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Mito-Hack number one to complete based upon this modern habit to break:  “Scroll and bowl”.  See picture above to get a proper visual.  The blue light of the phone directly effects the mitochondrial colony in your central retinal pathways and choroid that control all growth and metabolism pathways distally in the brain and the leptin receptor.  Blue light increases blood glucose irrespective of the foods you eat and this raises your basal metabolic rate, increases your heart rate and BP,  while lowering your heart rate variability, and shortens your lifespan as a result.  Blue light lowers the amount of water a mitochondrion can make in this situation.  When a lowered amount of water is created by a colony of mitochondria in you this means the tissue it occurs in has a lowered redox potential.  A lowered redox potential is a lowered amount of charge.  A lowered charge means the DC electric current in cells used to regenerate is much lower and makes disease much easier to manifest in tissues with suffering from the quantum deficit.

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