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                                                                               The view of the Farm from the glacial lake

This year Ruben and I were invited back to Vermont, at Shelburne Farm to give talks about quantum biology. The meeting was sponsored by the Latner family foundation and Weston A. Price foundation. Last year organize Dave Hollenbeck stuck his neck out and invited me to a food first event to talk about how light generates the entire food web using photosynthesis. When I received the invitation last year I was shocked because I thought my message was a bit at odds with the modern WAPF movement. After meeting Dave and Tre McCarney in person I realized why they asked Ruben and I to come whisper to their tribe.

                                      Ruben making sure the audience heard us loud and clear!

They saw that quantum biology is likely the missing link to modern WAPF dogma. Light had to be connected to food because of how photosynthesis creates the entire web of food we rely on. Food is really light energy in a different form because the light in food has been slowed down in the plants to make things we eat. Foods are just frequencies of light when you get right down to it. Few people see food this way. A “mitochondriac” does see it this way. It turns out photosynthesis builds the entire food web, so that means photosynthesis has to be connected to mitochondria in some way. I explained that connection in detail in Vermont this year. Water is consumed in photosynthesis and combined with CO2 to make sugar. Mitochondria completely reverse this process. Mitochondria make a sea available inside of every eukaryotic cell to slow light’s speed down using Fermat’s principle of least time.

That water created by our mitochondria has a mission tied to energy and information transfer of wireless data from the sun and the magnetic field of Earth. Water is where the creation of the software program, known as epigenetics, begins.  What happens to water with incident electromagnetic waves is what turns on and off the nuclear genome.  The manner in which light is slowed from the sun to the living system is found by what types of free radicals are made in the mitochondrial system as the light on excited electrons fall back to the ground state in the Jablonski diagram of life pictured below.

Energy flux from mitochondria is the key to understanding all modern diseases. Weston A. Price was a dentist like myself, and he went on an amazing journey 100 years ago to study nutrition and its links to western diseases. Last year in Vermont I focused on how the entire food web is controlled by solar light via photosynthesis. I was very direct with a message and wanted people to see how the light environment of the sun really directed the observations of Dr. Price. All of the people Price studied ate their diets under the direction of the sun’s waves and not modern indoor light. Modern nutrition studies are all done in a lab under man’s light.  This incident light changes the free radical signaling from mitochondria because of how light changes into things with mass as it slows its speed in the respiratory chain of proteins. WAPF today wants to link wellness success to foods exclusively and does not appreciate how the environment dictates how food electrons are handled in mitochondria differently than under man-made light indoors. Dr. Price had no way of knowing anything about the effect of light, or lack of light controls on a diet because quantum mechanics of light was being constructed the great minds of physics at this time. The process and steps of photosynthesis were not even worked out when Dr. Price made his journey’s around the world, so there was no way for him to make the links to solar cycles to food and soil chemistry. He focused in on his observations of wild humans and zoo humans and documented his observations. His work was critical to people like Ruben and me because now with QED theory of light fully developed with could begin to fill in the gaps of what he could not know when he made the observations he did.

David Hollenbeck has been a member of my website tribe since 2013. He saw slowly that I might be writing the story that filled in many gaps to WAPF food story that has been developed over the last 65 years by the people who took over Dr. Price’s mission. Most of those people are nutritional researchers whose optic was heavily focused on biochemistry, agricultural aspects, and soil chemistry exclusively on the farm, without thinking about how sunlight links soil, plants, and animals together at the most fundamental levels. Dave realized, that even though I was a controversial lightning rod, that solar cycles likely were the key missing piece in the science that forms the base of Weston A. Price’s observations and published in his work. Modern torchbearers of dogma have a habit of inventing fictions to believe in, in order to ignore truths they cannot and will not accept. Dave wanted to break that idea down.  He is truly a pioneering spirit looking for the truth.  In my eyes, he is a brother because of this.

Dave was not afraid to take a chance and bring me to Vermont last year to talk about how solar light links to the entire food web and how mitochondria decipher the photoelectric energy and information contained on excited electrons. The talk might have been controversial for some in the “food first” crowd but they were very receptive to the message by the time I was done.  I think they realized the eye contained the clues to the answer to Dr. Price’s observations.   Once you realized that all of Dr. Price’s observations on diet were made in humans who lived outdoors in nature, under the guidance of the sun and darkness, you can see light controls are the missing link for us all. Their natural connection with their environments helped explain the unexplainable in modern nutrition research. When I was done with my talk in Vermont, I showed the audience that becoming “overmedicated with food” comes from being undereducated about morning sunlight. I showed the audience that destroying nature’s rules built into a light,  destroys life’s trajectories.  This is how obesity begins in the retina.

This year Dave invited me back to talk about the other coupled side of the photosynthetic process; how AM sunlight directs mitochondrial respiration. I told him the key to understanding this topic started and ended in the quantum biology of the retina and eye. I told them to become a “mitochondriac” will transform oneself from the food and exercise paradigm to the promised land of wisdom.   The key to my perspective was to be found in how light and water interacted within the eye. Dave was all in. He gave me free reign to deliver this kind of message to the group of curious minds that came to Vermont this year. The vibe in the audience during the conference was very different than last year. Dave let me cut it loose.

                                           Matt asking questions to Ruben and Ben during Q & A

When you believe in yourself, in your innate abilities to do and to think, you know implicitly that anything is possible. You might even get “skeptics” to realize that the cause of most of the modern western diseases really begins in the eye and not in our diet or gut. The impossible might even become easy when you rely on your own powers of observation to transform your beliefs. This was the story portrayed in Ruben and Ben Smith’s movie Unbound. The movie was shown to the audience in Vermont the night prior to the event. The “meme of the movie” was surprising to some but quite powerful to most. We should not rely on mentors when we are trying to become the best version of yourself. People have clues that we need to add things yourself to owner’s manual as we proceed on the journey of life. When you begin to rely on yourself and reconnect with nature, you begin to raise your own dopamine level within. This allows you to see that the answers were really right in front of the entire time but you could not see them. Dopamine is made in the eye by AM sunlight exposure. It lowers the signal to noise ratio in the neocortex of humans to allow them to see trends they were blind to when they chose to live a life under an alien sun made by man. When you understand how the slowing down of light in your eye creates things with mass and structure, you begin to see how light creates melatonin and dopamine, you’ve just lit your pilot light. The time you do your best work is when you’re sick and most ignorant of the real cause of disease. Knowing too much about things that don’t matter is a great handicap to curiosity and having the audacity to ask outrageous questions that no one else thought to raise.


This internal drive for transformation begins in your retina and slowly becomes “the fire” in your gut we call intuition. It is how intuition is built from the rubble of your failures. It cannot be extinguished by the people who suck the reason for life, or from life. You will see the energy vampires around you must limit them. You become fully invested and committed to new ideas and beliefs that might lead you to a meeting with success no matter the odds you currently face. Dopamine awakens the wild human within. It makes us want to be driven, motivated, filled with passion, for good things, worthwhile things, things that will make a positive difference, and add value to the lives of others. Your passion can ignite many others’ pilot lights as well when you allow nature to touch you wirelessly with solar rays. When our candle is lit, sharing it does not diminish our flame one bit.  I went to Vermont to light someone up. I did not know who that might be until the last day of the event.

The Quantum thieves, Matt and Brian, came to Vermont after spending 3 weeks in Maine harvesting seaweed in the Atlantic ocean. They brought bags of seaweed and shared it with people at my table.  This time instead of thievery they became quantumpreneurs.  They sold seaweed and my books and I told them to keep the money but share our message with all those who stopped to talk to them.

Here is their account of the weekend in Vermont below:

Matt said, “Brian and I finished our senior project of harvesting seaweed in Maine with Larch Hanson of for three weeks and headed over to Vermont to see Jack and Ruben speak at Shelburne Farms.

In Maine, we were constantly outside, barefoot, moving around working out tensegrity system, letting the energy flow, and capturing sunlight. Larch is 71 years old, has been harvesting wild Maine seaweed in the same area for 44 years. He’s also spent a lifetime studying Eastern wisdom, mindfulness, and bodywork. We would get up some days before sunrise (around 2:30 am), wetsuit up, and head out on the water. Seals flopped down the rocks into the water while we headed to harvest for a few hours around low tide. We were out in the light, grounded to these rocks, and splashing around in the surf, all while channeling our breathing and presence into the work. The work taught us mindfulness because any distraction would cost us our concentration and effectiveness. We would unload the boats at high tide, hang the seaweed in dryers, fire up the ovens, load them every 3 hours through the nights, band-saw it once dried, and pack it. Every step of the process required tremendous focus and presence to make sure nothing was missed. Even the slightest misstep, leaving the vent behind the dryer’s stove shut, could put a load of seaweed behind a full day. So, we began to learn what it really means to be mindful in work and in life.

After we left, we drove through the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the beautiful Shelburne Farms right on Lake Champlain in Vermont. We met the group and watched Ruben Salinas’ new movie, Unbound. It is one of the first movies to make the practical applications of quantum biology clear and apparent through the film.

The group all went out to share some ideas afterward. More importantly, we were raising each other’s dopamine levels by sitting around a table communicating our thoughts and experiences from which we could all learn some things. Jack has such a high level of understanding and an even greater charisma that naturally draws people. I think that when someone lives in such a high quantum-yield environment and constantly works to boost his dopamine level, it becomes very apparent to others that he is living on a “different level” in some way; that the regular troubles and trifles of life are seen for what they really are, and is really able to focus on things that matter.

No surprise, when Jack went to give his talk, he laid out what I was thinking with all of the minute scientific details. Dopamine allows us to increase the signal-to-noise ratio in the brain so that we can tune out distractions and live with greater levels of clarity. Anyone who has done Cold Thermogenesis sunbathed, taken long hikes in nature, or enjoyed beautiful interactions with mindful people has felt this feeling of clarity. To me, I’m able to straighten out my priorities and really come to consider that I only get one shot in this life. Jack says it means to be “all in” in everything we do. To me, it’s a form of mindfulness.

Thoreau said “As I stand over the insect crawling amid the pine needles on the forest floor, and endeavoring to conceal itself from my sight, and ask myself why it will cherish those humble thoughts, and hide its head from me who might, perhaps, be its benefactor, and impart to its race some cheering information, I am reminded of the greater Benefactor and Intelligence that stands over me the human insect.” This is his version of mindfulness. For me, it is realizing that my brain is a survival machine between my ears that will make connections and run whether or not I want it to, often including past traumas and future fears. When I can see this, I am free to live in the present moment.

  Matty and Joe Gavin

On the day of the speakers, we heard from a woman who has been working with the effects of sound on the body’s bio-field. She has experienced tremendous results while using tuning forks and working through people’s fields, feeling and clearing up areas of tension. Currently, the total scientific picture may be slightly lacking, as that field is young; but, the work of Becker and Wallace certainly lay a foundation. Chris Masterjohn spoke about trace minerals in health. Ruben spoke about quantum biology and the practical applications for someone’s life, which really rose some eyebrows in the crowd.

Jack came in as the closer. Most of the audience was local Vermonters who weren’t aware that a number of us had come from far and wide to hear Jack and Ruben. They didn’t know what they were in for. Jack completely blew their mind. Even for members, some of the concepts had never been totally explained. The talk went deep into the function of the eye.

He spoke quite a bit about “vitreous collagen”, which has puzzled docs because it is only found in the eye. What does it do? It slows down light. He talked about Fermat’s law, regarding how the speed of light in certain media is totally different from in a vacuum. He began and ended with E=mc2, Einstein’s fundamental mass-equivalence equation. Most people know the equation but have no clue what it means. I began to understand what it means a few years ago on my own, and Jack confirmed my suspicions in Vermont.

In light elements like hydrogen, protons and neutrons are bound tightly together. In heavier elements, like uranium, they are bound together more loosely. When a nuclear bomb goes off, high energy neutrons break apart the nuclei of uranium atoms causing the release of more neutrons and the formation of two lower-mass particles (Kr and Ba), as well as an inordinate amount of light energy that previously bound those neutrons together. At the end of a fission reaction, there is less mass than there was in the beginning. This “mass defect” is due to mass being turned into energy.

In other words, all matter in the entire universe is actually condensed, slowed down light. The cliché “you are made of stardust” is true, because the matter that makes us is created of light that was slowed down and fused in stars (as far as I know).

Jack showed us all in his talk how the semiconductors in the eye also slow down light to create things with mass and structure for use in the biologic processes of life.  This was not hyperbole, he actually went into detail about the quantum mechanisms at work.  

If we look at the Earth from space, it’s just a big hunk of matter. In order for anything to move in the universe (to do “work” in physics terms), it requires energy. So, what animates the matter on Earth so it can move? This includes the water cycle and all of the other cycles of moving matter on Earth. Different life forms are part of the cycle of many different elements, including water, carbon, and nitrogen. Obviously, the sun animates matter so that it can do work. Sunlight energy is stored in the water against hydrophilic surfaces and life has innovated different types of semiconductors and doping mechanisms so that it can store more energy from sunlight a longer period of time to remain far away from equilibrium; “hedging the second law of thermodynamics” as Jack says. The talk went deep into the biologic steps of how health begins in the wireless charging port for our nervous system: the eye. The sun is like an iPhone charger, and the eye is the charging port on the phone. Only, we are charged wirelessly by electromagnetic radiation; phones are charged by electrical conduction on wires.

After the talks, there was a little cocktail party with appetizers. They invited Brian and me in to help them eat all the food they had. Only the important stuff: sushi covered with caviar, oysters on the half-shell, and local grass-fed cheese and sausage. We hung out around a little fireplace taking in the infrared. I went swimming in the 40-degree lake with Kris Domitrovits late at night, who drove down from Ottawa to meet Jack and the crowd.

The final morning, the sun came out. Just as Devin was about to drive Jack off, we shut the trunk and realized the key was locked in the car. So, we jacked the window open with a stick and used a coat hanger to pull the lock on the handle. It was epic.

                                      Jack giving direction to Devin breaking into his own car to get Jack to the airport fast!

The fields of Quantum Biology and Optimal Human Health are very young and delicate, but I think they have a really bright future ahead of them. I think anyone who gets involved will serve to profit within the coming years in a world where everyone else is sprinting towards disease and death, and many will eventually be desperate for a solution. I would posit that the concept of time doesn’t exist where life doesn’t exist, and that time emerges when an inanimate matter is temporarily suspended in an animated state. It is a measure of how long that matter will remain animated and away from equilibrium. I believe that time is the most valuable form of wealth because, without it, no experience of any other kind of worldly wealth is possible. Can you enjoy being a billionaire from a hospital bed? In this sense, people who know and apply this information are wealthier than anyone alive, even billionaires.”  Matt and Brian are teenage starfish.

Quantum thievery success to get home!


Joe Gavin, Devin Shea, Devin’s mom, Jamie Ann, Sarah Hodgson, Nancy Deily, Leah Larson and Josh Rosenthal and many more of my tribe all made the trip. Nathan Walz got his answer in one of my slides from a member Q & A. Matt got a slide too on his runny nose.  We heard a talk on “sound” that needed a little more quantum physics to understand how sound can truly heal us using tuning forks. This concept is not “woo” if you can explain it fully.  I added a slide to my talk to fill those gaps in.  Sound waves or solitons have the innate ability to carry energy to infinity if they are not interrupted.  This makes them valuable in blood because it is 93% water.  Every time sunlight hits our surface blood vessels rise to the surface and hemoglobin absorbs light 250-600 nm and turns it into electro-mechanical waves we call sound.  So if you don’t get proper solar light on a body part it should now be intuitive why a tuning fork might work.   See below.

                   Electromagnetic waves hit proteins and are turned into sound with the light we don’t see in UV and IR range.

We saw a Ph.D. describe how zinc and copper were important in his work and in diet but I added a slide to show how zinc and copper work to change water around proteins while working with sunlight.  This occurs via the photoelectric effect via the D shell electrons in these two transition metals.  Once they are hit with incident light, the light programs these atoms to alter the charge in the atoms to change the density in the exclusion zone of water to create coherent domains in water which create the redox pile of electrons that really do the business of minerals in a cell.   People forget the entire periodic table of elements is quantized.  That redox pile of electrons excited by sunlight is what drives the 100,000 biochemical reactions per second that go on inside a cell. What controls them all? Light frequencies within the visible spectrum via a molecular resonance phenomenon in a wireless fashion.  Light is capable of massive control because it is the force carrier for the electromagnetic force.  Sunlight creates charges in proteins and light controls things with charges added and subtracted to them.  Photons control all things with charges.  This is why photons are known as the force carrier of the electromagnetic force.  Life is electromagnetic at its very core.

I wanted this new audience to see and meet Dr. Wunsch (above) and his ideas by making him part of my talk thousands of miles away. I used some of his slides and ideas to bring quantum biologic principles forward. Dave tried to get Alexander to Vermont this year, but it could not happen this time around. I consider Dr. Wunsch my “brother from another mother” since we both come from German stock and are both fascinated by light’s medical effects. I decided to bring Dr. Wunsch’s energy to Vermont by using some of his slides to make key points in my talk. I want people to know there are other physicians out there across the globe fighting this “quantized battle” for patients everywhere.
Light waves carry information and energy, and proteins in use absorb that light energy and they act as tuning forks for the biochemicals inside of cells. The light frequency that causes a vibration in the chemical to make it react and do things that the light frequency will allow given the energy within the phonon that resonates with the molecule. We heard another energy healer who was using sound, an electromechanical vibration, to help cells with poor redox potentials react to sound generated from a tuning fork. The meeting was like listening to a symphony where disparate parts of knowledge, which are well known about in the published literature needed the connection back to light to see how they all really worked in our cells. My talk was the last one and I tried my best to tie up all the loose ends and connect all of those dots for the audience. All of the speakers had the experience that their observations were factual, but the goal of the meeting was to pull these ideas all back to the fundamentals that make up life, namely, light, water, and magnetism. We did it with balance and deft to show the audience that the story of food and sound in the literature is missing the connection to the sun’s natural frequencies as the sun changes its frequencies in a day on Earth. Once I showed those connections of the solar light to the creation of hormones in the pituitary, POMC proteins in the brain, and how the sun turns on and off the sympathetic nervous system using porphyrins in our blood as their light messenger ferry, I saw many faces lit up with amazement, of how nature works if we get out of her way.



1. Meeting all my old friends again and re-establishing our connection: entanglement is key for mitochondriacs
2. Meeting many new friends and starting new relationships to build my dopamine empire after watching “Unbound”, Ruben’s movie. The movie is a step in getting people to see a side of science mankind is missing today. Benjamin Smith made the documentary and he has a stunning eye for capturing light frequencies perfectly to tell a story with light. His shot of the sky in Prague was epic and the shot of Sarah Hodgson at the beach during the sunrise was captivity cinema. Ben and Ruben are two of my favorite misfits in this life.   Also meeting my two new members from New Hampshire and having a demonstration of the second law of thermodynamics using real-time clairvoyance in one of the ladies, Roxy, was cool.  Tre McCarney hung out with us as this went late into the night.
3. Sharing my wife’s bio-hack with the audience and seeing their response to her transformation.  She is the wind beneath my wings.
4. Sharing how the Leptin Rx was really born in my mind’s eye for the first time live.
5. Meeting a few children from the Northeast who are the future of this movement towards a paradigm change in health.
6. Kneeling down before the audience and touching them wirelessly with the vibrations of my words filling them up with new ideas to build a new perspective that was always right there in front of them but they never saw it.  Low dopamine blocked them from seeing nature’s fractal fabric of wellness.
7. Meeting Devin’s mom for the first time. I knew a lot about her but her face, touch, and warmth live were one of the best things I sampled in Vermont. Seeing Devin lock his keys in his car with my bags and computer in it an hour before my flight and seeing Matt, Brian, and Devin engineer a quick solution to get me home to NOLA.

8. Seeing the quantum thieves elevate their game to actually crash the party and make money this time by volunteering to spread the word at the table where old copies of my books were.
9. Seeing a couple who has followed me for 5 years tell me about the complete reversal of an autoimmune condition and horrific heart diseases using light, water, and magnetism as their beacons.
10. Spending time with Dave Hollenbeck at dinner that last night and having a “real conversation” about many things that are important to us both.

                                                                      Is this Devin or Ryan Secrest?


Weston A. Price, in his day, walked back in time and allowed his eyes and observations to make a leap forward. I decided to do the same thing during my talk with the help of my friends and fellow MD’s. Health is a resilience to adversity built by mitochondria strength that is powered by circadian cycles. You’re no assembly line product so stop treating yourself like you are. You’re deliberately crafted, specially gifted, and entangled in nature.  Begin to act like it.

I decided, as a former dentist myself, that I was going to act like Weston A. Price and take them back in time in the medical literature to look carefully at the published science, to make new connections to modern chronic diseases using quantum mechanic principles of light in the retina to show them why we have an epidemic of mitochondrial diseases in medicine today. I thought the walk back in time would remind the audience that Dr. Price and myself have a lot more in common today than the foundation that carries his name. That is a big statement to make here in this blog, but I think I opened that door and left it ajar, and illuminated the attendees with the story of how AM solar light is the missing link to understand food. A “mitochondriac” sees this light connection, but “foodies” have to be lead to the light slowly and shown what is behind the door.  In that sliver of light via that small crack in the door, is one of the most critical answers to modern medicine’s paradigm. My talk was designed to “open their eyes” to this reality.  It was a lot of fun to give this talk because I decided to go back to old science to take a quantum leap forward in our thinking on food studies, from a mitochondrial perspective. Nature is a spell that every cell is required to take. Spells are a form of quantum innovation. It manifests the invisible and the imaginable into real life verifiable forms, through perfectly natural means using the eye as the gateway to reality we get.

I loved sharing the healing idea that just re-connecting with nature is the key to wellness success for us all. I also wanted to show them how easy and cheap this was to put into action in their own life. They did not need to join a supplement maker to get a box of stuff that really is superfluous to a wild human. We only think we need a mentor’s help because modern life blinds us to the obvious reality that is right in front of us. This point was made over and over again in the movie, Unbound. You must focus on rebuilding your ability to tap the doctor in your own head who carries the intuition of nature inside of you. We should not allow someone else ideas of wellness invade our minds or our wallets. Many “modern enlightened biohackers” are creating a society built to create the belief system that we can seek shortcuts around nature. The reality is often the shortcuts, in the end, backfire on us. Money spent on quantum health ideas is an investment, not a cost. Money spent on Rx and supplements and conventional treatments is an opportunity cost. Hope is the strongest tool a supplement/Rx marketer has. The stupidity of their customers is number two, in my opinion. We must begin to understand how the sun opens the largest compound pharmacy in the body by molecular resonance phenomena that begins in the retina.

No paradigm wants us to become wise to how nature really works. If folks become wise they cannot be controlled or exploited. When we gain knowledge we cease to be subjugated, no longer can we be forced to live a robotic life. The wisdom of nature creates a fragrance of rebellion. I smelled that scent in Vermont as people spoke to one another. We must all seek the fire, the life, the flame within and refuse to be anyone’s slave. The working wise among us will soon decide to change their conditions of existence every morning, not just on the weekends when it is convenient. Nature is the perfect chemist for mitochondria. The true alchemist does not change lead into gold; they opt to change sunlight into health span and longevity. The working wise won’t rely on “an employment” excuse. They will take the idea that AM sunlight can sculpt our mind to create ideas. They will execute these ideas and change their life for the better. The ironic thing about nature isn’t that things are harder than you thought they were going to be; it was that they are hard in ways that you did not expect.

How do you currently think you achieve your success in life? Set your goals and do not deviate from your plan no matter what “they” tell you. The AM light has the power you’ve missed most of your life. Little steps in the correct direction every morning can lead to massive cause and effect in your life. That was my simple message in Vermont. How I delivered the message was counterintuitive but thunderous to the curious mind. Any difference we intend to make in this life will be lost if our goal is not acted on, so we need to govern ourselves accordingly with the new data we discover. If you can not govern yourself or think properly you will never meet your success in life. Think well and seeing trends is a function of dopamine and melatonin creation in your eye every morning under the direction of solar power. I realized 12 years ago I could no longer afford to wait for perfect conditions to arise in my life as a surgeon. I had to stop operating early and missing the solar frequencies if I was going to write my sinking ship. Setting goals is often a matter of balancing timing against available resources. Opportunities are easily lost while waiting for perfect conditions. I now begin every one of my days with the end in mind. It always begins with the sun.


MY PARTING SHOT: I think Ruben and I showed in Vermont that physics has a lot of spirituality built into it that most people never realize. In this way, faith is alike electricity. You cannot see it, but you can see it’s light shining upon you at every sunrise. There are only two choices for getting optimal: make progress or make excuses. BOOM.