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Many people have heard me use the term zip code in discussing quantum biology, but no one has ask me what I mean by it.  What is “zip code” to you?  I believe our zip code is the quantum fingerprint in nature we resonate with PROPERLY.  Each hour of every day at every location has its own distinctive color, a family of frequencies, and a particular odor.  Some of the smallest details inside of cells pay attention to these things. Nature always provides a solution, and our mitochondria was built how to solve the cipher.  Our senses have to be blinded to the mystery.  We can overcome that haze of understanding only if we know where to look for the answers.  Life provides a myriad of vibrations but some resonant with us more than others.  That is our connection to the whole.  If we only live through the eyes of the others and don’t try to capture the vibration of our own individual experience, we may miss out the beam and brilliance of authenticity that is essential to move forward in nature.  Allow no one and no thing to cause a schism between you and your intuition.  Disorder creates connections──and that is the resonance life is built on.

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