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The F-22 will replace the F-15 as the U.S. Air Force’s next generation air superiority fighter. Why is this important?  With a first- look, first-shoot, first-kill capability it will maintain U.S. air supremacy in air-to-air and air-to-ground roles in the 21st century. It will deploy a wide mix of missiles and stand-off weapons which, under the guidance of the Integrated Avionics System (IAS), will provide the pilot with robust lethality and mission survivability. Basically, the new planes will have better controlling systems to control more complex systems in these planes.  It uses a common intergrate processor antenna (CIP) system.  Lady evolution has used this strategy too, as life became more complex from its genesis too.  She has refined our “antenna systems” many times.  Do you know what does this system is in your cells?  Your cell membranes and mitochondria are a type of “environmental antenna” that connects our time piece (SCN) to the nuclear membrane to control epigenetic expression.  It is the ultimate biologic CIP set up.
All modern planes use blue/green heads up displays to keep pilots awake while flying, night and day. This should concern their physicians who know that pilots and astronauts suffer from many unusual complaints in their health.  If you don’t know about the effects of light on cell membranes and mitochondria will you make sense of their diseases?  You generally can’t find things you don’t look for, so the professionals they hire to maintain their health metrics rarely look or make the connections of light to ubiquitin marking.  They were not trained to look for these things.


How can we simulate damage to an antenna system?  Let us look to technology, since everything seems to use these circuits today.  The antenna effect, is more formally called plasma induced gate oxide damage.  This damage is when too much energy is introduced to a circuit and this can overwhelm the chip.  The antenna effect can potentially cause yield and reliability problems during the manufacture of MOS integrated circuits.

What is a biologic analogy of this “antenna effect” in mitochondria?   Simply put, it is a loss of correct signaling at cytochrome 1.  This is where NADH and NAD+ are coupled to electron chain transport to make pulsed superoxide for signaling.
Semiconductor fabricators normally supply “antenna rules” to their circuit designs.  These are rules that must be obeyed to avoid damaging the circuit they are making.  Biology has the same antenna rules, but it is called quantum physical effects on the inner mitochondrial membrane or our cell membranes.  A violation of such rules in the tech industry is called an antenna violation.  In biology, it is called the development of metabolic syndrome.  In both cases these cause functional loss of signaling that get amplified to cause many other different possibilities or outcomes downstream.  What determines the defects is the prevailing local environment in which the violation occurs. In biology, this is called an redox state.  The redox state is 100% proportional to the net negative charge within the cell or mitochondria.

The term antenna being used in my analogy in this blog is something of a misnomer. The problem is really the loss of charge or the loss of movement of that charge for some reason.   The charge within cells is a function of the presence or movement of electrons. This is not the normal meaning of antenna in most people’s vernacular. What is an antenna? An antenna is an electrical device which converts electric power into radio waves, and vice versa.  It is a device used for sensing electromagnetic fields within the environment it covers.  What in a cell membrane can turn solar light radiation into an electrical charge?  DHA is the only lipid capable of this task in biology.  Do you think DHA is critical in decipher environmental signals to and from the mitochondria?  Yes, it is the critical link in the tensegrity activation and/or deactivation in the system.  Why?  Because this signal is transmitted to cell water. In experiments water clusters have been shown to transduce mechanical signals on the micrometer range within the exclusion zone. This force can move mitochondria to and from the nuclear membrane based upon the signal it receives.

What substance is DHA adjacent to in CNS and the PNS?   It is next to water.  In this arrangement, water is next to hydrophilic proteins that allow it to become exclusion zone water which has different physical characteristics of bulk water from your faucet as mentioned above.  Water has a high dielectric constant.  It is 78 in bulk water, to be exact, Why is that critical?  How much do you know about semiconductor integrated circuits?  In a typical network in an integrated circuit, each network will include at least one driver, which must contain a source or drain diffusion and at least one receiver.  This set up will consist of a gate electrode over a thin gate dielectric  (look for a view of a MOS transistor on line if you’re unsure of this to get a visual.)
What did that all just mean?  Did I just describe what a cytochrome really does in your mitochondria for you?  Yep
Your common silicon based dielectrics don’t have very high dielectric constant compared to water (eg: SiO2 => 3.9, water => 78.4 at 25 Celcius).

This is relevant because capacitance (ability to store charge) is directly proportional to dielectric constant. Remember thing like fluoride destroy your dielectric constant in water.  This lowers the EZ it can build.  The higher the dielectric constant is,  the more charge can be stored.  When water is charge separated into an exclusion zone the dielectric constant rises to 160 from 78.  This makes EZ water the ultimate place to store the charges that the sun’s light deliver’s to Earth.   Are you beginning to see why Pollack’s work on water is pretty important yet?  Cells are designed to hold massive amounts of negative charge because of the EZ in water.  DHA provides the light source to build that EZ.  This is why it is the critical part of the antenna complex in cell membranes in mammals.

In the ubiquitination series, I showed you a loss of cell signaling in cytochrome 1, means redox becomes reduced at cytochrome 1? We lose the ability to pulse superoxide and pseudohypoxia is the result. What are the implications of losing this pulsed superoxide?   You lose the ability to collect electrons in the brain’s neurons using DHA.  Your O2 levels drop in your mitochondria.  Do not forget DHA and water meet everywhere in the brain.  There is a deep reason for this.  This is how an antenna works.  This is how electrons are transferred from an outside source to inside repository.  This is the key part of the antenna complex in you. An antenna is capable of deciphering environmental electromagnetic signals by altering the tension inside of cells which changes the pattern of signaling in your cells.

Since the gate dielectric is so thin in most tech gadgets, usually only a few atomic molecules thick, a big worry is breakdown of this layer. For the same reason, water content is critically important.  This is why dehydration is very damaging to a biologic system.  We can see proof of this relationship in the size of the subarachnoid and subdural space in neurologic diseases.  This is why people with pseudotumor cerebri, slit ventricle syndrome, and migraines have altered sizes of their CSF spaces.

In a semiconductor chips,  this breakdown of this layer can also happen if the network somehow “acquires a voltage somewhat” higher than the normal operating voltage of the chip.   How does this play out in biology?  What protein is at cytochrome 1?  There is an NADH and NAD+ coupled pair.  Did you know that the protein NADH has the ability to handle a higher intrinsic power intensity than NAD+ does?  Did you also know that all carbohydrate electrons fill into cytochrome one at NADH?  Did you know that all electrons from carbohydrates have higher powered photons associated with them?  On the ” backs of these electrons” are carried higher powered blue light photons from the seasonal sun.  Photons carry force or voltages of the environmental electromagnetic fields.  This information has to be transferred to the mitochondrial system and this is how it is done.   Photons are the force carrier of the electromagnetic force.  Interesting, huh?  What might happen if you deliver to much force/voltage to the system over a long period of time?  Could that alter the NADH/NAD+ couple in some way?  Might it be metabolic syndrome or some other neolithic disease?

Back to the technology analogy:  Historically, the gate dielectric in a chip has been silicon dioxide, so most of the literature refers to gate oxide damage or gate oxide breakdown.  As of 2007, some manufacturers began replacing this oxide with various high-k dielectric materials, which may or may not be oxides, but the effect is still the same. Why did they do this? It appears they are following Lady evolution’s plan by using a high dielectric (water) as part of their antenna gate too.  Tech based electrical engineers’ are now putting a high dielectrics around their gates in chips.
What does nnEMF and/or blue light due to water? Anyone care to guess?
It destroys water in a cell by dehydration. This lowers the EZ in water too.  Sounds a lot like oxide gate failure in the example above, no?
In any CIP chip used in technology once the chip is fabricated, gate failure doesn’t happen, since every network has at least some source/drain implant connected to it during construction.  What makes our gated antenna different in mitochondria?  Water can be lost or gained in biology based upon the environment it is placed within.

The source/drain implant in a chip forms a diode. What is a diode? Every hear of a light emitting diode?  They are used in the lighted displays of all tech gadgets and your TV’s.  Where is out LED in mitochondria?  It turns out NADH is a biologic fluorophore.  This means it emits light at a very specific blue light frequency.  Diodes can break down at a lower voltage than an oxide can,  and it does so in a non-destructive fashion.  This process protects the gate oxide from failure.  Lady evolution has no way to protect the water surrounding cytochrome 1’s local environment when extra electromagnetic energy is around………does she?
Back to the chip in your phone.  During the construction of the chip, the oxide may not be protected by a diode. Why? When you fab the first connected metal to the chip, it occurs when it is being etched in the manufacturing process.  Therefore, it can’t be connected to diode initially.  What about the second metal added to the chip later on in construction?  Since metal 2 is not built or connected yet to the chip, there is no diode connected to the gate oxide.  Now stop and think what is in every cytochrome’s mouth in a mitochondria?  Fe, Mo, Mn, Cu.  Funny coincidence that we have metals in our gates too, huh?  Do you know that these metals can increase/decrease the exclusion zone in water based upon seasonal changes they face?  When this occurs it changes the voltage and force generation possible on the biologic gate/diode/chip construct.   Interesting huh?

Fast moving things (light) do not behave as slow moving ones do. Moreover, it holds that more massive objects, also act differently than those without much mass. Time concerns itself with mass alone.

What else is close by in this environment biologically?  NADH is built into cytochrome 1.  It acts like a light emitting diode.   So if a charge is added in any way to the first metal, the shape can be alter atomically, within the cytochrome protein.  If the shape is changed the light frequency it emits is ALTERED.    Remember an electron or photon carried force using ampere and volts.  This force or charge can rise to the level of breaking down the gate oxide on the other end.  What does this mean?  If you fry NADH and change is shape or size, NAD+ is directly affected because they are coupled.  Moreover, the light NADH emits is also altered.  This changes charge and force at cytochrome 2.  Isn’t it funny, that all transition metals have the intrinsic capability to  capture non native EMF in their D shell electrons and re-emit that energy to build or destroy an exclusion zone in water?  Do you understand why Pollack’s work is critical yet?  All this happens because of altered light signaling.  Do you still really think Kresser and Jaminet are correct on their stance that microwaves are safe for your biology?  You do realize we live in a blue lit microwaved world 24/7?    Do you think they understand this science or these relationships clearly?  Have you ever heard them mention ubiquitin marking or the fact that cytochromes are fluorophores in anything they have written or published in a podcast?  If they don’t talk about it, can you assume they do understand it?   Might they be unaware of it;  or do they just discount it?  Can you solve a problem if you don’t know it exists?






I devote myself to self research things in order to augment the sum of known facts, or to discover their mutual relations to nature.  Have the “ancestral experts/LCHF” made conclusions for you over the years?  A conclusion is just the place where you got tired of thinking for yourself.  I am going to keep disturbing that notion in all of you.  

An ignorant man’s report of what a wise man says can never be fully accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.

How does the biologic CIP in mitochondria interact with our biology via the environment? What creates life’s receiver and transmitter for electromagnetic waves?  This happens in our eyes, neocortex, gut, and skin.  First, it must connect with sun light to control GPS coordination. That GPS system is an optical lattice clock called your SCN.  Within the SCN is a lot of DHA in the cell membranes.  It is surrounded by CSF in the suprachiasmatic cistern.   DHA, light, water and nitrogen link that together to make a very accurate time piece in your head that controls circadian signaling for all cells. For this kind of biologic GPS wireless communication device to work, the living “Earth Station Receiver/Transmitter” must respect some “technical rules” set forth by evolution.  This is done for receiving and transmitting an analogue signal: These rules must be quantized because the signal can digitized using the laws of physics by changing energy forms using the atomic lattice in cells as the mode of change.  This has nothing to do with any clinician/scientist opinion.  Every animal alive has a circadian pacemaker built for this same reason.  These systems will need to include an antenna, filter, power amplifier, frequency down/up converter, wide band FM demodulator/modulator, de-emphasis block to invert the polarity of the signal and display format.  Is all that in our biologic systems? Yes it is.  Do you know where they are?  Do your experts know this information?  If not,  stay tuned to a different station.  When you know better you do better.