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What follows is a blog written by two teenagers who got their parents to agree to let them fly to Mexico to try to meet our group.  They had no way of knowing how it might all turn out.  In the end my wife and I felt like we inherited two more sons.  They were a pleasure to meet and spend time with.  The best thing about meeting both of them is that it gives me hope for our young generation.  It is clear that some of them are all in and want to help change the world by helping people.  I think all my members that got “entangled” with these young men came away better because of this encounter.

Take a look at this video done by Sarah at the member event before you read on:

By Matt and Brian teenage quantum members.  First up is Matt’s account of our encounter

How do you get endless bottles of Malbec, unlimited mojitos on the beach, a $400 dollar bottle of champagne and $500 bed on New Year’s Eve, become the son Josh Rosenthal never had, non-member access to a member-only Q&A, countless paid-for breakfasts and dinners, all-you-can-eat five star sushi, sashimi, lamb, duck, mango grouper, and coconut shrimp, (basically) unlimited access to a five star resort, kicked out at least 15 times, a trip to an underground cenote and Chichen Itza, a week-long extension, a place to stay, a doctor’s note excusing school absence, $20,000 of a neurosurgeon’s time, envy of the coolest people on the planet, and the secrets to life, all for free?

Simple. Become a Quantum Thief.


My name is Matt Maruca. I am pictured below with Dr. Josh Rosenthal.  I’m 17 years old, from a suburb called Narberth, 12 miles northeast of Center City Philadelphia. I used to suffer from chronic gas and gut pain, debilitating allergies, daily headaches and migraines, and felt constantly lost, anxious, and depressed. At 13, as a freshman in high school, I knew I couldn’t live like that forever, but I didn’t know what to do. I had been to my pediatrician, allergists, gastroenterologists, and alternative practitioners, and had taken their drugs. Little did I know their professions will be playing guessing games until Quantum Biology reaches their doorstep. I believed what everyone else my age believes: that the people who are older than us know more than we do; that the knowledge gained in years of study is meaningful; that modern medicine is the ideal system to cure patients of disease.

At one point a migraine persisted for three weeks so my mom took me to the ER where they pumped me with a saline IV and some drugs. I remember having my mom turn off the fluorescent lights because of how much they irritated my brain. Not once did they ask a question, much less provide any potential explanation why. At heart I knew that they, just like me, were in the dark. You’d think that experience would have led me to action.

Only when I ate a plate of fries, noticed a huge acne breakout, and remember my mom mentioning that greasy foods can cause acne, did I have a lightbulb moment: “my gut must be damaged.” Searching “how to heal a damaged gut” inevitably led to the Whole30 and paleo. After just a week on paleo, coming from vegetarianism, my world was shattered. “I can fix my health issues with diet?” Mark Sisson says diet is 80% of health. “If grains and sugar can cause gut problems and allergies, why did no one tell me? How does no one know?” I was so energized and empowered that I could solve my issues with diet alone. I spent months moving between various versions: Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo, Gut and Psychology Syndrome Paleo (GAPS- mostly bone broths), idolized as the pinnacle of healing diets. If diet is the cure, why did my progress stop, and my issues just morph?

I ended up thinking “just one more week on this diet and it’ll all be better.” “Just this small change will make all the difference.” My body, which was so starved for carbs after being a grain and sugar-based vegetarian for 6 years, demanded sugar. I ended up breaking these diets, condemning myself for lack of self-control, eating more and more carbs, to the point where I was in an extreme-paleo-diet-binge-on-four-pints-of-ice-cream-in-one-sitting-and-hate-myself cycle that lasted for the entire summer after that freshman year. I hated myself because I thought it was all my fault that I couldn’t get better, because I had no “self-control”. This was really fucked up for a 13-year-old to go through, especially knowing that he was the only person who could solve his health problems. If Paleo is the “Solution”, why didn’t it work? Could it be that my mitochondria were absolutely trashed, I couldn’t burn fat, and I was actually starving myself by not eating sugar? Is a half-truth better than a full lie if it left me far worse-off than ever before? You be the judge. Caveat: Half-truths often lead people to distrust previously trusted systems and to further challenge old assumptions. For example, someone I spoke with recently mentioned that as soon as her practitioner friends realized that the high-carb, low-fat diet is not based on solid evidence, they began to also question whether they should trust what they are told about the safety of cell phones from governments and large corporations. I believe cognitive dissonance is one of the few things that separated the world we live in today from the dark ages. To my dismay, fewer and fewer people dissent in our society.

During sophomore year I went to see a Paleo practitioner who found a parasite/highly-simplified-flora in my gut (surprise?), so I took her antibiotic and supplements. Still, I did not feel much better. At this point I had heard of Jack Kruse and ice baths and wanted more than anything to try them out. I listened to my instinct. I began to wear blue blockers at night, look at the AM sun, and switched to epi-paleo. All of a sudden, I stopped needing carbs and started feeling better. My dad still thinks it was all because of the antibiotic, but he never asked “why did I have a parasite?” nor “why didn’t it come back, like the majority of similar cases?”. I hated my school but didn’t know why (maybe it’s never seeing the sun shine, all the fluorescent tubes, the 1,500 cell phones, Wi-Fi routers in every room, or the Macbook Airs they give to every single student…). I lucked out when a teacher suggested applying for a full-scholarship US Dep’t of State foreign exchange, something I had never heard of.

Next thing I knew, I was in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina for my full junior year, living with a host family, having a schedule in school that let me spend countless hours every morning sitting by the river Vrbas in the sun with only organic, grass-fed food available, sitting outdoors constantly at cafes in full-spectrum sunlight, visiting old castles and towns, participating in international high school conferences, going out and having fun, feasting at religious celebrations with my host parents and friends’ families, and connecting with new people like never before, raising my dopamine level without knowing it, having the time of my life. I had a month of winter break in January where every day I hiked up a hill 10 minutes from my apartment to a monument overlooking the entire city where I sat for hours thinking about my life and life in general; realizing how small we are and how true it is to say “life is exactly what we make of it”. I got a workout by carrying home 10 gallons of water from a spring in those hills whenever I needed it. That winter, I was still feeling down fairly often, and I wrote a letter to myself (part of the program) basically saying “do what you know is right, and everything will be right.” When I reread the letter 5 months later at the end of the year orientation, I couldn’t hold back the tears; I could barely speak. Here’s the letter below:

Dear Matt at Re-Entry [orientation],

First of all, I want to congratulate you on whatever you’ve done. Sitting here in the American Corner [English library where we had this mid-year program orientation] writing this letter with snow falling on the Kastel [Ottoman fortress in the center of town] and Sarajevo friends around [group of students from other city visiting Banja Luka for orientation], I see only good for the future, if I will it. You know the power of a thought. You have used it change your life entirely in the last year-and-a-half.

So, what do I want or hope to do for the next 5 months? I want you to have been hapy. I want you to constantly have that feeling that life is just good. I know that you will have lived in the sun on the side of Vrbas [river in town], edpecially after March when it begins to come back strong, packed with UVB. I hope you wouldn’t be the slightest but afraid to tell that to anyone straight, nor the immense experience you’ve had with your health. That is not easy and it has shaped you into who you are. People are quick to judge something that they don’t understand or that is different to the,. Don’t let our nature ever get in the way of you doing what you want to do, because we both know (me now and you now) that I love our species and want the best for them. Right now I often feel like I’m missing something, however I know when I do “what I do” [referring to sunbathing, CT, etc.], that void magically disappears. Embrace the morning sun my friend.

Right now, I really want a girlfriend, being a testosterone-loaded 16-year-old. You’ll know how that turned out, and you’ll know that you did what you could, you did your best, and that’s all I can do. If you know that’s what you did, good for you, because whether you know it or not, you’re really trying.

I want to acknowledge what I’m especially thankful for. Mia, you’re hilarious. Our Sarajevo friend are really great. Alex, you drawing of yourself are hilarious. You’ve taught me so much my friend, and I’m so excited for what we’ll do in the coming months. Georgie, you’re a great girl and I love how much you’re growing as a person here; I couldn’t ask for a better Bosnian sister. Lela [coordinator], thanks for everything, especially my cool beanie, necklace, and shirt. New Year’s Eve at the Gallaghers’ [embassy family] was amazing. Remember, I couldn’t ask for a better coordinator. I’m going to come back and visit!

Remember that: you want to come back and experience how amazing Bosnia and probably the whole Former Yugoslavia is. With how much I’ve grown recently, I can’t imagine what I’ll be like in June. Please remember what you love.

Daniel and Natasha [host parents] are so amazing. They really try so hard to make my experience here as great as possible. Never forget how much they’ve made possible for me.

Remember, it’s not about what you think you don’t have, you must remember to love everything you do.

Life is beautiful. Live, love, and be a man for others. You can do anything.

Love you man,

Matthew J Maruca 1/4/16 Banja Luka


As I gained greater control over my personal issues and confidence that they would resolve, my focus began to shift away from myself. If I used to constantly feel like shit and suffer from issues that originated with mitochondria damaged by my environment, specifically by lack of sunlight, artificial lighting, and non-native electromagnetic fields (EMF), what was happening to everyone else? Reading Andrew Marino’s book “Going Somewhere: Truth about a Life in Science” made me realize just how messed up things are in our society. Watching the documentary “The Corporation” made it clearer.

Humans have created a society to allow for maximum wealth creation, because from the beginning of time we have perceived that wealth is what brings happiness. Most humans were not affected by a lack of sunlight and fake light and non-native electromagnetic fields didn’t exist. Wealth brought unlimited water and good food, as well as things that shine (reflect lots of red light). It was always a symbol of status.

Fast-forward to today: think about the wealthiest people you know. Are they the happiest? The suburbs of Philadelphia where I live are home to many very wealthy people, and most that I know are just as stressed as most, if not, more. They do not escape chronic disease, in fact, they might even suffer from more of it. We never created a society focused on maximizing quality of human life. Most people do not realize this. It’s pretty obvious: most people know that our modern corporate/capitalist system will chop down the world’s forests, exploit its poor people for labor, plunder its resources, and pollute its oceans. It’s easy to shunt responsibility and say “it’s because a bunch of greedy bastards who don’t care about anyone run the show”. But, many of the CEO’s who make decisions are just like us. We The People have allowed a system that has given corporations all the rights of a legal person, whose sole driver is maximizing revenue. A CEO who makes a decision that violates this principle is harming his shareholders or employees and is liable to be fired. As long as we all accept that this “is the way it is”, things will never get better.

This system does all of the aforementioned things to make profit to the extent which we allow it, so we have created regulatory bodies and laws. But, what do we end up with when these corporations are allowed to pay the people who make the policies to comply with them, or otherwise not have the funding to remain a lawmaker? The same system, but with as little regulation as necessary to keep the public from rioting. Forget about protecting our species. Most people do not realize that corporations will, naturally, take advantage of human health to increase revenues as well, if allowed. If you think this is regulated and we are protected, look up the Federal Communications Commission. Notice that the Chairman under the Obama Administration is the former Senior President of The Wireless Association, the largest lobby in the world for the telecommunications industry. Do you think our government and regulators are working for us? Notice that the 1996 Telecommunications Act makes it illegal for local governments to refuse applications for cell towers, otherwise be subject to lawsuits by major carriers. It also absolves telecommunications corporations of responsibility for health effects found to be related to wireless phones. So, who is protecting you now?


If you think the above is problem, YOU have the power to take action. If everyone reading this sent this letter, imagine the things that might begin to happen in DC. If you choose to send it, you become a part of the solution. If you are “too busy” to stand up for something you believe in, then you are just as much a part of the problem as anyone who has no clue about this issue, because they too are doing NOTHING.

Open this link for a letter that you can customize with your own name and city
Send the letter to the president by copying and pasting it in an email to mailto: [email protected], or printing it and sending it to:

The White House
 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
 Washington, DC 20500
You can also send a note under 2500 characters here
Send the letter to your elected representatives. Find their emails here  and copy and paste the letter into an email.
Click here for a bulk list of emails of ALL US HEALTH AND SAFETY AGENCIES, ALL FCC ELECTED OFFICIAL STAFFERS. Add these in the email to your senators and representatives!
If you have twitter, you can find twitter accounts and hashtags of responsible officials on this site as well. Bombard them with provocative tweets for all the public to see!
CONTACT THE FCC DIRECTLY. We have until February 6th to oppose new measure to further limit local governments’ ability to oppose construction of towers. CLICK HERE for instructions to easily leave a comment.
Download (Word), customize and share this 5G WARNING FLYER with your community
Activists work endlessly to bring media attention to the subject, but are constantly denied by the largest media outlets, which most people trust wholly for the “truth”. Could corporations be profiting off of your ignorance? Look no further than the pharmaceutical corporations, who make trillions of dollars prescribing drugs to treat symptoms while ignoring libraries of research about how environmental factors are causing these diseases.

Did you know that in 1911, when Rockefeller’s oil monopoly, Standard Oil, was dismantled, he paid hundreds of millions of dollars to medical schools around the world to disregard treatments that had been proven effective over hundreds of years to adopt “evidence-based-medicine”, which means to only use drugs that can be patented and sold for a profit? Anyone can trust the media and the government, but just remember that you are trusting a system that is designed to make a profit wherever allowed, your ignorance being no exception (rather, the most common culprit!)

So, if I want to do something about it, why not travel down to Mexico to meet people who are interested in this field? That’s what I decided to do. What I experienced was nothing short of exceptional.

I had wanted to meet Jack Kruse more than anyone else in the world for a long time. I did not think I would be able to for a long time, until after graduating school. Also, they recommended that people only come if they were staying in the Royal Playa Del Carmen resort, because it is “very difficult” to enter the resort if not staying there. My friend, Brian, who was totally pumped to come down as well, did a little poking around and found that the beach in front of the resort is public and the resort is pretty open. We decided to go down with absolutely no certainty that we would be able to sneak into the resort, nor meet any of the group, particularly Jack. If there is one lesson to be learned, always take the risk. You might just get more than you could have ever imagined.

On our first night we tried to connect with the group. We couldn’t get a Wi-Fi signal so we ended up just waiting in front of the Royal resort by a fountain. I was running frantically around trying to find a signal. What happened next was the last thing we expected: Jack, the main reason we came, walked out the front completely alone. We took a walk down 5th Ave., a never-ending street parallel to the beach covered in shops, restaurants, and bars. We found a nice place to sit down and Jack bought us a nice bottle of Malbec to share, and the catch of the day, grouper. It went something like this: Jack: “this place looks badass”, then it was decided. It was like a dream; before coming down here, Jack felt more like a celebrity to us than a friend. To have him taking us out for wine was totally unanticipated but totally badass. He shared lots of knowledge, we talked for almost three hours. He took a huge monkey off my back by helping me to realize that my previous focus of “doing as much as I can to help as many people as I can” is, first off, inherently unachievable, because so many people have based their lives on poor thinking and bad ideas, and they will never change; second, even if I want to dedicate my life to helping others, if I am poor or working a job that trades lots of time for money, I will never have the capacity nor the time to take up endeavors, such as lawsuits, or building companies, that will have the biggest benefit for our species’ survival and righting some of the biggest wrongs in our society. You don’t need money to be happy, but you generally need money to get shit done.


It’s hard to put to words the feeling one gets from being around Jack. The energy field that he puts out speaks volumes. When he talks, people want to listen. Not only is it because his work has allowed so many people to recover from health issues that would have otherwise forever kept us from living the lives that we want to live. (For this, I thanked his amazing wife Sandy for making possible, because without it, I may never have been able to get better. She makes all this possible, and I wasn’t aware of this until the trip.)


I think people want to listen to Jack because they feel his wisdom. They feel the struggle that he has been through to solve his own problems, and the tremendous amount of care and passion that he feels for people who want nothing more than to be well, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. One morning at breakfast he was talking about how, when he was just beginning his journey, papers continued to build up in his man cave. One of the most powerful moments I have ever felt was when he shed a few tears recalling how those papers were like a mirror reflecting to himself “just how bad I had become”. When people feel that kind of passion, we want to listen.


Passion is what kept me from falling into the endless oblivion that I see most people walking into every day: a life of constant stress: “I have to do this and this and that”, ignorance of how their lifestyle affects their life, blind trust as if the system will first protect them before making a buck off their ignorance, and eventually the development of tragic diseases from their myopic thinking, as Jack says. Passion is why you are here reading this. Passion is what brought some 30 of us to Playa Del Carmen to share what certainly was the most powerful week in many of our lives, and will never be forgotten. Jack wields a passion that most cannot begin to comprehend, and I think this draws the people who have an undying passion for success, who will never settle for less than the best available. I hope no one thinks I’m writing this in hopes that Jack will like me. If I learned one thing, Jack is not the kind of person who will like someone who kisses his ass. To be frank, Brian and I took Jack for everything he’s worth this week. The theoretical tally was somewhere around $20,000 for each of us when he took off. Quantum thievery at work.


The people I met during this week were unbelievable. I felt comfort as if I had known everyone for a lifetime. If you haven’t met Jamie Ward, you’re missing out. He’s the kind of guy that you can’t help but feel good around. He can chat up any stranger and they’ll end up inviting him out that night. Every member of that group demonstrated a passion and care that I’ve never experienced before.

Speaking of chatting up strangers: one of the coolest things to witness started with Jack chatting up an African-American guy and his friends on the beach, asking if he was from Kansas City because he wore a KC Royals ball cap on the beach. By the end of the night, they were all joining us for a quantum group photo, had me set all of their iPhones to have a red/blue-blocking screen with a triple-click (LINK), and are definitely going to be back for the event next year. To put it simply, they all realized that they are a lot more like palm trees out of the tropics than they might want to believe, and they will definitely be figuring out how to best mitigate their risk. For them, Jack explained that their skin and haplotypes in Kansas City was like putting a palm tree in Alaska and believing that the palm tree could fluorish in that environment.  Jack even bought them two bottles of wine to share, tailored specifically to their biology and haplotypes that he was able to hack from just talking to them. All because he asked about the man’s hat. If you never meet Jack you will never know what it really means to be “calculated”.

Jack gave me and Brian a biohack on that first night. He said “it’s this easy. All you have to do is, if anyone asks you why you are here, just tell them. Tell them the truth.” In the past, when people had asked me why I do certain things that differ from the norm, I had often danced around the point for fear of being judged because they didn’t understand. Should I base my values on what others are able to comprehend?

Can we live the life we want if we constantly bend over backwards to accommodate other people’s blindness? From then on, if anyone asked me why I was wearing blue-blocking glasses at night, I told them honestly. Something like: “see these bright lights around here? The blue frequencies they emit disrupt our melatonin levels, damage our regeneration at night, and make us lower versions of ourselves”. He suggested to be provocative, so sometimes I said “they make me a better lover” or “I never get a hangover if I wear them”, and all of a sudden people were interested. At least 30 people at Brian’s and my hostel learned something new. I talked with tens of strangers on the beach, and when they asked what I was doing I told them that I came down for my health: to get some sunlight and recharge my battery. I told them about the benefits of the magnetic flux from of the crater. One guy I met happened to be from Philadelphia as well. He was very interested and began to ask more questions. He asked “does this have anything to do with addiction?” and I told him the truth. He had tried everything for his daughter, a recovering heroin addict, but clearly had a passion not to give up. He said “it just makes sense”.

One afternoon, the clouds opened up. Everyone cleared the beach within minutes. You wouldn’t guess what happened next… I turn around to see a pack of quantum folks all sprinting into the water. I never had so much fun in my life. We all connected on a deep level while sharing the experience of the dark sky, the white beach, the beautiful palm trees and resorts, millions of raindrops dancing on the water, and the company of each other.

At some points, we talked politics. Many were enthusiastic about Trump’s election, despite mainstream media’s opinion that he’s a misogynist, homophobic, uneducated, racist asshole. The current system is damaging the lives of the average citizen of the world infinitely more than the difference in electing Trump or Hillary might. If you’ve ever experienced sickness, especially a chronic issue, you know how poor health literally eats your time away and steals your life from you. Nothing is worse than an assault on health because an assault on health is an assault on the force that is life. It’s like using biological weapons on citizens, only the effects are imperceptible to the average citizen, and rather than keep a tyrant in power, they serve to keep a tyrannical system that profits off damages to human life in place.


As mentioned before: the extent to which people allow their quality of life to be usurped by a system that is fundamentally designed to always put profit first, is the extent to which it will. The mainstream media, from which most people derive their information and assume would share any information “important enough” to their health and safety, does not publish information on topics such as the risks of wireless radiation used for communications despite endless petitions from many different individuals and organizations, probably because of the threat they pose to the industry. In order to ensure our safety in this system, people cannot rely on the system that will inherently always make a profit off of our ignorance. Until we have regulatory bodies that are not controlled by the industries they are supposed to regulate, we must become citizen scientists who are aware of the information that is crucial to our health.

Every morning the group gathered on the beach to watch the sunrise. As soon as the fireball shone, a massive flock of birds would take to flight along the beach. Few things are more beautiful. We would go to breakfast and, without failure, make many new connections. Jack elaborated on how life is like an antenna for the native waveforms of the earth; and health, he believes, a function of the quality of the antenna.


I decided to listen to my antenna. Something was calling me that day to get on a bike and go as far West as I could. I biked away from the tourist part of town, and within 10 blocks I was in a not-so-nice area. Eventually I left town and was on a road in the jungle. I passed a softball game, a roadside ice cream stand, and eventually reached a cenote, one of the underground, water-filled craters that remain from the asteroid that smashed the Yucatan and caused the K-T extinction event. I saw many families living in little shacks made with sheets of metal and walls of piled rocks. In terms of health, they are probably better off than we are because they are constantly exposed to sunlight and grounded, although they have TV’s, use nasty white CFL lights, eat processed food and drink Coke, from what I saw. It was a necessary wake-up call, and made me more grateful for the opportunity that I have to constantly improve my life and to solve some of the problems that our species has created.

Likewise, early in the trip I was grabbing at rocks underwater to hold myself down because it is so peaceful, and once I was bitten or jabbed by some creature. My hand ended up numb, burning, and swelling to 2 times it’s normal size. It hurt like a bitch. But, I think it was the best thing that happened to me the entire trip because I often mope around, unaware of how good I actually feel on a regular basis. It made me feel a tremendous, acute pain so that I could focus on nothing else; it brought me back to the present moment, put me in survival mode, and heightened my awareness and appreciation. It reminded why I really came down here and what I really care about. Many people coast through life in a suffering state; some even live with chronic pain. This is no way to live life, and it is most often caused by a poor environment that has been allowed by an accumulation of value judgments by “innovators” to allow the use of certain drugs, chemicals, and technologies on the public in order to save money, make a profit, employ more people, or maybe even to gain greater control over the populous.

A constant theme was that we cannot help people who have based their lives on submission, complacency, and who would rather coast along while suffering rather than take action to make change in their lives. Most people don’t have a clue what our Founding Fathers penned in the Declaration of Independence: all experience hath shown that mankind are more dispose to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which we are accustomed”. I believe that those who watch an injustice happen to ignorant people and choose to do nothing about it are guiltier than those who commit it, for those who commit the injustice justify it to themselves and so believe they are acting justly, so those who observe the injustice and know that it is an injustice are the only ones who have the power to end it. Our decision to shunt responsibility to those committing the injustice is the only decision, which if made differently, would have the power to end the injustices that are occurring.

There was a lot of sunbathing on the trip, and lots of swimming in the ocean. One afternoon we walked down 5th Ave, the main tourist strip of town covered with brand-name shops and restaurants, and got mojitos at a bar on the beach.

Nick Segal, a hip, young venture-capitalist from Florida made me aware of all the opportunity that lies in the field of Quantum Health. I posited “most of the modern economy seems to be based on things that disconnect people from nature for profit, so it will be inherently difficult to make money with this information, because nature, sunlight, and therefore optimal health are free.” He was quick to disagree because although my premise is correct, the conclusion is certainly false. I saw it this way because I am 17, so I have the freedom to build any life I want, to sleep in the backyard every night, take every opportunity to advance my health, and so forth.

However, most people today, including most people reading this, are encumbered by their profession and a family. He said (loose paraphrase) “humans were here [left hand] and now we’re here [right hand]. Most people can’t just get back here right away [left hand]. They need things to help navigate the problems in their environment until they can fix it. The market for this could be even bigger than the one that has created the problem.” This goes to show that just a simple belief about a problem could be the difference between having a potential solution, or not entertaining any possibilities. A belief is like a cage. Anytime we create one, we lock the cage and throw out the key. The people who keep the keys, and constantly unlock the cage to check out other cages will be the one who comes closest to some truth.

There were so many things to take away from this week. Most, I have already mentioned.

In the few months before coming to Playa Del Carmen, I had been feeling a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress. You’re might be thinking “you’re 17, I wish I knew all of this stuff then, you have so much time; what is there to be anxious about?” Thankfully, I don’t have to be concerned about my health, because my body is very plastic and most of my issues went away within 10 months of using this information. But, consider the burden that comes along with this information, and the belief that it is the difference between people like myself acting or not acting, and the quality and calculation of our actions, that will ultimately determine the course of our species in the future, in regards to health. I believe this belief will lead to great things, but it presents me with a large amount of uncertainty in any given moment, because I am constantly questioning where to focus. I mentioned that Jack eased this burden tremendously by making me realize that a lot of this feeling comes from uncertainty as to how I will support myself after I graduate high school, especially if I opt out of going to college.

This was the biggest question I wanted to ask Jack, because the feeling of being lost, anxious, and somewhat depressed really brings me down often, despite the tremendous improvements I have experienced. “When I’m feeling lost, anxious, uncertain, like I’m wasting my time and not doing anything right, running in circles, etc., is it because of my mindset or due to my health and environment?’’ He responded without a doubt it is primarily my health; to do some CT, get some sunlight, and maybe even go stand on a rock and connect to the Earth. In fact, today I was having one of those days. I woke up, as usual, wanting to accomplish “a lot”, even though I don’t really define that. I take the bare minimum of classes in school so I can read and learn about things that interest me more, get morning sunlight, and not have to stay up late doing homework. I spent most of the morning outdoors running around and meditating, and then eating breakfast. Instead of appreciating how awesome the morning was, I was overthinking how I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like to. The kicker is that I was constantly feeling like something is “wrong”. This is something I feel a lot, and I usually just think it will go away when I start prioritizing more, setting defined goals and working on them, and so on. Yet, this hasn’t worked for me, and I’m starting to think it’s because I really don’t know what I want. I’m kind of just constantly trying different things to see what feels best. This afternoon, after I got home, ate, and was again beating myself up because “so much time has passed and I had done nothing” I decided I had enough and couldn’t keep living like that. I got into my tub and filled it with cold water. Three hours later, I still feel like things are pretty good. Life is just good. Things are just right.

I was abroad with a kid from Carmel, California, named Alex. He grew up constantly in the sun, outdoors, surfing. He is big, strong, and good-looking. He is generally positive, and excels at everything he does. He enjoys school and makes it kills tests without studying. Whenever I was down, depressed, and “lost”, or worrying about something he tried to talk me up, saying “say it with me: I don’t give a FUCK!”. That was sort of his motto. I thought it was likely that this constant positive mood was the result of a highly-functioning brain chemistry due to his great personal environment. Then, in Mexico, one guy was always exercising on the beach in front of us at sunrise. I talked with him, his name is Allen. I asked him “how are you?” and he replied “how can you be wrong man!?”. He was tan and super-smiley. Then, I met Brett, a naturopath from Huntington Beach, California, and part of the Quantum group. He just radiated energy, life, and positivity.  He’s very handsome and absolutely jacked. He too spends many hours in the cold, cold pacific water bodysurfing the massive barrels. If I had to guess, I’d say he generally experiences the world in a positive way. Do you see the pattern here? People who live in the ocean and sun are good looking, strong, and pretty positive. It’s not necessarily all-encompassing, but it’s pretty obvious to the keen observer.

As soon as I can I will try to spend a lot of time in an environment like this to see if I begin to have a constantly greater mood, and I don’t dip into lows where I feel like everything is “wrong”. CT consistently offers the greatest relief from this feeling. I would often keep myself from using it because I thought “I’ll be losing time”. What happens is just the opposite… The best way I would describe how I’ve been living my life is a race against the clock; to try and get as much tangible stuff that I can justify to myself as “productive” done within the time given. But, not only have I not been doing that, I’ve very often been stressed and unhappy, despite knowing all of this awesome information about Quantum Health. It just so happens that when I do CT, all of the things I “have to” do and the feeling that the world is suffocating me and that I’m not the master of my life all magically disappear! Wow.

What’s the takeaway from the trip to Playa Del Carmen? To be honest, I’m not sure. I learned a lot and finally got some guidance on how I’d like to steer my career. Unlike most of my peers who are following the path treaded by millions every year of going into college with general interests and hoping that things work out, I am taking the road less traveled, and I believe that it will make all the difference. I don’t mind walking down a dark path where I cannot see in front of me, because I know I won’t be living other people’s lives. As long as I’m satisfied with what I’m doing and living in accordance with my values, I don’t care what other people think.

On this trip, I realized that I have forever been a people-pleaser. I’ve always prided myself on other people liking me. I realized that I would naturally act in a way to please other people rather than to stand up for the things that I believe in, selling my soul in the process. I realized that anyone who stands up for their beliefs will naturally have people who dislike them. The question becomes: is it more important to keep everyone happy, or to stand up for the things that we believe? Progress never comes from a bunch of people in agreement; it comes from vigorous disagreement. I believe I’m finally beginning to understand what Jack has been saying. Cutting energy vampires from our lives does not mean surrounding ourselves with people who support us and don’t challenge us. No, quite the opposite. It means removing the people whose sole purpose is to be a skeptic and criticize, who are only satisfied to see others fall, who will only achieve fulfillment in the hell that they live in by bringing others down with them. It means surrounding ourselves with people who will respectfully voice disagreement when they honestly do not agree for the sake of reaching a greater understanding of our existence; a greater truth. I asked Jack what is important to him above all things. The answer should be telling for the mission that we are on and the kind of people that we will surround ourselves with. TRUTH.
Thanks for reading. Read on for Brian’s takeaways from the event!

I’m seeking wisdom, guidance, and opportunities on the path to righting the major wrongs that have been done in our society, particularly with the way corporations will not only exploit poor populations and plunder the earth, but most importantly will take advantage of human health to generate revenue if allowed, how the “regulators” are controlled by the corporations, and how science and the media are censored and manipulated to align the public perception with what is best for wealth creation, NOT for life (see Going Somewhere by Andrew Marino).

If you have ambitions beyond yourself, I’d love for us to get in touch. Whether you are interested in starting a company and want a fresh mind, your kids won’t listen to you and you want them to talk with someone closer to their age, you’re a lawyer and have some advice for David going up against Goliath, or you just want to talk, I’m on Jack’s forum as Matty_M, you can email me at [email protected], or drop a comment below! Also, I will soon have a blog up and running at .

Please consider the potential impact if everyone reading this would use the resources above to contact either the president, a congressman, an FCC chairperson, or anyone else. We MUST let them know that they will be help accountable.


Disclaimer: Do not attend a Playa Del Carmen Resolution Event unless you ARE a staying at the Royal. The only exception to this is being a highly skilled “Quantum Thief”. More on that later.



My name is Brian Lorenz, I am 18 and a senior in high school in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I was originally exposed to Optimal through my friend Matt Maruca who went through his own health issues and in his battle to overcome them, came upon this awesome information and community. I personally never had any extreme health problems to overcome, which I am very thankful for, and am really excited to see what I am able to accomplish with my body using these protocols and Rx. When Matt and I saw the email that there was to be an Optimal Resolution event over new year’s, it just clicked in our heads that we were going to get there at all costs. Luckily for us, we were able to convince our parents to make each of our Christmas presents a plane ticket to Cancun, and the rest of the trip was on our own dollar. Since it was on our own dollar, we stayed at a hostel to save money, which is why we had to become Quantum Thieves. I wanted to share my experience with everyone because it has had a huge impact on my life and I hope that by writing this, I am able to share those same benefits with others.

Brian on the left and Andrew Udell on the right

The 10 days that I spent in Playa Del Carmen with around 30 or so other members was absolutely amazing. Everyone that attended was amicable, intelligent, and knows how to have a good time. There was always good energy flowing through every member of the group and never a dull moment.
Our first night in Playa, Matt and I were not sure if we were going to be able to meetup with Jack, but to our disbelief, we actually went out to dinner and ended up talking for probably 2 and half hours. There were some really notable things talked about here, which mostly related to the idea of how someone such as Matt and I could have a positive impact on the world with all of the knowledge put before us. It never really occurred to me until this trip how lucky I am to know all of this information at the ripe age of 18. This conversation was super enlightening to me because at this point in my life, I really believed that I was going to be an osteopathic doctor. But here I am, sitting with someone who has spent more years in medicine than I’ve been born, telling me that medical school is not the best use of time and money. Now I’m not saying that Jack crushed my dreams, because he did quite the contrary. This was just the first person I had talked to that had an opposition to medical school, so it offered a whole other perspective that I had never really taken into account before and posed a lot of really big questions about the profession and its role in the problem. Probably the biggest takeaway from our first night with Jack was just that, I met Dr. Jack Kruse.

One thing that was discussed a couple times was how it is hard to get impressions of people and what they are conveying when talking over the internet. Almost all the interactions between people on the forums or quantum Facebook groups are done behind a screen and keyboard. This creates huge disparities between what people are trying to convey and how people actually read and understand what someone says. During our first dinner, Matt asked Jack his impressions of us and where he thought we currently stood in our thinking, and he offered his input. It was after he finished talking that I asked Jack, “would you like to know my impression of you”, to which he responded yes. So I told him, almost word for word, “To be honest, Jack, my impression of you before coming down here was that I kinda thought you were an asshole, but after meeting you in person, you are far from this notion”. The reason I had this pretense of Jack was because of the way that he sometimes interacts with people on FB and on the forums. There’s a reason Jack says what he says. A reason deeper and more complex than that of the superficial “he’s being mean” response? The biggest reason as to why Jack might be a little aggressive is because a lot of people may ask questions that have been answered many times before and they could find the answer by just using the search bar on both the forum and the Facbook group. Some people just want Jack to be their librarian, and sometimes, being a little antagonistic is the only way to kick someone into gear. To finish up my earlier thought, after meeting Jack face to face, I found out that he is in fact one of the most generous, care free, and wisest individuals I have ever met. Jack’s generosity was through the roof, without his kindness, Matt and I would not have been able to attend the delicious dinners and breakfasts, drink amazing wine, and as a result would have missed out on some key discussions. Not only that, but Jack tipped many of the waiters what comes out to be a quarter of their monthly salary, and sent 2 bottles of nice wine over to another group of people we met during our stay.
One thing that Jack really got through to me is that karma exists, what you put into this world, will come back to you in one form or another, and you probably won’t even know it. This occurred even during our trip, when the waiters who Jack tipped well the night before, went above and beyond in serving us the following night.

Probably my favorite aspect of the trip was that every morning, everybody would convene on the beach outside Jacks room to watch the sunrise, and then head to the Pelicanos restaurant to eat breakfast. This became a ritual, and I don’t think there was one morning where it did not occur. It was such an awesome way to start your day; seeing everyone and eating breakfast right on the beach together. On one of these morning, we came onto came onto the topic of art. Jack explained that he was very into art, and has quite the collection at home. He began to explain why people tend to like some pieces of art and dislike others and how that correlates to the state of their health and body. One connection that he made was why some people prefer certain colors, using the example of Jeremy; Jeremy made Jack and Sandy an orange car hood with amazing illustrations about different aspects of their lives (I saw a picture and was blown away). The key to this piece, was that the hood was orange, a frequency of light important in regards to CF. I thought this was a really cool idea because it offered insight into why some people prefer certain pieces of art over others. We took this one step further, if you take a group of paintings and ask someone which is their favorite, if you and that person have the same favorite painting, the odds are high that you guys are a good match.

Brian displays a piece of art he was inspired to purchase

Another really outstanding discussion that took place in Pelicanos was the idea of being a good observer and acting as an antenna, receiving and interpreting all the frequencies around you. Its interesting to think about this concept; that people emit different frequencies when they are interacting with others. If you’re a good antenna, your able to pick up and interpret these different frequencies effectively. Furthermore, your intuition and instincts will improve as well because being a good observer allows you to understand more about what is going on around you. One characteristic of Jack is that he is a very keen observer, he doesn’t miss anything. He notices many things that most people wouldn’t even think twice about. That was something really cool to see because I had never seen someone so observant, and it has caused me to think about how good of an observer I really am.
Something that I struggle with, is caring what others think about me too much. It has caused me to miss out on certain things that I want to do, simply because I’m afraid of what others will think. Once you stop giving a shit, everything seems to become easier and more enjoyable because you don’ think about the stupid little consequences of what people think. This also ties into how to treat the people in life who bring you down. When you really think about it, anyone that isn’t “a part of your tribe” isn’t going to help you achieve your goals in life.

People who are against you and bring you negativity are toxic. The only way to get rid of those who are toxic, is to cut them out of your life. Sometimes this can be really hard to do because you might have extremely deep and emotional attachments to these people, but it’s a really important step. Your wasting your time and energy thinking about and doing anything for these people. Sometimes you need to be selfish to accomplish the greater things in life, and its ok to do so.
My most memorable takeaway from the trip was the people who I met. The people within this community are top tier awesome, and hanging out with everyone for 10 days, it felt like I knew them a lifetime. The connections and memories that I made will last a lifetime and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Everybody was so wise and had copious amounts of information to offer and I loved listening to everyone. There is one person that I would especially like to thank, Sandy Kruse. For those of you who don’t know, Sandy is Jack’s wife and without her, none of this would exist. She’s responsible for all things behind the scenes of Thank you, Sandy, for all that you do for this community and for saving me from the sparkling water security guards.
Now, for the Quantum Thief Protocol. Being a Quantum Thief is no easy task and requires extreme skill. Your first step in being a Quantum Thief is always rolling with a platinum member (Jack or Sandy); they have all the perks at the resort. Also, always know your “room” number, which in my case was 513. It is also key to lay low and keep one hand out of sight at all times. The security guards at the Royal do not mess around, and countless times would sprint across the beach to come prevent us from sneaking in. By the end of the trip, they knew our faces. On the last night, Matt and I were sitting around with everyone inside the resort, and all of a sudden the security guards came up to remove Matt and I. They were so mad that we broke their security forces and were giving us the dirtiest looks. Thanks to the graciousness of Jack, we got wristbands for the rest of the night and needless to say, I felt like a king. First thing I did was go for a swim and get ice cream from inside at one of the restaurants. The lesson here, stay at the Royal, it seriously is the craziest resort I’ve ever seen and you really feel like a king or queen when you’re in there.
I really appreciate everyone for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you at the 3rd Annual Optimal Resolution Event!

-Brian Lorenz