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Can The Light Used In Eye Surgery Set The Stage For Alzheimer’s Disease?

Pharmacological treatments for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have not resulted in desirable clinical efficacy over 100 years. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a reactive and the most stable compound of reactive oxygen species, contributes to oxidative stress in AD patients.  What does elevated H2O2 do to neurons? Become an Optimal Klub Member or a Patron on Patreon.com to read the full blog.

It’s Back! Optimized Cooking eCookbook

Dr. Kruse’s Optimized Cooking eCookbook was created in 2012 and is organized by seasons with their own unique recipes to help you cook optimally for your family year ‘round! It was discontinued and since then we've had demand to bring it back as people began to realize the entire food web on Earth is linked [...]

QT #28: Your Colony of Hydrogen Heat Engine

Become a cold-adapted BEAST and never need to fear the elements again. Reconnect to the frequencies that created us and we are built on, and you will thrive, as you are designed. Disconnect with man's artificial frequencies and we, beings of light and electromagnetism, will become dampened and darkened and dysfunctional, as we see in [...]