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THE TAKE HOME:  This blog and the March 2017 webinar together in conjunction were designed to fully address the “hard problem” in explaining human consciousness. The hard problem of consciousness is the problem of explaining how and why we have qualia or phenomenal experiences—how sensations acquire characteristics, such as colors and tastes.


Is consciousness is entangled to your MOM in some way we fail to visualize???

We get all of our mitochondria from our maternal lineage. In order for us to be here today, you had to have been 10 years old at one time, right? The hard problem for this conscious idea is to be able to return to that time at any time in your life. No one can take us to where we were at 10 years old. You can’t even point to where you were 10 years old exactly, but you can remember this time via your memory. In this way, consciousness allows humans to time travel in reality.

This is no metaphor. It is a hardcore fact of the reality of mankind. This idea is absolutely empirical but too few realize how incredibly fundamental it is. In order to be here now, you had to have been 10 years old at one point. Now think about your own cells in your body right now. In order for them to be human today, they also would have to have part of their history buried in them somewhere, wouldn’t they?

Somewhere in time or in your memory, you’re still 10 years old, in order to be here today. And if you take that idea apart, somewhere in time you’re actually two years old, and somewhere in time that you can’t point to right now, you’re coming out of your mother’s womb. Imagine the beauty of that: back in your mother’s womb, back where you become a cell for the very first time. That single cell can then divides in half back into a sperm cell and an egg cell. And then back to your mother and father tissues wouldn’t it? From your mother and father, we would have to back many thousands of species via evolutionary history and we’d get back to a single living entity 3.8 billion years ago.

So if you take this whole thing back 3.8 billion years, there’s only one entity on the planet, right? And we’re all part of it like a hand has fingers. Except for this hand in my thought experiment is multifractal; it’s got deer over here and humans over here, and each one does a different thing. Dogs smell the world better, so they work as the sensory organ for the ability smell. Humans think and think in patterns, so we’re that part of the organism that makes patterns. And it winks at itself and identifies itself, all this one thing on the planet…….


Consciousness is not an epi-phenomenon of your brain, it’s actually something that your brain creates using its mitochondria as its muse.  It is also fully capable of turning the light of the sun into other electromagnetic waves that are used to build a TV show we call life.  In 1961, Franken and his co-workers observed the phenomenon of second-harmonic generation (SHG) in quartz.  Quartz is a crystal that participates in non-linear optics.  Second-harmonic generation is but one aspect of non-linear optics.  Our brain is made out of liquid crystalline materials that also participate in non-linear optical changes.  Today nonlinear optics has attracted much attention and developed into one of the key branches of modern optics. Without exception, nonlinear optical (NLO) crystals, have become the most important optoelectronic functional material types humans know about now.  They are now widely used in laser wavelength-converting technology.  Our brain has been doing this to wake life up now for 600 million years.  Non-linear optical crystals allow for a physiochemical phenomenon when they interact with light.  The light frequencies that best work with NLO is UV light because it is the brightest and most energetic part of the visible solar spectrum that falls to Earth’s surface.   This phenomenon manifests often by leeching onto the non-linear crystal materials as the carrier.  In turn, the materials usually find a practical application, benefiting from the attached property.  That attached property is what consciousness is, in my opinion.    This is how animals evolved wakefulness from the unconscious sleep state.  Once awake, more energy was made from our hydrogen fuel cells called mitochondria, and that energy was used with more NLO crystals cells innovated to provide us the ability to create how sensations acquire characteristics, such as colors, pitch, and tastes.

For the skeptics reading this understand that modern light engineering takes full advantage of this idea in many devices.  I will also remind you it has been proven that every cell every studied in biology has been shown to release ELF-UV as laid out in Roeland van Wijk’s recent book, Light Shaping Life. In optical engineering particularly, the NLO crystals are vital to the generation of coherent light in the ultraviolet (UV, λ < 400 nm) and deep-ultraviolet region (DUV, λ < 200 nm) regions by all-solid-state lasers, owing to its great application in many scientific and engineering fields such as semiconductor photolithography, micromachining and ultraprecise photoelectron spectrometry.  It appears cells have figured out how to do the exact same thing using sunlight and particular NLO’s,  we now call hydrated proteins.  Consciousness is created by cells using light and NLO protein collisions that become ordered by our mitochondria.  The information in sunlight is chaotic, but it becomes focused and useful because of the NLO and mitochondria in our neurons and other cells.  This creative masterpiece has been nature’s real job in evolution.  She has been on this path for 3.8 billion years.

Other parts of our brain are designed to be “tuned” into this “station of created waves”  like a radio is tuned to a set of information. The brain is also capable of sending out information on this station of waves to all parts of our body and to others in the world.  This is why mitochondria are most numerous in neurons in the human brain.  When we are properly tuned, because our heteroplasmy rates are low and energy production is optimized,  light waves are emitted from neurons to tune in other cells to the proper frequency to communicate. Along the same ‘neurons/wires’ different light frequencies (colors) can occur allowing for different messaging to occur on the same superhighway.  We do not have to have a new highway for different physiologic functions as modern neuroscience believes.  This is why the wiring diagram ideas I had to learn in neurosurgery are a relic of knowledge that is no longer useful.  This is also why I can open a person’s skull and remove an entire lobe of someone’s brain and I will have a small effect on their ability to participate in consciousness.

Mitochondria used to be bacteria in evolution’s past that made energy from sunlight by learning to capture the light energy in solar excited electrons as they fell back to the ground state. Chloroplasts used this trick first, 50 million years before mitochondria did.  They allowed plants to begin using chloroplasts and this made life on Earth become wirelessly connected to the sun to live. Mitochondria and chloroplasts both used to be this single living entity bacteria at one time.

So this single entity I am speaking about, a mitochondria/chloroplast has not died yet. In the beginning, it was not awake or conscious, it was quietly asleep during day and night for billions of years until 600 million years ago when two other things showed up on Earth because of the sun. DHA and oxygen showed up in large amounts in the ocean and in the atmosphere. All these successive steps were very unlikely but they all happened because we are here today as proof of concept, aren’t we?

Every day we live we are closer to death.  Each cell is dying.  Health is the slowest form of life our mitochondria allows for.  But this ancestral entity is still there in that dying cell, even today isn’t it?   Remember every day we are closer to death as we age.  In this way, we get closer to equilibrium.  Life is a dance to stay far from equilibrium and this is the fundamental goal of mitochondria.  After all, it is only at death when a cell is in equilibrium with its environment.

To keep a cell far from equilibrium is the ultimate job of mitochondria.  In the process of its task, it can create enough energy to also keep us conscious when the sun is out.  When electrons stop flowing to oxygen in our hydrogen fuel cell death comes with a chemical equilibrium we call rigor mortis.  The entities that are capable of this herculean task are a mitochondrion in animals and a chloroplast in plants.  Moreover, every mitochondrion on Earth comes from a maternal germ cell line.  Our maternal line is what causes us to become awake and alert.  This also implies why brain fog is always seen with mitochondrial dysfunction.

In plants, every autumn chloroplasts go “back to sleep”, acting like an unconscious state, when leaves fall off a tree.  The plant requires certain frequencies of light to be present to interact phosphorus catalyst to split water into atoms of oxygen and hydrogen in its leaf to create life via photosynthesis and a small DC electric current.  Plants wake up, or become conscious,  in spring once the specific sun’s light frequencies return.  For plants, consciousness varies by latitude and season.  Places, where the sun’s message remain strong, allows plants to stay conscious of the sunlight year round.  We do not think of plants as being conscious because we do not observe or understand the deep quantum relationship to their chloroplasts.  A mitochondrion and chloroplast both come from a similar bacterial symbiont and both resemble a natural hydrogen fuel cell that runs on water.  We seem to forget this very basic fact is common to both.  Chloroplast consume water by burning it using the sun’s light and mitochondria make it when they burn fats and sugars.  When we see the buds on a tree, however, we know exactly what that implies for our own environment.  We fail to contemplate what it means for the plants around us.



In animals when they are dying, the “entity” is still in a dying cell, doing what it has always done, making energy to create life’s reality. And what I think is that our consciousness is actually a mitochondrial consciousness in action.  This is why I believe consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of our brain, it’s actually something that your brain “has turned” the light of nature; into other waves of light like a radio is tuned to a set specific frequencies to gain information.  Like matter, like energy, consciousness can’t be created or destroyed.   Consciousness is related to the presence and absence of sunlight.  It is dynamic and in constant flux based on the environment, it senses.   Our mitochondria/chloroplasts are incredible environmental light sensors. It doesn’t make sense to most because it doesn’t fit the way most believe the world or the universe works. One atom on the periodic table (Phosphorus) and sunlight gave us the chance of wakefulness.  From those initial collisions came consciousness as time ordered more phosphorus atoms for a mitochondria/chloroplast to tune too. Sunlight was capable of building and maintaining this order in those ancient cells.


So I have assumed consciousness is a quantum ability more present in reality than we assume it really is. Consciousness, rather than being something that we contain, maybe something we participate in via the interactions of atoms and light in our cells.

I think this might happen in the same way that our cell is in us until it’s just a dead, dry thing, going back to death. Its light illumination is dimmed and as such, it cannot generate matter or energy well and its memory of its past is dimmed. I don’t think that there’s an afterlife at all.  When the giant organism grows up and becomes an adult, that is the afterlife. Currently, I think we’re part of a larval entity; it lives on the planet Earth; it consumes the planet Earth under the direction of the sun as another part of its development in the same way a caterpillar eats leaves. If you watch the caterpillar, it looks like it’s destroying its environment, but it’s not. It’s actually just feeding to change into something new, a butterfly. And I think that’s what’s going on with us, on our planet right now. I think this is how we go from sleep to wakefulness,  and we call this reality……… life.

Now for the more difficult question, you asked me to tackle in the April 2017 webinar……….what exactly is God?   Energy information both or neither?

Buckle up.


  1. March 2017 webinar at for the mechanisms of consciousness I elude to in this post.