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Are you are a healthcare provider or practitioner?


We want to support you in integrating the protocols and prescriptions created by Dr. Kruse into your practice, collaborate together to support patients, and support each other in helping our patients achieve health and wellness.

As a Platinum Klub member, you will receive:

  • Access to a private forum on where you can collaborate with other practitioners or doctors and Dr. Kruse to brainstorm on patient care, lab dilemmas, and other relevant topics in a private setting

  • Live monthly Q&As in Google Hangout around topics relevant to being a healthcare provider

  • Advanced notice of Continuing Education that will be given by Dr. Kruse around Optimizing Health, Reversing Disease and Clinical Case Management

  • A Listing in the Epi-Paleo Practitioners section of that will include your info about your clinic, your picture, credentials, address and methods of contact so that members can find you.

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