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Heal Your HormnesIf you’ve been biohacking any length of time, you know that unraveling complex issues like PCOS, weight gain, hashimotos, fibromyalgia, depression, estrogen dominance, low libido, fatigue, poor sleep and more can get pretty overwhelming. Learning all of this stuff takes a while, too.

Many in the community have seen the lifestyle and dietary changes they’ve made improve their test results, but optimal is still a ways off. And we all know medical doctors aren’t going to figure this out for us.

If diet and lifestyle changes, supplementation or BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) haven’t taken you to optimal, listen to the replay and download the community-wide introduction to Healing Your Hormones with Dr. Tim Jackson. In this epic two-hour webinar (with lots of Q&A!), we discuss:

  • The Quantum Health Model, and how it frames out a pathway for you to systematically reverse disease and create the conditions needed for optimal,
  • The two key areas of health that MUST be optimized before it’s possible to optimize your hormones,
  • Why BHRT alone will not optimize your hormones (also known as a crash course on thyroid, methylation and pregnenolone steal) and
  • The key tests you need to run so you can zero in on exactly what needs to be fixed in your own biochemistry for optimal hormones and all the reversals and health benefits that come from them.

You can spend years unraveling your own n=1. Sometimes, key findings along the journey reveal an underlying issue that needed to be dealt with first before all the other steps you’ve put into place will truly reverse your condition. You want results, and this webinar will lay out those underlying issues so you can address them and finally feel success!

This journey is not for the faint at heart, that’s for damn sure. And we are gonna kick this biohacking thing into high gear, baby! Don’t miss this FREE webinar; it’s gonna give you a rock-star competitive advantage for locking into your path to optimal once and for all!

Listen Now

This webinar is now available to replay and download. Click here to listen to the FREE community wide “Heal Your Hormones” webinar with Dr. Tim Jackson.