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You are invited to join me and others from the community for our 90-day Optimal Reset.

Whether you’re new to or you’ve been putting these things into practice for months or years, I want to support you in getting some traction and creating change in your own life.

To support you, we are going to have a free Q&A once a month for you to ask Dr. Kruse questions and to get support in executing the 90-day Optimal Reset. Up to now, Q&As have only been available to gold members or silver members who buy a ticket. We are so committed to seeing you put these optimal strategies into practice that Dr. Kruse is going to make himself available for monthly Q&As to anyone who makes the commitment.

Get registered for the 90-day Optimal Reset NOW!












So, about commitment. What do you need to commit to in order to participate in this 90-day Optimal Reset?

    1. Prepare and savor an Epi-Paleo diet


  • Commit to eating a BAB (big-ass breakfast) every morning. Rock it!



  • If you have a Leaky Gut or are Leptin Resistant, follow the Leaky Gut Rx, the EPCOTx Protocol and the Leptin Rx



  • Go to bed early and avoid artificial light after sunset. I love going to bed early.



  • Get your roadmap and path to success. Draw three basic labs at the beginning and end of the 90-day challenge.



  • Help others in the special 90-day Optimal Reset Forum. The power of collective thought is fantastic.



The hardest part about starting something new (or taking it to another level) is getting mobilized and organized. So, we’ve created some tools to make your life easier:

    • A grocery list to help you clean out the pantry and stock up on the good stuff! Living Optimally isn’t twinkies and beer. Obviously. 😉


  • An Optimized Cooking video recorded in Dr. Kruse’s kitchen to highlight some of the most important fats, spices, cookware, utensils and appliances he uses to whip up optimal masterpieces, plus a how-to video of Dr. Kruse making his famous oysters!



  • A few crockpot menus from Dr. Kruse’s cookbook to give you a jumpstart on preparing absolutely divine, delicious meals for you and your family, plus a how-to video of Dr. Kruse making his famous oysters!



  • A list of Optimizing Labs and their ideal values so that, should you decide to have some labs drawn, you can make a little more sense of the numbers. Labs are your road map to telling us what we need to work on to get you living optimally.



  • Attitude. Enough said.



Get registered for the 90-day Optimal Reset NOW!

My life changed over five years ago when I tore my meniscus and got fed up with mainstream medicine. I beat my head against the conventional medical door, just as many of you have, and my frustrations sent me on a quest to figure out what creating great health really looked like. I knew getting well meant I had to approach taking care of my health differently, and my life’s work now is to share with you the science of being optimal that I–and many other great doctors and healers–have discovered. Since I started this quest and losing 133 lbs in a year, I sleep like a rock star, I’ve had more energy and stamina, I feel amazing and I want that for you, too!

We’re getting ready to party!