The Food versus Light Lesson – NOT TO BE MISSED

FOOD/DIET argument taken to the next level: Recently one of my former members who is a practicing clinician in Australia wrote this publicly.  I want to share his perspective and then parse out why I think his view point is missing the key ingredients of Light. Become an Optimal Klub Member or a Patron on to read the [...]

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CPC #25: What does sepsis and cancer have in common?

Sure it can because that cocktail mimics the ketogenic diet.  In a 5 G world this might be the most common serious cause of death I expect to see spike in the next 5-7 years.   Both ideas cause a recycling of cell water in the cytoplasm. I don't believe keto is a weight loss [...]

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Jan 2018: Why Brain Cancer is a Quantum Disease

How much do you know about hydrogen?  I know I have taught you a lot about here recently, but do you think you've tied it all together to really understand how it all links to sunlight? Bright light always induces stress and swelling and that small swelling stress stimulus is needed for life to awaken [...]

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The Bio-Physics of Cancer

Throughout the history of oncology research, in both the conventional and alternative cancer research realms, there has been a cause and effect relationship that has been largely ignored. The ability of a cell to divide, whether it be a malignant or non-malignant cell, is highly dependent on cell volume, as well as membrane potential. The [...]

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Every wave connects with everything in nature via resonance and so it is with life.    ---- Dr. Jack Kruse   THE TAKE HOME:  Is there something special about how the sun creates light that is critical for a mitochondriac in training to understand?  Do you know what it is?  If the blood plasma connected the [...]

The Rx everyone needs but very few doctors write…

The mitochrondriac thought of the day from the garden in NOLA. Cancer is a profitable business to be in for hospitals. Have you ever seen how beautiful a hospital gardens are in their cancer wings. The landscaping is pristine, the garden furniture new and shiny and the flowers reflect gorgoeus rays of light for any [...]

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The Redox Rx: How to Improve Your Redox Potential

Redox potential is the gain of electrons in our cells to help energy transmission flow efficiently. Detoxification is directly linked to the redox potential of any cell. In my Redox Rx, I'll give you a summary of the redox potential to help you understand the concept and steps you can take to improve your redox potential.

Energy and Epigenetics 10: The Quantum Puzzle

Most of the science that gets done today gets done within a rigid set of rules applied, where you know exactly who your peers are, and things get evaluated according to a very strict set of standards. That works, when you're not trying to change the structure. But when you try to change the structure or paradigm of science, that system doesn't work very well. In fact, you usually make some enemies. Gilbert Ling is an example of somebody who didn't follow the rules and pissed a lot of people off. He pissed off so many people that they alienated his work, made sure he had no funding to continue on, and then allowed somebody to steal his work and gave that person the Nobel Prize in 2003. Today, we are going to unfold that story, because fundamentally this is why millions are dying from neolithic diseases today.

Internal Stressors with Dr. Tim Jackson: Zeroing in on the Root Causes of Leaky Gut, Thyroid Issues, Adrenal Fatigue & More

You’ve been treating your "adrenal fatigue" for years, but if you stop your adaptogens, DHEA or other adrenal supplements, you fall apart. You’ve been addressing your leaky gut for a year, but if you stop your probiotics, glutamine, aloe vera, etc., your stomach begins to hurt and you get diarrhea. You gave up gluten, but your thyroid antibodies remain elevated. You can’t seem to warm up despite taking thyroid medication. Your cortisol and DHEA won’t balance, despite correcting your sleep hygiene/circadian cycle. You exercise several days per week, but the more you exercise, the fatter you get. What do all of these things have in common? Internal stressors!

August Webinar – Breast Cancer Screening

 In the fall of 2012, Dr. Kruse did a special webinar on breast cancer prevention for the many women in our community who were concerned about the disease.  In that webinar, he mentioned his preference for thermograms over mammograms.  If you have a history of breast cancer in your family, you or someone you love [...]

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