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BLOG TAKE AWAY:  Can changes in the electromagnetic spectrum of light alter the amount of time life has left?  Yes, it can.  The loss of life can happen very quick at ionizing levels of the spectrum but it can happen more slowly even at radio frequency levels because nnEMF cause damage to DNA/RNA by causing both single and double strand breakage of its helical structure.


Kawasaki Disease (KD) etiology has eluded scientists for over 50 years.  Could this disease be explained using quantum biology and the alteration of nitrogen cycles by man?  How might excessive amounts of non native EMF high up in the atmosphere cause a change in the size and shape of a biologic agent as it flew on the wind thousands of miles?  Sounds hard to believe doesn’t it?


What is Kawasaki’s disease ?  Kawasaki Disease is an environmentally acquired heart disease that affects mostly children under five years. KD causes inflammation of the arterial wall that compromises the structural integrity, which leads to aneurysm formation in 25% of untreated children and is now the most common cause of acquired heart disease in children in developed countries. The causal agent of Kawasaki disease (KD) remains unknown after more than 60 years of intensive research.  We now suspect the agent begins to manifest in China and then is picked up into the wind and travels to the east.  The number of cases continues to rise in many parts of world since 1960. The major sequelae of aneurysms include thrombosis, scarring with stenosis, myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, and death.  In the United States, there are an estimated 5-6,000 new cases each year. However, since there is not a specific diagnostic test or active surveillance program, the true burden of disease is truly unknown.  What is clear, is that the disease incidence and prevalence is growing decade by decade between Japan and the USA across a large ocean in a seasonal pattern tied to water chemistry, sunlight, and wind currents.   In Japan, there are more than 12,000 new cases each year and rates continue to rise.

KD can kill children very quickly.  It acts so fast, in many ways it is similar to the prion diseases I spoke about in the OSF series. This should peak your interest.  Why might prions and KD mechanism be related?  Could the linkage be made via energies in the electromagnetic spectrum?  Could this be tied to the charge in a system, the discharge of energy within a cell, with the subsequent elevation of ubiquitination rates of our proteins in some way?  Does this tell us something about how biology time is categorized by molecules?


Many people know that many diseases like Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis seemed to just show up out of the blue in the 20th century.  What many people do not know that there is another disease making the same mark now using the power of the electromagnetic spectrum to raise ubiquitin rates to change the charge of a toxin within the plasma of the ionosphere, to  alter the atmospheric charges present in the wind.  that change of charge can then proceed to alter the size and shape of a plant/fungal born toxin that is carried in the wind over an entire ocean.  The alteration of charge, by itself can lead to something as lethal as a gun shot wound to your brain.

Wind currents normally carry net negative charge in the atmopshere  The higher we go up in the atmosphere, the more positive charge we find and the less negative charge is present.  Positive charge is akin to inflammation in living systems.  Positive charge is related to proton concentration and pH.  Positive charge is also associated with altered levels of UV radiation, lower oxygen tensions, and a relative pseudohypoxia in living systems in the ecosystem below.

The wind currents associated with this disease occur in the troposphere where oxygen tensions are quite low. The troposphere is the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere and site of all weather on Earth.  The troposphere does not contain much ozone and this allows more UVC light to penetrate.  Ozone normally carries a large net negative charge and it filters all the UVC light.  When UV light interacts with ozone oxygen is the by product.  Oxygen is the key terminal electron acceptor of mitochondria in living things below.


Most lightening occurs in this layer of the atmosphere. The troposphere contains 99% of the water vapor in the atmosphere. Water is easily charge separated by sunlight into positive and negative ions to make an EZ in the atmosphere.  Carbon dioxide is present at these altitudes in small amounts normally, but its concentration has nearly doubled in this zone of the atmosphere since 1900.  As CO2 increases, it cause a net positive charge in the troposphere and a rise in temperature.  The rise in temperature is caused by the greenhouse action of sunlight with CO2.  As a result, oxygen levels go lower.  This lowers the quantum yield of sunlight to living things below on the land.   All of these effects in unison, alter the relationship of how light will interact quantum mechanically with atoms.  This changes how atoms can be programed to act within our environment because their charges are altered.  Most of the global carbon dioxide being feed into the tropospheric zone now is occurring over China because of its recent industrialization.  It’s government is also using radio frequency and microwave technology to modernize its massive population.  These frequencies are now traversing large areas above the globe over Chinese air space.  Both carbon dioxide and non native EMF introduce large amounts of positive charge into the troposphere.  Radio and microwaves can also disrupt the Earth’s magnetosphere.  China has been doing this increasingly for about 60 years.

The uneven heating of the regions of the troposphere by the sun causes convection currents to develop. This occurs because the sun warms the air at the equator more than the air at the poles. Air is deflected by the Earth’s rotation as it moves between the poles and equator, creating belts of surface winds moving from east to west ( easterly winds ) in tropical and polar regions, the winds moving from west to east ( westerly winds ) in the middle latitudes. China and Japan are in these latitudes.  This global circulation is disrupted by the circular wind patterns of migrating high and low air pressure areas.  Some parts of the earth’s surface are warmer than others.  The reasons can be natural or manmade.  The HAARP program was used to create an ionospheric heater using auroral currents from the magnetosphere.  Warm parts heat the air near the surface, causing it to rise up through the cooler air above. Remember, warmer air is less dense.  This leaves less air near the ground, lowering the pressure.  This lower pressure is relative to the surrounding areas that have cooler surfaces and more air particles near the ground.  This causes a higher relative pressure to develop in the ionospheric plasma.


Wind is the movement of air particles from ‘high pressure’ to ‘low pressure’ places.  Energy always flows inside the magnetosphere from higher to lower energy stores.  This is a very similar movement of energy we find in a Rayleigh Benard convection cell.  Water experiments have shown that energy flows in water occur natural without any energenic cost to a cell.  The only thing that is required for this to manifest is to have a constant flow of energy in the system and some degree of gravity.  Microgravity or lack of gravity destroy Rayleigh Benard convection flows.  When man made fertilizers are used in growing fields at the surface,  low pressure zones become more prevalent in the atmosphere above this area.  Air pressure varies as air heats up.  CO2 is a natural greenhouse gas that heats up the atmosphere.  Moreover, man made fertilizers tend to draw more electrical storms (low pressure climate systems) to the surface Earth during the growing seasons.  This discharge of electric plasma liberates more nitrogen for plants where the lightening strikes causing plants and trees to grow more than normal.  This is how small scale bio-geo-engineering is done in our modern world.   The collateral damage however of this activity is rarely talked about.  The plasma discharge also stimulates the growth of parasites and fungi that inhabit the plants and trees.  NASA has known that bacteria, fungi, and parasites grow massively in space.  This same effect is seen in our own atmosphere when we use man made fertilizers and the ionosphere charge is altered by local electromagnetic spectrum.  Space has the highest frequencies of solar plasma to stimulate this growth.  The troposphere artificially has the power of the spectrum raised by the mechanisms detailed above.  These man made alterations to the ecosystem, act in concert, to introduce more energy flows into the ecosystem below. This is capable of increases the ubiquitin rates of living things in this region.

Kawasaki Disease etiologic agent has been traced to winds currents beginning in northeast China that carries toxins from Candida. Candida grows briskly on the plants that are being artificially fertilized.  In fact, Candida species has been reported as the dominant fungal species collected aloft in the winds in this region.  54% of all fungal DNA clones have been tied to this fungus. Candida is referred to as “dimorphic”, which means it can exist or live in 2 different states or forms. As a “yeast” form, it is a single cell plant life. It has a large, round, thick spore that is shaped like a chicken egg.  It is asexual, which means it does not need a mate to reproduce.  It reproduces by “budding” or growing buds when it is energized by a plasma. Have you recalled seeing buds forming on the branches of trees or plants?   Did you know that the yeast form of Candida commonly grows on plants and on flowers?

Northeastern China is heavily cultivated by modern agriculture and it appears this area is producing a toxin that is capable of destroying arteries quite rapidly.  KD has a strong seasonal predilection tied to China’s growing season and to its seasons.  In the northern hemisphere, KD seems to spike in early spring when solar radiations become stronger. This raises the energies of the plasma’s that are possible in the atmosphere over China.   The seasonality of Kawasaki’s disease has been noted in many regions, but is particularly striking in Japan.  Japan has the highest incidence for KD world wide.  A study of KD cases in Japan since 1970 showed three dramatic nationwide epidemics, each lasting several months and peaking in April 1979 (6,700 cases), May 1982 (16,100 cases) and March 1986 (14,700 cases). These three peaks represent the largest KD epidemic events ever recorded in the world.

Atmospheric and oceanographic measures revealed a link to pressure patterns in the atmosphere and associated wind flow from the surface to mid-tropospheric atmospheric levels during the summer months prior to onset of the epidemics. Pressure changes in air can alter the size of exclusion zone of water.  The size of the exclusion zone is also linked to how much energy a plasma contains.  This spring change allows more electromagnetic energy from the sun to be stored in water in the atmosphere.  This energy can be tapped to change things physiologically in ways we are just beginning to understand.

As the season’s change more solar radiation penetrates the atmosphere fueling the energy to alter airborne toxins.  Many alternative practioner’s and supplement sellers falsely blame toxins for disease when the truth is that the living things below in this ecosystem have lower amounts of EZ within their cells, deactivating their immune system while the toxins are being made at increased levels.  Since the airborne toxins also use a negative charge this allows them to “fly energy free” because of electrostatic repellant forces.  Wind direction has been another key to the puzzle of the etiology of KD.  The lowest number of KD cases were reported prior to the epidemics when the wind blew in a southerly direction.  KD cases rose all over Japan when winds turned and blew in a southwesterly direction away from China.  This always occurred with result of low pressure centered to the north of Japan.  Interesting, huh?


Wind currents in the west can cross the Pacific in less than one week.  Did you know that?  So you might be asking yourself,  did KD cases spike in the western USA in those years of massive epidemic?  The answer was yes.  In the years of the worse outbreaks of KD in Japan,  San Diego and Hawaii show a nearly synchronized seasonal peak in disease activity from November through March.  Interesting, huh?

There are no coincidences in quantum biology, just connections to nature’s waves that have to follow the rules of quantum mechanics.



KD is a disease that shows you how the quantum effects of light, plasma, water, and nitrogen can disturb the troposphere to cause a rapidly fatal disease.  This disease manifests because of an elevation of ubiquitination rates in plants on the ground bred to grow to fast.  Toxins they carry can also be altered by the action of sunlight and changes of the charges in our atmosphere as these toxins are carried to and fro.  This brings up the big point, should you avoid toxins in your foods or maybe you should avoid environments capable of nuking toxins to manifest disease in you?   What really should be a “bulletproof strategy” to combat toxins now that you have learned about the linkage to KD development?


KD is a disease that clearly manifests outside of our genome, within an altered environment,  and can rapidly can kill us.  I can think of no disease where humans lose time and their life faster.  It radically raises heteroplasmy rates in our mitochondria, while dramatically lowering energy flows in tissues.  This is “very prion like” in its mechanism of action.  It also simulates what we observe in virulent outbreaks, such as ebola.  A recent study has suggested that the causative agent of KD is a preformed toxin from the environment.  This agent is needed to cause the disease far away in other continents and countries.  The interesting link is that no organism was required for replication of KD.  This mechanism was also prion and viral like.   In 2014, scientists proposed a new paradigm whereby an “idiosyncratic immune response” was influenced by host epigenetics to trigger a disease carried by the wind high up in the troposphere where oxygen was low and sunlight was strong as seasons changed.  This immune response would lower cellular immunity to allow the toxin to lower the exclusion zone in cell water in living things below to cause disease.  Does this mechanism sound similar to any of our experiences with diseases over the last 60-100 years?  Might these same quantum mechanisms be acting in other neolithic disease we see exploding today?  Interesting coincidence or just chance?



Series alert 1: When you go higher away from Earth’s core into the troposphere, even by an inch, gravity, and the Delbrück effect on light, becomes more magnified. This causes higher energies of the electromagnetic spectrum to interact with atoms without protection strong protection of the Earth magnetic field.  This can drive ubiquitin rates higher proteins.  Any time high energies are added and not stored by a system more chaos ensues.   This is why living or traveling at elevation in a microwaved world is a really bad idea.  It also explains all the disease being reported in space medicine as well.

Series alert 2: It should be clear to you by now that your mitochondria is the cellular component that measures and observes the environments wave forms and changes the geometry on the respiratory proteins.  This makes the mitochondria reactive sensor that connects you directly to your zip code, your quantum yield, and the signal to noise ratio’s thusly it attunes your cells to energy flows to and fro your cells.  This blog shows you how your zip code could be affected by something on the other side of the world that is not even living.  The frequency of light, its inherent power, can change how time is accounted for by the circadian mechanism, telomere lengths, and by distance between the respiratory proteins.  Every 1 Angstrom increase in distance between them reduce energy flows in ECT by a factor of ten.  The effect is so non linear, it could begin and manifest far outside your own neighborhood or country.  Just mitigating risks in your own micro-environment may not be enough.    Contemplate that now, when you consider neolithic disease etiology and what you’ve been told might cause them.

Series alert 3: No human being itself should be considered impaired innately, instead there are environmental short comings that cause the impairment. Thus, it is incumbent on the on the clinician to recommend treatment of the environment their patient is in. People react to an inferior environment, way before their genome is altered. That is what the science of epigenetics is telegraphing us.  After reading this blog, is the modern paradigm listening to this message?  Are you listening?  Are you getting the message yet?  What might be really hurting us?

Could a new disease manifest anywhere on the globe because of the very same mechanism in this blog? Yes, it can. Read this hyperlink.