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Dr. Kruse has been talking about doing this webinar for a long time, and it’s finally here:  The Sex Prescription!  

Over the course of the last two years, it’s inevitable that as people are considering their health and “what to do” to create Optimal health, the subject of sexual health comes up. We all want to know:  Am I normal?  Is there anything else I can be doing to create or enjoy a better sexual response?  Are the health challenges I’m facing somehow linked to things like low libido?

You’d be amazed at how pretty much every disease known to man is affected in some way by your sexuality.  The more leptin resistant you are, the less “good” you are in bed. Pain in your legs, restless leg syndrome, acne and zits, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, all of it is affected by your body’s ability to form or experience a healthy sexual response.  

According to the latest research, human sexual behavior has changed over the last century, and it’s FASCINATING.  We’re going to examine this research in light of the protocols on and other theories on Quantum Biology.   We’ll talk about hormones and brain chemistry, and how everything works together to create love, lust, attraction and long-term love.  The clues from these distinctions will give you clues into your own health conditions.  And we’re going to discuss the “why” of the orgasm gap between men and women (why men “need” more orgasms than women for optimal health) that is tied to environmental signals.

And there’s other cool stuff in this webinar, too, like how facial symmetry reveals your genetic fitness (explored elsewhere in discussions about the Golden Ratio), which is tied to bi-pedalism and how we are designed to have sex (front-to-front, which is different than every other mammal!)–even genital ratio. Body shapes are tied to both attraction and sexual biology at a primitive level. Ever wondered why women are more sensitive to smell than men? It’s in the Sex Prescription.

Together, we’re going to explore the science of sex by understanding hormones and quantum biology, and discussing actionable things you can do to increase your own sexual response and satisfaction.  The Q&A for this webinar promises to be epic!

This webinar is Dr Kruse’s longest webinar to date.  Please allow two hours to listen before this month’s Q&A.


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