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KREB’S BICYCLE WISDOM:  You should never rely on thirst to dictate water consumption because it lags the real effect. Calculating your total body water deficit is another way to try to measure how badly your engine (TCA/urea cycle)  is working.  Total body water is a function of metabolic rate and state of the mitochondrial matrix.  We covered this in the April 2013 webinar.  By the time thirst kicks in, your serum osmolarity is already impaired. Dehydration is a major cause of daytime fatigue as well, and dehydration slows your metabolism by 2-3%. As time goes on this imbalance can steepen dramatically in a person in an altered environment.  In fact, just a 2% drop in total body water can cause neurologic changes to show up.  How do I know this?  I am a neurosurgeon,  and we see these swings all the time in trauma cases and brain tumors that are associated with syndromes called SIADH, cerebral salt wasting syndrome, and diabetes insipidus.  They are related to vasopressin.  Now think about what I mentioned in the April 2013 webinar for our members.  Are you beginning to connect any dots that dehydration and nnEMF may be linked?  Could this be why modern humans are afflicted by the opiate crisis?  Look at the picture below.  To understand how we work you need to see how the pieces fit.

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