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How much do you know about hydrogen?  I know I have taught you a lot about here recently, but do you think you’ve tied it all together to really understand how it all links to sunlight?

Bright light always induces stress and swelling and that small swelling stress stimulus is needed for life to awaken but the dose makes the toxin with respect to blue light.  Blue light induces this stimulus by allowing more deuterium into the tissue irradiated with it to create some molecular crowding to stimulate growth.  The red light limits the molecular swelling if it is present to control swelling and create regeneration by lowering the amount of deuterium within the cytosol and matrix.   AM light provides this stimulus to awaken us and then red light regenerates the thickening of the retinal tissues so there is no excessive growth generated in the central retinal pathways, hypothalamus, the leptin receptor, and eventually the subcutaneous fat mass.

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