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Electric fields control embryonic development and morphogenesis and wound healing through directing and enhancing cell migration and proliferation. They also control who gets heart disease and atherosclerosis.  However, details pertaining to electric sensing of cells remain unclear to the paradigm if you read their literature.  It is pretty clear cut in the bio-physical data.  We need to eat saturated fat to maintain our coulomb electrostatic force in the mitochondrial matrix to maintain our redox potential.  Being in the sun makes this easy.  Many studies have reported involvement of different cell surface proteins, yet the identity of the electric field sensor is unknown to the paradigm.  For my mitochondriac misfits it is linked to cholesterol, sphingolipids, DHA, and all the lipid rafts in our arteries.  This is true in even in those with hypercholesterolemia.  This slide below will seem out of place to some but after the next few blogs and webinar you will realize why it is tied to the CAC score for 5G.  Sunlight increase inorganic Phosphorus in the blood and this is a key marker how a CAC goes wrong in people afflicted with a 5G environment.  My members will be getting this data soon.

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