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If you read the alternative health websites about adrenal fatigue and autoimmunity what do you seem to find consistently?

Most people continue to believe that adrenal gland dysfunction is behind the idea we call “adrenal fatigue”.  That belief leads to many recommendations by alternative practitioners that are all over the place because their worldview of the etiology is playing on the wrong scale of knowledge.

Recently on a popular private group of circadian biohackers, Brian K, made a very bold statement, “It’s not true adrenal supps do zero to help. They are the ONLY thing that help me and also apparently many other people. All you have to do is go to a popular supplement website and see there’s no shortage of positive reviews on glandulars.”  He went on to say, “Adrenal glands can and do break down and it’s not always a brain problem.”  I am sure that if you go to a supplement website they will surely tell you their products get positive reviews.  When your economic world is tied to false beliefs those beliefs generally become your worldview of reality.

When I read this I realized why their is such a chasm between myself and the purveyors of ancestral health.

I 100{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} disagree with Brian K.  There are a few diseases that is known to truly destroys the adrenal gland.  One is Addison’s disease, and the other is Sheehan’s disease.  The very people struggling with adrenal fatigue rarely have either.  And when they do modern medicine does a great job of helping them.  Alternative purveyors of false beliefs have done very little to help those with altered adrenal stress indices.  The vast majority of people with adrenal fatigue have an altered adrenal stress index because of calcium efflux from the mitochondria in their neurons in their brainstem.  I believe that adrenal fatigue is a disease that emerges when calcium is liberated from parts of our cells when there is excess energies present in our environment.  These energies destroy the signaling between our cell membranes and our mitochondria to cause the symptoms we all call adrenal fatigue today.

One of my good friends in this group had the good sense to point out,  that the people who have autoimmune or other conditions that have a physical breakdown of the brain are all linked because their brain’s have been found to be smaller in size.  Obesity is also in this group.  The purveyors of ancestral health still do not realize how powerful the effect of fake light is on leptin and ghrelin to drive appetite.  They support the food reward nonsense of their favorite obesity researchers.  This means the condensed mass in their brain has been changed to energy and this energy has been lost to the environment.  All mass is is condensed energy according to mass equivalence.  He also pointed out, there are other conditions that can lead to damage/reduction in brain volume like sleep apnea/PTSD and mental illness.  He sees this common thread or mechanism.   These changes can affect makeup, size and wiring of your brain and other organs to lead to structural failures.  Instead of blaming the hardware, the adrenal gland, he pointed out, we need to look more closely at the software, which is the interplay between epigenetics, environment, and psychologic factors that are causing the software to to derail the functioning of the hardware in brain circuits.

I want to point out the problem of scale in these debates.  Prolonged stress of any kind, depletes our cell membranes of DHA. DHA allows our cells to power up electrons with photons. DHA fundamentally take light and turns it into electrical signals in cell membranes everywhere but especially our brain. Our mitochondrial have two sets of cell membranes. Inner and outer and its chemistry is huge in tunneling electrons. If it does not work we get a redox shift in our Q cycle. When this happens we lose the ability to move electrons from foods in our mitochondria. Our brain has the most mitochondria of any cell. If you do not know this you do not appreciate the mechanism. This is why the retina has more DHA in it than the brain because it is located on the interface of where light is. Visible light has part of it tied to blue light when it is separated by a prism. Blue light is the part of the spectrum of light that destroys DHA. Red light does not. This is why we are designed to replace DHA constantly in our retina and when we do not we get macular degeneration. When we do get too much blue light from our environment it is a stressor to the retina, and the protective response from the cornea is to develop a cataracts to protect the retina from DHA loss. Cataracts, fundamentally occur to limit our retina’s exposure to blue light.  In this way, cataracts are a symptom of blue light toxicity.

Knowledge is fundamentally useless until it is connected, copied and pasted, by nature’s blueprint to become crystalized into a coherent organization. Matter is what make up the protein polymers in us.   What ever “matter” is made up of at this time, actually does not matter to how life is organized. It is the information linking matter which is primordial to wellness. Knowledge crumbles on the hard rocks of ignorance of nature’s laws.

Inflammation is positively charged and tied to lots of protons released from the inner mitochondrial matrix. This is due to a lack of electrons in Electron Chain. Transport in your mitochondrial membranes.   Everything is quantum, whether you appreciate it or not. Most of us do not appreciate the scale of action of biology,  and there in lies the real issue. This is why ancestral practitioner’s continue to believe and spread the idea that adrenal fatigue is an adrenal gland issue.  When you do not appreciate the scale you never put it in your experimental design and you miss the real effect. That is where medicine and biology are now……..and why most think inflammation does not have a direct effect in these diseases.  It is also fundamentally why modern medicine struggles to understand these diseases. Adrenal fatigue, autoimmunity, and mental illness all link back mechanistically to a lack of electrons and DHA is the only lipid in evolution for 600 million years that has never been replaced in cell membranes in eukaryotes.  The diseases that confound us all have symptoms that link back to a lack of DHA in cell membranes.  This is why Michael Crawford has pointed to DHA’s presence as the  major contribution to understanding the organization of eukaryotic cells in eukaryotic evolution. Cite #1 covers that.

Ancestral health asks you to step back in time to construct your diet. Let me ask you this then? When you step back in time for your diet what happens when the environment steps forward at same time?

If you are following this quantum lesson, Is the Maunder minimum is nature’s insurance policy over man’s behavior?

The key to this puzzle is realizing what holds your thoughts captive to keep you blind.

In my opinion, your wellness will not be found on a biochemical/ancestral belief paradigm level, it will continue to cloud your vision just as a cataract does.

The key is understanding how things link together in nature. DHA takes light and turns it into an electrical signal. This website is about pieces of knowledge woven into a tapestry. If I told you 4 years ago, what I was really up to you would have thought me mad. Some of you have. Many of the ‘purveyors of paleo’ paints me this way. They color me with their beliefs.  You might recall,  4 yrs ago I did tell you what i was up to. It is called the Quilt document, and I gave it to you before any of the insights from the quantum scale were given to you. When you really become a revolutionary is when you begin to string all this data together so that it begins to challenge every paradigm in your world. Then people really do think you are crazy because they do not understand the scale of where your insights arise.
Knowledge is fundamentally useless to us until it is connected, copied and pasted, by nature’s blueprint to become crystalized into a coherent organization.  Water = alphabet, magnetism = circuit board, light is the electric current. Why has it taken many so long to see what I have been up to? Because we are all captive to our beliefs. The more electrons you collect the more information your collect and it is this light/power that separates you from your beliefs to see new perspectives to transform your worldview.  DHA is how we capture those electrons from the environment.  DHA turns light into electric signals and electric signals back into light.  This is why DHA is critically important in cellular signaling at a fundamental level.  There is information to be gained and lost in those phase transitions,  and that information is what forms the language we call cellular signaling.  When it goes awry we get ill.  That is where most modern neolithic disease arise.


As Dano my good friend said,  “Ask not what paleo can do for you. Ask what you can do for paleo.”

That is what I do here. I get you thinking deeper to help you solve nature’s complex problems for yourself.