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We are one week into the Doctors & Insurance Bootcamp … and we want you to join us!

You guys have been hounding us for support in finding a doctor and working with insurance companies to get your labs drawn and to get the care you need covered, and we’re excited to give it to you!

This how-to program will unravel the mystery and give you actionable steps you can take to build your medical team, get your labs paid for, appeal your insurance claim rejections, find out what kind of treatment your insurance company will pay for, and so much more.

For a sneak peek to help you understand what we’re discussing in the Doctors & Health Insurance Bootcamp, check out the free webinar we hosted with Gretchen Bronson (Shijin on the forums), who shared with us the trials and frustrations she overcame to build her team of doctors and to get her health insurance to pay for LABS! (Hello, this was a BIG reveal for all of us!) Dr. Kruse made a special appearance at the end and joined us for a Q&A to boot.

Week Two’s call is THIS THURSDAY, August 15, 2013. When you sign up, we’ll send you the link to watch last week’s call and access all the forms Gretchen shared to help you confirm your coverage, appeal your claims, plus templates to help you begin building your health history and tracking your symptoms (your docs will need this to justify many Rx’s and treatments). We’ll also send you call-in info for this week’s call. I hope you all will plan to join us for this POWERFUL series!

**All calls are on Thursdays at 7 pm CT; replays are Sundays at 6 pm CT.**

Doctors & Health Insurance Bootcamp Call Schedule:

Week #1: Getting Started with Labs

  • How to get started
  • Creating your health history
  • How to hack your labs
  • What if you can’t “afford” labs?
  • What kind of doc to find, based on health history
  • Tracking your labs, symptoms
  • Finding the Right Doc (Interviewing Doctors)
  • Finding the Right Doc who takes your Insurance!

Week #2: Finding the Right Doctor

  • What should you be looking for in your doctor?
  • In network vs. out-of-network
  • Your First Appointment: What Questions you should be asking? What Responses you should look for from the doctor?
  • Your Second Appointment: How to have an open dialogue with your doctor and Disagreements with your Doctor
  • Leveraging multiple doctors on your journey to optimal health
  • How doctors get paid

Week #3: How Health Insurance Impacts You as the Patient

  • Types of Health Insurance
  • Catastrophic Care Plans
  • High Deductible Health Plans & HSAs
  • Point of Service Plans
  • Preferred Provider Organization Plans
  • Managed Care Plans
    • HMO
    • VA Medical Systems
    • Medicare
  • Health Exchanges
  • Other Health Insurance Options

Week #4 & Q&A: How to Leverage Your Health Insurance

  • Understanding what your plan covers
  • Paying for labs – How ICD codes worh
  • What medications are covered
  • Co-pay vs. Deductible vs. Co-Insurance
  • How referrals to see specialists work in various types of insurance plans
  • Appealing health insurance denials
  • Is it safe to order pharmaceuticals from outside the US?

PRICE: Gold/Platinum Members: $99 | Silver Members: $149 | Bronze Members: $199
Recordings of all the calls will be provided to everyone who registered.  Upgrade to Silver or Gold Klub for discount pricing!  Silver & Gold members should check their email for special sign-up links or email support.


Register for “Doctors & Health Insurance Bootcamp!” – $199