart and ionized, whereas cooler plasmas may be only partly ionized. Cold organizes plasma’s and changes their physical abilities. It turns out,  magnetic fields also have the ability to control plasma’s. The native magnetic field seems to contain action ideally in our mitochondria. But the more ions you have, the more electromagnetic force interactions occur within the plasma because of all the free charge, and this is what makes plasmas behave differently from non-ionized gases. Could this be why mammals are so effective separate electrons from protons from foods in their mitochondria to create free heat in cold?

17. Pi electron clouds of DHA in the brain form giant dielectric clouds of electrons on cell membranes. On a scale much larger than the inter atomic distance a solid can be viewed as an aggregate of a negatively charged plasma of the free electron gas and a positively charged background of atomic cores. The background is the rather stiff and massive background of atomic nuclei and core electrons which we will consider to be infinitely massive and fixed in space. A magnetic field further “stiffens” the underlying atomic core of DHA. The negatively charged plasma of electrons is formed by the valence electrons of the free electron model that are uniformly distributed over the interior of the solid atomic core. If an oscillating electric field is applied to the solid, the negatively charged plasma tends to move a distance ‘x’ apart from the positively charged background. As a result the sample is polarized and there will be an excess charge at the opposite surfaces of the sample. This is the basics of how the pi electron cloud is used in the electromagnetic brain.

18. The sun and human brain are examples of magnetohydrodynamic systems (MHD) that are not well understood. They behave using QED actions. The fundamental concept behind MHD is that magnetic fields can induce currents in a moving conductive fluid, which in turn creates forces on the fluid and also changes the magnetic field itself.

19. The ebbing salty water flowing past London’s Waterloo Bridge interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field to produce an electrochemical potential difference between the two river-banks we can measure.

20. The salt water flowing in the English channel varies by tides enough to produces an electric voltage change. Any change in electric current also induces a change in the magnetic field. This magnetic and voltage change is signaled to fish and they organize their behaviors, life, and circadian cycles around these electromagnetic force changes. This voltage change was first measured in 1851.

21. Solar energy and lightning cause natural variations in the earth’s magnetic field, inducing electric currents (known as telluric currents) under the Earth’s surface. The same thing happens in you if your proteins are sulfated. The magnetic fields are produced mainly by the interaction between the solar wind and the magnetosphere. In addition, worldwide thunderstorm activity causes magnetic fields at frequencies above 1 Hz. Combined, these natural phenomena create strong MT source signals over the entire electromagnetic frequency spectrum.

22. An electric current flowing through a conductor carries electrical energy. The body of the earth is an electrical conductor, nearly spherical in shape, insulated in space. It possesses an electric charge relative to the upper atmosphere beginning at about 50 kilometers elevation. When a second body, directly adjacent to Earth, is charged and discharged in rapid succession this causes an equivalent variation of Earth’s electrostatic charge resulting in the passage of electric current through the ground.  This is how grounding liberates electrons for your bare feet.

23. Atmospheric oxygen, the element needed by all of us to breathe and exist, is wastefully consumed during the explosion process in an internal combustion engine. An average car, driven at 30 mph consumes about 750 times the amount of oxygen needed by a human being (Coats, 1996).

24. There is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are one. Force is liberated matter. Matter is force in the bondage of its lattice.  This has major implications for tension in a cell.


















25. The vortex motion causes a drop in temperature and increase in density of the fluid in question. As water is imploded in a vortex, suspended particles, which are more dense than water are sucked into the center of flow, frictional resistance is reduced and the speed of the flow increased.  This is a big deal in CSF.

26. In stark contrast to nature, the conventional technology of motion along straight paths causes resistance to build up exponentially with speed. A small increase in speed causes a large increase in resistance. Pressure and temperature are increased in the fluid, causing energies loss and entropy gain. This means that the higher the speed, the greater the losses to friction.  Is the same true of pressure?

27. In nature there are virtually no straight forms moving fluids, and whenever possible, vortices, spirals and curves are produced to reduce resistance in fluid dynamics. Think of arteries, as an example.  Yet in conventional technology moving fluids, explosion/combustion and straight motion are employed, both of which increase resistance and temperature and are fundamentally against nature’s mechanisms in every living thing.

28. In aging and diabetes, glycation of collagen molecules leads to the formation of cross-links that alter the surface charge on collagen fibrils, and hence, affect the properties and correct functioning of a number of tissues.  Tensegrity of the cell is altered with its charge.

29. Life has led to intelligence. It turns out 9 out of 10 molecules in the human brain are water molecules. It appears then that control of water flows will determine brain function.

30. When the sun light is strong, the frequency of its light is shorter,  so is the vitamin C content in fruits. As fruit ripens towards the end of the summer season, the vitamin C content falls as the frequency of sunlight drops,  whereas fructose content increases. Implications: fruits are an important food source, not only for ATP production, but for their metabolic effects to increase fat stores before winter. Those stores are designed to be emptied by cold temperatures.



People think they need a balanced diet of food. What they really need is a balanced diet of light. We not only “eat” sunlight–we can actually digest it and break it into its component frequencies to power specific neural processes. It makes sense because food is really just a proxy for light in a specific subset of life anyway. Light is primordial to life on earth, not food. Life had to be built from light. There was no other choice. Even food’s chemical bonds ultimately derive their energy from the sun.

Sunlight is supposed to provide us a “balanced diet.” Artificial light is really highly-unbalanced “junk food.” Red and infrared light are more like “health food” for you mitochondria.  This is why we release IR light naturally in the cold.   380-nanometer light is a “superfood.”   The frequencies around that specific frequency are harmful.  UV-light is like caffeine or “jet fuel”; it can help or hurt depending upon how proteins are folded to use that frequency of light.  Certain frequencies like gamma rays and x-rays are always poisons. Radio-waves and microwaves (non native-EMF) when present in excess, by interfering with magnetic perception, cellular signaling, and mitochondrial electron transport basically cause “light indigestion” in our microbiome and mitochondria.  Life is capable of  using pretty cool stuff, with respect to light.   People can ignore it but they can’t really argue with it, can they? “Minding your mitochondria” has much less to do with watching your macronutrient intake than it does with managing your frequency intake!

Without DHA the sun is just a star. With it………life eats ‘its frequencies’ to organize cells with some amazing abilities.

The power of observation is critical today and is a lost art in modern science. We don’t know who discovered water, but we know it wasn’t the fish. Reason, observation, and experience is the Holy Trinity of Science!

Einstein didn’t wait until he was Einstein to perform like an Einstein. Every problem we face in life has a solution, if we dig deep for it and do not fall back on what we currently believe to be true. Just because we do not see it does not mean it does not exist! We all need to begin to become aware of the things that are present in life, but appear paradoxical, and try to explain them by the things we know. The key to winning is beginning to think, then executing on that idea. Every pro was once an amateur, and every expert was once a beginner.