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Why do I have problems with ketosis?  This is a question I get asked a lot and a question I see asked in many other places online.  The answer isn’t an obvious one.  Most people think ketosis is a function of the amount of fat or protein you eat.  It is not.  The best brand of ketosis is the one that allows our brain and mitochondria to sense the correct circadian signals from our environment.  You have to have your circadian cycles and your food match or yoked to understand the context correctly.  Ketosis without water is a losing strategy.  Water remains in cells when the the voltage gated channels are working well.  This requires iodine and DHA in cell membranes.  If you only look at one and not the other it is akin to having one oar in a row boat.  You will spin in circles until you realize both need to match.  Ketosis without DHA can not generate enough IR light from your mitochondria to drive uncoupling.  This is why the CPT 1-a mutation exists in cold adapted humans.  This defect stops people in cold climates from making too many ketones because we need FFA’s to generate protons to make heat.  IR light = heat.  When we are cold we make no ATP either.  This should stimulate your curiosity further.  REM sleep makes no ATP and we are paralyzed at the same time when this occurs.  This happens because of quantum reasons tied to cell membrane physiology.  The most important thing is how your cells and mitochondria are structured to read and react to the environment.  This is called being metastable.  It is ultimately tied to a dense source of electrons.  Ketosis without electrons is of limited value. Electrons make the world go around. This is why all life evolved from the ocean, the place where electrons are most dense.

Time is linked to mass and energy, and both of those are tied to DHA. No one seems to see it as I do. I think that will change with time. I told you long ago that time was a function of mass. Now I am telling you DHA is the most favorable way to alter the thermodynamics of mass. DHA is the best way to capture and assimilate an electron, meaning that it alters time in us best.  What I am describing here is how electrons alter proteins to change their function.  Ultimately, these changes in your neurons will alter your consciousness and beliefs.  Time can, and does change.   Consciousness is what changes it.  The electron is a bender of time for a neuron.  It does this by altering our circadian clock in our mitochondrial cytochromes and our suprachiasmatic nucleus.

This is why time feels longer when you are young and shorter when you are old. Quantum time is a function of the quality and quantity of tunneling of electrons in the cytochromes. Quantum time determines decision time and error rate in our actions and behaviors. Both typically increase whenever the difference that must be discriminated is reduced. So a failure of tunneling of electrons leads to poor decision making, abhorring change, and the altering of dopamine levels in your frontal lobes. I talked about this in a new podcast recently.  Have a listen.

This leads to a lack of DHA in cell membranes.  When DHA is lost we cannot decipher the electromagnetic signals from our environment.  This is further complicated by EMF, which causes dehydration inside cells.  This is all caused by a lack of proper ketosis or the chronic use of technology and/or blue light devices.  Einstein taught us that time is relative in his theory of relativity.  People seem to forget that. Basically what I have been trying to say to you is that each of us is our own version of Schrodinger’s cat.  Thoughts can, and do, directly alter our DNA by changing our epigenomic expression.

Have a look at my twitter handle……..what does it say? You should now be able to understand why I can say it……….The Epi-paleo Rx is designed around our epigenetic mechanisms, not our cultural or medical beliefs. The foremost reason that happiness is so hard to achieve is that the universe was not designed with the comfort of human beings in mind.

Not all keto templates are thermodynamically the same,  but people in ancestral health act as if they are.

This belief is sponsored by a few influential folks, to your biological peril. Nothing could be further from our current reality.  We must stop cherry picking what is ancestral and what is not.  Technology is not something our epigenome is ready for.  The most useful piece of learning for the betterment of your life is to unlearn what is untrue.  Infants are designed to be maximally ketotic while using massive infusion of DHA to optimize their brain function.  Neurons need lactate and ketones for optimal function.  Closely read the hyperlink you just passed.

The paleo community believes the brain needs glucose to function.  So do most researchers.  It does not.  That is a belief that caused us to miss the keys of how electrons work in neurons.  Many people in ancestral health confuse dysfunction with immaturity.  Carbohydrates do not salvage the ketotic template, they enslave your mitochondria to them when certain conditions of existence are tied to their presence. Nora Volkow’s research has showed definitively that when EMF is introduced across your brain stem your cells will increase their needs for carbohydrates.  They provide the person with a sense of “perceived wellness” on the surface while, in reality, molecular chaos ensues inside the cell. The more blue light toxic you are, the more you will believe carbs are your salvation. No community embraces blue light more than the ancestral community.  Maybe now you can see where their ‘carbophile’ ideas really begin.  The chronic addition of highly sunlight powered foods imprisons the person further to the circadian mismatches they have already hard wired into their mitochondria. It is a short term fix for a complex problem. This is why most of paleo gets “ketosis” wrong.  Recently we have seen the effects of mixing carbs and a constant source of blue light in the paleo community.  I am sorry to see this outcome.

Those small berries are so dense in “light information” that it appears to wake so many memories in us.  The phrase “dense in light information” is another way to say they have a lot of highly powered photons from the sun going to their mitochondrial cytochromes.  They seem to be the rejuvenating batteries of nature, loaded with sun in a small package. The problem occurs when you have mitochondria that have undergone a bad redox shift, in which case those small packages of nature would short circuit your mitochondria, leading to permanent damage to your telomeres and stem cell supply.  This set of circumstances is most likely to happen when DHA is missing in cell membranes and water is missing in our cells.  These two conditions describe how most modern humans live now.  Now let’s consider some examples of this phenomena.



Question asked of me:

I have had some degree of seasonal affective disorder since I was a child. In addition to a decline in mood, I have recently started experiencing what I would call a general seasonal decline in health. In particular, my mood tanks harder and, more troubling, I get more heart palpitations, chest pain, fatigue, poor cognition, and other really troubling symptoms. I am aware that T3 can decline seasonally, and this year I am on a T3/T4 mix for my Hashimoto’s. I thought this would fix the problem, yet my slide continues. Like clockwork, I hit bottom starting in the 3rd week of November and suffer immeasurably until the days start to get noticeably longer.

I carefully mind artificial light at night. I drink high quality water. I do eat more carbs than generally recommended, but with severe adrenal fatigue, I can’t seem to handle fewer carbs. EMF is not being mitigated due to location and circumstances.

Where might I shine my flashlight to stop this decline? I am thinking cortisol, but I just don’t know. I had been supplementing hydrocortisone, but have since stopped. I just am not sure where to look in order to get a handle on this downward spiral. Thanks, Jason.

My response:

Jason, google triathalon deaths or cardiac death in winter. You will see that triathalon deaths occur mostly during the swim or immediately after it. Most cardiac deaths also happen in winter.  Why is that? It is the same reason you face your seasonal demise, but how it happens in you is a bit different because of the quantum changes in your cytochromes.  This is the essence of a circadian mismatch.  Your cytochromes are quantized to the environmental seasons.  Most do not realize that they change their function as the seasons change. These athletes are all “carb adapted” because of their beliefs tied to performance. This changes the protein confirmations on most of the proteins used in the mitochondria. The cytochromes are most important where quantum electron tunneling occurs. The ability to tunnel well is tied specifically to DHA.  To achieve optimal tunneling, you must have a lot of DHA built into your cell membranes.  This includes the MINOS of the inner mitochondrial membrane.

Once electrons are tunneled, they head toward oxygen to reduce it. The inner mitochondrial membrane also has a water hydration shell around it.   The electrons carry energy that has the ability to polarize this water shell.   That water becomes charge separated into an exclusion zone as discussed in Gerald Pollack’s experiments on water.   This water shell contains protons that are transferred to the ATPase to make ATP.  Two electrons move through each cytochrome, and four protons are moved from inside the mitochondria to outside its inner mitochondrial membrane.  When these athletes are in a “warm environment” (think lots of protons), their proteins have a certain confirmation because they are dehydrated and lacking electrons from the task,  but also because they eat carbs 90% of the time in every season. Remember, carbs provide many more protons than electrons to a mitochondria.  This reduces their ultimate charge on their inner mitochondrial membrane over time.  In the “warm environment” it is not a problem for them because they are recycling ATP via the fast pathways you learned about in the EMF 4 blog post. Remember what I  explained to you in the Energy and Epigenetic series with respect to temperature and water.

As temperature goes up, entropy increases. When entropy increases, water density is less. When water density is less, it contains less oxygen and less electrons.  Less electrons mean that less DHA is present in the inner mitochondrial membrane.  When oxygen is lowered, less ATP is made. This means that in a warm environment, you are running a more hypoxic state,  and you perceive a need for carbs to offset this set of circumstances because carbohydrates recycle ATP more quickly. The thing that gets lost to those “ancestral thought leaders” is that perceived needs are tied to a lack of DHA in the inner mitochondrial membrane.  This links it directly to the delta psi of the cell membranes.  Carbs just mask that loss.  This has huge implications for those who do not understand the details of quantum electron tunneling.  Nothing you currently believe is endogenous.  It was put in your head by someone. Voltaire allegedly said, “Doctors are men who pour drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, into human beings of whom they know nothing.” Maybe he overstated the problem. Maybe he didn’t.  It is time for you to use nature to guide you back to health.  Become addicted to the things that once created us. When we let nature and cosmos use its quantum magic, we begin to belong, simple and pure.


So let us go back and consider the athlete on that carb loaded training template for a moment.  As long as all those conditions stay the same, the body and system adapts to those needs.  This means their mitochondria are phase shifted to protons and away from electrons. It also means that the electric potential in the inner mitochondrial membrane is lowered and the inside of their cells are more hypoxic.  When a cell is hypoxic is has a lowered ability to generate a magnetic field.  This is because of the magnetic signals between oxyhemoglobin and de-oxyhemoglobin.  When a triathlete hits the water or cold temperature during their swim, they immediately leave a warmer environment during the run or the bike ride, radically changing the environmental situation of their mitochondrial cytochromes.

Remember what I taught you from the Cold Thermogenesis series. Cold increases the strength of a magnetic field.  The more electrons we have (higher O2 levels) the more magnetic potential we hold in our cell membranes.  In water, heat transfers occur 24 times more quickly than they do in air. The sensory systems in the Peripheral Nervous System are all designed from an evolutionary standpoint to respond to transient environmental changes. This is the essence of sensory receptor adaptation in neurobiology.
This is where shit begins to hit the fan for the athlete in cold temperatures when they are carbohydrate adapted. The cold receptors sense the transient change and send it to the brain and the mitochondria which are surrounded by intracellular water. The water surrounds the mitochondrial membrane, called the MINOS. This temperature change initially alters the molecular arrangements of water.  This molecular arrangement is within its hydrogen bonding network.  This change in water chemistry immediately changes the size and shape of proteins and phospholipids in the outer and inner mitochondrial membrane. Cardiolipin and phosphatidylcholine are examples.  Cardiolipin is altered in people with anti-phospholipid syndrome.  It also changes the molecular structure of water by altering the bonding angles in the hydrogen bonding network as well as the rotations of the bonds. This implies there is electronic, molecular, and rotational changes in the water and proteins to alter their function in a quantized fashion. All of these changes lead to a thermodynamic change in our cell.  This is how energy is changed from potential to kinetic states in us dynamical as the environment changes.

So the body, specifically the mitochondria, begins to sense this “rapid change in matter”, and the proteins and water around the mitochondria react in quantum fashion to this change. But what cannot happen in these people?  They need ATP to unfold their new protein confirmations in order to bind more water inside the cell to meet the new environmental demands. They cannot accomplish this for two reasons. Their cells are dehydrated and they do not have the ability to make enough ATP to match the protein and water changes inside the cell caused by the radical temperature change.

So what happens?

They make less ATP and transfer less energy via the water (EZ), accelerating the process of hypoxia inside the cell.  pseudohypoxia is associated with low levels of NAD+ in mitochondria.  Ketosis can raise NAD+ by itself, but it needs other factors to be present in the environment to work optimally.  Another big thing happens. In temperatures below 62 degrees, insulin no longer works as it normally does in a mammalian cell. Most people do not realize insulin pharmacokinetics are tied to temperature dynamics in the environment it is found in. At the equator insulin works as most people learned.  In the Arctic it works as an antifreeze as I mentioned in CPC#4.    If you have non functioning insulin because of an environmental change, you have no way to work the Krebs cycle to bring metabolic intermediates from gloucose to the inside of your mitochondria. Since all they eat is carbs and protein, they have no substrate ready to make ATP. So the cold alone runs them dry of energy substrates to make ATP very quickly because of their mismatched fuel choices. The cold hastens their demise.

This is why ketosis is linked with cold temperatures in nature all the time. They are naturally coupled by our environment.  If the inside of the cell is not filled with a good water hydration shell, ketosis won’t work.  This is why HCG diets also fail for many people.  I laid this out in the Holy Trinity blog post.  As it steepens, their muscles begin to hurt,  eventually it alters their ability to think.  They just think this is a temporary thing they experience from the grueling race. Soon their heart becomes starved for O2 while they continue to swim. The environmental signals are massive because of the rapid heat transfer happening in the water. When they emerge from the water, the environment changes just as drastically back to the warm side of the equation.  They have an immediate spike in oxygen reduction when the cytosol and mitochondria are now adapted to severe hypoxia. This is the ultimate environmental mismatch that occurs acutely. Their body is not prepared for this on such short time scales. Here you see how a circadian mismatch alters mitochondrial function.  This mismatch happens in a short race, but for the modern man it happens slowly over a lifetime.  The effect, however, is exactly the same.  The only difference is the time scale of the results.

When this occurs, oxygen becomes toxic as a hydroxyl free radical, called the Fenton free radical.  We have no enzyme to protect us from this free radical.  Ironically, those who eat an Epi-paleo Rx template do have some protection.  When the hydroxyl free radical is liberated, it causes massive lipid peroxidation of cell membranes wherever it is formed.  Lipid peroxidation destroys any DHA in a cell membrane.  If there is a deep supply of DHA in your inner mitochondrial membrane,  it initially breaks down to form protective chemicals called resolvins, protectins, and maresins.  This never happens in those who eat a carb adapted diet deficient in DHA.  It also doesn’t happen for those who follow a paleo template that is ketotic because their foods are also deficient in deep sources of DHA.  No one is telling you this except for me.  We must eat DHA consistently and constantly as humans.  It is also missing in those who were carb adapted and then proceed to move straight to an HCG template.  You may begin seeing why paleo is dead wrong about ketosis.  Their version of ketosis is fueled with proteins and fats that are mostly deficient in DHA and water as part of their equation.  This is why so many develop thirst and constipation when they “go paleo”.  Eating meats and offal that naturally contain DHA in small amounts would be good advice if humans did not have a 3 pound brain loaded with cell membranes that are constantly starving for DHA.  So one should not expect to obtain optimal results in a ketotic template filled with bacon, offal,  and skeletal meats.  None of them have enough DHA to offset this damage from a phase shifted cytochrome.  Here you can see why “one ketotic template” is not as good as another thermodynamically.  The key feature is a lack of DHA and how water acts within a cell.  Not all ketosis is created equally with respect to mitochondrial function.

When this situation happens in a carb adapted or a ketotic paleo template, it immediately changes the ability of cytochromes to tunnel electrons because these proteins are naturally  loaded with transition metals. This immediately causes the inability to make ATP.  When ATP is not made in the mitochondria, it causes a cell to lose its metastability.  This means the cell can no longer read and react to the environmental signals it is given.  As a result, the cell begins to reach true equilibrium.  This is not a good place to be if you are alive.  Death happens when humans reach equilibrium.  This underscores why exercise can be deadly in a phase shifted mitochondria.

When this happens, the heart and skeletal muscles all release water and potassium and become rigid. They can no longer contract, and the heart stops in diastolic failure. Many racers die of this type of acute heart failure due to this rapid onset of circadian mismatch.  This is how marathoner racers die too.  Now consider people with a similar circadian mismatch brought about by excessive carbohydrates or a lack of DHA over decades.  This is precisely how one dies of an autoimmune disease, sleep apnea, and type 2 diabetes and heart failure. The only difference between the two states is the time scales of the heart failure. That last sentence should have caught your attention. Begin to listen with the intent to understand how we really work instead of trying to reply with beliefs that are not based upon our quantum nature.

I’d like you to understand why the ‘new paleo paradigm’ will raise problems just as the old standard western diet did. Their idea of ketosis is not my idea of ketosis.  When you act with complete certainty, you often do not look back far enough. This certainty becomes your own delusion.

Metacognition is about knowing the limits of one’s own knowledge.  There are things we know that we know, like the fact that fake foods are bad for us.  Then there are some things we know that we do not know.  For example, how mitochondria work seasonally.  And then there are the unknowns of the unknowns.  That’s what this blog is about.  All versions of ketosis are not thermodynamically created equal.

We should realize this because of the effects we see of autophagy and apoptosis between wild animals and modern humans.  The difference boils down to living in a natural environment versus living in a created environment. Your perspective on life comes from the cage you are held captive in.  Modern medicine and the ancestral movement want you to think that ketosis is conceptually the same process because it supports their models and commercial goals. My friend Randy summed this up well by saying, “There is so much flat-out wrong information out there. The only hope is to deep dive into the real science–and that is QED–to even begin to understand what is going on. Our beliefs have led us astray. But, of course, our culture and society do everything to keep us from fully understanding. It is all about power and money, not about truth and well being. And our education system is abysmal in that it is more about political correctness than learning what indeed is reality.” Your world view has to be structured in principle on some specific doctrine which shapes how you function and view humanity. Embracing QED is akin to wearing steel-toed boots in a ballet-slipper world.

In previous blogs I have shown you that water is not just H2O.  It parallels what DHA does in humans.  It is a different actor in our cell membranes.  Water charge separates when it is next to hydrophilic proteins and acts differently based upon the electromagnetic radiation that interacts with it. I showed you PrP proteins do not equal Prpsc proteins even though their amino acid compositions can be identical.  The next step in your understanding is that ketosis with DHA is a far different animal than a ketogenic template without a deep supply of DHA.

My version of ketosis has massive supplies of DHA constantly included within its boundaries.  We should employ a first rate version of our ketotic template and not a second rate version of another idea of what ketosis means.  The addition of DHA to a ketogenic template directly alters its thermodynamic potential because it fundamentally changes the size and shape of cytochrome proteins to alter their actions with respect to electrons from foods.  This changes the electronic and magnetic capabilities of your cell membranes everywhere in your cell.  These fields are what determine how biochemistry will work in your body.  Modern medicine and the ancestral movement do not understand this nuance. Life is by definition a struggle for survival that involves both collaboration and competition always. You can choose with whom you wish to collaborate. But you can’t always choose your enemy or the battlefield on which the struggle occurs.  Today few people realize how our modern world’s technologies affect that biologic struggle in our mitochondria.

Water acts differently when it is filled with electrons, just like DHA acts differently when it is in a cell membrane.  These differences appear small when you do not understand that the smallest changes in energy lead to massive effects on macroscopic life.  This is the core message of Einstein’s  E=mc2 equation.  This is the essence of quantum biology and thermodynamics.  The smallest things (think electrons) can cause massive changes in function because of Einstein’s equation.

When DHA is a part of your cell membranes, you get different results than you would if your cell membranes were loaded with omega 3’s like ALA, and omega 6’s from linoleic acid.  Details matter in a quantum being.  How DHA is used to build ketosis is the key missing part of the ketotic template in the ancestral movement.  I pointed this out in the blog about the infant brain in EE1.  Its context is all tied to ketosis with a constant incorporation of DHA.  The infant brain is partially wired and under insulated, so information integration and circadian signaling operates at a far slower pace than it does within an adult.  Everyone seems to understand that an infant cannot do what an adult can.  They seem to miss that an adult with the same deficiency cannot behave like an adult who does not suffer this fate.  How the matter is organized in your brain determines how you can harvest energy.  This is because of the energy differences in their brain structure.  The human infant version of ketosis is far different from the one that produces optimal health for adults.  The ancestral movement constantly bastardizes this optimal version.  If a child in its first thousand days — from conception to two years old — does not have adequate nutrition, the damage is irreversible.  It is a big deal for overall wellness.  The further a human adult moves away from a diet that constantly supplies DHA, the worse they become.  Every single study shows this powerful effect.  DHA has a massive effect on wellness whenever it studied.  The effect is greatest when the DHA comes from the seafood and not a supplement.  Ocean biology is complex, and yet, they’re central to eukaryotic life on Earth. They dictate most of human epigenetics. Today, they are changing rapidly, but not predictably, just as human epigenetics has over the last 2 million years.  Grass-fed meat does not come close to providing enough DHA to our tissues. We live in a world that is loaded with blue light that destroys DHA.  The ancestral movement ignores biological history at your expense. They fully embrace its use and never talk about how it destroys nutrients in cell membranes.  Among the many lessons that emerge from the geological record, perhaps the most sobering is that in life, as in the stock market, past performance is no guarantee of future results when you consider the effect of blue light on DHA. Eating the way we did 10,000 years ago guarantees nothing for today.  The neocortex needs a constant source of DHA that is ketotic to function optimally.  DHA depletion alters human brain energenics.  Its function falters because of altered thermodynamics.  Ketosis without DHA will not help brain function.  It is a bandaid on a gaping wound.  This is why “ketosis” appears to fail many.  It is not ketosis that fails them, it is the recipe they use to create that ketosis that does. The common denominator is altered mitochondrial function. When this occurs, it favors karyotype constriction when the voltage change is massive. This is all tied to electron and proton flux in mitochondria. Karyotype constriction is a loss of chromosome size.  This is one of the things tied to the cancer generation.

DHA is a natural ligand for RXR – obligatory step – stimulates > 107 genes that developed the brain 600 million years ago.  Nutrients and many other environmental factors have also been found to influence epigenetic programming of our DNA, either directly or indirectly, via metabolic sensors. Peroxisomal proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR), the vitamin D receptors, the retinoid X receptors (RXR), and the retinoic acid receptors (RAR) are all examples of the nuclear receptors that interact with the brain cell membranes to control inflammation and metabolism all over our tissues. It turns out that PPARs are the receptors that are at the crossroads of where inflammation and metabolism actually cross. These are specialized lipid sensors that pay attention to our balance of omega 6 and 3 levels in cell membranes everywhere. DHA controls the inflammatory process and epigenetic switch position so they work well when they are in the Sn-2 position on lipoproteins.  If they are in Sn-1 or 3, their function is radically different.  DHA cannot control epigenetic switch signaling when they are in another position on the glycerol backbone.  DHA is also more resistant to oxidation in the Sn-2 position.  DHA, it turns out, has to be bound to the Sn-2 position on the glycerol backbone to get into the brain.  3-D molecular specificity is key to its proper function.  It is also key to the correct ketotic template.  It is also why fish/krill oil supplements can never replace food as the best source.

In fact, in a normal neocortex, anesthesia and deep sleep cause a 50% reduction in glucose production.  In sleep apnea, obesity, or any other neolithic disease you can think of,  the lack of DHA in the neocortex causes you to need more glucose to work properly.  This is due to a circadian phase shift in your mitochondria because of your beliefs and behaviors.  The worse your brain functions, the more glucose it needs.  This is because it has less O2 and DHA to work with.  It also means you have an altered delta psi on your cell membranes and your cells cannot generate a large enough magnetic field to give the proper signals for biochemistry to proceed as it normally would.  This is all mediated by changes in calcium metabolism and phosphorylation.

Medicine, paleo, and science need to study and perform the correct experiments to show that not all ketosis is the same.  Microanalysis of nutrition is damaging to the big picture of the understanding of modern physicians and it, in turn, has led to the macroscopic impotence of modern medicine to cure disease.  I do not believe any one in ancestral health even knows that DHA must be in the SN-2 position to work well in humans.  Taking a supplement never puts it in this position.  This is why I warned a lot of people that some of the recommendations made in various paleo books were terribly flawed.
Any scientific knowledge will be better than the philosophical and dogmatic beliefs of any movement or their leaders. The great mistake they all have made, in my judgement, was to confuse the meaning of ketosis of immaturity with the ketosis of dysfunction.  How the recipe of ketosis is spun is where the quantum magic happens for humans.  Humans cannot make DHA well by design because they need to eat it consistently.  This is how we evolved.    All available evidence points to such a limited DHA biosynthetic capacity that, in adults, statistically, plasma DHA levels do not increase when DHA is not provided (Plourde and Cunnane, 2007).  The further you move away from a DHA template, the further you are from being optimal in any respect.  Ketosis must include DHA to achieve the maximal benefits from autophagy by reducing protein folding malfunctions. The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge. This is where rubber meets the road: Epi-paleo vs paleo.  When you know better, you do better.

I don’t claim to have all the answers.  One idea is too small a number to achieve success. But I do know that when we couple a few ideas together that have potential,  our efficiency expands. Your job is to find better ideas, and mine is to cut holes in the ones you already have.  I do know I am directionally accurate with respect to nature and her laws.  This puts me in a far better position than medicine or the ancestral health movement to get you thinking about real health.  Both of these groups do not realize that the  use of carbohydrates out of season and blue light toxicity are the major factors in destroying mitochondrial signaling in our modern world.  I have no time for the idea that an ‘imperfect hypothesis‘ must be wrong. Every early version of a good idea needs modifying. The best hypothesis is the one that is strengthened by nature instead of being undermined by its inevitable modifications. To borrow a metaphor from astronomy, we are still at the Copernican epicycle stage, but that’s better than being on a flat earth at the center of the cosmos.



“Is it possible that there is something called ‘too much thinking’ and ‘too much reading’?”   Yes, in my opinion, there is.  If you spend too much time on them and not enough time living, you may not observe the things that nature builds life around.   Most of the world has missed how electrons change our world.

Too many of us live the same year 80 times over and over and call it a life……..People talk too much and love too small. We have all managed to learn to make great living without building any “real” life based upon nature’s laws.  My profession has learned to add years to life, not life to years, using synthetic drugs. And that lesson has been ingrained in many people, I am sad to say, who seek a pill for their every ill.  They think it is OK to live this way because our actions in medicine speak louder than our words. There is always time when time is yours.  Time links to mass and energy, and both of those tie to DHA. No one seems to see it yet, but you must if you want to really change things in this modern world.


It’s time for you to know that nature’s cure was to eat more crabs, not carbs!  Small differences have huge implications!