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Don’t your find it interesting how the human anatomy highlights – full spectrum sunlight……….
All the human body is a tube. We are actually “hollow” on the inside with all our cavities filled with different fluids that act like a filament. The sheath that separates our body from all the things we stuff in our tube is called the gut “lumen.”
Isn’t it cool that there is a “light shaft” running through our bodies? Have you ever stopped and thought about that aspect of your being?

Do you want the real truth or want to believe it is all a food story?

Do you want the real truth or want to believe it is all a food story?

It’s clear that many of your dietary movements have no clue about this homology with light. You must begin to think differently than their ideas to optimize yourself. Life Has No Remote – You must get up and change it yourself.   You have to be odd to be number one for yourself. We are designed to be a full spectrum sun light bulb closer to the incandescent…….and our technology is moving us to an alien sun…….called an LED blue lit bulb. Those bulbs are extinguishing our light from the sun, and all other life forms because we all work the same way.  We need to get solar light in AM and strict avoidance of blue frequencies at night (435-480 nm) and with our shoes off so we can increase magnetic flux in our cells from the Earth.

Most of the disease in the picture above are all tied to sensory integration defects in signaling at some level. People do not seem to be aware that when sunlight hits our magnetosphere, there is a transformation of this energy.  The Earth’s dynamo absorbs the energy through our north pole and drives it through out of south pole to energize the magnetic flux lines in the magnetosphere while also releasing a small pulse of radio signals.  That radio signals are sent into space telling other planets that we are here getting hit by sunlight.  It also can be used to measure the mass of Earth.  Cosmologists actually use this RF release of energy to calculate the mass of distant stars or wandering exo-planets in the universe. Why can they use RF frequencies to estimate mass? Because in the mass equivalence equivalence, energy and mass are both made up of the same thing. The only thing that separates them is the energy they contain.  Light and things with mass both gravitate,  due to lensing effect in nature, so we can easily calculate some objects mass even if it is far away from us.  The corollary to this physics lesson is that this might be an ideal way for a clinician to tell if a patient’s environment is causing them to loss energy or gain it when they are in sunlight versus artificial light.  It also would help us know if plugging into Earth was the same as using a grounding mat.  You should consider this bio-hack.  What you learn will surprise you.

This is modern life's way to plug in

          This is modern life’s way to plug in


This is how nature tells us to do it.

This is how nature tells us to do it.  Do you listen to her or ignore          her?

When we loss energy we lose time, % heteroplasmy rises in our mitochondria, and regeneration programs are destroyed. When we retain energy wellness is built and it becomes the slowest form of death we can maintain. This is why grounding must be done properly. Proper context for when to ground and when not to use grounding products depends on environment you do it in because it alters the scale of physics on the cristae of your mitochondria. What changes should we observe there if my ideas are correct? There should be a change in mitochondrial oscillation within its endoplasmic reticulum. All mitochondria oscillate and vibrate. Doug Wallace video 101. A change in the oscillatory pattern of the mitochondria is a sign on deep energy loss in some way, in a mitochondria and is a proxy for heteroplasmy and illness. Just putting your feet on damp Earth outside of your home and grounding yourself helps. But plugging into a grounding plug in an electrical outlet in your home which is grounded to that same earth is not equivalent. Why? Does grounding ourself in damp grass outside my house make us more of an antenna good or bad things? What things am I referencing? Good EMF = Sunlight and the Schumann frequency. Bad EMF = non native signals from artificial light and technology.

Grounding to Earth specifically makes your hydrogen atoms precess more in you to create more magnetic flux in you mitochondrial surfaces to shrink the scale of physics possible (QED/QCD) to allow you to make more energy while rely on less ATP from the ATPase. This is a very similiar to the mechanisms that control sleep. The Earth’s magnetic field never turns off. The electric power grid oscillates and is not constant. This is where the problem lies with grounding appliances and why I don’t like them. Our physical bodies have many antennae in our sensory pathways that lead all lead to our thalamus in the brain. Our thalamus is where the alpha waves are produced in the brain that yoke to the magnetic dynamo and to circadian wave forms from the eye. Those alpha waves created deep in the brain match the frequency of the Schumann resonance from the Earth’s magnetic field.  In this way, the thalamus acts as a “tuning fork” for incoming sensory signals from our sensory receptors.  This allows for integration from the environment that are tuned in to a variety of frequencies. Those environmental signals, tuning our thalamus should always be the sun and the magnetic field and not the power grid or a fake light bulb. These sensory portals all wind up affecting mitochondrial surfaces on the cristae and inside the matrix to alter the physical scale of what is possible in a mitochondria.  These mechanisms act a a dial or knob for the mitochondria in determining how we may handle electrons and protons from food. Feynman’s interview describing waves all around us is quite instructional to my view point here.

Sunlight is always unpolarized when it leaves the sun as a cathode ray and before it hits us,  the antenna’s designed to be connected to Earth the anode. So my take is this: unpolarized light is designed by nature to be everywhere around us, and is ALWAYS unpolarized UNTIL it hits a polarizer, like water in our cells.  This changes the signal and our cells become able to detect it.  These mechanism in your cells are kind of like a radio station in your car.  You knew the rock music was there on 103.5 FM,  but you had to tune the knob on the radio to that station to actually hear the music.   So really, light waves from the sun and magnetic flux from the Earth, and their resultant RF pulses are just information floating within our atmosphere waiting to be sensed by a tuned in antenna.  Living things are those antenna’s.  Are you living as a properly plugged in antenna today?   Sunlight comes to us  unpolarized by design. Today most of you are living in chronic blue light, disconnect from the sun’s natural UV and IR components.  If you are off of the Earth surface and wear rubber soled shoes you are also disconnected from the the Earth’s magnetic field.  This causes chronic de-tuning of your thalamus to make sense of sensory information coming from your 5 sense organs.   This should give you a new insight into what autism spectrum diseases really are from.  Do you think these very fundamental physical effects have no biologic toll for your mitochondria throughout your body?  Our sensory pathways in our body are all tuned into specific parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, not the entire spectrum,  so what we can tune in to is quite specific.  I have laid this out especially in the eye with the RPE and the photoreceptors.  The act of tuning the incoming light waves by the thalamus lowers the signal to noise ratio that can alters that light signals we actually sense.  For example, in our retina incoming light that is unpolarized is immediately polarized by our photoreceptors in the retina to a the signal our eye is responsive to so we can use it in some novel way biologically.


The eye is filled with water and photoreceptors that are designed to sense and polarizes the light from the sun, transforming the mass of energy into information for use by life. The usefulness is found in these waves by their ability to do work in a cell. The usefulness of the information in those waves is directly proportional on the viability, structure and strength of the polarizing medium and quantity/quality of the receptors.


So this implies: what if your sensory systems, which are all based upon cell membranes in eukaryotes are not in good shape because DHA or melatonin cycles are off? If you read the Time 9 blog you might understand why now. Think about the DHA/melatonin/eicanosanoids. Is it starting to make sense how the gears in your sensory pathways can lead to disease by increasing your % mitochondrial heteroplasmy in the central retinal pathways now?


Nature has the Rx for all cures built into itself and it directly tied to how sensory integration occurs in cells and how accurately this data is transmitted to your mitochondria. Once you understand how mitochondria work you begin to see why % heteroplasmy is critical in this game of life. Your environmental choices alters the scale of physics that is ongoing on your mitochondria surfaces.  These are in the smallest spaces in your cells, by design.  These surfaces in mitochondria are very sensitive to this data and are way below the thresholds built into your 5 senses ability to detect them.  The 5 senses are not tuned to these mitochondrial frequencies, but your mitochondria are optimized for them because they are 100% subatomic and quantum. Since your mitochondria perceive them, the stage these forces create in the cristae,  give you the life you observe in the mirror daily.   The evidence is found in the oscillations from the mitochondria.  Each eukaryotic mitochondria sits within an endoplasmic reticulum.  Dr. Jodi Nunnari has discovered this arrangement.  No one knows what causes these vibrations from mitochondria, but I have a sense there are several frequencies involved in creating them fundamentally.  Currently I don’t believe the RF signals released from mitochondria interact with water layers around the mitochondria called the MINOS.  I believe they interact with the thalamus directly, by resonant transfer to generate the alpha rhythm of the EEG that is critically linked to circadian chronobiology.  Why do I believe this? Radio communication at GHz frequencies is very difficult in fresh waters and even more so in salt waters.  All cells are filled with salt water.  This arrangement is likely how mitochondria can resonant with the thalamus in the brain which is 100% surrounded by CSF in the brain.  Mitochondria also release heat, which is another frequency of light.  IR light has a massive effect on cell water because water is the idea chromophore for IR light.  When those light signals come from mitochondria via protons and ECT interactions, they are also released into the cytosol around the mitochondria to form EZ water in the MINOS.  These oscillatory changes in mitochondria are what clinicians in the 21st century should be paying attention too. These oscillations are what sets the distances between the mitochondria and the nucleus of the cell.  That distance is critical in epigenetic expression of the nuclear genes.  Most clinicians do not even know these mitochondria oscillations have already been proven to exist.  Doug Wallace thinks so, and so do I.


If you don’t think these natural physics effect have other effects in nature you’d be wrong, because they do. This release of energy, in this fashion, link how people experience deja vu, how they sense weather, and how they sense each other’s emotions. This is why grandma’s arthritis acts up with bad weather.  Arthritis is a circadian mismatch disease, so when we lose the ability to sense natural environmental signals from Earth in our defective mitochondria in our joints, pain increases because there is not enough DHA, melatonin, or eicosanoids there to give a good signal to noise ratio to the thalamus.  As a result, pain is the sensation the thalamus sends to the post central gyrus in the neocortex.


For example, let’s consider a different type of weather system and consider the effects of snow fall on our sensory integrative pathways. Falling snow makes music that our thalamic relays sense using RF frequencies.  We can sense them by having the ability to tune into the frequencies of the magnetic field of Earth. We can use EEG, MEG, and TCM to simulate this effect.  This is how you can sense magnetic precession in hydrogen atoms in water in our atmosphere. Nuclear precession is a long-term, spontaneous phenomenon, unaccompanied by energy exchange, but it alters the information on electrons and protons by changing their spin patterns. Static gravitational and magnetic fields (think Earth or a magnetico sleep pad) create a torque or “twisting force” on subatomic particles with magnetic moments and they act perpendicular to both the field and the direction of the angular momentum.  This is how the Earth or a magnetico sleep pad can help retune your thalamus so you are able to pick up the frequencies of the Earth and sun to get accurate circadian signals to and from your mitochondria.

Falling snow has a sound for a detector designed to pick it up, because the act of precession makes air move around the particles whose spin was changed. The resultant circular motion is called precession. Since the earth’s magnetic field is “always on”, nearly every magnetically receptive nucleus on Earth, including hydrogen in every drop of water in the ocean of in the clouds, is at this moment quietly precessing away creating the music of nature our thalamus listens to!  This is how we tune our brain to nature.  Snow fall actually makes noise we can hear if our thalamic detectors are strong enough to pick up the RF frequencies that are altering hydrogen in sun flakes.  Our thalamus has neurons that also must have DHA, melatonin, and eicosanoids in our cell membranes.  Our ears are not tuned to the sound of snow falling but machines we have built can pick it up and so can thalamic relays in your brain using radio frequency waves. This is how your mitochondria work in neurons in your brain and sensory organs with your environment way below your sensory tuning abilities.


Mother Nature and Evolution.