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Every wave connects with everything in nature via resonance and so it is with life.    —- Dr. Jack Kruse
THE TAKE HOME:  Is there something special about how the sun creates light that is critical for a mitochondriac in training to understand?  Do you know what it is?  If the blood plasma connected the sun with our mitochondria by way of hemoglobin, what is it about the sun’s light that makes it seem so cozy with our mitochondria?  Could the sun be an object that uses magnetohydrodynamic equations to communicate directly with mitochondria and use our blood plasma as its conduit?  It is a provocative idea for a convention physicist and biologist.  The interesting thing is…………………

Nature provides education for our cells with waves from many sources. The dissemination of her wisdom is buried in the energy and information in them. We’re built for each cell to absorb this information unless our choices interfere with that wireless download. The yield of the download develops a cell’s genius or set a journey of illness. When we are disconnected from nature, our lives become muffled before we’re silenced by debt of nature. This should be an education we are all interested in.

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