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Nature provides “a why” for things to live, and as such, living things can bear almost any how the Earth can throw at it.  So this raises the difficult question why don’t humans understand magnetism well?  When you have no framework of understanding of a topic, a question of why is fruitless.  This is counterintuitive to most and it is one fo the ways a skeptic undresses themselves by showing their ignorance.  Scientists are an interesting breed of people, they are creative, adventurers, critical, and pragmatic. This may not be the initial subset of people you would look to for inspiration. However, think for an instance of the motivation required to tackle the great intellectual challenges of our time. Scientists are driven by constant curiosity and inspired to find truth.  Physicians should be too, but the paradigm today is not about truth it is built around following evidence they believe to on the menu for health.  Magnetism rarely comes up as a topic for wellness in any office.  That is unfortunate.

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