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This video above is my house in Mississippi today at the 28th latitude.  I am in New Orleans about 100 miles away.  My dog is doing what little mammals should in snow:  He is performing cold thermogenesis in these falling protons to improve how his biologic semiconductors will be made and work on this rocky planet when the sun refuses to shine.  UVA/UVB depelete us deuterium and so does cold.  This is why both are healthy for humans who are designed to deuterium deplete themselves post puberty by nature’s laws.  Falling snow is just a collections of a mix of protons, both H+ and deuterium that fall from clouds in a certain way, as they are precessing (spinning) in a certain quantum dance to help life below.  Few people realize how this information is coded for in their mitochondria and chloroplast crystals on Earth but somebody on a podcast is going to get that wake up call today.

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