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April Webinar: PPP–The Fat Burning Pathway  (The BIG KAHUNA!!!)
In his webinar, Dr. Kruse is going to explore how hormones, perimenopause, menopause and andropause are all tied to the quantum electrodynamic (QED) theory.  
You will be particularly interested in this webinar if:
  • You’ve been on the road to optimal, and you’ve experienced “stalls”
  • You’re a “lab hacker” – meaning, you have your labs done regularly, and you want to better-understand what you’re seeing     in your own labs and how to continue optimizing your health
  • You or someone you love has ever suffered from infertility
  • If you feel like you’re doing “everything right,” but you’re not losing weight or sleeping as well as you think you can
  • Your hormone panel isn’t budging, even with taking bioidentical hormones
  • You’re a woman.  Or a man.  (I think that about covers it.)
Dr. Kruse is going to really drill in to help us understand how to get into the PPP, including how to determine your total body water and total body water deficit to see how far out of the pathway you are (if you’ve been following along this year, you know we’ve focused particularly on water and semi-conduction and it’s relationship to optimal health and weight loss).  This webinar takes a lot of broad concepts and shows you how they all interact.  If you’ve been “setting the conditions” for optimal or working several of Dr. Kruse’s protocols, you’ll appreciate hearing how these different aspects work together so you can fine-tune to maximize your results.
This webinar will help you better-understand how to start hitting your optimal goals, particularly for sleep, fertility, weight loss and good brain functioning.
Have a pen and paper ready for this one; this is a webinar you will reference over and over again!

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