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By Clay Bostock

Clay found that full spectrum sunlight also helped him sleep even while we consumed too much Malbec at night in the French Quarter while blocking blue light with our glasses.


This blog is no head splitter. It is simply an anecdote of what I experienced in NOLA recently. I learned a lot of medical knowledge observing Jack in his practice but my biggest take-away came in the way my biology reacted to the environment and how I was able to leverage its power in ways that I had never done when travelling to climates close to the equator.

In mid September I had the pleasure of experiencing a week with Jack observing him in surgery and his clinic in the Gulf South. It was not long after arriving in the gulf south that one of Jack’s biggest teachings was hammered home and imprinted in my brain. Jack has long stated that your zip code is a better determinant of health than your genetic code. I experienced evidence of this in the short span of 7 days. Coming from an area of high latitude (British Columbia) I immediately felt effects of the power of the sun in Louisiana and Mississippi. The first change was in levels of satiety and hunger. Within a day I was able to easily live off of one meal per day without any cravings or hunger. This effect happened quickly with only brief periods of sun exposure.

My crew at Doris Metropolitan on Chartes St and Wilkerson St in the French Quarter making us the biggest seabass Clay had ever seen.

Then I noticed changes in sleep quality. I began to experience deeper sleep and started dreaming for the first time in quite a while. Dreaming to me meant increased charge, better redox potential and better autophagy. All of these effects from the sun; not food. I was honestly floored by these effects and mentioned this to Jack on several occasions; he was not surprised in the least.

Jack and I spent several days with Neil Billeaud, a neurologist who had recently moved to New Orleans from Birmingham. It was clear from conversations with Neil that he too had noticed great benefit from moving there. Neil’s move was no dramatic in distance, but it was dramatic in the power of the UV map of a few hundred miles of latitude.  Neil also shared with me that he was able to return to eating most of the foods he had avoided because he was once obese like Jack.  Neil’s story paralleled Jack’s story on obesity.  Both of them can eat carbohydrates because they also make sure they get full spectrum sun exposure on their skin and retina’s daily.  Jack even showed me where he stands outside by the heliport between his surgical cases to sunbath and sun gaze during his surgery days.   All of these changes were indicative to me of what I have been missing out on in British Columbia. I am very conscious of quantum health principles and I do a lot of things right where I live, yet I now have a sense of how much better my biology fares in a climate close to the equator. This is where the term “ Snowbirds” comes from. It refers to Canadian citizens who uproot and spend their winters in Arizona or in Pensacola. Now I understand on a deeper level the reasoning for this; many think it is only tied to warmer weather, but that is just not the case. When the time came for me to return home I was regretting only booking a week in NOLA, I knew I was going to miss the sun. By this time I noted that my body began “craving” sunlight and this was similar to the cravings for DHA I had shortly after starting a heavy seafood diet.

Clay and Jeremy Thomley at Jeremy Christmas tree farm and his studio for The bon fire is ready!

More evidence for this light effect showed up when I returned home; I felt an increase in hunger within a day and dreaming also subsided. For me, this was a biohack that illustrated the power of UV light in charging my mammalian battery and the profound effects it can have on redox potential even over a short time. I would tell anyone attempting to reverse a disease that strong sunlight coupled with DHA replacement in our retina and tissues are the best Rx.  If light can create matter out of thin air in trees, why can’t it rebuild tissues destroyed in us by diseases?

From my experience it is clear that Jack has chosen his zipcode well. He functions at a high level because of the environment he chooses; in spite of the risks that come with his job.

This is evident in the effect he has on his family and friends, other physicians and simply random strangers he engages on the street. One instance in particular involved a conversation with an ophthalmologist from the local medical school, who after an hour conversation with Jack reconsidered her viewpoint on UV light and its effect in the eye. She claimed she was going to look into lens implants without UV blocking capability as she realized she may be doing harm to patients.

Clay and Jeremy looking to weld together!

I also saw how full spectrum light and hydrogen peroxide can be used in a surgical practice to help recovery in spine and in intracranial surgery.   The man can be very convincing with the barrage of facts he throws at you. This is because he is intensely passionate about changing medicine, yet appears laid back and humble about what he has uncovered. I see this as optimism and confidence in what he knows.

I would really like to thank Jack and his wife Sandy for their generosity and hospitality during my time in NOLA and also for everything they do in working to make our world a better place. The knowledge I gained in my time there was both life-altering and career changing. My week was filled with so many enriching experiences ranging from observing surgery to meeting several of Jack’s close friends; these are instances that words don’t do justice and situations that one can only grasp in person.

In light of the biological effects I experienced I would challenge any skeptic to do this biohack themselves; results in biology are never 100% repeated, but they always rhyme when we are dealing with purple light and DHA.