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I just returned from a meeting with my members in the Chicxulub crater and spoke about how the crater links humans to their modern ecosystem.   What connects them is their mitochondria.  I spoke about this deep connection in my book, The Epi-Paleo Rx.  You might have missed how this crater directly coupled life on Earth today with a huge environmental shift that occurred 65 million years ago.  The two major groups of life that survived this environmental event had  excessive mitochondrial capacity in their body plans.  This was the key requirement for life to survive post event.  Photosynthesis was disrupted for a long period of time so it meant that life had to live on the edge, using this capacity to survive in some way.  Light normally flows from the sun to living things on Earth.  This flow and direction can be altered by many factors.  65 million years ago it was an out of this world factor.  Today, it is a manmade factor that is disrupting energy flows on things on Earth.  How could this be, you ask?

The atmosphere and water share a physical property by being  anisotropic.  What does this mean?  The atmosphere and water exhibit properties with different values when measured in different directions or perspectives.  These variances alone can alter the flow of energies on Earth to living things.  That is what the property of anisotropy is.  This physical ability is born from the 3 D atomic relationships of the object in question to an energy source;  these arrangements can alter energy flows within and between living things.  Anisotropy enables for abrupt swings in the direction of flow of energy within its atomic lattice, in the atmosphere and in living tissue because of water.   Today, modern life and our atmosphere are changing rapidly in a similar situation.  Let us examine this queer physical ability.  After the KT event the environment cooled tremendously for a long time because photosynthesis was disrupted.  This lead to massive changes in the flow of energy in the atmosphere to change our climate.  Let us use a modern example to explain this further.

A quarter of a billion years ago, long before dinosaurs or mammals evolved, the 10-foot (0.3-meter) predator Dinogorgon, whose skull is shown here, hunted floodplains in the heart of today’s South Africa. In less than a million years Dinogorgon vanished in the greatest mass extinction ever, along with about nine of every ten plant and animal species on the planet.

How do we believe current glaciation occur?

It is now generally believed that ice ages are initiated by small changes in the earth’s orbit.  These small changes are caused by, among other things, the slightest gravitational tug of Jupiter and Saturn on Earth.  They can even exert a braking force on gravity to slow our daily revolutions.  These incredibly small changes in the gravitation on Earth, alter the distribution of sunlight (electromagnetic force) across different latitudes at different times of year. When the amount of light hitting the far northern latitudes in summer approaches a minimum, snow begins to build up there. This initiates a feedback cycle that causes atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to eventually drop in the atmosphere.  Today, we have lost CO2 feedback in the opposite direction and it is rising.  CO2 is rising for many reasons, some controversial, but CO2 is clearly rising.  Moreover, its atomic presence is all that is needed to understand the effects on the ecosystem below.   One of the reasons CO2 is rising is due to the elevation of non native energies being dumped in our atmosphere.   Modern uncoupling of CO2 appears linked to nnEMF generation, in my opinion.   Some of the rise in carbon dioxide is man made, and some of it is related to alterations in the solar radiations from the sun.  It is clear that most electromagnetic energies are capable of altered ubiquitin rates on Earth.  The process is linked to light’s power in quantized fashion.    The only way to increase light’s power is to increase its frequency.  It appears life is best adapted to the frequencies below the microwave range in the electromagnetic spectrum.  This is incredibly important concept.  Today, man is using the frequencies above visible light for communications without fully understanding the effect on ubiquitin marking.

I believe the nnEMF pulsed spikes from the sun that caused the great Dying of the Permian extinction.  I think the event was in part due to massive inflows of cosmic radiation from a coronal mass ejection over short time frames which cause a massive shift in temporal and spatial cycles of atomic recycling on this planet.  This caused the loss of negative feedback control of the nitrogen and  CO2 cycles in the atmosphere and oceans. This lead to the rapid rise of CO2 in the atmosphere and severe ocean acidification was the result in an attempt to bury the CO2 in ocean sediments.  Normally this process takes millions of years on Earth, but when it gets shrunk to a few decades the effect causes unexpected massive changes because of the spacial and temporal decoupling to the normal processing life requires.   When these changes occur rapidly in cycles, they lead to massive extinction of life on Earth.  This occurs because ubiquitin rates increase supernormally to speed life’s decline up.   In the Permian extinction, this killed the marine seafood chain very quickly.  As such, it dramatically affected the terrestrial land ecosystem by removing its negative feedback control of the marine food chain to cause both extinction of life in the sea and land.  When photosynthesis is disrupted in the oceans food chains everywhere are dramatically altered for life in many ecosystems.  Loss of negative feedback control in one system alone,  will eventually extinct both predator and prey and since the marine seafood chain is linked to land based system via the control of photosynthesis and O2 production for animals.  The loss of O2 production from plankton and algae directly affect animals who use O2 levels.  All mammals use O2 as their terminal electron acceptor in mitochondria.  They do this to control light frequencies and link them to nitrogen cycling in their mitochondria to couple carbon flows between cytochrome 1 and their gut microbiomes.

This begins to explain why David Sinclair’s paper on pseudohypoxia and NAD+ are so critical for us today in disease generation.  We are seeing the same decoupling now occur in all animals and in humans when we look for it.

Elizabeth Kolbert did look for it in her travels for her book and found it everywhere.    WHY?


Normally when CO2 levels rise in the atmosphere, CO2 levels are sunk and controlled in oceans sediments and on land they are sunk into methane frozen in time by the permafrost.  Some of the carbon is also buried in trees and plants.  These actions maintains the low level of atmospheric CO2 and high level of O2 in the atmosphere.   When CO2 rises we get a greenhouse effect.  A real greenhouse has windows. So how does the atmospheric “greenhouse effect” manifest? They are similar, in that they allow solar radiations in from the outside, while restricting the outward flow of thermal energy.  Energy flows and its direction are critical in understanding the greenhouse effect.  CO2 is akin to a bio-plasma skin in our atmosphere that controls how energy can or can’t flow.  Energy flow direction is a big deal, as you will see in this blog.  The two greenhouse effects,  differ in their mechanisms.  A real greenhouse that grows plants primarily restricts heat escape by preventing convection of heat,  while the “greenhouse effect” heats the Earth because “greenhouse gases” (GHG) absorb outgoing radiative energy and re-emit some of it back towards Earth.  The direction of the flow of energy is opposite of what we see in a greenhouse.  

When CO2 rises in the atmosphere, it causes a reactive pseudohypoxia to develop in any living thing that uses nitrogen as a conduit to generate its energy.  Sadly everything on Earth uses light and nitrogen to live.  Sinclair’s 2013 paper makes this connection as clear as day for clueless modern humans.  Plants also use nitrogen (porphyrin ring with a central Mg ion) for photosynthesis in their photosynthetic cores in leaves, and animals use it in cytochrome 1 of their mitochondria.  Animals also have a porphyrin ring in their hemoglobin’s.  These actions in living things, however, cannot keep temporal pace with rapid changes in the atmosphere, land, or in the sea.  As a result of the temporal or spatial uncoupling, ubiquitin rates rise dramatically when there are massive inflows of energy to any of the ecosystems below the atmosphere.  When all three coupled systems get added energy at once, the decoupling is more severe and leads to dramatic changes in life forms who require stable nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon cycling in them to live.  Today, we face that very situation in the environments humans are creating.


When the longer timescale relationships atmospheric relationship of CO2 and nitrogen are maintained,  ocean life and land life retain their normal negative feedback control of the percentages of atmospheric gases that control photosynthesis in the ocean and land and mitochondrial respiration in the terrestrial ecosystems. When properly coupled, temperatures fall in the climate, which leads more ice to build up, to lower CO2 in the atmosphere and so on.  After a while, the orbital cycle of Earth begins to enters a new phase, and the feedback loop begins to run in reverse. The ice starts to melt, global CO2 levels rise, and the ice melts back farther.  These cycles control the amount of cosmic radiation from the sun that directly affect the the nitrogen cycle on earth in the atmosphere, sea and on land.   Carbon dioxide is a gas bioplasma that distributes energy from the sun in a way life can use it optimally.  Extinction events always are linked to higher CO2 emissions.  This makes carbon dioxide a bioplasma conduit.  These cycles coupled to the bioplasma can be altered for any combination of reasons.  This acts to raise atmospheric temperatures, alters the balance of CO2 production and O2 generation from the sea and from plants who use photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is very temperature and pH dependent. Photosynthesis forms the basis of all food chains.  Understanding photosynthesis is critical to understanding all of biology.

This means O2 production is pH and temperature dependent.  This is why Cold thermogenesis fundamentally is not hormetic to mammals.  Cold controls photosynthetic capacity on Earth.  Cold is the absence of infrared light.  It is built in to the Earth’s ecosytem and the atomic interactions between abiotic and biotic part of this planet.  This dependence directly affects nitrogen coupling, which along with light frequencies, control how all life forms can assimilate carbon into their biology.  The negative feedback control of a warming trend, is a cooling trend, which acts to bury CO2 in ocean sediments and not in its water and keep it frozen in permafrost. This trend of cooling takes millions of years to occur.   CO2 has a very low concentration in the atmosphere and this rarity makes it a perfect gas thermostat. This is why it is the ideal bioplasma in the atmosphere and in all life forms.  CO2 is a thermostat that controls O2 generation on Earth.  This sounds hard to fathom until you realize in humans the urge to breathe isn’t created by lack of oxygen;  instead it is driven by your hypothalamus sensing a tiny rise in your CO2 level in your blood!

Though it seems strange to most, we actually use CO2 levels as a stimulus to breathe. It offends common sense but makes perfect “quantum sense”.  Rarity limits possible quantum states or possibilities.  The use of the “atmospherically rare CO2” builds a beautiful sensitive atomic thermostat. Consider the situation when you breathe an atmosphere which is air with only 1% CO2 added.  You would find yourself gasping and hyperventilating to try to overcome the extra CO2.  You would find it an extremely uncomfortable gas mixture to breathe, and that’s only 1% CO2.  CO2 normally makes up about 0.038% of the atmosphere we breathe!  At levels greater than about 10%, CO2 becomes an anaesthetic; in fact, the first reliable general anaesthesia for animals was discovered experimentally by Henry Hill Hickman using CO2.  Unfortunately, he procrastinated in publishing his data, and as a result, he has been largely forgotten by medical historians. You would be wise to understand why today’s chronic rising of atmospheric CO2 is really bad news for life,  regardless of its source.  What is causing it matters little, when you understand that it is rising at incredibly fast rates.  When CO2 rises, it uncouples from the O2 cycle and life gets sick and dies sooner.  (This is what I call the Sorrentino effect)

When O2 is uncoupled from CO2 cycles, anything using a mitochondria and oxygen as a terminal electron acceptor dies more quickly.  Before it dies, it gets really ill quickly.  The diseases usually seem to appear from thin air.    Moreover, anything that uses CO2 as an energy source (plants and bacteria) begins to dominate the Earth’s surface, but the process is extremely slow in developing.  Electromagnetic energy infusions from the sun or man, dumped into the atmosphere, make CO2 rise quickly above its o.o38% current levels.  The biggest issue, however, is these processes occurs on very rapid timescales and this creates huge problems for life.  Life is very tuned into the CO2 sensor for reasons mentioned above.   So far their have been five big extinction events tied to rapid  change of energy flows on a relative basis.  Atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa Observatory in 1960 were at 313 parts per million.  In 2014 they broke 400 parts per million.  That rate of increases is astounding on a planetary scale.  Where it comes from is not germane to its implications.  What is says, however, is quite important to anything with a mitochondria.   Earth’s CO2 % hit 402 parts per million in 2014;  this became the highest level recorded in at least 800,000 years.  In 2015, it is now even higher.

When the flow of electromagnetic energy enters into the atmosphere, CO2 changes the atmospheric and ocean chemistry change very quickly.  The rate of change does not give life enough time to adapt to the ecosystem.  When the change in flow is specifically tied to unleashing energies in the higher end of the electromagnetic spectrum, normal feedback control mechanisms are overwhelmed.  These rapid pulses of the electromagnetic spectrum can generate huge abnormal fluxes in cells;  without the proper adaptation,  the  life cycles and evolution of plants, animals and fish change over similar time scales; this leads to pulses of extinction of living things over shorter time scales.  The length and the severity of the extinction event is directly tied to the frequency of the EMF involved.  This is why I believe the Permian extinction was caused by a large CME high up in light’s spectrum of power.  Rapid massive deaths should be associated the highest energies within light’s spectrum.  Today we have evidence 252 million years ago the Permian extinction occurred in this fashion.  9 of 10 living things died in this event.  Nothing has come close to this event in Earth’s history.

Evolution always requires proper yoking of light frequency and its power to the nitrogen cycle to control the flow of carbon within life’s quantized ecosystem.


Today, the Earth also has undergone a rapidly change in atmospheric CO2 levels over the last 120 years.  This acts that to uncouple CO2 from O2 production in the sea and on land by forces not normally tied to Earth natural pulses.  The sources of the pulse is disputed today, but their is zero doubt that CO2 has risen in 120 years.  The effects are now being felt in both hemisphere’s of Earth,  in all life forms, because most things have altered ubiquitin marking rates.  The key change is not being followed properly by scientists, because today’s main change in CO2 is found in the time scale and in the direction of the energy flows.  This rise in CO2 is causing the loss of feedback control between O2 and nitrogen cycles on Earth today.

Today, the electromagnetic energies are not coming from the cathode rays of the sun as they have in the past.  Sunlight usually flows from its cathode rays emitted to the anode surface of the planet.  Today they are coming from the surface of the tectonic plates of Earth into the atmosphere,  due to communication devices humans have built.  This interaction has created an interference pattern of the electromagnetic spectrum within our ionosphere for the last 120 years.  The magnetosphere may also be affected by this change in energy flows.  This has dramatically affected the flow and direction of energy in our ecosystem on Earth.  Timescales and direction of energy flows matter most in any quantum ecosystem.  Humans still remain unaware of their significance.  These are very counterintuitive ideas I am presenting here but all based upon solid physics.  Let me explain this a bit more; just being aware of how the process happens is not enough.

When temporal uncoupling happens between CO2 and nitrogen and O2 levels drops, electrons become sparse in the environment. The charge of ions in the atmosphere also changes and this can dramatically effect weather on Earth below focally where the energies flows are most disturbed.  It is an electron loss is not the key to life, it is the rate of that loss or change in this process that the life depends upon to generate its own quantum pulses to sustain itself.  Life pays attention to these quantum timescales thermodynamically in the photosynthetic and mitochondrial respiration capacity they use.  This is how you link directly to the Earth’s quantized ecosystem.

Normally on Earth, climatic temperature change offsets electron loss in the atmosphere and oceans by increasing the O2 content.  This is why cold is so protective to all life.  Cold by itself lowers mTOR and IGF1 pathways in animals.  Cold can lower ubiquitin rates in plants and bacteria by itself, to slow down photosynthesis and respiration.  Photsynthesis can slowly stimulate O2 release to the air and water.   As O2 tensions rise in the sea, pH of water falls and CO2 gets buried in ocean sediments. This process is very slow on timescales humans perceive.  This change in chemistry allows marine life to readapt to use O2 as their terminal electron acceptor in respiration to generate the most energy from sunlight.  More simple forms of life have the innate ability to use CO, H2S, and NOS to do this.  Humans only have a small capacity to use these gases as terminal electron acceptors to save their life when they are hypoxic in cold environments.  This is how life recovers on different time scales.  Humans can survive a cold drowning because it happens over acute timescales and these gases can handle a short hypoxic or anoxic effect.  When it occurs over 120 years it can’t adapt well and everyone slowly gets ill over a century.  When it does occur, we should expect first recovery to begin in the sea as it recovers its O2 levels, while pH slowly rises (higher EZ).  Life should then recover  on land after the sea because it depends upon photosynthesis.   Things improve more slowly on land because cold temperatures in the atmosphere slowly lower CO2 levels in air.  As ocean levels O2 increases their is a dramatic recovery of DHA in algae.  Oxygen stimulates production of DHA.  DHA allows marine life to use sunlight to make into DC electric currents to lower ubiquitin rates to heal.  Marine life begins to consume DHA made from oxygen and carbon cycles and processes it for fish and sea mammals use to increase tissue O2 levels using specific frequencies of UV light.   This stimulates small marine life to drive photosythesis to create more O2 while further lowering CO2.  More O2 in the sea and on land can rebuild complexity of life.

DHA begins to be conserved by animals with mitochondria who need high levels of DHA and O2 to drive metabolic processes that build complex nervous system to control circadian signal tightly. This fosters the marine chain and preserves it.  Conversely, warmer climates depletes DHA and O2 levels first in the sea and then on land at very rapid timescales in the universe and in living things cells. The big sign in life will be uncoupling of the nitrogen cycle from oxygen and CO2 cycles. Today this is present.   This clue is raised ubiquitination rates in all things living.  Remember that it is called ubiquitin because this protein system is found in all things living on this planet, so it is the ideal way to assess energy flows within any quantized ecosystem.

Any rapid pulse of energy flows are what leads to extinctions on Earth. It also helps explain why after every extinction event there has been a return to a cooler climate immediately after the event.  Cessation of photosynthesis cools the planet.  Climate coolness is a direct function of solar radiations from the electromagnetic force affecting Earth.

Life organizes around the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum for this simple reason.  It needs lower ubiquitin rates to maintain its order in spatial and temporal timescales.  This is perhaps also why life uses atoms in the lower atomic mass of the periodic table in the sea, air, and on land.  Life must fit into those coupled scales in Earth’s quantized ecosystem.

The blog take away:  When the electromagnetic energies above the lower ends are unleashed on Earth, for any reason at all, coupling of light to nitrogen is altered. Ubiquitnation rates rise. This causes rapid loss of negative feedback control of CO2 and O2, and eventually both predator and prey sucuumb because of the decoupling of the ubiquitin, from the cell cycle, and from metabolism.

I want to remind you what I said about gravity and its interaction with the electromagnetic force:  they both have infinite range. They differ in their power to use that force. The electromagnetic force is incredibly more powerful at distances, yet above I just showed you how a small tug of gravity from two other planets can alter the world you evolved in to massively change glaciation on Earth.  Those gravitational tugs also affect the bending of blue light frequencies from solar radiations on Earth,  which affects the amount of blue light Earth gets; this amount can then affect how circadian timing is kept in all animals and plants on this planet during these events.  All life uses blue light to set its circadian clock because it is deflected most by gravity and is the key to construction of the circadian mechanism in all living things.  Hyperlink.   This makes them globally sensitive because nitrogen coupling is tied to light to blue light frequencies.

It turns out that gravity can have this affect because of gravitational lensing of light here on Earth during these cycles. Gravitational lensing affect life’s ability to tell time in their photosynthetic cores and in their mitochondria and in bacteria. When you create massive amounts of nn EMF in your ionosphere over 125 years you are effectively causing the Earth to lose its negative feedback control of CO2 and O2 levels in air and in the sea.  Humans began to use the electromagnetic force in many novel ways to foster communications and build artificial forms of light via the electrification of the tectonic plates to generate electricity to build their civilization.  This began the slow process of uncoupling their species from these CO2 and O2 cycles, built into Earth’s seasonal ecosystem.  Earth’s system will eventually self correct this imbalance, but that imbalance will thin the herd of any species that artificially took control of the electromagnetic force for its own devices, in my opinion.

Look at my CO2 and EMF thread on my forum.  Because of what I posted in it, I believe the environmental conditions of Earth were we all live has been altered by our species to rapdily increased CO2 while simultanously creating massive amounts of electromagnetic energy.  When nnEMF and CO2 effects are summed together on a small timescale, the quantum effect on life’s ecosystem is 1 +1 = 4.   This is how a far from equilibrium system reacts when two reactants normally under tight control are unleashed.  Electromagnetic radiations and CO2 levels are designed to always be relatively stable along time scales and today neither are presently acting in this fashion.  This is where neolithic disease comes from.  It is not from our food or our lack of exercise.

As a result, new emergent disease begin to appear to us out of the “blue”, and science cannot explain their genesis. I think I can, because ubiquitin rates have accelerated in all living things.  It is the key thermodynamic problem life now faces. The rate of electron loss on Earth is now astounding, and it is causing massive build up of positive charges in the atmosphere.  This drives more CO2 production radiation from land to the sea and atmosphere in short time scales.  Normally these changes in CO2 take millions of years to occur.  Today they have occurred in 120 years.  This will increase its greenhouse effect to continue to melt both poles.  The north pole should be expected to melt first and the south pole last because of how energy flows through the poles from the sun.   The long term effect of CO2 and EMF interacting will be greater differential in the North Pole than the South Pole because the permafrost in the ground in the Northern hemisphere is hiding carbon in the form of methane.  The North pole has more because it has land masses that the Southern hemisphere lacks,  because of the presence of the Southern ocean.  The earlier effect will be greatest in the Southern seas because this is where life will die first due to ocean acidification.  Today, Australia and New Zealand are now fully reliant on aquaculture for their seafood.  The Great Barrier reef is now 55% extinct since 1973.

Today’s global warming problem is not directly proportional to humans CO2 emissions.  This is why modern scientist disagree on global warming.  They do not understand nnEMF generation or ho wit is affecting the flow of energy from the sun to the Earth by way of the atmosphere.  If they did they would understand why Kawasaki’s disease comes from this interaction.  My July 2015 webinar lays this scenario out.

It is from the rapid simultaneous pulse of electromagnetic energies injected to Earth’s atmosphere that have accelerated the process.  A coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun is the most common way to do it, but the process can also occur when a species develops technologies capable of injected massive amounts of lower non native energies to the ionosphere for their communication uses.  These energies are not as highly powered as the frequency of a CME, so the only difference between the two effects, will be the timescale they occur and  the rate of ubiquitination in living things will increase constantly.  This is I tell people I know that when the world has begun to change its food practices and increase exercise the amount of disease generation continues to grow exponentially.  It patterns our use of electromagnetic spectrums above the visible range.  Humans are now using unreal amounts of spectrum for their modern world.  This will affect the rates of aging and disease generation of all things on Earth.   With the CME frequencies from the sun, death would come in a matter of months to years.  With microwave frequencies and above, declines in life will approximately take 15-25 decades.  We are 120 years into our own cycle based upon when man began dabbling into non native energies.  All electromagnetic energy uses the same forces behind it to drive the direction of energy flows is capable of altering any quantized ecosystem.

With light, energy is energy, but the forces light can apply directly to their frequency.  The frequency of light couples to living things directly, by affecting timescales via ubiquitin marking of proteins used in life.  Energy drives ubiquitination rates of all things alive.  This is why Elizabeth Kolbert’s findings in her book are instructive to people who read my work.  It is time, where we see the linkage in our species today to what Kolbert has uncovered.  The loss of proper circadian timing is the key to unlocking this understanding.

Warming today is taking place at least ten times faster than it did at the end of the last glaciation, and at the end of all those glaciations that preceded it.  To keep up, organisms will have to migrate, or otherwise adapt, at least ten times more quickly. Why? Ubiquitin rates link electromagnetic frequencies to the force they can impart to atoms in air, sea, and land. When light interacts with an atom is creates a direction, speed, and a a force.  Those are all related to time generation.  Moreover, the direction of the energy flows in today’s world is very different than the direction of energies from a CME would be.  CME’s power comes from outside in from the sun.  Today’s electromagnetic energies are coming from the surface outward and cannot escape the ionosphere because of the positive charge being chronically developed in the atmosphere.  Today’s atmosphere carries massive positive charges that cannot dissipate fast enough because the cathode rays of sunlight carry the charges to contain it within the Earth atmosphere.  This change of direction of the flow of energy is why CO2 and heating are occurring.  It is not what most climate scientist think is causing it, in my opinion.

We now know this information to be factual because of our ice core samples from both poles.  Differential ice loss in the poles points to an electromagnetic cause and not the burning of fossil fuels by man.  In years past, the time scale of these changes was not as abrupt as it is now. Moreover, at the end of all those previous glaciations that preceded it, cold weather dominated. This time, cold weather will not be there to rescue life based upon the mechanisms driving this event.  To keep up with the rapid warming on Earth, organisms will have to migrate, or otherwise adapt, at least ten times more quickly than they ever have before.  Why? Ubiquitnation rates always increase when the electromagnetic energies are raised.

This is why your zip code is more important than your genetic code. Today, trees are migrating up the slope of mountains and science has no idea why. I do, and now you do too. You all know trees can’t move fast enough to offset these climate changes to help save animals.  Remember they use CO2 to make O2 for us. Over long time scales plants and trees will once again dominate our planet, but it will be too late for animals that rely on O2 to respire. Humans don’t realize trees can actually move, because they can’t perceive it on their visual time scales, but data has shown they germinate to higher levels when we set our experiments to look for the effect.   Generally the higher they go the more likely they will die because of the effect of altitude on life we spoke about in Ubiquitination 1.  This is a quantized efect tied to the ecosystem dynamics. Trees grow because the temperature they are looking for to control photosynthesis has been altered based upon where their parent tree was.    Max, a child of two of my member physicians was given this lesson in Belize at the foot of a palm tree last week.  Ruben a light engineer got the same lesson in the front of my house at the foot of a Magnolia tree 2 months ago.  All life is in motion today because of what has occurred on Earth over the last 120 years. We are the modern day version of the T-Rex.  Much like those creatures, we don’t see “our asteroid” coming either.  In fact, it is ironic that some humans ignore it, even when they see life dying all around them, and continue to enjoy their latest generation of technology that makes them more comfortable as they slowly slip into oblivion.

No one sees the quantum signs today of what is happening around us, but I think I do, because I look for the atomic signs of a sped up quantum ecosystem as energies are added to it daily.  Hyperlink
Humans are the universe in miniature, almost a caricature of nature’s full complexity, but within them, but they carry the antidote to life.  They have no idea the power of disturbance they are wielding right now on themselves.  We became able to control parts of Earth ecosystem without fully understanding how a loss of negative feedback control set in place a powerful change to energize the quantum ecosystem on Earth.

There are no coincidences in life. The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. That is the irony of modern technology’s interaction with life.  When environmental ubiquitination rates are energized from outside (ionosphere) are more highly powered than our endogenous ubiquitin rates,  Energy flows from us to the environment.  This is the key metric that the EMF 2 blog post was innovated from.  The counterintuitive point of this factor is driving most of the environmental change today alone, directs how energy flows in a quantum ecosystem.  This idea was exactly what happened 65 million years ago when an asteroid hit in the Gulf of Mexico.  The type of energy matters little to our ecosystem, but the direction of the energy flows matters a great deal.  We need energy flowing into us and not out of us to remain well.   Even Energy direction follows Einstein’s relativity.

The relativity of the energy to life on the Earth below is all that matters, because of how ubiquitin helps organize life.  Modern science and humans remain in the dark about this change of direction of energy flows, and as a result we are seeing cognitive de-evolution in living things.   Energy flows in our solar system are designed to go in one direction.  From cathode (sun) to anode (Earth).  Within the ionosphere energy flows simulate this flow of energy because of how the sun’s solar radiations interact with the atoms in our atmosphere.  When the direction of flow is reversed, life loses net energy and they dies over very fast time scales.  We last saw this on a global scale in the KT event.  This is why the KT event is the star topic in my book.  No one seems to realize why this event is our species greatest teaching lesson.

This is a picture of me in the KT crater’s underground rivers connecting cenotes. This is the crypt of the dinosaurs and the birth place of mammals

Energy flows and directions are incredibly important to your environmental ubiquitination rates.  This is 100% the reason why neolithic diseases have manifest in the last 120 years.  We have added more energy to the ionosphere in 120 years than you can possibly fathom.  And daily, the amount is increasing exponentially.  The thermostat for the amount of nnEMF is the global CO2 levels. Modern humans are now following the path of our ancestors,  the Neanderthals.   I believe they extincted themselves, because like modern humans, they moved north out of Africa, simultaneously moving away from seafood.  They had more brain tissue than Homo Erectus.  This means they needed more not less DHA to support their biology.  This altered their energy flows to their environment.  Cold temperatures lead to more uncoupling, as a result they liberated heat, and they lost more energy over time.  They needed excessive amounts of DHA to fuel their mammalian battery as their solar radiations could not provide energy from the sun and from water as the moved away from the equator.  Pre-1950 Inuit’s show us how modern humans were able to survive in this environment.  They ate a ton of seafood to offset poor seasonal sunlight. They tolerated very low solar cycles because they used to eat in a way that offset the imbalance of energy flows.  Post 1950, Inuits have fed themselves like Neanderthals, and their results are instructive to those who are paying attention.  Inuit’s now commit suicide too often, and they are dying in massive numbers from neolithic diseases because they are losing energy to their environment rapidly over the last 7 decades.  They serve as modern examples of Neanderthals and dinosaurs in this blog.

Life is energy, and life depends upon how the direction of energy flows.  It must be constant, sun to Earth with the ionosphere stepping the solar radiation energies down so life can use its blue light circadian clock mechanism to control ubiquitin cycling.  When the relationship is worse, life equipped with a lot of mitochondria will pay the steepest prices in neolithic diseases early on.  Human mitochondrial density is based in our heart, brain, and immune system.  This is why we are getting sick faster and dying sooner.  Physics provides an inconvenient solution.  In my view, it also provides an answer to what is behind modern man’s ills.  I have been trying desperately to give you that message for 5 years.

Life is not an absence of action; rather it is buried in “timing and direction”;  it must wait for just the right time to act, and requires the flow of it from outside to inside based upon for the right physical principles, to develop in the ecosystem, and in the right way to become alive.

As energy flows from high to low, it is coded for in speed and direction,  and this determines how time is perceived by things alive.  When we lose energy to the environment time speeds up and life cannot keep up with the pace of decline.  It’s time we begin to understand a bit of physics and stop focusing our attention on the wrong things.  Once you let go of what is not helping you, you begin to let the things that can help catch up to you, to transform you.


As is the atom so is the universe
as is the human body so is the cosmic body
as is the human mind so is the cosmic mind
as is the microcosm so is the macrocosm



The Epi-Paleo Rx by Jack Kruse

The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert