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I am a rebel in healthcare and I know it. I personally love Dr. Google because it tells me which of my patients are fully engaged and care and who want aggressive input by me instead of just applying conservative paradigm algorithms.  These patients help me identify who really needs me and who really just wants conventional advice.  It really is a time saver for a quantum mitochondriac clinician.  I want my patients to be collectors of information based upon their conditions and come to me with it so we can go over it and I can discuss with them why I agree with it and why I may not.  I trust my patients to make the decision when they hear both sides of the argument.  It seems many of my fellow MD’s don’t have my perspective and look at Dr. Google as a “problem.”  I don’t feel this way at all.  Here is the account of another MD.  I’d like to hear your comments below out these two perspectives.

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